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  1. 1. NAME COMMENT VOTESPriya Malhotra Hey girl! Me and the ladies just checked in the Iberostar in Cancun and you would be soooo mad at yourself for not 116 coming! The beach is literally feet from our hotel suite! The water is TURQUOISE and CRYSTAL CLEAR! OMG its gorgeous! Theirs a hot tub in our room and a HUGE balcony to tan on. Were 15 mins away from everything..shopping, historical sites, etc. This is going to be an experience to remember! Dont beat yourself up though, maybe next time you can join us. Attached is a pic of all of us in our bikinis with the cute waiters from the tiki bar! Enjoy the snow! :PPeter Denis Hey, Fell asleep with my flippers on. These beds are so comfy. Saw amazing sea creatures right off the hotel beach. 155 If I sound fuzzy, its because Im enjoying these specialty drinks. Do you know how brown you can get here, even with the umbrellas? The water is so blue. Like your eyes, which made me think of writing you. Need to jacuzz before I go dancing, gotta limber up. Maybe next year youll make it. Im having the greatest time at this Iberostar resort I dont want to go home. Everything is muy Perfecto! Night, off to walk the beach at midnight. Think of me while youre at the computer. Sincerely, PeterKate Hochstein Rivas No Boss, I am not at my desk. I am sitting in the lap of luxury at Iberostrar Cancun. No boss, I put the spreadsheets 170 on the back burner - I am on the front burner in the incredible sun by the beautiful beach. Meeting - sorry, I missed it I had an appointment at the swim up bar. Face time - none this week. After hours will be resting and relaxing before dinner and dancing. No boss, I wont be meeting with the Brand Team - I have a meeting scheduled for the spa. This week I am in Paradise at the Iberostar Cancun. Next week, I will be back to work and reality.Cindy Weiss To all my Friends ? ?magine a lifetime dream vacation perfect from ?eginning ? to the end so much more than we 308 could have ?ver imagined , from the first moment everything has been perfect ?eally pictures cannot do justice to ?ur iberostar experience and words do not exist to describe ?imply this hotel makes you feel like you traveled to fantasy island ? ?he beaches are stunning.They have beautiful sparkling seas and rolling golden sands ?ttractive interesting, magnificent, tempting, entrancing, the best is that this is a ?eal place Arrrrrrriba mexico and Iberostar ! because im having the best vacation of my life ? From ? Cancun Mexico with love ????? ? Cindy ? xoxoxJennifer King OMG you wont beleive it. I won a great trip to one of Iberostar all inclusive resorts. Will be sending postcards and 132 picking up souvenirs. I just had this little fruity frozen cocktail and it made me think of you.Wish you were here...Deborah Kirchhof I feel like I have stumbled into another world. This is such a mystical place. The beauty of this resort entices me and 86 invites me to stay, the rich culture leaves me breathless, wanting more. I realize this is not a dream but Iberostar. Wish you were here.Lee-Ann Jeffrey Dear everyone who now wishes they were me. The weather is beautiful here are Iberostar - the beaches are 81 spectacular, the food and drinks delicious, and the people phenomenal! This is exactly my ideal holiday - pampered and surrounded by beauty! I think I may have a very tough time coming home....but, after thinking about it, why dont you all just join me and you can experience this utopia for yourself!Krista Kruger Fogelsong I wish you all were here with me! Im soaking up the sun and enjoying the beach and pool at Iberostar. I love all- 73 inclusive because it takes the stress out of my vacation! Plus Iberostars food is the best! Gotta go and hit the buffet again!Stephen Kinnear Hey Tiger...best golf ever here at Iberostar Praia do Forte.. get in that plane of yours and meet me Wednesday.. and 70 if you get tired of me winning, we can hit the beach and watch the turtles, ha, ha ..you wont be slummin it - 5 Star all the way!Patricia George hey guys, staying here tring to hit as many Iberostar Hotels as I can , as now I have this unlimited Visa card to use 79 for expenses, The food is great, the drinks icy cold, the view is incredible from my penthouse suite, its really amazing, grab one of my other jets and come for dinner tomorrow, pack light, its hot and sunny!!