Iberostar triviastar contest rules september 2011


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Iberostar triviastar contest rules september 2011

  1. 1. Contest Rules1. OrganizerIBEROSTAR HOTELES Y APARTAMENTOS, S.L. (hereinafter,IBEROSTAR), in collaboration with VISIT US, INC., is organizing a contestthat will be carried out in compliance with the provisions hereunder. Thecontest will be called “TRIVIASTAR QUIZ”.2. DurationThe contest will begin at 9:30 a.m. on 26 September 2011 and end at 11:59p.m. on 3 October 2011 (Eastern Daylight Saving Time, UTC/GMT - 5 h).3. PurposeThe purpose of the contest is to give away a voucher for one (1) night’sstay at Iberostar Cozumel or at Iberostar Costa Dorada. The winningparticipant will be responsible for all of his/her own expenses, includingtransportation to and from the hotel. The prize is non-transferrable andcannot be exchanged for cash.4. Participation requirementsTo be eligible to win this contest, participants must be individuals 21 yearsof age or over, fans of the Iberostar Hotels & Resorts USA & Canada pageon Facebook, reside in the United States of America (including Alaska,Hawaii and Puerto Rico) or in Canada, and have a real user profile onFacebook. The above will be verified when collecting the prize using acurrent official form of identification.Employees or contractors of IBEROSTAR and VISIT US, INC. and theiraffiliates, suppliers and agencies, are not eligible to participate.No purchase required to participate in the contest. A paid minimum stay ofthree nights is required to redeem the prize. Void where prohibited by law.
  2. 2. 5. Contest detailsThe contest will be held through a specific tab found athttp://www.facebook.com/IberostarUSACanada. The following instructionsmust be followed to be able to participate. Each participant must:  Be a fan of the IberostarUSACanada Facebook page. Breach of this condition will result in the participant’s disqualification from the contest.  Complete the IBEROSTAR TRIVIASTAR QUIZ. Only one entry per participant allowed.  Fill out the participation form, including his/her name and email.The correct answers will be posted on IBEROSTAR’s Facebook page onTuesday, 4 October 2011.6. Selection of contest winnerThe winner will be randomly selected from among the five participants withthe highest scores on the TRIVIASTAR QUIZ.In the event that more than five participants achieve the same scores, thefive received first chronologically will enter the random drawing.A participant will be disqualified if he/she submits more than one entry tothe contest.7. Announcement of contest winnersThe winner will be announced within five (5) business days of the end ofthe contest on 3 October 2011 by email to the address provided on thecontest participation form. Therefore, we recommend the use of an activeemail address that the user checks often.One winner and a list of 5 runners-up will be chosen. In the event thewinner does not claim the prize within 5 hours of the winner beingannounced, we will then select the first runner-up as winner. If the firstrunner-up does not claim the prize within five hours, the next on the list ofrunners-up will be contacted, and so on down the list. The prize willbecome the property of the winner; it will be exclusive to him/her and non-transferable.
  3. 3. 8. Description and delivery of the prize-The prize consists of a voucher for one (1) night’s stay at IberostarCozumel or at Iberostar Costa Dorada, redeemable only in conjunction witha (minimum) paid three-night stay. The voucher will be issued electronically.-All transportation costs or other expenses that may be incurred by thewinner to redeem his/her prize are not included in the prize.-The inability to redeem the prize does not grant the winner any rights toany other compensation or alternative prize. This prize may not beexchanged or redeemed for a cash equivalent.-The prize is non-transferable.-The dates on which the prize can be redeemed and reserved will, at alltimes, be subject to hotel availability, and cannot be used during black-outperiods including high season, Spring Break, Christmas or New Years. Inthe event there is no availability for the dates requested by the winner, theOrganizers will propose alternative dates so that he/she may redeem theprize.-Prizes must be redeemed within one year of the date on which thevoucher is issued.9. Waiver of responsibility for poor network functionThe Organizer shall not be held responsible for electronic communicationnetwork malfunctions that impede the normal operation of the contest forreasons outside the company’s control or for external actions in bad faith.The Organizer also shall not be held responsible for data loss or transferproblems that cannot be attributed to it.10. Imaging rightsThrough their participation, winners and participants authorize theOrganizer to reproduce, use and disseminate their first and last names andimages with which they participated on IBEROSTAR’s official Facebookpage within a maximum period of 30 days following the date on which thewinner is announced, without said activities conferring upon them the right
  4. 4. to remuneration or benefit whatsoever with the exception of the prizeearned according to these provisions.11. Personal DataAll participant personal data will be incorporated into a personal data file atVISIT US, INC., a US company marketing tourism products, with registeredaddress at 3470 NW 82nd Av. Suite 908, Doral, Florida 33166, UnitedStates of America, for the purposes of the organization and monitoring ofthe contest hereunder, as well as to issue, including by electronic means,marketing information regarding said products to said participants.Facebook is not sponsoring this contest or managing it in any way, nor is itassociated with it. Thus, all information is provided to VISIT US and not toFacebook.In accordance with the provisions of the “Spanish Ley Orgánica 15/1999,de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal” [thePersonal Data Protection Act 1999], we likewise state that participant datawill be incorporated into a file at IBEROSTAR HOTELES YAPARTAMENTOS, S.L., at the Iberostar group headquarters, withregistered address at C/ General Riera 154, 07010, Palma de Mallorca,Spain, to coordinate the contest hereunder, as well as for the incorporationof your data into the Brand Users file for the purposes of loyalty,personalized services and to issue, via electronic or phone media,personalized commercial notifications about tourism products and servicesoffered by the IBEROSTAR Group. You obligatorily grant your consent forthe Iberostar Group entities which you contact to hire or purchase servicesto access your data as brand user for the purposes of personalization ofsaid services, and also consent to the international transfer of your datawhen said entities are outside the European Economic Area.Participant data will be disseminated to the public through Facebook. Byparticipating in the contest, all participants consent to the handling andprocessing of their data as indicated above. The data requested in theregistration form is required for contest participation.In compliance with Spanish legislation, the participants may exercise theirrights to access, rectify and cancel their personal information incorporatedinto IBEROSTAR HOTELES Y APARTAMENTOS, S.L. files, as well as tooppose its processing and handling by writing to the Department ofCustomer Services at the address indicated above.
  5. 5. 12. Waiver of liabilityMembers agree to release IBEROSTAR and VISIT US, INC. and theirsponsors, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers and agents from any and allliability for injuries, losses, or damages of any kind caused directly orindirectly by participation in this contest or relating to the prize.13. Acceptance of the contest rulesBy participating in this contest, participants agree to the totality of its termsand conditions. Likewise, participation in a contest of this nature involvesthe acceptance of the regulations of Facebook, the platform through whichthe contest is held.All questions, comments or complaints regarding the offer must be sent toIBEROSTAR HOTELES Y APARTAMENTOS, S.L. and/or to VISIT US,INC., not to Facebook.