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  • In Bumping Bears, you act as a guardian of bears by urgent request from Beus and Bera, who LOVE bears but just can’t handle too many. and Yeah... they are Bear-fied Zeus and Hera.
  • Your bear activities include earning money and experience via Work, playing Minigame to make even more money, and eating to refill its stamina, which ultimately result in a unique Job selected when the bear leaves the planet after a marriage with another bear.
  • Apart from Tamagotch-alike activities, Bumping Bears provides features that allows you play the game with Facebook friends.
  • In Galaxy View, you find other Facebook players’ planets Visiting the friend’s planet, you can help out friend’s bear and collect Happy Gem, by which you purchase items for decorating your planet. There are other online social interactions including Gift a Food item that can refill bear’s stamina.
  • With Bumping Bears, you can meet new friends based on location information. In some way Bumping Bears is a matching service.
  • Your bear go Outing and bring in other Bear and their Guardian’s information, by which you can Request to be a friend.
  • Actually this feature is already common in many matching services. However we wanted more gamified experience that can attract more casual users. (especially females)
  • The core experience of Bumping Bears is Bump without a question. Social interaction goes beyond online space, now physically interacting in real space. Now we call it Real Social.
  • Via Bumping, players’ bears can meet and get married...
  • and make babies! In Bumping Bears, users becomes game friends then game friends become real friends. That’s an experience we were looking for in LoadComplete. Expansion of social graph in very healthy ways. In contrast, most social games don’t help you to become ‘real friends’, and most matching apps force you to meet other people; there’s no middle state like ‘game friends’
  • Here’s in-game screenshots showing events after Bump - marriage, your bear leaving&choosing a job and finally arrival of a bear cub. See, Fostering a generation of bears, the goals of the game is to collect different bear types, unlock unique bears jobs and become a ultimate LV 99 guardian!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Developing ‘Bumping Bears’ The Mobile Social Game
      • 로드컴플릿 대표 배정현
      • Twitter : tion80 Email :
    • 2.  
    • 3.  
    • 4. Mobile + Social Game
    • 5.  
    • 6.  
    • 7.  
    • 8.  
    • 9.  
    • 10. TrueSocial
      • Expand & Strengthen your social graph
    • 11.  
    • 12. 1st Fun Virtual Pet Tamagotchi + Minigames
    • 13.  
    • 14. 2nd Fun Online Social Interaction WeRule
    • 15.  
    • 16. 3rd Fun Meeting New Friends WhoIsHere
    • 17.  
    • 18.  
    • 19.  
    • 20. 4th Fun Offline Social Interaction Bump
    • 21.  
    • 22.  
    • 23.  
    • 24. 또다른 시도들
    • 25. Tiny Tower
    • 26. Gun Bros
    • 27.
      • Sporadic + Push-Notification
      • InApp Purchase
      • Asynchronous Gameplay
      모바일 소셜 게임의 핵심
    • 28. 범핑베어 출시 ! 이제 iTunes Connect 로 InApp Purchase 매출만 확인하면 됩니다 .
    • 29. 모바일 소셜 게임은 라이브 서비스를 통하여 진화한다 혹은 퇴화하거나 멸종된다 .
    • 30.
      • 고객 요구 & 피드백
      • 데이터 분석에 기반한 ARM 최적화
      • 기획자의 해석 & 직관
      모바일 소셜 게임 진화의 세가지 변수
    • 31.  
    • 32.
      • MajikRank
      • Facebook Insight
      • Flurry
      • LC CMS
    • 33.  
    • 34. Bumping Bears Available Now! iTunes US AppStore Samsung Apps [email_address] Twitter : tion80