How to become big in Ibiza's music scene


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After an amazing conference in Ibiza, Woo Media has summarized what seemed to us the most interesting ideas that came up at the International Music Summit (IMS) 2013 -related to our agency's activity: public relations, digital communication and social media. We have added a few ideas of our own and this brief report is the result of that effort: 33 tips for DJs, promoters and other electronic music entrepreneurs to become big in Ibiza.

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How to become big in Ibiza's music scene

  2. 2. STAY PRODUCT- FOCUSED. Relationships and social media are essential nowadays, but they will not get you up there unless you have a solid foundation: your product DELIVER YOUR PRODUCT with the highest standards of quality TAKE CARE OF EVERY LITTLE DETAIL at your live events. All your talent and your efforts can be ruined by an endless queue to get a drink, or by no toilet paper in the restrooms WE LIVE IN THE SOCIETY OF IMAGE. Thus wrap your work with beauty and design -whether it is a CD cover, your website or a promo- tional poster YOUR MUSIC IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR STORY. Everyone's got something to tell that might inspire others. If you think you don't, think it again. Something will come up. Now just find the way of telling it in an attractive manner REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT MARKETING JUST YOUR MUSIC. You are also marketing your personali- ty, your uniqueness in the world. Ask yourself a question: Would you be a fan of yourself? YOUR BUSINESS IS NOT ABOUT SELLING CDs or downloadable tracks on iTunes. Your business is about selling an experien- ce -a promise of fun and excitement DON’T BOTHER TO LABEL YOUR MUSIC STYLE, or to classify yourself un- der a subgenre. If it is im- portant, your audience will do that for you. Just focus on making them dance DON’T BE MEAN. Invest on quality assets -whether they are technical equip- ment or professional advi- sory DO NOT PUT BARRIERS TO YOUR CREATIVITY. Do not be afraid of bizarre or unconventional outcome. If you're up for mixing beats and beans, trust yourself. Electronic music is the land of the bizarre, the home of the uncon- ventional HAVE FUN. This is the entertainment industry. If you are faking you are happy or if the only thing you think of is money or fame, it is going to be no- ticed and you will be out of the game PRODUCTPRODUCTPRODUCTPRODUCT“ANYTHING THAT CAN BE OFFERED TO A MARKET THAT MIGHT SATISFY A WANT OR NEED” 1 2 3 4 7 6 5 8 9 10 11 —— WIKIPEDIA
  3. 3. AS HUGE A TALENT AS YOU MIGHT BE, STAY HUMBLE. Early success is like bad wine. Do not let it to go up to your head, or else... GO OUT CLUBBING, see what’s on, compare. Meet interesting people LET MAGAZINES, NEWSPAPERS AND OTHER OLD-FASHIONED PRINTED MEDIA know about your activity. Perhaps one day they will die to its digital competitors, but now and here they are still big ATTEND THE INDUSTRY'S EVENTS. Take it as a piece of work. Ask questions to panels, enga- ge in conversations, distribute business cards, flyers and music samples GET TO KNOW IBIZA WELL. Remember that half of everything happens during the day. Discover the trendy restaurants, terraces and calas. You can't get caught in a con- versation without knowing what Atzaró, Sluiz or Bar Costa are DO NOT GET OBSESSED WITH MEETING THE BIG NAMES of the local indus- try. These guys are sick of shaking hands and getting mail. Instead, find a way to make them eager to meet you GIVE SOMETHING BACK TO IBIZA. Get invol- ved in charitative or envi- ronmental programmes. There are plenty and they need the visibility you can provide them with BE AS MULTILINGUAL AS POSSIBLE. English is obviously a global pass- port inside and outside the industry, but consider learning some Spanish, German, French or Italian too. Too much work? Just think about how many international markets that would give you access to IF YOU HAVE EVER EXPECTED TO BE HELPED BY THE BIG NAMES or still even do, you know how it feels. Be generous and support young talents whenever you can THOUGHT THE RADIO WAS DEAD? Far from it! Establish cooperative rela- tions with Ibiza's two ma- jor dance music stations: Ibiza Sonica and Ibiza Global Radio SPEND SOME MONEY ON A PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNER. He knows the business best and so you will be able to focus on your music RELATIONSRELATIONSRELATIONSRELATIONS“ASSOCIATIONS BETWEEN PEOPLE THAT MAY BE BASED ON INFERENCE, LOVE, SOLIDARITY, BUSINESS OR SOME OTHER TYPE OF SOCIAL COMMITMENT” 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 —— WIKIPEDIA
  4. 4. DO NOT DIMINISH THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR WEBSITE. It's the head- quarters of all your digital strategy. Fill it with attrac- tive content and keep it updated at all times OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE FOR MOBILE DEVICES. 23% of all traffic comes from them and this figure is growing by over 50% every year OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE FOR GOOGLE. It is simpler than you probably have heard. The essentials are: keep your site text- based, ensure keyword- density and get incoming links BE AUTHENTIC ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Do not annoy your fans by bom- bing them day-and-night with advertising and event announcements. Listen to them, speak to them, en- tertain them, cooperate with them CREATE HIGH-QUALITY, ENTERTAINING, USEFUL CONTENT. Tell your fans what you like, what you don’t, show them your home, introduce them to your family, reveal your passions, dreams and hobbies... Encourage your core fanbase to engage with you PARTICIPATE IN ONGOING TWITTER CONVERSATIONS, in live streaming of events and in public debates by contri- buting with smart ideas. You’ll gain attention, fo- llowers and authority FOCUS ON VIDEO PRODUCTION and develop an own Youtube channel with frequent updates. Produce nice aftermovies of your live shows. Remember that video enables you to turn your art into a repeatable, portable and more emo- tional experience GET TO KNOW SOUNDCLOUD WELL. This music-oriented social net- work offers a lot of featu- res and engagement possi- bilities. It is big now and will be even bigger in the future IDENTIFY YOUR MOST ACTIVE AND LOYAL FANS. Reward them and give them visibility LOCATE THE MOST RELEVANT INFLUENCERS and focus on keeping them integrated and amu- sed. You will not make your fanbase grow, they will SOME BLOGGERS ARE AS INFLUENTIAL AS TV ANCHORS ONCE WERE. Find them and develop a specific strategy to take care of them. Don't treat them as journalists. Most of them might not even be willing to receive your press releases. Give them exclusive content and added value instead SOCIALSOCIALSOCIALSOCIAL MEDIAMEDIAMEDIAMEDIA“INTERACTIONS AMONG PEOPLE IN WHICH THEY CREATE, SHARE, AND EXCHANGE INFORMATION AND IDEAS IN VIRTUAL COMMUNITIES” 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 6 —— WIKIPEDIA
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