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Ghana .
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Ghana .


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  • 1. Country: GhanaCapital: AccraAsiah S. BriggsDr. HaigPeriod: 50World HistoryFebuary 5, 2012
  • 2. Leader / Bio .  Dr. John Evans Fifii Atta Mills , Born On July 21 , 1944 . He Is The 3rd And Current President Of The Fourth Republic Of Ghana .He Was Inaugurated On January 7 , 2009 , Having Defeated The Ruling Party Candidate Nana Akufo-Addo In The 2008 Election . He Was Vice President From 1997 To 2001 Under Pres. Jerry Rawlings , And Stood Unsuccessfully In The 2000 And 2004 President Elections As The Candidate Of The National Democratic Congress .
  • 3. History Of Ghana . The Republic Of Ghana Is Named After The Medieval West African Ghana Empire , Known To The Dominant Ethnic Group The Soninke , As Wagadugu , Which Roughly Translates To "Land Of Herds" . The Empire Became Known In Europe And Arabia As The Ghana Empire By The Title Of Its Emperor , The Ghana . The Empire Appears To Have Broken Up Following The 10/6 Conquest By The Almoravid General Abu-Bakr Ibn-Umar . A Reduced Kingdom Continued To Exist After Almoravid Rule Ended , And The Kingdom Was Later Incorporated Into Subsequent Sahelian Empires , Such As The Mali Empire Several Centuries Later .
  • 4. Flag .  3 Equal Horizontal Bands Of Red {Top} , Yellow , And Green , With A Large Black- Five Pointed Star Centered In The Yellow Band ; Red Symbolizes The Blood Shed For Independence , Yellow Represents The Countrys Mineral Wealth , While Green Stands For Its Forests And Natural Wealth ; The Black Star Is Said To Be The Loadestar Of African Freedom .
  • 5. National Anthem / Map . Name : "God Bless Our Homeland Ghana" . God Bless Our Homeland Ghana , And Make Our Nation Great And strong , Bold To Defend Forever The Cause Of Freedom And Of Right . Fill Our Hearts With True Humility Make Us Cherish Fearless Honesty , And Help Us To Resist Oppressors Rule . With All Our Will And Might Evermore . Hail To Thy Name , O Ghana . To Thee We Make Our Solemn Vow ; Steadfast To Build Together A Nation Strong In Unity ; With Our Gifts Of Mind And Strength Of Arm .Whether Night Or Day , In The Midst Of Storm , In Every Need Whateer The Call May Be , To Serve Thee , Ghana , Now And Even More .
  • 6. Weather / Climate .Tropical ; Warm And Comparatively Dry Along Southeast Coast ; Hot And Humid In Southwest ; Hot And Dry In North .
  • 7. Government . Government Type Is Constitutional Democracy . Chief Of State : President John Evans Atta Mills . {Since 7 January 2009} ; Vice President John Dramani Mahama . {Since 7 January 2009} ; Note - The President Is Both The Chief Of State And Head Of Government .
  • 8. Languages .