20 year marketing plan by yani santiago

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  • 1. OLYMPICS GAMES 20 Year Personal Marketing Plan Long-Distance Yani Santiago December 2010
    • Workout ( Vision/ Mission )
    • Swimming Strokes ( Roles )
    • Specialized Stroke ( Brand )
    • Trainer’s Tips ( 7 Steps of Becoming a Business Unit Leader )
    • Warm Up ( 1 Minute Millionaire )
    • Developments ( Monitors )
    • Heat ( 20 years from NOW )
    • Trophy ( Checkpoints )
  • 3. Workout: VISION
    • I am a woman with LONG-DISTANCE dreams of opening my own food business around the Philippines to provide job opportunities to the Filipino people.
  • 4. Workout: MISSION
    • To be able to share my knowledge in management information techniques to my Mang Inasal managers like creating fast and efficient records.
    • To provide jobs to Filipino people in food business.
  • 5. Workout: MISSION
    • To be able to share my talents like swimming, dancing ballet, marathon running, and mountain climbing to little children who will be one of the professionals and the best athletes someday.
    • To offer my time and blessings to God by being active in csr activities and to give a part of my income every Sunday.
  • 6. Swimming Strokes:
    • Daughter of God
    • Strong Managing Director
    • Supportive Buss. Intelligence Assoc.
    • Trustworthy Child
    • Loving Sister
    • Respective Cousin
    • Best Girlfriend
    • Listening Friend
    • Good Samaritan
    • All Around Athlete
  • 7. Strong Managing Director
  • 8. Supportive Buss. Intelligence Assoc
  • 9. Trustworthy Child
  • 10. Loving Sister
  • 11. Respective Cousin
  • 12. Best Girlfriend
  • 13. Listening Friend
  • 14. All Around Athlete
  • 15. “ Long-Distance” SPECIALIZED STROKE: I am a LONG-DISTANCE swimmer.
  • 16. I swim day and night to get ready for competition. “ Long-Distance”
  • 17. Yan-yan for Yani After practice, I’d eat “Yan-Yan” to replenish my strength. “ Long-Distance”
  • 18. Sun for San While trying to dry myself at the Sunshine. Yan-yan for Yani “ Long-Distance”
  • 19. Yahoo for Tia Suddenly my boyfriend message me to read my Yahoo mail. Yan-yan for Yani “ Long-Distance” Sun for San
  • 20. Go He wrote “GO” and train hard. (Santiago) Yan-yan for Yani “ Long-Distance” Yahoo for Tia Sun for San
  • 21. Those simple words made me a winner during the competition at HSBC. Then we celebrate my win at Mang Inasal. (work) HSBC Mang Inasal Yan-yan for Yani Yahoo for Tia Go “ Long-Distance” Sun for San
  • 22. Trainer’s Tips 7 Steps of Becoming a Business Unit Leader ( Your Next Move by Michael D. Watkins )
    • From specialist to generalist.
    • From analyst to integrator.
    • From tactician to strategist.
    • From bricklayer to architect.
    • From warrior to diplomat.
    • From problem solver to problem finder.
    • From role holder to role model.
  • 23. Trainer’s Tips
    • From specialist to generalist.
    • I started from being a provider of management information reports to other departments specializing in cards. In order to be successful in my business, I developed my skills by studying MBA at AGSB, had training at Mang Inasal and seeker of guidance to my uncles who are veterans on running a business.
  • 24. Trainer’s Tips 2. From analyst to integrator. This is a reminder to myself that it is my responsibility as a Managing Director to know all the job functions of my employees.
  • 25. Trainer’s Tips 3. From tactician to strategist. Because I am new in business, it is difficult for me on creating strategies on how to invite customers and beat my competitors. This is a simple tip to guide me on becoming a strategist.
  • 26. Trainer’s Tips 4. From bricklayer to architect. I will have bigger responsibility on my actions as I manage Mang Inasal.
  • 27. Trainer’s Tips 5. From warrior to diplomat. I will shape up my relationships on business owners, schools and competitors at Baclaran to help me with my sales in my business.
  • 28. Trainer’s Tips 6. From problem solver to problem finder. Its been a month that I’ve been a Managing Director that I have become a problem solver. I like to develop my skills on finding the problem instead of the problem coming to me to prevent mistakes.
  • 29. Trainer’s Tips 7. From role holder to role model. I started to do my role as a Managing Director. As a Managing Director, I want to spread my virus to my people of having “right behaviours and attitudes” towards work. Creating a positive aura to all levels of the organization of my store.
  • 30. Warm Up “ I am a millionaire!” I am a millionaire. I think like a millionaire. I talk like a millionaire. I walk like a millionaire. I believe, feel, and act like a millionaire. ~THE ONE MINUTE MILLIONAIRE by MARK VICTOR HANSEN & ROBERT G. ALLEN
  • 31. Warm Up The message of this book encourages me of what I want to achieve in life for my family, love ones, friends and business aspects. That nothing is impossible as long I have the desire and willingness to act.
  • 32.
    • Organizer
      • To check and review the problems and create solutions for Mang Inasal store
    • Photo Album
      • To document important events
    • Bank Records
      • To monitor the financial state of my business if it is earning
  • 33.
    • Daily Exercise
      • To maintain my body weight and be healthy
    • Food Diet Monitoring
      • To monitor my cholesterol level
    • Time Management
      • To manage my time for my family and business
  • 34.
    • Skills
      • To pinpoint what I need to develop and learn for business, myself and to others
  • 35.
    • 2010
      • 25 year old
      • AGSB Student
      • HSBC Business Intelligence Associate
      • Mang Inasal Managing Director
      • Girlfriend
      • Provides tuition for my cousin
      • Enjoying Life
  • 36. Heat
    • 2030
      • 45 year old
      • Happily Married
      • Business owner of many branches of Filipino food restaurants
  • 37. Heat
    • 2030
      • Have 3 beautiful and smart kids
      • Being a professional mountain climber
      • Dancing ballroom with my husband
  • 38.
    • Long-Distance describes my attitude of doing one step at a time to reach my goals.
    • That it takes patience, wisdom and age to open up my life long dream of becoming a business woman with branches of restaurants all over the Philippines to provide jobs for Filipinos.
  • 39.
    • The gold medal is attained when I am doing my best everyday in my life.
    • I am supported and guided by my family and loved one.
    • I have shared my talents and passions to the little children.
    • I have given back the blessing I receive from the Lord to the church and the needy.
  • 40. OLYMPICS GAMES 20 Year Personal Marketing Plan Long-Distance Yani Santiago December 2010