Introducing the new starter wfbs learning project


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Trend Micro Learning Project

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Introducing the new starter wfbs learning project

  1. 1. The motivation for the new starter WFBS learning projectI think you might be interested in some “homework” I have been doing to create a new starterlearning pack for WFBS.I am sure you all remember your time as a new starter. Perhaps you are a new starter rightnow. We all want to make things smoother for the new starter, who has a lot to learn.Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and it’s not always obvious what to learn first.I am doing this as a personal project, not because it’s necessarily part of my job, but becausefrom my experience there is a need for such a programme and I am keen to collaborate withanyone who also wants to help fill the gap.I know that some people in Level 2 are working on parts of this already. I don’t want toduplicate effort, or compete or conflict with anyone who is already involved, but I would like tomake contact with them to get collaboration going.I know that there are already some good training materials but these are not always ideal forour support needs.Obviously I can only give this project a limited amount of time as my full-time job is to providelevel 1 technical support, so collaboration would be very useful.I have already had a good response from a previous email describing this project, so I hopeyou will be able to respond too.I have created some Powerpoint presentations which will hopefully act as a study guide toassist new starters in their first encounter with Trend Micro and Worry Free.The structure of the programmeI expect there to be 4 modules:1. An introduction to the team and how to learn2. The view of the sales and marketing person – understanding the problems WFBSaddresses3. The customer viewpoint – using the product on a daily basis4. The most important section, the world of Technical Support – including case handling andtroubleshooting.I am assuming very little about what people know about anti-malware applications, so we startfrom near the beginning, never afraid to address issues that might appear to be “obvious”.What I have done so farThis is very much work in progress.I aim to produce measurable Learning Objectives first and to qualify those by producingmatching questions to check that the Learning Objective has been met. Once the LearningObjectives and questions are validated I will spend time on the learning materials, mainlyslides. But there is a lot of existing material to train people once we know what they need tolearn. This needs to be agreed.I have put a copy of modules 1 and 2 on a shared drive in Cork, public_folders on Starter Learning ProjectIf you need the modules emailed to you just tell me.
  2. 2. The modules are only drafts so far but I have completed objectives, questions and answersfor the first 2 chapters of module 2 covering malware and an intro to WFBS.How you can helpPlease open Module 1, Introduction to Trend Support and Learning. Run a slide show andtake a look.Have a look at Module 2. The Learning Objectives and Questions/Answers are ready to bechecked and validated. You can do this for me if you like.This is what slide 15 of module 1 says: • Written, presented and tested by Trend Micro former new starters and their colleagues • Please take part by – Developing and testing new learning objectives – Developing and testing new questions to ensure new starters have the right level of knowledge to begin supporting WFBS – Writing new slides or documents to explain new features and troubleshooting techniques which new starters need to know about – Identifying other useful training material both in and outside the company. – We also need new starters to test this course materialPlease tell me if you want to be involved as a tester or contributor.I look forward to hearing from you.Best wishes,Ian