ESCO: Fifty Shades of Grey


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Electronic Systems permeate our lives to day. They underpin our society and our economy. The UK Electronics Systems Community is a hidden success story, providing technology and know-how throughout their global life-cycles. And in turn making a significant direct and indirect contributing to the UK Economy as it does so.

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ESCO: Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. 1. 1v0Fifty Shades of Grey eFutures Academic Meeting London, 5th Sept 2012
  2. 2. The Science That Lets Us to Do Magic?• ‘Electronics is the pinnacle of mankind’s ingenuity in the manipulation of matter ... – Dependent on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc. – Enables us all to do such wonderful things! – The measure of what humans can achieve by Standing on the Shoulders of Giants!• Though it is very-very clever ... – We know it is not Magic! – We know it is not as remotely Magical as the Natural World that surrounds us! Any sufficiently advanced... It is a misunderstanding technology is indistinguishable ... to our detriment! from magic! (A.C.Clarke)
  3. 3. Let Our Technology Speak For Us !• Our Technology Enables Such Wonderful Things – Surely ‘they’ appreciate our roles in creating them ! – Surely ‘they’ appreciate our technologies! – No ‘they’ don’t ... ... The Media and Politicians consider the UK has lost the technology battle to China and the USA (And Europe isn’t far behind)• Without a Public Appreciation ... – Education and research budgets will be progressively cut. – Without access to good quality Graduates and Research Outcomes, UK Technology Opportunities and Businesses will ‘dry-up’. – The Failure Prophesy will becomes Self-Fulfilling... We’ve never had to Market Ourselves or Technology before ... But now we do!
  4. 4. The Interdisciplinary Wars ... Instrumentation Physics Data LCD Mathematics Chemistry Electronics Integrated Circuits Information Technology Networks Production Engineering ICT Si MEM OLED OpticsTransistors Manufacture Software Analogue Computer Science CMOSSystems Debuggers GaAs RF Compilers Materials Science Digital Plastic Electronics Photo-Lithography• As far as your Customers are concerned ... These are just ‘Fifty shades of Magic’ !
  5. 5. Electronic Systems are Everywhere ... Entertainment, Amusement, Social ... – Important: but not Vital – Very Personal: so are valued
  6. 6. Electronic Systems are Everywhere ...Security, Transport, Logistics, Financial, Energy, Trade, Communications, Health, Environment, Business ... – Vital: Personally, Environmentally and Economically – Mostly Invisible: so seldom valued!
  7. 7. A Simple Public Position• Electronic Systems Permeate our lives today ... – Visibly and Invisibly they underpin most of the improved services and exciting new products in our lives! (IT and ICT are included in this) ... With huge direct and indirect contribution to the UK Economy.• Further electronic miniaturisation (Moore’s Law) will fuel the Ubiquity of Smart Electronic Systems tomorrow ... – They will underpin all advances in Business and Society – They will underpin all Environmental and Sustainable actions – They will be the outcome of distributed international activities – They will underpin every aspect of our lives ... ... They will be largely invisible; yet we will be totally dependent on them!... The UK must maintain a share of pre-eminent, valued, roles throughout the life-cycles of Electronic Systems; to avoid over reliance on the continued beneficence of other Nations! 1
  8. 8. Letter To Vince Cable ...
  9. 9. “NMI, the trade association for semiconductor, microelectronics and Electronic Systems communities in the UK& Ireland, hasbeen asked by government to provide a strategic report on the UK Electronic Systems community......the report will illustrate the opportunities for UK Electronic Systems innovation and identify ways in which policy can beadapted to promote and support future growth, developing critical insight to strengthen UK operations and businesses....Jamie Urquhart has agreed to chair the investigation and oversee the reports creation.”
  10. 10. ESCO Working Details ...• Executive Steering Board – Jamie Urquhart – Pond Ventures - Chair – Steve Beaumont – University of Glasgow – Hossein Yassaie – Imagination Technologies – Warren East – ARM – Indro Mukerjee – Plastic Logic – Keith Williams – Altran Praxis – Joe Willson – Emerson Process Management – Tony Whitehead - IET• Workstreams – WS1 – Research, Development & Innovation – WS2 – Innovation Climate – WS3 – Industry representation & promotion – WS4 – Supply Chains – WS5 – Industry size, scale & economic contribution – WS6 – Skills – WS7 – Manufacturing
  11. 11. UK Electronic Systems Community• Full Definition... – Electronic Systems are Pervasive today. They are the technology behind the smart products we see on the shelves, but also invisibly behind the improved performance and delivery of most of societys infrastructure. Analysts agree that improvements in all areas of society and the economy will be facilitated by increasing their deployment and integration toward ubiquity. But as they tend to this their presence will become (even) less visible. Short Definitions – Contrary to appearances todays Electronic Systems are thedependent of inter-national and inter- • Electronic Systems: are Systems or Products outcome on the deployment of business cooperation and teamwork, utilising the expertise of many and varied operations Electronic Technology within them wherever theyThe UK Electronics Systems Community includes UK based businesses and • are located. Accordingly their design and reproduction creates business and economic contribution in all involved nations.the globalisation becomes more entrenched and stakeholders who are involved in As design, qualification, production, manufacture, Electronic Systems more diverse and complex; the diversity in their design, their sub-systems installation, maintenance and distribution of electronics systems, creation and or components reproduction will increase to the point that they are truly global in creation, use and contribution.• In this context:- Essentially: • Electronics, Embedded SW, Mechatronics; Research, Design, Manufacture, – Systems: are Objects that Commissioning, Maintenance. to satisfy End User needs. Installation, deliver tangible functionality – Sub-Systems and Components: are Objects deployed within Systems whose functionality is important for the behaviour of the System, but whose operation is essentially invisible to the End User. – Electronic Systems: (ES) are Systems whose functionality is fundamentally dependent on the deployment of Electronic Technology within them. – ... And the UK Electronic Systems Community (UKESC) is the UK based businesses, operations and academic groups whose raison detre is, or intends to be, substantially contributory to the design, qualification, reproduction, installation, maintenance or future of; Electronic Systems, their Sub-Systems or Components..
  12. 12. GDP by the Income Approach– GDP is calculated by either: • The Expenditure approach • The Production (output) approach • The Income approach.– Value-Add approach is ‘traditional’ but not well matched to our nature • Cross-cutting technologies • Factory-light– UK GDP by The Income approach • Attributes GDP contribution to Employment statistics • GDP = Labour Income (W) + Rental Income (R) + Interest Income (i) + Profits (P) • GDP Contribution = Compensation of Employees x 1.82 From ONS Figures; Overviewed by BIS Economists
  13. 13. ESC Employment from Databases• Identifying Pure-ES, Significant-ES and Totals – FAME Database (Commercial) – SIC Code and Key-Word matching (Very reliable) – Potential to use Actual Tax Return info (IDBR) and Company Reports (FAME) for actual UK Employee numbers and W&S/CoE (Next Time)• Other Data from other reliable sources ... – Primarily ONS, EngineeringUK, Engineering Council
  14. 14. UK Electronic Systems Community• Is a significant UK Economic Contributor today• Is a credible world force• Is un-coordinated and sub-optimal for the UK’s Economic contribution.• Is capable as growth and improvement• Is the 21c Darwinian result of the evolution of 20c ‘traditional’ vertically organised businesses.• Is an enabler for many businesses and products• It is fundamental to 21c Economic, Social and Environmental expectations and needs.
  15. 15. See ...
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