Time Hacks for Work


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This presentation talks about time as the most important asset people have. We describe tools, techniques and advises to leverage and optimise your use of time mainly in the work environment.

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Time Hacks for Work

  1. TIME HACKING How to be more productive and optimize your time at work @edolopez June 17th, 2014@icalialabs Tuesday, June 17, 14
  2. TIME is the most valuable asset we have We cannot restore it or buy it Tuesday, June 17, 14
  3. There’s always time. Time is priorities. Wants vs. Needs (Priorities) Tuesday, June 17, 14
  4. Tuesday, June 17, 14
  5. TIME IS ABOUT MANAGEMENT Tuesday, June 17, 14
  7. THE RIGHT WAY TO MANAGE (HACK) IT IS WITH: Techniques, Tools, and A personal system Tuesday, June 17, 14
  8. 1.TECHNIQUES Tuesday, June 17, 14
  9. 1.TECHNIQUES A technique is a procedure that can be used many times to take advantage of time in a wise way Tuesday, June 17, 14
  10. 1. USE POMODORO - Total focus on a specific activity for 25 minutes. - Don’t get distracted with anything else. - Short or long breaks between to distract and retake momentum Tuesday, June 17, 14
  11. 2.TAKE ADVANTAGE OF DEAD TIMES - A brief moment when you can talk about a pending topic without scheduling. - During the typical walk to the corner store, the restaurant, etc. Tuesday, June 17, 14
  12. 3. SET SPECIFIC TIMES TO CHECK EMAIL - Biggest time-sucks known to modern man is checking and responding to email - Email takes up 28% of the average worker’s day - An email comes in and suddenly you’re giving your best hours to someone else’s goals, not yours. - Email can turn you into a jerk. - Email can be more addictive than alcohol and tobacco. ... just set specific times for it! Tuesday, June 17, 14
  13. 4. OPTIMIZE THE MOMENT ON THE BATHROOM -You know you can do a lot... Tuesday, June 17, 14
  14. 5. HAVE A MORNING PLANNING MOMENT - Define your to-do’s of the day. - Enjoy the daily standup meeting. - Read the news and blogs. - Manage your mood! Tuesday, June 17, 14
  15. 6. OPTIMIZE TIME FOR MEETINGS AND SESSIOS - Have an agenda. - Have time constrains and a facilitator. - Consider a goal and what you want to get from the session Tuesday, June 17, 14
  16. 7. PROMOTE NO DISTRACTORS - Special signals, such as heaphones to say you are busy. - Put the do-not-disturb mode in your phone (plane mode) - Turn off alerts and banners on Desktop. - Return calls later. - People working from home can be understandable. Tuesday, June 17, 14
  17. 2.TOOLS Tuesday, June 17, 14
  18. 2.TOOLS Tools are going to be the instrument to manage and asses any activity in terms of time Tuesday, June 17, 14
  19. Prioritization and organization Time Tracking Mail management Physical tools 2.TOOLS Tools can be classified in: Tuesday, June 17, 14
  20. a) Prioritization and Organization Mindmestier for Mind Mapping - http://www.mindmeister.com/ Tuesday, June 17, 14
  21. Trello as a Kanban board - http://www.trello.com Tuesday, June 17, 14
  22. Evernote or Hackpad for personal notes and TO-DOs Tuesday, June 17, 14
  23. Evernote or Hackpad for personal notes and TO-DOs * Even Basecamp or Google App for Business can be used for reminders and personal notes Tuesday, June 17, 14
  24. Tomighty.org app for pomodoros Tuesday, June 17, 14
  25. Tomighty.org app for pomodoros ... picture doesn’t make sense, but was tasty and I was hungry Tuesday, June 17, 14
  26. Tuesday, June 17, 14
  27. b) Time Hacking RescueTime.com to monitor all your Tuesday, June 17, 14
  28. Toggl.com to contextualize your spent time Tuesday, June 17, 14
  29. Timelyapp.com and getHarvest.com are other options Tuesday, June 17, 14
  30. Timelyapp.com and getHarvest.com are other options ... if you have the money. Tuesday, June 17, 14
  31. c) Mail Management Boomearng for Gmail to schedule an email to be sent later. Easy email reminders. Tuesday, June 17, 14
  32. Inbox pause for Gmail to stop in certain time span arrival emails Tuesday, June 17, 14
  33. d) Physical Tools A more personal need. If you need big monitors, to have good quality headphones or any other device, it is more a personal way of be productive. Tuesday, June 17, 14
  34. d) Physical Tools A more personal need. If you need big monitors, to have good quality headphones or any other device, it is more a personal way of be productive. Discover yourself! Tuesday, June 17, 14
  35. 3.A PERSONAL SYSTEM Tuesday, June 17, 14
  36. 3.A PERSONAL SYSTEM A combination of both techniques and tools depending on the scenarios of your daily work Tuesday, June 17, 14
  37. A personal system means to have a strict routine and procedures. Depends on daily work activities, how your system is going to be set. You can have multiple scenarios, for different days or situations. 3.A PERSONAL SYSTEM Tuesday, June 17, 14
  38. EXAMPLE OF PERSONAL SYSTEM Set your mood and visualize your tasks for the day. Plan your day the night before, or during the morning. Start with your mind map or kanban, what am I going to do today? Daily standup to start your project prioritization. Use pomodoro for every activity; no more than 25 minutes.Take little breaks to distract your mind. Tuesday, June 17, 14
  39. Don’t schedule meetings after certain hour.“Tuesdays are for project clients”. Track with context every activity. At the end of the week you will see when you are more productive and doing what. “12pm and 6pm are email hours”. Meal time is always at certain time. Tuesday, June 17, 14
  40. CONCLUSIONS Tuesday, June 17, 14
  41. Use techniques, tools and combine them to define a personal system to manage better your time. Stick to a routine! Start with short tasks to get the ball rolling. Stop multitasking, it merely kills your focus. Tuesday, June 17, 14
  42. We’re always more focused and productive with limited time. Set deadlines for everything, don’t let the work get indefinitely. More work doesn’t mean productivity. Use constrains as opportunities. Reminder apps for everything, don’t trust your brain. Tuesday, June 17, 14
  43. This is for your life and for the people who care about you Girl/Boy-friend. Colleagues. Family. Friends. Customers. Tuesday, June 17, 14
  44. Tuesday, June 17, 14
  45. Tuesday, June 17, 14
  46. THANKS! CEO - @edolopez June 17th, 2014@icalialabs Tuesday, June 17, 14
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