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A smoking hot issue of ICEHOTEL Magazine has been delivered from the printing-presses - now available online.

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ICEHOTEL Magazine 2009

  1. 1. Magazine 2009/10 Art & Design eternal & ephemeral Sound of midwinter Sofia Jannok DestinAtion Space Torne River is the source Celebrating 20 yearS of life enriching moments Arctic experience
  2. 2. There is only one reason to visit – your own. Find it at vinter. Foto Fredrik Broman, Håkan Hjort. The adventures of Swedish Lapland. ® Do you long for somewhere that offers new experiences and in- sights? A place where you can let your thoughts wander and dis- cover new horizons? If so, Swedish Lapland is an ideal destination. Tremendous con- trasts await you: mountains and archipelagos, light and darkness, warmth and the cold. But also small details; so tiny that you’ve never even considered them: the deafening sound of snow falling slowly to the ground. The sun glowing like fire in the middle of the night. Here you have the time that you normally lack to discover how magnificent such small details can be. Swedish Lapland is close by, yet extremely far away. Welcome to our county.
  4. 4. Hello tHat is oUr greatest opportunity, and I think the phrase is worth repeating again and again. Over the years, since the early-1980s and long before ICEHOTEL was conceived, this has been the starting point for everyone involved in our local heritage association. We have been driven by a desire to live and work here, in Jukkasjärvi. We live more than words off the river and with the river. Closeness to, and respect for, nature is implicit in what we do. Perhaps that is why ICEHOTEL’s environ- Hello mental commitment is so strong.This year, we Many thanks for the great conference we had made an important decision. By 2015 at the Dig at Icehotel, 10-11 March. everything went latest, ICEHOTEL will produce more energy perfectly, and the hostesses who took care of us than we use. We will even be CO2 negative. did a fabulous job. they gave us a friendly re- This means that ICEHOTEL’s guests will be helping to improve the environment. where ception and excellent service. they were always there to do everything to make our meeting a success. our complements to the kitchen staff. iceHotel 20 years 2010 will be a year of celebration, as it marks you everything was superb; from wonderful cinna- mon buns and tasty lunches to the fantastic dinner. And we also wish to thank the folks at the 20th anniversary of ICEHOTEL. Visitors from all corners of the world journey here stand your activity centre (we went dogsledding and snowmobiling). the activities were very popular and the guides friendly and knowledgeable. I for the experience of a lifetime. It feels fan- tastic to be a part of that story. In recent years, much is have to say that Icehotel and the surroundings were incredible, and that the whole experience yet ICEHOTEL has grown to become an interna- wouldn’t have been quite the same without your service-minded staff. tional player with presence in many locations besides Jukkasjärvi. This means that you can Regards, see crystal-clear ice from the Torne River in icebars throughout the world and at fairs, ex- to be Camilla Wide, Global Project Co-ordinator Symbicort AstraZeneca R&D Lund hibitions and corporate events. Development means change. In that respect, the Torne River is a constant source of inspira- done! Many tHanks for a MeMorable anniversary... tion. When I look out over the river, it always We wish to thank you for a memorable stay in connection with our silver wedding anniversary. presents a new face. It is magnificent to be a part of this journey with everything was top-notch: the best weather pos- the mighty Torne River. But I am aware that our story will be but a brief sible, perfect kick-sledding conditions, great interlude in the saga of our wise and ancient companion. Still, it is my food. there were a lot of interesting things to hope that ICEHOTEL and the Torne River will inspire greater respect see; for example, how the rooms were main- for our fantastic planet, here and now. tained. We had an opportunity to escape the urban stress. the drinks were delightful and You’ll discover that ICEHOTEL is so much more than ice. the Northern lights appeared. We had a good see you at iceHotel. night’s sleep in room 311. the staff were really yngve bergqvist,ceo friendly and took excellent care of us. Anders and Ann-Louise Hagbjörk Stockholm iceHotel was aMazing the night in the ice room really was pretty warm, even though it was -14 c outside. We truly en- joyed our trips on the dogsled and the snow- mobiles. We got really lucky with the weather and saw the Northern lights in all of their glory, which was probably the highlight of the trip. thank you for helping us to arrange such a me- morable and adventurous honeymoon. on our flight to Stockholm we sat next to Bear, who was on his way from hawaii. We told him where we were going and he said, “that’s a great way to start your lifetime of adventures together.” I just couldn’t agree more. Best regards, Photo by fredrik alm Kevin and Carol Brooks 6 | ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE
  5. 5. Spot the vegetarian. First we raised the chassis and gave the car a new front and rear bumpers. Then we gave it a new name: Saab 9-3X. Above all, we installed a turbocharged BioPower engine running on bioethanol made from renewable resources. The Saab 9-3X is also more functional (just take a peek in the cargo space) and has XWD, Saab’s all-wheel-drive system, which ensures better traction and handling. Being Scandinavian we know the importance of being able to handle all road conditions, including the wintery roads to the Ice Hotel. Experience the new Saab 9-3X at FUEL CONSUMPTION: PETROL, 8.1–10.1L/100KM. AN OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION PROCEDURE IS NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR E85 OPERATION. CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSIONS (CO2): PETROL, 194–242 G/KM; WITH E85, UP TO 80% REDUCED FOSSIL CO2 EMISSIONS. ENVIRONMENTAL CLASS 2005. CAR SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL EXTRAS.
  6. 6. Content / Crew 48 9 CurrEnT 26 arT 64 rOundTrIp SpaCE Sami vocalist Sofia Jannoks songs A tearful meeting of magnetite & ice Accredited Space Agent 32 are embers in the wind 66 WOrkpLaCE: SpaCE 11 CurrEnT Meet Swedish astronaut Sportswear of Sweden, Christer Fuglesang new technology in icy context icEhotEl 70 15 CurrEnT Who said diamonds are forever? 20 yEArS 16 From thE 54 SCIEnCE SourCE To JukkAS Northern lights & midnight sun 42 THE jury 56 WOrLd TOur Art & Design group selects next seasons artists ICehotel at a bar close to you BooK your lAPlAnD EvErything 44 EaTIng OuT 59 TravEL dIary ExPEriEnCE STArTS hErE rEvolvES ArounD ThE Wild cooking under open skies Family Berg meets snow TornE rivEr Linnea Jennie SuSanna PaLmgren WikStrÖm Porter oPerations manager/ acting manager, Öhman guide Björklidens FjällBy Project manager mHa / coordinator adg it’S juSt after midsummer and jukkasjärvi gone are the intensive months of skiing and Sanna Porter Öhman is project manager is buzzing with activity. the summer guests are here all kinds of other winter activities; ahead waits a bright for magnetite Heavy art and coordinator for the ice- to witness the bright summer nights and experience summer of trekking and adventure in the unique and Hotel art & design group. she is busy with pre- nature in the wild fell country. accessible mountain country that surrounds the resort. parations for a show featuring works from magnetite Heavy art. What Shouldn’t one miSS When Winter in BjÖrkliden. What viSiting jukkaSjärvi and iCehotel Shouldn’t viSitorS miSS? magnetite heavy art. What’S that? in the Summer? “regardless of the season, a visit to låktatjåkko “it’s a joint project with many partners, including “a must is a visit to the ice factory. it’s an amazing mountain station is highly recommended. at 1,228 lkaB and the municipality of kiruna. the common feeling to go from the warmth of summer straight metres above sea level, it is sweden’s highest. sum- vision, which started with an idea by ice architect into winter in just a few seconds. the production mer and winter, it is easily accessible. you can reach Åke larsson, is to explore the use of magnetite as an line, where we process the natural ice that ‘grows’ it by snowcat or snowmobile. those with a taste for art material. it’s exciting when many people gather here in the winter, usually gives rise to a lot of ques- a challenge arrive on skis. in summer, hiking is the around an idea. We have to work that way here in tions and comments. and seeing a mountain of ice best way. in addition to a visit to låktatjåkko, skiing the north.” waiting to be made into next season’s iceHotel on our long, well-groomed runs is a definite must. never fails to astonish people.” on our mountain, there is something for everyone. magnetite iS Surrounded in myS- advanced skiers will find just what they’re looking for tique. Can you exPlain Why? WhiCh aCtivitieS do iCehotel’S in our off-piste area. christmas and new year’s cele- “the material is black, ferromagnetic and very dense. Summer gueStS requeSt? brations at Björkliden are a very popular new winter legend has it that magnetite brings truth, strength, “the wild, free-flowing river has a great appeal. there product. guests can leave all the usual christmas health and love. and it stores heat or cold very well. is a huge demand for iceHotel’s high-class white- stress behind and let us take care of them while they in the summer, the sculptures will be charged with water rafting. in jukkasjärvi, many guests are inte- enjoy the magical experience of midwinter with the heat from the sun and will radiate lots of solar en- rested in local history and the sami heritage. a visit artic light and northern lights.” ergy. We will see an exciting contrast in winter, when to jukkasjärvi’s church, which celebrated 400 years the black, permanent magnetite meets the white, in the summer of 2008, is another must. many of and What haPPenS at BjÖrkliden transitory snow.” our guests come from very far away, and when they in the Summer? are here they want to experience lapland. thanks to “that’s what makes our resort so fantastic. it chan- iceHotel’s extensive network of tour arrangers, we ges entirely with the seasons. in summer, trekking are able to offer individual custom packages for guests is the main activity, and the light is incredible. We who wish to explore the entire nordkalott region.” offer an unbeatable range of alternatives to suit eve- ryone from families with children to serious outdoors adventurers. and our golf course, which is sweden’s northernmost, attracts many enthusiasts. the magic of midnight sun golf, being able to golf around the clock, is second to none. the 9 hole/18 tee course is situated in a spectacular high-fell country setting TR YC KSAK 341 14 7 and commands a magnificent view of lapporten.” Publisher & responsible under Swedish publishing law. Yngve Bergqvist | Editors ronnY olovsson | ella jonsson | camilla Bondareva | Creative Director annika fredriksson | Art Director magdalena sjödin Photographers anders alm | andreas lundBerg | håkan hjort | hans-olof utsi | | Frontcover MaIn HaLL ICEHOTEL 2009. artists arne Bergh & anders nilsson. pHOTObIgbEn.COM. Printed by color print aB 2009. This magazine cannot be responsible for unsolicited material. 8 | ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE
  7. 7. Current Sofia Jannok’S voice warms like the glowing embers of the fire at the cen- tre of the tent kåta. And that is the title of her latest CD, ÁŠŠogáttis, “By the Embers”. Sofia explains. “I think of the songs as embers in the wind. They have been with me on tours and at gigs for years. You could say that they were all written to be performed live. This felt like the right time to put all the embers together and release a CD, a glowing bed of coals.” A video featuring “Irene”, the first single from the new CD, was shot at ICEhoTEl. “I wanted to show midwinter at its best. You know, days when the cold holds nature in an iron grip and the sky lights up with the most fabulous colours. The day we shot the outdoor scenes, on the road to Nikkaluokta, it was -32°C. The cold is visible in the images and it’s magical,” says Sofia. “Irene” is personal jojk. In a jojk of this type, the names of the individual’s forebears are sung; in this case, ending with Irene’s father’s name.The lyrics speak of reindeer calves with Irene’s earmark on the fells. The rest of the song is mostly without lyrics, backed by a so- lid pop beat. “In the video there is a sequence in which Irene enters the spellbinding at- mosphere of ICEhoTEl, which symbolizes a fairytale castle in the video. I can’t imagine a better setting than ICEhoTEl. It really is a Photo by carl-Johan Utsi fairytale castle,” concludes Sofia Jannok. SOfIa JannOk SaMI vOCaLIST wHO HaS pErfOrMEd On STagE EmbErs in the wind SInCE SHE waS 11 CurrEnT nEw Cd ÁŠŠOgÁTTIS, “By THE EMBErS” THE Cd Can BE purCHaSEd aT ICEHOTEL. SOfIa IS nOw TOurIng SwEdEn. TOurS Of EurOpE and aSIa arE pLannEd HOME gäLLIvarE, SIEIdEgava & STOCkHOLM MuSIC vIdEO SEE THE vIdEO On yOuTuBE. TEST Of LOvE aT ICEHOTEL A love song entitled The Ice Hotel ICEHOTEL as the ultimate travel through a night here, they’ll know won first prize in the jazz category destination for lovers. The couple their love is true. The melody was of the International Songwriting in the song have no doubts about written by Stacey Kent’s husband, Competition 2009. The song, in their relationship and are totally musician Jim Tomlinson, and the which fire and ice meet in cont- committed to each other. Instead lyrics are by Kazuo Ishiguro. rast, features the romantic voice of of travelling to a hot, tropical para- Stacey Kent backed by a sensual, dise, they want to test their love by jazzy bossa nova. It visualizes visiting ICEHOTEL. If they make it ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE | 9
  8. 8. Current UniqUe exposure with ice & new technology SportSwear of Sweden, SOS, is launching a whole new retail concept that will allow customers to test functional garments at the right temperature, right in the shop, even during summer. New technology and ten tonnes of crystal-clear ice from the Torne River make it possible. Tjåsa Gusfors is a designer and ice sculptor. Together with desig- ner colleague Jens Toms Ivarsson, she has developed the 25m2 in- shop ice showroom. Both are acclaimed artists and designers with considerable experience of creating art in ice and snow. “This is my first ice room beyond ICehOTel Jukkasjärvi. It’s ex- citing to work in a completely different context and see people’s reactions when they encounter an unexpected milieu,” says Tjåsa. The new shop was developed by architectural firm Guise in col- laboration with ICehOTel in Jukkasjärvi. “It’s inspiring to work on this type of assignment with other desig- ners, interior designers and architects. In this particular case, with Showroom in ICe, we have started with SOS’s core values and given them artistic expression. The shop is an exciting meeting of urban culture and nature’s own design,” explains Tjåsa. To protect the ice, an entirely new type of solar protective film has been used on the shop windows. The film is based on nanotechno- logy and filters both IR and UV radiation. IR is perceived as heat and UV is what causes, for example, clo- thing and upholstery to fade. What makes the protective film unique is the fact that it is completely transparent. This means that shoppers can still see through the window, while the heat factor is reduced by as much as 50% and fading is minimized. The SOS shop, on Norrlandsgatan in Stockholm, is the first of a series of new outlets to be opened throughout the world. Next to open will be shops in Australia and Japan, where SOS is strengthening its existing sales channels with the Showroom in ICe concept. Photos by Hans-olof Utsi Sportswear of Sweden, SOS, is already synonymous with skiwear, but will now expand with collections of sportswear and streetwear, as well as a coming spring collection that will give consumers a chance to wear SOS year-round. 10 | ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE
  10. 10. Current Sandvik painted Chicago yellow Tjåsa Gusfors sculpted live at the exhibit. A magnetic effect on the crowd. It started as a crazy idea. Today, it’s a success. Now Sandvik Coromant’s marketing communications are even cooler and smarter than ever. It all started in 2005, when Sandvik Coromant was loo- king for a way of strengthening its brand at trade fairs throughout the world. In ICehoTel, they found a partner that could deliver. “We had decided to abandon our conventional trade-fair stand ap- proach. The vision was to offer visitors a new and entertaining expe- Photos by Michael Gottino rience. To be frank, the ice thing started as a crazy idea,” says Pernilla eriksson, Vice President for Communications at Sandvik Coromant. The crazy idea was soon a reality. Today, three years and many trade fairs later, it’s a resounding success. “Discussions about ideas and solu- ICEHOTEL Event team. tions have driven us and ICehoTel to a world-class level.The Smart hub and the ice were on everybody’s lips during IMTS.” There is a natural, logical link between ICehoTel and Sandvik Coromant. Pernilla eriksson continues: “We are both high-quality, Swedish companies that put a lot into innovation, research and deve- lopment. We also share many common values.” When asked how she views her company’s collaboration with ICehoTel, Pernilla replies without hesitation. “For us, it’s quite simply a smart, value-creating partnership that has given us a strong common platform upon which we can continue to build. We aim to continue working with ICehoTel for at least three “Regardless of whether we’re dealing with metal machining or beautiful ice creations, it’s a matter of more years. Now, we’re working hard to find new value-creating ac- thinking and acting smart, right from the start,” says tivities that we can do together. The companies continue to challenge Björn Roodzant, Marketing Manager, Sandvik each other. Both are driven by the desire to find new solutions.” Coromant USA. Arctic Experience tour with SAAB Explore the Nordkalott region with rises up ahead to greet you with Across the border, in Norway, you If you wish to improve your winter SAAB Ice Driving Experience. Drive open arms. reach the Atlantic coast, with its driving skills, this is your chance to your own car through sub-arctic The feeling of getting so close to bluish-green fiords, which are ice- take part in the SAAB Ice Driving country. After a two-night stay in nature, of being right in the midd- free, thanks to the Gulf Stream. Event. Under the guidance of expert the magical ice world of IcEhotEl, le of it, is overwhelming. Take the Picturesque Lofoten, with its fishing instructors, you’ll learn to drive on where you are surrounded by art and chance to pause and learn the excit- harbours, ferries and exciting history ice and put ABS and stability con- culture, the pristine and easily ac- ing history of a pioneering era, when will give you experiences that will be- trol systems to the test. cessible high-fell country of Sweden the railway was built through coun- come lifelong memories. Join a whale and Norway awaits you. try with no roads, far above the Ar- safari. Depending on the season, For more details on your driving The road twists and turns along ctic Circle. Visit the railway navvies’ there’s a good chance that you’ll have adventure, see page 74. Torneträsk as you head for the bor- church and cemetery on the shores close encounters with orcas, sperm der. Soon, the majestic Lapporten of Torneträsk. whales and humpback whales. 12 | ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE
  12. 12. Out of the ordinary ghty mountains, sit uated 250 information Nestling between mi ctic Circle, Björkl iden is just Please call for more +46(0)980 641 00 km north of the Ar as it gets. During the winter we ac- or visit about as exotic .com to levels who wishes www.bjorkliden ers of all comondate adventur , hig h alti- ring Northern Lights experience shimme p natural snow. tudes and metre dee
  13. 13. Current Product develoPment and finding new ways of ‘upgrading’ and using ice are day-to-day tasks for Arne Bergh, Artistic Director at ICEHOTEL. “It’s a continuous process in close dialogue with other artists in the ICEHOTEL Art & Design Group, other col- leagues and partners. Ideas occur to me when I least Who expect it; when I’m about to fall asleep, when I’m in the bath, or when I’m in the middle of a con- versation about something totally unrelated. Then, an idea has to be to turned upside- down, inside-out and made to fit reality, so it can stand up to real conditions. The ice said diamond is one such idea. I was wonde- ring how we could find a way of turning our pure, crystal-clear Torne River ice into ice for drinks. Åke (Åke Lars- son, ice architect and sculptor) and I started bouncing ideas back and forth. I began by forming some ice into a dIamonds large ball. We soon realized that an ice ball would be too complicated to produce. We are forever? were stumped. I simply had to go back to the drawing table and Name arnE BErgH think of something else. I like to carve ice with a sharp knife, to shape age 60 it and to explore new possibilities. Sud- Lives POIkkIjärvI denly, it began to take shape in my hands educated – a glittering diamond with facets. I knew immediately that it was right. But we were UnIvErsITy COLLEgE still faced with the same issues as with the ice Of arTs, CrafTs ball: How could it be produced and presented? & DEsIgn In Åke Larsson looked at the shape. He has a phe- sTOCkHOLM, 1980 nomenal ability to simplify and reduce things. To- gether, we tested different variants in an effort to find an efficient process that would work in our production facility. Pretty soon, we came up with a way. So far, the process is manual, but machines are used.” & The process will be automated during the year to enable efficient mass production. “The shape of the ice diamond has Photo by been adapted to fit a cocktail glass. It will be available in exclu- sive, warm bars throughout the world. This means there will be even more places where our guests and customers can experience pure ice from the Torne River.” the winner is... In october 2008 ICEHOTEL won the award for the ”Best experience in Sweden.” Trip Global Award was handed out in connection with the Swe- dish Travel and Tourism Gala. Behind the competi- tion is the travel and tourism industry in Sweden in cooperation with Visit Sweden. The price has been voted by the French, German, English, Dutch and Italian tour operators. Yngve Bergqvist CEO, ICE- HOTEL accepted the prize. ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE | 15
  14. 14. Everything revolves around the Torne iver R It’s fall, and the temperature is dropping. Summer’s warmth rises in vapour from the river. Now the water and the cold begin a game of cat and mouse. The river seems to flow more slowly each day. In late-October, the current gives in to the cold, allowing it to seize the waves and stop them in their tracks. An overwhelming sense of peace falls as the freezing begins. At last, it is time for the river to rest. Words by Ella Jonsson Photo by Hans-Olof Utsi 16 | ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE
  15. 15. ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE | 17
  16. 16. For natural reasons For natural reasons, the Icehotel does not want to contribute to the melting of the world’s ice. Which is why they choose Källmärkt® el – Pure energy from sweden. this is 100 percent renewable electricity created by water, wind and biofuels. Pure enerGY FroM GÄVle enerGI
  17. 17. Photos by Hans-Olof Utsi, Anders Alm & The ice field is divided into a grid Beneath the ice, the wild river rushes. After harvest, the ice is stored at ICEHOTEL Production staff marking the size of the ice blocks. -5°C until the coming fall. EACH WINTER, ICEHOTEL borrows machines don’t end up in the frigid water. several hundred tons of ice from the Torne Each ice block weighs two tonnes. The top River. As soon as the ice freezes up, the sec- surface layer is sawn off. The ice is then sor- tion of the river to be harvested is marked. ted in two classes: crystal-clear, for example, All winter the ice field is kept free of snow, for ice glasses and dishes, and ice that is vei- so that the ice can grow. led, which is used for sculpting. The ice is “Ice that grows in height is of no interest then stored at about -5°C until the coming to us. We want it to grow downwards. That’s autumn and will be used in next season’s ver- how we get the crystal-clear ice that has sion of ICEHOTEL. A visit to the ice factory become the signature of ICEHOTEL,” says and the waiting river, which seems to pause Alf Kero, who manages Ice Production. The briefly before being transformed into art and slow, natural freeze-in gives the Torne River architecture, is a remarkable experience. ice unique properties that cannot be created artificially, for example, with common tap FINE TORNE RIvER WATER water. Ice from the Torne River is perfectly ICEHOTEL borrows only a marginal amount crystal-clear and completely free from bubb- of water in frozen form each year from the les and cracks. And, thanks to its pristine mighty Torne River. Watch the flowing river natural source, 200 km north of the Arctic for a minute, right where it passes Jukkas- Circle, it is also free of pollutants.This results järvi, and the equivalent of the annual ‘water in high-quality ice that is ideal for sculpting loan’ for ICEHOTEL passes before your eyes. Alf Kero, manager Ice Production. and building. Since it is natural and contains Most of it is returned to the eco-cycle when no additives, it makes superb ice for drinks. logy successively. The operations at ICEHO- spring arrives and ICEHOTEL melts silently TEL are constantly developing,” explains Alf. back into the river again. WINTER HARvEsT The ice field is divided into a grid pattern “The drawings and ideas for the next year’s “We harvest ice from mid-March until mid- that marks the size of the ice blocks. Then, ICEHOTEL are usually ready by January. Ice April. By then, the ice is about 80 centimet- the difficult task of sawing out and lifting the Production works in close consultation with res thick. We use machines and custom-made heavy blocks from the river begins. Beneath the architects and artists. At harvest time, tools that have been specially designed for the ice, the wild river rushes. The tractors the artists are curious about the quality of our specific requirements. Each year, we must not be too heavy and the drivers have the ice. We can see that the ice has different learn something new and refine the techno- to know exactly what they are doing, so the properties, depending on temperature and ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE | 19
  18. 18. Photos by Lars Lindh & ICEHOTEL Production transforms ice into dishes, glasses and ice rings. precipitation. It definitely varies from year to year. Long periods with temperatures below minus twenty degrees are favourable for the raw material,” says Alf. From the shore, clo- se by the magnificent ICEHOTEL, visitors from all corners of the world watch in ama- zement as the ice is harvested. Perhaps only then do they fathom the magnitude of this incredible project. To first harvest and store huge quantities of ice, and then build a hotel filled with fabulous art and design the follo- wing winter is indeed a marvel. It’s surreal, to say the least. And, most amazingly, this is no one-off project. It is a vital and creative enterprise, with a new hotel each winter for two decades now, and always with a new theme, new art and new design. ICEHOTEL presence is now world-wide, thanks to ice- bars that offer a cold and fleeting pure taste of Lapland. One might say that this makes the Torne River the world’s longest. As the river slowly freezes, the building start approaches. In mid-November, specially selected interna- tional artists and designers arrive. They will decorate this year’s version of ICEHOTEL. For some, this is the first time they will work in snow and ice. Others have been with the project since the early-1990s. This blend of neophytes and veterans keeps the art form fresh and vital. The ambition level is high and the creativity is almost palpable. Finally, the river will show what it has to offer. Finally, The Ice church under construction. the ice will be transformed into art. 20 | ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE
  19. 19. photo: tomas utsi | Kiruna Municipality congratulates iceHotel on their 20th anniversary since the very start iceHotel has created attractive travel opportunities to Kiruna municipality. With their frosty lodging, the ice globe theatre, world famous iceBar concept and well-renowned art, created from local resources only, they’ve managed to put Jukkasjärvi on the world-map. With little means and by believing so strongly in that one’s own everyday life is extraordinary to others, iceHotel has become one of sweden’s strongest brands.
  20. 20. Our heating makes the world cooler Even ICEHOTEL needs heating. For offices, restaurants, kitchens, laundries, cottages… But few other businesses in the world are in greater need of a cold environment. So it’s only natural that ICEHOTEL has chosen to use NIBE ground source heat pumps for all heating needs for more than 10 years now. Our heat pumps find heat even in the deep frozen lands of Jukkasjärvi and at the bottom of the Torne River. Not by magic, but by using a technology that is dominating new heating installations in Sweden today. Ground source heat pumps give us all a source of renewable energy that is available anywhere. To anyone. The heat pumps make the hotel warm and the ground cold. Just as the people at ICEHOTEL want it. By using NIBE heat pumps ICEHOTEL has so far saved about hundreds of thousands of Euro and hundreds of tons of CO2. That’s a big contri- bution to keeping the world cooler. An important task when your business is made up of ice. Read more about the cooler way to heat at NIBE Heating Box 14, 285 21 Markaryd, Sweden Tel 0433 - 73 000
  21. 21. Photos by Maria sirviö & Positively co2- ICEHOTEL melts slowly in the warm spring sun and will soon be one again with Torne River. “Simply by “THE MANAgEMENT AT ICEHOTEL has taken a strategic decision: by 2015, at the latest, we will produce more energy than MELTs bACk TO THE sOURCE The building process is intensive and ex- raising the we use in our operations. Quite simply, we will be CO2-negative,” says Dan Björk, Mar- citing. The ice and snow we use are natural raw materials that are completely subjected level of keting Manager of ICEHOTEL. Dan says that careful use and conservation of natural re- sources has always been a high priority for to the whims of weather and temperature. When ICEHOTEL opens in early-Decem- awareness, ICEHOTEL. “I think this is a consequence of us working so close to nature. We are part of a company ber, construction is still in progress. In recent an eco-cycle. The Torne River is our source, and the surrounding country, here in Lap- years, we’ve had more and more requests land, is unique in Europe and the world. We from guests wishing to take a closer look at the building process. They can take part in can realize wish to protect it,” says Dan. The first step has been to train all person- a 20% special guided tours, where we explain the nel, in all departments, throughout the orga- nization. This has been done with the aid of process and our eco-cycle approach, and Gävle Energi, a close partner in the project. they can watch the artists at work,” explains Alf. By year-end, as peak season approaches, energy “Simply by raising the level of awareness, a company can realize a 20% energy savings. savings” ICEHOTEL is complete. Several intensive It’s a matter of simple measures, like swit- ching off computers after work each day. months lie ahead. In the ice church, coup- Once the ball is rolling, everyone wants to les will exchange vows. Guests will sleep in pitch in. Our own personnel have contributed sub-zero suites graced with fabulous works many energy-saving ideas,” says Dan. of art. Exotic meals will be enjoyed after Currently, the entire ICEHOTEL infrastructure in under review. This includes, for example, all days of snowy adventure. New products building structures, which are surveyed to en- will be launched and corporate events will sure minimal energy loss, and power distribu- take place. Many languages will be spoken in tion boxes, which are inspected to ensure that tiny Jukkasjärvi, 200 km north of the Arc- they are properly connected. “The next step will be to invest in facili- tic Circle. By the time ICEHOTEL closes in ties for producing our own renewable-source mid-April, 60,000 guests will have entered energy. Whether this will be wind, solar, the world of ice. They will have experienced, water-source heat or something completely different, we do not yet know. ICEHOTEL first hand, one of the marvels of our times. It guests contribute to the production of rene- is a world wonder that keeps us ever mindful wable-source energy. We are unique in this of the great cycle of nature. When the warm regard. But we hope others will copy our en- spring sun returns and the days grow longer, vironmental approach; we all stand to gain,” concludes Dan Björk. the snow and ice begin their slow retreat. Tiny rivulets of clear meltwater trickle back 80% of the buildings at ICEHOTEL are now towards the source and become one again heated with ground-source heat. ICEHOTEL’s with the mighty Torne River. Summer is environment program is conducted in part- knocking at the door and the river turns to nership with Gävle Energi, which supplies renewable-source energy under the Källmärkt new tasks. For ICEHOTEL, all that remains brand name. Find out how you, too, can make is to offer humble thanks for the water it has a difference! borrowed. And next year, a new ICEHOTEL Dan Björk, Marketing will be born. Manager at ICEHOTEL. ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE | 23
  22. 22. Flakes A surprising interior Reindeer herds stampede through the restaurant and the Northern Lights shimmer over the large dining room. Timbered walls merge with exciting, modern details when old and new are interwoven. “The idea of saving and re- using objects in a balance of old and new features is right for the times. The northern appreciation for utility stems from an inherited environ- mental awareness that has emerged from a life lived in a harsh environment,” says inte- rior designer Karina Björk. The in- terior has been shaped and inspired by closeness to the dramatic natural surroundings. “I have been inspired by the unique and exotic in everyday life,” says Karina. Furniture from Fritz Hansen has been combined with items by local craftsmen. p ROXY Few people are aware of that ice is present in Jukkasjärvi year- snow wear shots by Swedish photographer Daniel Blom featured round. But last fall we got an exceptionally early request from famous snowboard champions such as Amber Stackhouse, Erin Quicksilver Inc. that was planning a shoot for their brand Roxy Comstock, Torah Bright, Kjersti Buaas and Vanessa Colletta. The a surf and snowboard inspired line for women. We let the Roxy images were later published in Roxy´s worldwide 2009 winter crew use part of our Ice production hall for a couple of days. The catalogue, ads and backdrops in shop windows. muddus-Hjortron Something sweet after dinner? Savour the ICEHOTEL SHOP offers pro- ducts of the highest quality. Here, you’ll flavours of Lapland, captured in exquisite find this season’s outdoor leisure wear, pralines from Muddus Hjortron. as well as speciality foods from northern Sweden. ❄ ICEHOTEL Taste of Lapland Collection includes lingenberry juice, tea, and cloud- berry jam and marmalade. ❄ Garments are from famous brands such as Fjällräven, SOS and Haglöfs. ❄ The shop has a wide range of attractive gift items and jewellery. Don’t miss your chance to take a piece of Lapland home with you. You can even pre-order the gar- ments and equipment you need from our shop before you arrive. Collect your order when you check in. 24 | ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE
  23. 23. The Tylö Sauna ix210s combines sauna, shower and steam bath in one and the same wellness solution. Wellness in a box. After a cold day outside, the unique pleasure you get from Tylö is one of the best presents you can give yourself. At Tylö we have years of 2,8m experience in producing quality products for saunas, steam baths and 2 < showers. Our new product range – Impression – combines all this and brings it to a new level of wellness, which leaves no one unmoved. wellness All our products are manufactured in Sweden in a well balanced combi- nation of shape, function and latest technology. Tylö Impression S A U N A S S H O W E R S S T E A M B A T H S
  24. 24. McBride / Fotograf Jörgen Reimer Location: Storulvåvägen, Jämtland, Sweden. Freezing? Why? Stay warm with a base layer of fine merino wool in a terry knit. The terry loops trap air between the skin and the clothing to create a warm insulating layer. Wool also has a natural ability to carry away moisture and perspiration. Woolpower is manufactured in Östersund in northern Sweden and the thermal garments are used for work, sports and leisure, and by people who would simply rather not be freezing cold. Using the material Ullfrotté Original, Woolpower has been manufactured since 1972. Thermal undergarments made in Sweden.
  25. 25. A teArful meeting of magnetite and ice “The two materials are so totally different to work with. Ice is pure and transparent; the material has an intrinsic lightness. Magnetite, on the other hand, is heavy and much denser. Working in magnetite is a hard and dirty job.” says designer Sofi Ruotsalainen. Words by Ella Jonsson Photos by Anders Alm ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE | 27
  26. 26. tHE purE, crystAllinE and transitory ice meets the heavy, black and permanent magnetite. Slowly, the moulds melt away, revealing two figures: a man and a woman. Wat- ching the process, seeing how te- ars seem to flow from the eyes and stream down the faces, is magical. Is it from the pain of being freed? Or is it the joy of finally meeting each other? Behind this remarkable en- counter of ice and magnetite are Sofi Ruotsalainen, designer and artist, and designer Mikael “Nille” Nilsson. Both have worked as sculptors at Ice- hOtel for 10 years, and sculpted ice installations and ice art in various bars throughout the world as well as at IcehOtel in Jukkasjärvi. sofi ruotsAlAinEn Age just old enough to understand something about this great life (44). How And wHEn did you stArt BirthplAce Kiruna. home Kiruna (a circle that may not yet be complete...) collAborAting? drivE Subaru, lynx and a husqvarna brushcutter. FAvourite Food pork. like being sofi: “The artwork at IcehoTel is a collabora- happy. Forest and water make me happy. dislike unresolved problems. reAd reflec- tive effort. We discuss ideas and help each other tions on the self, life and the world, and pulp fiction. look At the inside, life and the to find solutions to different problems. Nille and I have been working together for about a year and world. FAvourite Artists William Turner, Bård Breivik and Anders Rönnlund. a half. The first time was during the 2007/2008 lAplAnd is rich in contrasts and, for me, the pulse of life. season, when we built several suites together. nille elaborates: “Artistic collaboration at Ice- hoTel sometimes has to do with whether a cer- tain design will work or not, depending on the material characteristics. here, experienced ice sculptors cooperate with artists who are encoun- tering the material for the first time. This is a young art form that is constantly developing.” wHAt is it likE to work As An icE Artist At icEHotEl? “oh, it’s a real perk,” exclaims Sofi. nille:“It’s incredibly free, fun and enriching. This is a very special, creative environment. And there is an unlimited supply of the material – ice. I think it allows an artist to be more adven- turous, to dare to venture into the unknown. And it’s very inspiring to meet other artists from all over the world.” ”We realised that ice could be an alternative mould. From what I know, this experiment was the first meeting between ice and magnetite.” 28 | ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE
  27. 27. tEll us How tHE two of you col- lAborAtE, prActicAlly. “We generate ideas together, and then I make rough sketches,” explains Sofi. “Nille is good at the technique and knows the material, and he usually knows at the conceptual stage how the project is going to turn out. When he has figured out the technical aspects, we complete the sculp- ture or installation together.” tHis is A mEEting of icE And mAg- nEtitE. ExplAin How you cAmE up witH tHE idEA? nille: “The magnetite sculptures are moulded. We were discussing moulds when the idea to use ice came up. Technically, a difficult part of the job is to get the mould to release.” sofi: “We realized that ice could be an alterna- tive mould. We understood that our manual work would be visible on the sculpture and that the ice would slowly melt and reveal the magnetite.” tHE mElting procEss AlonE sEEms likE An Art instAllAtion in it- sElf? . sofi: “Yes, watching the ice melt is magical. There are two sculptures: a man and a woman. To see them chained close together in the ice and to watch them being slowly released was a powerful experience.” nille: “If we’d known how visually interesting it was going to be, we would have filmed it, of course. The magnetite wept inside the ice, and tears rolled down the cheeks. By the light of the Midnight Sun, it was magnificent.” icE And mAgnEtitE mAkE for A strong contrAst. wHAt wErE your tHougHts About tHE mAtE- riAls? nille: “It was the first time I had worked with mag- netite. I have to admit I was nervous about the per- manence; knowing that this sculpture would last, if not for ever, at least for a very long time. Ice, on the other hand, gives you new chances again and again” sofi: “Yes, that’s true. The two materials are so totally different to work with. Ice is pure and transparent; the material has an intrinsic light- ness. Magnetite, on the other hand, is heavy and much denser. Working in magnetite is a hard and dirty job.” wHAt ArE your plAns for tHE futurE? sofi: “Now, in summer 2009, I’ll probably conti- nue working with magnetite.” ”The performance was nervous working with magnetite, knowing that this sculpture would last nille: “Yes, it looks like Sofi and I will be doing for ever and ever” a joint project with Åke larsson, who is the architect at IcehoTel. It will be a replica of an ice sculpture, an organic square, which we did mikAEl ”nillE” nilsson in the winter. As a designer and artist, it’s a real advantage to constantly develop and to work in AgE 43 and still promising. birtHplAcE Stockholm. HomE Boden. drivE Volvo. two natural, locally available materials. To con- fAvouritE food seasonal; right now, lots of asparagus. tinuously vitalize these art forms is another plus. The conditions and the environment in Jukkas- likE my children. dislikE myself. rEAd computer literature, self-studies in cAD / järvi are unique.” cAM. look At the computer screen. fAvouritE Artists I like Andy Goldsworthy, but I have no real favourites. lAplAnd is BIG. ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE | 29
  28. 28. Flakes Scandinavia is a cold place to live and cold temperatures mean there`s a need to keep warm. There is also so- mething about the contrast be- tween warm and cold that has always fascinated us human beings; something that makes life a more inten- sive experience. Over the years Tylö has created many sumptuous bathing facilities at the ICE- HOTEL. Their worldwide acclaimed products accentuate one simple truth: the opportunity to unwind and recharge your bat- teries is a pleasure that has nothing to do with extravagance. On the contrary, it`s a fundamental human need, a necessity we OS, e d e n, S should allow ourselves to enjoy every day. wea r of Sw i o na l, S p o rt s h f u n c t s h i o n. s wit t s fa non ymou and spor is sy ski rful ucts c o lo u r p ro d c a l ly superio Techni ds . to to ug h de m an th at stan d up InspIred by the Ice Age Fritz Hansen and ICEHOTEL think along the same lines when it comes to good design. The approach is based on an understanding and expression of the client’s image and identity. It is a matter of a pure design language, finding a per- sonality, and high quality. Kasper Salto has created the chair Ice for The Re- public of Fritz Hansen. It is a modern, stackable chair with a futuristic look. Design-wise, it is pure and simple, just as the name Ice suggests. The chair is In april 2009, a crew ”I would like to thank you for of seven visited ICEHOTEL for a most chilly pho- giving us the opportunity to photograph our available in several colours and has att- to shoot. They were shooting a line of swimwear swimsuit concept for the premiere issue of Virtu racted much attention internationally. images for the brand new Greek magazine “Virtu” in your amazing art suites and – an online luxury fashion and design magazine. your beautiful hotel. I would like to extend our You’ll find it at ICEHOTEL. The premiere issue, that launched June 1st this thanks to all of your staff for being so helpful and year, was to focus on eco-friendliness, which is welcoming with our crew. It was an unbelievable why ICEHOTEL was chosen for location. With experience for us and an excellent addition to our every online edition of the magazine Virtu will feature of Stockholm and SAS Airlines for the save 1200 trees. The magazine was launched launch of the magazine.” on June 5th to coincide with the celebration of PAMELA AVErkIADIS World Environment Day. Design Without Boundaries ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE | 31
  29. 29. From the High-altitude gastronomy. Västerbotten mazarin with prosciutto crudo at Låkta lodge. Sunshine and morning coffee at Låkta in a sparkling winterland. The journey starts here. Above the snow line on the glaciers, the water begins its journey towards Jukkasjärvi. Pure, icy meltwater trickles down in rivulets that merge in a mountain stream – Låktajokken, a tributary of the Torne River. Join us on a dizzying adventure along the water’s course. Treat yourself to a little pleasure. Sweden’s ‘highest’ bar, at 1,228 m above sea level. 32 | ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE
  30. 30. Source to Jukkas A trek from the glacial source of the crystal-clear water to Jukkasjärvi’s shore will put even the most seasoned outdoorsman to the test. It is a journey through the seasons, full of adventure, in natural surroundings that can scarcely be captured in words and images. This dizzying experience for all of the senses is one big life-enriching moment. Words by Ronny Olovsson Photos by Andreas Lundberg Warm sunlight beaming down from a pes in rivulets, seeps through stone Day 1. A journey through the clear blue sky makes the snowy lands- rubble and vanishes in cracks in the seasons cape sparkle. Here we are, by the gla- rock, finally gathering in a single cold, Late-summer is on the air as we wrestle our ciers and streams, where the water’s shimmering mountain stream. This backpacks into place. A light wind blows be- journey to Jukkasjärvi begins. Water water carries a secret. We will now fol- neath an intensely blue sky. Jonas Larsson, drips from icicles and snow melts on low the water’s course. 30, from Gällivare, looks on contently. sun-warmed outcrops. The crystal- But let’s rewind, return to the start, “It was skiing that really brought me to the clear, icy water trickles down the slo- and begin at Björkliden. mountains. Then, I just stayed for the sum- ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE | 33
  31. 31. mer, for the kayaking and fishing. You know 30 metres above us, scanning the ground how it is.” for prey. We distribute some gear, camera equip- ment, vegetables and other items. Terje Soon, we are wandering along Rak- Pedersen, 42, from Arjeplog, loads up his kasjåkka, whose chalk-white stones create a backpack while repelling friendly gibes from surreal backdrop against the eerily clear wa- 22-year-old Luleå resident Anna Gjörup. ter. We move through magnificent scenery David Larson, 24, from Gällivare, is joined that has just begun the barely perceptible au- by our little expedition’s canine companion tumn colour shift from light green to gold, Gandalf, who skips about, gleefully greeting burning orange and deepest red. Vivid, satu- everyone. Eight happy wanderers and a dog. rated colours. A stunning mosaic of vegeta- In the lead is guide Jesper Erkki, 34, from tion. Where we walk, we spot tufts of blu- nearby Poikijärvi, who takes to the high- eberry bushes, which provide an all-natural country trail with the sure-footed team of snack along the way. A brief pause to grab a Nils Åslund, 28, and Helena Axelsson, 26, in few handfuls and our mouths are filled with close pursuit. that familiar round sweetness. Coffee and laughter. Terje, Nils and Anna rest and The path cuts through heather, lichen and When we reach the massif, the landscape relax along the way. small shrubs. A rough-legged hawk glides changes successively. We cross small snowy We follow the clear water in a stunning scenery. 34 | ICEHOT EL M aga zI nE