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Tweets, retweets, favourited tweets, followers, follow-backs... Twitter provides so much information, sometimes it's complicated to extract conclusions. We have reduced all this welter to five ...

Tweets, retweets, favourited tweets, followers, follow-backs... Twitter provides so much information, sometimes it's complicated to extract conclusions. We have reduced all this welter to five variables. EDM brands can adjust their level of activity, collaboration and interaction. As a reward, they obtain impact and authority. That's all! We have applied this methodology to analyze how the World's Top venues use Twitter to stand out in the new global conversational marketplace.



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The world's top nightclubs & Twitter The world's top nightclubs & Twitter Document Transcript

  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM INTRODUCTION ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC HAS BECOME BIG GLOBALLY THROUGH CONVERSATIONS AMONG FANS, PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION, NARRATION OF LIVE EVENTS... TWITTER IS ALL THAT. e are not saying anything new if we state that the Internet and social media has changed the music business for good. For some genres it’s been their downfall. They failed to adapt to the new system and made the mistake of fighting against the new digital culture rather than working together with it. Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has taken the opposite path. It was a genre for minorities in the 80’s and 90’s and now it’s turned into a global phenomenon. EDM hasn’t followed this path with the help of the major record labels, or the media, or the industry’s traditional powers. EDM has become huge relying on social media. W In the same vein of our previous research, WORLD’S TOP 100 NIGHTCLUBS & SOCIAL MEDIA, we have carried out an enormous analytical effort to delve into the heart of electronic music and the core of social media. This time, we have focused on Twitter. Why this platform and not some other? What does Twitter have to deserve a monographic research? Twitter is music. Music is Twitter. Let’s have a quick look at some figures. This network was created in California in 2006 and it already has 500 million registered users. Among them 220 million are active users. 50% of users follow at least one musician. 90% of the Billboard Hot 100 artists are on Twitter. The 5 most followed accounts of the platform are all musicians. The top 5 global trends last year were all music-related. Electronic music is the fastest growing genre. The hashtag #EDM is used an average of 5,000 times per day. We could continue to provide figures, but surely you’ve already got it. Twitter is music. Music is Twitter. There is something unique in this network which attracts music lovers. There are many reasons for that. It’s versatile, it’s userfriendly, stars and celebrities are easy to access to and it has always fitted smoothly to any type of device, whether it’s a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone. Whatever the reason, the point is that on Twitter you can feel the heart of electronic music beat. Also on Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud, but there’s a special bond between music and the bluebird’s network. The audience comes to Twitter to express brief, powerful ideas. There’s no room for running one’s mouth. It’s a perfect space for people to share their suggestions and recommended bits of music, for reviewing products and services, and for spreading content on communities united by a common interest. It’s also an ideal platform for narrating live experiences, from concerts to movies. You don’t find your friends on Twitter. You find strangers who might live on the other side of the world, but who are linked to you by a shared passion. This is how EDM has grown so popular. Imagine the power of thousands of fans building communities, posting tweets, retweeting, #FollowFridaying... Through these frontierless habits of the Twitter culture the music genre ended up reaching millions, till today. DJMag’s Top 100 Clubs, starting point to this study The British DJMag’s ranking, which is published at the beginning of each year, is considered the bible for clubs worldwide. In this study we will analyse how clubs with at least 10,000 Twitter followers manage their presence on this platform. They are 39 overall, including 20 from Europe and 19 from the American continent. 02 Twitter is a global conversational marketplace which records 340 million tweets a day. Each of them tries to buy or sell something: products, services, ideas, information, emotion, companionship ... EDM promoters must learn the rules of this new world and join it on equal terms with the rest of users. The future is written in 140 characters.
  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM OUR METHODOLOGY ANYONE CAN COMPLICATE THE UNCOMPLICATED. WHAT IS COMPLICATED IS TO UNCOMPLICATE THE COMPLICATED. 1 TWEETS, RETWEETS, FAVOURITED TWEETS, MENTIONS, REPLIES, FOLLOWS, FOLLOW-BACKS... Twitter offers never-ending possibilities to analyse accounts performance. However, ir provides so much information, sometimes it's complicated to extract clear conclusions. We have reduced all this welter to five variables... 2 EDM BRANDS CAN ADJUST THEIR LEVELS OF... ACTIVITY 3 COLLABORATION INTERACTION (number of tweets per day) (retweet ratio) (reply ratio) ACCORDING TO THAT, THEY OBTAIN CERTAIN LEVELS OF... IMPACT (number of followers) AUTHORITY (ratio of retweeted tweets) 4 AND THAT’S ALL! LET’S FORGET ABOUT THE REST AND MOVE ON! 03
  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM A GLANCE AT EUROPE WHAT CLUBS ARE GROWING MORE RAPIDLY IN THE OLD CONTINENT? 17% 13% Trouw Amsterdam, 35 Ministry Of Sound London, 7 19% The Arches Glasgow, 90 16% Fabric London, 4 5% 21% The Warehouse Project Manchester, 19 Tresor Berlin, 85 9% Melkweg Amsterdam, 97 Berghain/Panorama Bar Berlin, 18 8% Fabrik Madrid, 9 12% Sankeys Ibiza Ibiza, 80 34% Privilege Ibiza, 17 16% DC10 Ibiza, 14 14% Guaba Beach Bar Limassol, 15 17% Amnesia Ibiza, 10 Papaya Peg, 25 18% Space Ibiza Ibiza, 2 Cocorico Rimini, 27 18% Ushuaïa Beach Hotel Ibiza, 28 BCM Mallorca, 6 Pacha Ibiza, 3 23% 10% 5% 0% LEGEND: COUNTRY 11% Venue name Location, # DJMag X% Increase of Twitter followers in Summer 2013 (*) Methodological note: The growth of Twitter followers has been calculated by analysing the period between July 1 and September 30, 2013. 04
  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM A LOOK ON AMERICA HOW ARE THE CLUBS’ FAN COMMUNITIES EVOLVING AT THIS SIDE OF THE OCEAN? 7% Beta Nightclub Denver, 81 7% Avalon Los Angeles, 49 5% The Exchange Los Angeles, 60 Guvernment Toronto, 22 Spybar Chicago, 82 7% 5% LIV Miami, 70 3% D-Edge Sao Paulo, 32 0% Anzu Club Sao Paulo, 23 0% Warung Beach Club Camboriu, 16 7% Green Valley Camboriu, 1 Tao Beach Club/Nightclub Las Vegas, 58 10% Mansion Miami, 47 5% Set Miami, 83 Marquee Dayclub & Nightclub Las Vegas, 11 6% Club Space Miami, 46 6% Pacha NYC New York, 26 XS Las Vegas, 45 15% 4% Surrender/Encore Beach Las Vegas, 34 6% 10% Cielo New York, 79 11% 6% LEGEND: COUNTRY Venue name Location, # DJMag X% Increase of Twitter followers in Summer 2013 (*) Methodological note: The growth of Twitter followers has been calculated by analyzing the period between July 1 and September 30, 2013. 05
  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM ACTIVITY WHAT CLUBS ARE MORE ACTIVE? 16 MORE ACTIVE 60% 23,000 14% 80,000 64% Pacha NYC New York, 26 16 Avalon LA, 49 15 88,000 Surrender/Encore Las Vegas, 34 59% 28,000 57% 6 Green Valley Camboriu, 1 LIV Miami, 70 5 Spybar Chicago, 82 4 15 Ushuaïa Ibiza, 28 XS Las Vegas, 45 6 83,000 19 Ministry Of Sound London, 7 Mansion Miami, 47 139 Amnesia Ibiza, 10 Guvernment Toronto, 22 6 39,000 62% 8 8 16K 57% Fabrik Madrid, 9 10 Fabric London, 4 8 The Warehouse P, 40% 72,000 77% 400,000 45% 78,000 62% 9 The Arches Glasgow, 90 49,000 8 Manchester, 19 Trouw 86,000 46% 16K 35% 86,000 41% 22,000 40% 15K 36% 10K 56% 22,000 75% 87,000 71% 84,000 71% 13K 56% LESS ACTIVE 13K 43% 15K 67% Space Ibiza Ibiza, 2 4 D-Edge Sao Paulo, 32 Sankeys Ibiza Ibiza, 80 3 4 The Exchange LA, 60 Papaya Peg, 25 2 4 Beta Nightclub Denver, 81 Guaba Beach Bar Limassol, 15 2 10K 4 Set Miami, 83 Amsterdam, 97 Melkweg 2 22,000 4 Club Space Miami, 46 BCM Mallorca, 6 2 Marquee Las Vegas, 11 Pacha Ibiza, 3 1 Tao Beach Club Las Vegas, 58 Privilege Ibiza, 17 1 3 Anzu Club Sao Paulo, 23 Cocorico Rimini, 27 1 11K 2 Cielo New York, 79 Tresor Berlin, 85 1 11K 1 Warung Camboriu, 16 Berghain/Panorama Berlin, 18 0,1 DC10 Ibiza, 14 15K 36% 6 3 10K 40% Amsterdam, 35 4 59,000 80% 0,1 LEGEND: COUNTRY Venue name Location, # DJMag DEGREE OF ACTIVITY FOLLOWERS AUTHORITY 06 11K 26% 75,000 70% 15K 28% 19K 22% 23% 46% 13K 19% 124,000 67% 39,000 COUNTRY 37% 29% 35% 18K 67% 29,000 80%
  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM COLLABORATION WHAT CLUBS COLLABORATE MOST WITH THEIR FOLLOWERS? 23,000 58% Avalon LA, 49 36% The Warehouse P, 86,000 MORE COLLABORATIVE 39,000 62% 80,000 64% 13K 56% 28,000 57% 15K 67% 22,000 40% 59,000 80% 13K 43% 10K 56% 15K LESS COLLABORATIVE 36% 87,000 71% 84,000 71% 22,000 75% Amsterdam, 35 Trouw 44% 11K 35% Spybar Chicago, 82 BCM Mallorca, 6 40% 13K XS Las Vegas, 45 Fabric London, 4 40% 26% Guvernment Toronto, 22 Berghain/Panorama Berlin, 18 33% Mansion Miami, 47 Ministry Of Sound London, 7 26% Surrender/Encore Las Vegas, 34 Privilege Ibiza, 17 25% 20% Anzu Club Sao Paulo, 23 Amsterdam, 97 Melkweg 24% 19% Green Valley Camboriu, 1 Ushuaïa Ibiza, 28 20% 19% Warung Camboriu, 16 Fabrik Madrid, 9 14% 16% The Exchange LA, 60 Pacha Ibiza, 3 14% LIV Miami, 70 Space Ibiza Ibiza, 2 13% 11% Cielo New York, 79 Papaya Peg, 25 12% 19K 11% Set Miami, 83 The Arches Glasgow, 90 7% 16K 11% D-Edge Sao Paulo, 32 Cocorico Rimini, 27 6% 11K Marquee Las Vegas, 11 Guaba Beach Bar Limassol, 15 5% 10K Tao Beach Club Las Vegas, 58 Amnesia Ibiza, 10 1% 4% Club Space Miami, 46 DC10 Ibiza, 14 1% Tresor Berlin, 85 16K 57% Pacha NYC New York, 26 6% 59% 15K 8% 83,000 50% 14% 10K 40% Sankeys Ibiza Ibiza, 80 20% 60% Beta Nightclub Denver, 81 23% 88,000 57% 33% 15K 36% Manchester, 19 35% 14% 0% LEGEND: COUNTRY Venue name Location, # DJMag DEGREE OF COLLABORATION FOLLOWERS AUTHORITY 07 41% 28% 26% 19% 86,000 46% 18K 67% 400,000 45% 39,000 37% 22,000 46% 78,000 62% 49,000 40% 124,000 67% 75,000 70% 22% 35% 29% 23% 72,000 77% 29,000 80% 11K 35%
  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM INTERACTION WHAT CLUBS INTERACT MOST WITH THEIR FANS? Marquee Las Vegas, 11 BCM Mallorca, 6 47% 23% Anzu Club Sao Paulo, 23 Ministry Of Sound London, 7 44% 19% Beta Nightclub Denver, 81 The Arches Glasgow, 90 34% Tao Beach Club Las Vegas, 58 Ushuaïa Ibiza, 28 14% Surrender/Encore Las Vegas, 34 Privilege Ibiza, 17 12% 13% The Exchange LA, 60 Amsterdam, 97 Melkweg 12% 13% XS Las Vegas, 45 Fabric London, 4 10% 8% Green Valley Camboriu, 1 Pacha Ibiza, 3 10% 7% LIV Miami, 70 Sankeys Ibiza Ibiza, 80 9% 15K 7% Spybar Chicago, 82 Amsterdam, 35 Trouw 9% 11K 6% D-Edge Sao Paulo, 32 Amnesia Ibiza, 10 9% 6% Guvernment Toronto, 22 Papaya Peg, 25 6% 6% Mansion Miami, 47 Cocorico Rimini, 27 5% 11K 4% Pacha NYC New York, 26 Guaba Beach Bar Limassol, 15 4% 10K 3% Warung Camboriu, 16 DC10 Ibiza, 14 4% 3% Cielo New York, 79 Space Ibiza Ibiza, 2 3% 3% Club Space Miami, 46 Berghain/Panorama Berlin, 18 2% 2% Set Miami, 83 The Warehouse P, Manchester, 19 1% Tresor Berlin, 85 MORE INTERACTIVE 75% 15% 87,000 71% 13K 56% 15K 36% 84,000 71% 80,000 64% 22,000 40% 83,000 59% 28,000 57% 59,000 80% 10K 40% 15K 36% 16K 57% 39,000 62% 88,000 60% 15K 67% 13K 43% LESS INTERACTIVE Fabrik Madrid, 9 15% 14% 22,000 75% 10K 56% 0% 26% Avalon LA, 49 25% 23,000 LEGEND: COUNTRY Venue name Location, # DJMag DEGREE OF INTERACTION FOLLOWERS AUTHORITY 08 49,000 40% 13K 19% 400,000 45% 16K 35% 78,000 62% 39,000 37% 22,000 46% 86,000 46% 124,000 67% 28% 26% 72,000 77% 19K 22% 29% 23% 29,000 80% 75,000 70% 18K 67% 86,000 41% 11K 35%
  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM SYNERGIES HOW DO CLUBS BENEFIT FROM THE COOPERATION WITH THEIR MOST OUTSTANDING DJs? 203,000 Ministry Of Sound London, 7 84K The Warehouse P, Manchester, 19 17K Ushuaïa Ibiza, 28 Pacha Ibiza, 3 MARKUS SCHULZ 14K 14K 155,000 121,000 MICHAEL WOODS 135,000 30K THOMAS GOLD OLLY JONES DJ HEIDI 1M 320,000 320,000 120,000 12K 290,000 165,000 176,000 78,000 CARL COX ROGER SANCHEZ SVEN VÄTH MARCO CAROLA 1M Surrender/Encore Las Vegas, 34 8K Privilege Ibiza, 17 7K Pacha NYC New York, 26 6K XS Las Vegas, 45 886,000 840,000 Tao Beach Club Las Vegas, 58 AFROJACK 886,000 STEVE AGNELLO 886,000 305,000 STEVE AGNELLO R3HAB GARETH EMERY 1,05M 6K 627,000 512,000 252,000 DIPLO AFROJACK 1M 5K 62,000 ARMIN VAN BUUREN DASH BERLIN 282,000 5K AVICII STEVE AGNELLO 1,03M 262,000 840,000 Marquee Las Vegas, 11 DAVID GUETTA GUY GERBER 13K Amnesia Ibiza, 10 DJ CHUKIE LOCO DICE 12,7M 51K Space Ibiza Ibiza, 2 AVICII PETE TONG AVICII BENNY BENASSI KASKADE ERICK MORILLO DJ VICE (*) Methodological notes: LEGEND: 1. Only DJs with the highest degree of cooperation (retweets, mentions and replies) with each venue are listed. 2. Only clubs with the highest amount of new Twitter followers gained between July 1 and September 30, 2013 are displayed. COUNTRY 09 Venue name Location, # DJMag new Twitter followers in Summer 2013 DJ’s FOLLOWERS DJ NAME DJ’s FOLLOWERS DJ NAME DJ’s FOLLOWERS DJ NAME
  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM CONCLUSIONS AND AFTER ALL THESE DATA, WHAT NOW? DOES A HIGH DEGREE OF ACTIVITY GUARANTEE IMPACT AND AUTHORITY? DO HIGH COLLABORATION AND INTERACTION ALWAYS LEAD TO SUCCESS? Rest assured that tens of B rate much and don’t inter- A thousands of people haven’t decided to follow you on Twitter to see you stay quiet. If you’re too shy to talk, you’ll disappoint your community. Every night there are thousands of stories going on at any club. Why not select two or three and tell them? Now, does a high tweeting frequency always lead to success? Not really. It depends on dozens of additional factors: the quality of your events, the reputation of your brand, the interest of the stories you tell... Anyway, you must tweet often. On Twitter, you are worth the conversations you are able to ignite and there’s no conversation if you stay muted. Some clubs don’t collabo- act a lot with users, and yet their numbers are skyrocketing. How is that possible? Keep in mind that many of those are wellestablished brands with several decades of experience behind them. Collaborating and interacting on Twitter is a must. Twitter communication is bidirectional. Giving is just as important as receiving. You should be aware that no matter how big your brand is, on Twitter you aren’t more important than the last of your followers. You have to approach them as peers, help them spread their content, answer their questions, fulfill their needs... WHAT IS THE DEFINITIVE FORMULA FOR A HIGH IMPACT AND AUTHORITY? There is no magic formu- C la. Twitter is a tool for connecting people. The same rule doesn’t have the same effect on different people. Think of two children raised in the same family, in the same environment... The first becomes an aggressive stock agent while the second becomes... a DJ! It happens in life and it does on social media. Much more important than trying to achieve the big numbers is deciding how you want your brand to be on Twitter. Do you wanna use humour? Wanna be provocative? Wanna share music or videos? Whatever... Just find a style you feel comfortable with. Success will follow you. WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO CREATE SYNERGIES WITH DJs? IS TWITTER USED DIFFERENTLY IN EUROPE AND IN AMERICA? The disc jockeys are the human face and the There’s no doubt about it. Twitter is much E creative genius of electronic music. They attain D more integrated into the Americans’ social- more social audience than clubs and festivals. This fact must be regarded as an opportunity for venues. Clubs can gain many thousands of fans if they know how to take advantage of this moment of global enthusiasm for the genre. They have to create spaces for cooperation with the stars. How? With retweets, mentions, direct conversation, content sharing, joint initiatives.... When a world-class DJ visits your night club, it is not just a chance to make money. It’s also an opportunity to transfer a portion of his digital success to your venue. digital habits. In Europe there’s an obvious gap between some clubs that are truly committed to this platform and others who have a token presence. When it comes to the recent increase of the volume of followers, displayed on previous pages, the growth is remarkably sharper in the Old Continent. Why? We must take into account that the analysed period goes from July 1 to September 30, 2013. This time of the year is high season in Europe (summer), whereas offseason in the USA (torrid summer in Miami and Las Vegas) and Brazil (winter). 10
  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM A COUPLE OF TIPS... BEFORE EVEN PRESSING THE FIRST KEY, LEARN THE ESSENTIALS #goal #investment Make no mistake. Getting a million followers is not your goal; it is just a means for achieving your goal. If you’re not 100% persuaded of this, you will probably get a huge community of followers, but you won’t know what to do with it. If you thought Twitter was free of charge, welcome to reality. Handling communities of several tens of thousands users will require you to spend some money on human resources, software, web development, professional photography and video production... 340 million tweets per day #competition The world is not waiting for you to launch your tweet. Your message will be displayed between the result of a tennis match and an NGO call to save the oceans. This is your market. Think how to attract attention in the middle of so much noise. #control If you think you have the control over your Twitter community, think it over. PUT YOUR USERS FIRST: GIVE THEM VOICE, LISTEN AND LEARN FROM THEM #buyandsell Twitter is a global market based on conversation. Everyone comes to it to buy or sell something: friendship, relations, information, inspiration ... If you want to sell something, you need to buy something too. That’s how it works. #participation #prescription #cooperation Welcome to the era of conversational markets. Your customers won’t buy you just because your product is good. They will buy from you if you have allowed them to participate in its development. Your job is not to tame your followers. Instead, your job is to empower them. Inspire them and offer them tools so that they will become your ambassadors. They will make you great. Get to know your core audience. Know them by their names. Find out who they are and what they do. If they are bloggers, journalists, musicians ... Give each one of them what they need. #relevance #visibility #listen Make sure that the users’ engagement has offline effects. Your most loyal followers should feel special when they visit your nightclub: discounts, queuing, free drinks... Give visibility to your most loyal followers. Name them, retweet them and put them in the spotlight. Your reward will make them even more loyal. Your audience will tell you everything you need to know, from what DJs you should hire or how to improve the gin-tonics you serve. Listen and note down everything they say. 11
  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM A COUPLE OF TIPS... #language #context Think about how you will speak on Twitter. You have three options: as a brand, through one or more community managers who reveal their actual names or making up a fictional character to humanize the brand’s voice... Mr. Party, for example. EDM is a global genre. You should speak your national language and also English. Therefore, you need to decide how to resolve the issue of bilingualism: different Twitter accounts by language, bilingual speaking or opting for the common code, English. Despite several attempts, Twitter hasn’t devised yet the right interface to clearly display conversations. So when you answer a follower, make sure you mention the question or the previous phrase so that everyone will understand. Reading @user A lot! is a bummer. Better off: @user Whether we like Moby's latest album? A lot! #comprehension #humour Don’t post on Twitter the same things you post on Facebook. The platform is different, the way of reading it is different. It just doesn’t work. BE AWARE OF THE LIMITATIONS OF TECHNOLOGY #voice #channels SHAPE YOUR MESSAGES IN THE RIGHT MANNER Write readable tweets. Nobody will understand a thing if you post three hashtags, four mentions and a link altogether. Use short sentences, but long enough to say something. Crack jokes, be ironic, use sarcasm, laugh.... On Twitter, this is like the Bible. #platforms #connection Don’t keep sharing links pointing to your Facebook account. The switch from Twitter to Facebook doesn’t run smoothly on mobile phones. You'd better offer a link to a blog or a website developed with responsive design. Roaming rates may discourage your international customers from sharing their opinions and the photos taken at your club. To settle this, offer free wifi. If the idea of 5,000 people downloading their email and consuming all your bandwidth makes you freak out, there’s a solution. Limit the wifi access to a few social platforms. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, for example. #mobile If you are in doubt about how to shape a message, imagine the recipient will read it on a smartphone. That will help you decide. If it’s good for mobile, it’s good enough for desktop and tablet. #links When you post a link, mention what type of content it directs to. People like to know where they are going. Tell them if it’s video, audio, photo or plain text. 12
  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM A COUPLE OF TIPS... GIVE YOUR BEST AT LIVE EVENTS #live #emotion #expectation Tweetcast your live events. It’s a simple tip, but it’s also an essential one. After all, the heart of electronic music lies there, on the live shows. If you do it well, you can skyrocket your audience. This is the all-or-nothing moment for you. Make sure you reflect on Twitter all the magic, excitement and fun of your show. Come up with the most inspiring words you know. Narrate what you see by using your heart. Use photos and high quality videos. Plan your strategy properly. You must create expectation before the day of the event, but make sure you don’t let everyone down in the end. If you lack the necessary resources to do it well, don’t raise too many expectations. #quality #incentive Deliver top quality photos taken with a professional set. The built-in phone camera doesn’t have superpowers. It’s not suitable for taking night pictures. Stimulate the user-generated content —mostly photos, the easiest item to be shared during a party. Ignite participation through questions, calls to action, draws... HANDLE CRISIS SITUATIONS CORRECTLY #criticism #balance #attacks Start by accepting that you’re never going to be liked by everybody. If you admit that criticism will come sooner or later, you will handle it more naturally when it does. Find the balance. Don’t be a prisoner of criticism but don’t ignore it either. Learn from those who are constructive, ignore those who aren’t. If you own a successful brand, you’ll get unfair attacks and you’ll have to suffer the trolls’ hassle. Smile! If you weren’t hated by anybody, that would mean you are a nobody. #freedom #facts #naturality You don’t need to have the last word in your online discussions with users who criticize you. Sometimes they just want to express themselves and it’s legitimate they do so. When you go through a reputation crisis or false rumors arise, just apply the universal principle: keep calm and remember the facts. Talk and let others talk about your competitor venues and other DJs, even if you get compared unfavourably. Don’t kid yourself. Your clients go there too. Acting naturally towards other brands shows you are selfconfident. 13
  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM BUILD AN ACTIVE, ENTHUSIASTIC COMMUNITY #audience Don’t become obsessed with becoming a top trend. Getting there might get you some credit in front of others, but nothing else. Settling yourself in the mainstream implies boring your core audience. And for what? For reaching a crowd that will forget about you in five minutes, as soon as the next trend shows up. creators inactives joiners conversationalists spectators COLLECTORS Profiles by: A COUPLE OF TIPS... critics #profiles Not all fans are equal, or use Twitter the same way. Give each user profile a little of what they want. #energy #attention Constatntly boost energy into your community. Use humour, make questions, set up competitions, call to action. Encourage participation and photo sharing, promote picking the mixes of the week... Be methodical. Write down the identity and the frequency of those who retweet, reply, mention or mark you as favourite. In a month’s time, you will have a comprehensive map of your prescribers. Make Twitter an effective customer support channel. It’s inexpensive and will add value to your account. The community manager should be closely linked to the club and get to know it in depth. #noise #usefulness #fraud Be active, but do not invade your followers’ timeline with hundreds of replies. It feels as bad as spam. If you have to answer 100 users, send direct messages. ATTRACT TALENT TO YOUR BRAND #method Don’t schedule an automatic feed that tweets your web news and then forget about it. You’ll gain a few fans, but you'll be creating a useless community. Don’t buy followers. Today, some sites offer up to 5,000 followers for 10 dollars. If you do, you may get some credit in front of your boss in the short term, but it will be useless otherwise. #stars #dialogue #opportunities Cooperate with your best DJs. They’re the real stars of EDM. Retweet them and make sure they retweet you. Mention them and let them mention you. Do not improvise. Reach an agreement with them and devise a joint digital action plan. Organize Twitter interviews with your star DJs. Then turn them into a sequence with Storify and publish them on your website or blog. You'll be shocked by the amount of traffic you’ll get. Give opportunities to young talents who deserve a chance. Remember that you are an opinion leader. You should make a generous use of this status. 14
  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM A COUPLE OF TIPS... #focus #conversation #favours If what you have to say is important, say it several times and at different times of the day to reach users with different habits or located in different time zones. But put it differently each time. Provide new details and a different approach in each repetition. Use open hashtags which allow you to be part of broader ongoing conversations. Don’t get obsessed with imposing your own hashtag. Rather than isolating your posts, it is preferable that you should join ongoing conversations by adding up some value to them. Do not hesitate to ask for favours on Twitter. If you have a problem with your sound system and you need to open an hour later, tweet it and ask your followers to spread the word. #ambassadors 71% of tweets don’t obtain any reaction Seek the cooperation of your employees to be your brand’s ambassadors. The more you are, the more people you’ll reach. Source: Sysomos AMPLIFY THE REACH OF YOUR MESSAGES 71% #words On Twitter 1,600 million searches are submitted every day. Imagine how important it is to use the right keywords. 6% 6% are retweeted 92% During the first hour #action Make your Twitter identity visible at your club alongside with calls to action: Tweet what you see! 23% One answer 85% 23% obtain an answer 1,5% Three answers 11% Two answers #improve Take these stats into account. If you improve these ratios, congrats! You’re above the average! 15
  • WORLD’S TOP NIGHTCLUBS & TWITTER HOW THE LEADING EDM VENUES MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE MOST VERSATILE SOCIAL PLATFORM A COUPLE OF TIPS... BOOST YOUR PERFORMANCE WITH THE SUITABLE TOOLS #hootsuite #socialbro #socialmention To dashboard your way through social media at full speed. To find out what time is best to tweet based on your followers’ habits. To track mentions of your brand, your competitors and your activity on Twitter and other social networks. #twitonomy #trendsmap #storify To get a valuable radiography of your main activity indicators on Twitter. To find out what topics of conversation are the hottest by geographical areas. To create fun stories from Twitter conversations and display them on your website or blog. #ifttt #klout To automatically bounce on Twitter the photos you post on Instagram, among many other features. To analize how well your hashtags orthose of your competitors perform out there. To rank yourself according to your online social influence, based on a mathematical algorithm. Trust this method but no more than your own instinct. Is there anything missing? How can we improve? To display on your club's or event's screens what your fans are saying on Twitter and also to show your Facebook photos and YouTube videos. This study is a work in progress. We have collected a fair amount of tips, but we surely have left many good ideas unmentioned. Do you want to submit yours? Contact us! INFO@WOOMEDIA.ES 16
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