Culture in a team

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A presentation about the importance of building a culture in a team.

A presentation about the importance of building a culture in a team.

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  • 1. Culture in a team @edolopez March, 2014
  • 2. Culture in a team 1. What is culture? 2. Core Values. 3. Define ourselves. 4. Rituals. 5. Defending the culture. 6. Culture can change. 7. Complexity in a culture.
  • 3. What is culture?
  • 4. Culture in general “Culture is a set of values manifesting through behaviour and ritual. [...] the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.” [1] [1] Creating a great corporate culture: http://www.startupblender. com/competitive-strategy/creating-a-great-corporate-culture
  • 5. … manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
  • 6. Case study Imagine you are a foreigner in a random country. People will start to ask: ● Where are you from? ● What do you usually eat? ● What are people common clothes? ● Are tacos like Taco Bell’s? ● Is it true the horses and sombreros? ● Hell Yeah! Virgin De Guadalupe & Red Tecate.
  • 7. What is culture in a team?
  • 8. Beyond the clothes
  • 9. Beyond the walls
  • 10. Beyond ping pong tables
  • 11. Beyond recreation
  • 12. Culture in a company “It is pattern of basic assumptions and beliefs, the learned behaviors, shared values and norms that define the work in an organization”. (Schein, E. 2006, Organizational Culture and Leadership)
  • 13. Products/Services Culture Mission Vision Impact pyramid in a company and its team
  • 14. Define why we exist, what we defend, and what we pursue.
  • 15. Some examples of (core) values
  • 16. Responsability ● Self Motivation. ● Team can be aware. ● Discipline emerges. ● Continuous improvement. ● Everybody acts like a leader. ● No one waits to be told what to do. ● All team members can “pick up the trash when is on the floor”.
  • 17. Define ourselves What are the 3 values that come to your mind when somebody asks for Icalia Labs? Can be a single value: Responsibility, Curiosity Can be a phrase with context: Embrace and drive change. Take 15 minutes after this session...
  • 18. Core values proposal 1. Passion. 2. Fun. 3. Curiosity. 4. Respect. 5. Responsability. 6. Teamwork. 7. Communication. 8. Gratitude. 9. Humility.
  • 19. A list of values ● Passion. ● Fun. ● Dedication. ● Courage. ● Curiosity ● Learning. ● Respect. ● Discipline. ● Doers, Thinkers and Questioners. ● Responsibility. ● Empathy. ● Innovation. ● Creativity. ● Freedom. ● Honesty. ● Teamwork. ● Coupled disciplines. ● Communication. ● Hard workers. ● Open ● Transparency. ● Gratitude. ● Identity and membership. ● Humble. ● Stay young. ● Sociocratics. ● Care about clients, not about competition. ● Serendipity. ● Agile, lean.
  • 20. Rituals supporting the values
  • 21. Rituals ● For each value, there should be rituals promoting and supporting them correctly. ● For example: ○ If a value is Collaboration, how are we promoting teamwork between the projects, teams and members? ○ If a value is Fun, are we really having fun in our daily activities? How can we get to that point?
  • 22. The right team
  • 23. The right team ● Team & Leaders are going to defend the values. ● A new member should be engaged with the culture, and culture should accept him. ● In some places, all members need to accept the entrance of a new one. ● Everybody should communicate with transparency. ● Beyond values in walls, people have values in their mindset.
  • 24. The team should form the culture DNA. "You can’t motivate people, you can only create a context in which people are motivated".
  • 25. Prepare for changes Culture can change throughout time as a company grows.
  • 26. From small teams
  • 27. To big teams
  • 28. Or HUGE teams
  • 29. Culture can be complex
  • 30. ● How this can work on a remote team or distributed company? ● Imagine people working in different countries, with different customs, time zones, and that have never seen each other face to face. ● How can we remember all this things in a simple and beautiful way? MANIFESTO. Complexity in a culture
  • 31. Remote culture
  • 32. Some examples ● International Retreats: bring people together often. ● Tools to have less asynchronous conversation. ● 1 on 1’s once a week via hangouts.
  • 33. Conclusion
  • 34. Thanks! Q&A? @edolopez @icalialabs “Mediocre work or unchallenging work is what kills progress of person's skills.”
  • 35. References ● Netflix culture: 1798664 ● Buffer culture: culture-04 ● 37 Signals manifesto: ● Creating a great corporate culture: http://www. corporate-culture ● 5 tips building startup culture: http://www.techinasia. com/5-tips-building-startup-culture/ ● Startup Culture: culture/