Becoming CO2negative


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Torne River it the source or our inspiration and the building material of ICEHOTEL. Each summer, we give back the loan to the river and ICEHOTEL is once again fresh, flowing water. But our activities affect the climate after all. That is why we decided to be become CO2negative (carbon dioxide negative) by the year 2015.

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Becoming CO2negative

  1. 1. Becoming CO2negative
  2. 2. ICEHOTEL exists in symbiosis with nature.That is why we find it important to express reverence for her gifts.
  3. 3. We rely on natural ice harvested from the majestic Torne River to build ICEHOTEL. In fact she is our mother. And in spring the hotel once again becomes part of her rushing rapids.
  4. 4. A natural choise
  5. 5. Our goal 7 years from now is to produce energy in surplus - from bio, solar and wind power.
  6. 6. Today ICEHOTEL buys solely 100% renewable energy. Hence, there are no carbon dioxide emissions generated by our energy consumption.
  7. 7. Källmärkt® is 100% renewable energy ICEHOTEL will reduce the energy consumption by 15% over the next fiscal year. Follow each step on
  8. 8. We extract energy from sewage water and recycle tail-water to cool our production hall.We handle all laundry in-house to save on transports and we strive to work with sub-contractors that are genuinely committed to sustainability.
  9. 9. 32 ground-source heat pumps ensure minimal use of electricity
  10. 10. How it works Holes are drilled between 50-200 m into the ground and down to bedrock. Heat energy, mainly from the sun, is stored in the bedrock. The temperature in the ground varies between 2° C to 8° C and is roughly constant year-round.The depth of the geothermal holes is determined by how much energy the buildings require. 1. A hose filled with water and antifreeze protection (glycol) is placed in the 15 cm wide borehole. 2. The water mixture is pumped to the geothermal heat pump 3. Water vapour is fed into the compressor 4. The compressor gathers up steam so that the pressure in the pump increases 5. When the compressor has reached about 50 ° C the building is heated by water-borne heating elements.
  11. 11. ICEHOTEL is an all-round Torne River experience. You are surrounded by it when you sleep, shower in it in the morning, eat from it in the evening, Torne River heats the ground source that we use.
  12. 12. We have 15 buildings where ground-source heat keeps your feet warm. 10 buildings have warm water that is ground-source heated.
  13. 13. Environment is an important consideration when planning our tours. Our Sami culture supplier is certified accoding to UN’s ecotourism label ’Nature’s Best’.
  14. 14. The snowmobile you drive when staying with us are made by Polaris and are equipped with the latest four- stroke engines, hence being environmentally friendly.
  15. 15. Environmentally friendly activities
  16. 16. ICEHOTEL began as a dream shared by a group of people. We’ve realized that dream over and over for the past 19 years.We will continue to shift the limit of what’s possible by constantly improving all aspects of our operations.
  17. 17. Jukkasjärvi Sustainable life enriching moments Photos by: Hans-Olof Utsi (1, 14, 15, 16) Arne Bergh (5) Anders Skoglind (10, 11) Big Ben Productions (2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 18) Jan Jordan (17)