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  • The only important thing on this slide is my contact info.
  • Show of hands – who are the audience?
  • Just as a heads up
  • My most embarrassing tweet was on my Twitter history (1,000 people and 50,000 followers).
  • Need to include the #LeadLoveDenver for Twitter wall and the @Vidyard for my crew in Canada and the @Ihutchinson if you want me to follow up later.
  • We all love leads… But for sales, the tag line is love your customers, respect your prospects and ignore the unqualified.
  • I want this presentation to be as helpful as possible. These slides will be posted elsewhere.
  • Table of contents – tell them you want them to be excited about marketing, video and the future.
  • Start with a video
  • Review my historyFun fact – Canadian bike ride?
  • This is what I thought Sales did… I would have put everything above Interest into Marketing’s hands.
  • Marketing does way more than I expected. Organized chaos?
  • Facebook LookalikeWhat if Dollar Shave Club used image recognition to target those that had either shaved recently or cut themselves shaving?
  • This is just an adorable picture. Its also a segway into video.
  • Tell story of your father renting a camera and you doing the disappear/reappear routine. Movie magic.
  • Talk about how the companies that adopted the internet first were paid off.
  • The Future of the Internet is TelevisionVimeo, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu
  • Where are we at?
  • Think about your content – what does it do for you?
  • Talk about how webinars, camtasia,brainshark,youtube and vine are all helping.The organic rise of videoNo head of video
  • - The concept of bloggingHard/newReminder in your calendar and make a videoTweet at me if you have the reminder!
  • Guide to the internal studios and editing ($3,500).Shout out to Ben (expensive videos). Ben from Image Brew (Events, video submission contests, Smartshoot
  • It’s marketing basics…
  • - 8% boost if you create a unique landing page with autoplay- 100% boost for good splash screenReference Breaking Bad – first 5-15 seconds
  • Rockwell – processPebble – DIYSalesforce – CMS tools
  • Most videos never have a plan. Review what is paid, owned and earned.
  • More tactical tips 
  • How to set this upAnimated GIFSStreaming video inside the email is coming
  • Give a shout out to Brainrider (autocompletes on YouTube)
  • Marketers getting commissions
  • List
  • This is a shout out to Vidyard – we are leading the pack in this way.
  • I’m about to talk about concepts related to marketing automation.
  • See people take the same asset and send it out to others (co-brand it).
  • - Timing of pushing the data to sales was the first thing I worked with.
  • Top of funnel – YouTube ad campaign. 140 secondsWhat I like about this video (First 10 seconds, Whole company involved)What I don’t like about this video (buzz words).
  • - 192 seconds - Solution Overview – feature specific – focuses on understanding #buysignalHighest viewed content on their site (35% of internet traffic watches the videos). Used mostly within the MQL just prior to being SQL.Is everyone pumped about #video?
  • Lead love vidyard

    1. 1. Loving Leads that Love Video Ian Hutchinson @Ihutchinson Ian@vidyard.com Video Marketing Specialist
    2. 2. AUDIENC E ▶ Marketing/Communications ▶ Sales ▶ Techie ▶ Agency ▶ Other #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    3. 3. I Almost didn’t Come to this Event #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    4. 4. Tweet Time How do I look? First Impressions? What are you hoping to learn? #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    5. 5. Lead Love: SALES LOVES LEADS TOO #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    6. 6. Tactical Tips! I Want to Help Rapportive (Gmail Plugin) Ad Blocker (no more internet/YouTube ads) Spotflux (VPN - Canadian Netflix) Ghostery (cookie tracker) Alexa (website traffic rank) #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    7. 7. AGENDA ▶ Me & the Funnel ▶ Why Video? ▶ Pitfalls & Getting Started ▶ YouTube ▶ Success Stories ▶ Best Practices with Video ▶ Tracking and Measuring Rapport ▶ Campaigns #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    8. 8. Shave Time, Shave Money #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    9. 9. ME & SMARKETING ▶ IBM ▶ Vidyard – We are hiring ▶ Selling to Marketers ▶ Learning what Marketers do ▶ Producing Beautiful Content ▶ Smarketing & Working together #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    10. 10. #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    11. 11. #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    12. 12. Right Message Right Time Right Person #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    13. 13. Video Has Changed #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    14. 14. Some 2014 Landmarks • Video is 90% of Internet Traffic • Netflix and YouTube each made 4.5 Billion Last Year • Video allows marketing to build Rapport • CMOs are Getting a Bigger Budget  #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    15. 15. #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    16. 16. Where are you at with Video? A. B. C. D. E. No Videos No Idea Sometimes Often LOVE VIDEO #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    17. 17. What are the Goals? Awareness? Sales enablement? Leads? Support & Training? Revenue? Communication? #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    18. 18. Where are most Companies at with video? • Recognize ‘Why Video’ • 100+ Videos • 1000+ Webinars Where is the ROI? Who owns video? No strategy! #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    19. 19. What are the Pitfalls? • Production • Strategy – content, process, people and plan • Distribution • Routine and re-using/re-purposing content #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    20. 20. Camera Shy?  #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    21. 21. Tweet Time What is your pitfall? Funny pictures? Marketing quotes? #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    22. 22. What Do I Need to Produce a Video? #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    23. 23. Where Can I Get Content? • Internal • Agency • User Generated @imagebrew (local high end production) #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    24. 24. What Should I Keep in Mind? • Attention Span • Personality • Purpose • Audio #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    25. 25. Common Themes • Splash screens matter! • Short attention spans #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    26. 26. Examples of Cool Use Cases • Rockwell + GoPro • Pebble & Kickstarter • Salesforce Video Library #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    27. 27. Distribution #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    28. 28. Distribution • • • • • Email Website Social asset Sales Asset Blog Partners & Advocates • Press Release #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    29. 29. Using Video in Email #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    30. 30. YouTube • Search and SEO • Drive individuals back to your .com • ReelSEO • YouTube.com/advertise #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    31. 31. Home Depot #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    32. 32. What are the Metrics? • • • • • • • Impressions Views Engagement Subscribers Session Time (YouTube) Site Stickiness/SEO Video CTAs #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    33. 33. THE VIDEO ANALYTICS DILEMMA ▶ Who? ▶ What? ▶ When? ▶ Where? ▶ How Long? #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    34. 34. THE VIDEO ANALYTICS DILEMMA #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    35. 35. At the End of The Day • • • • Interest In a Topic With engagement Took this next step #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    36. 36. How many of you are familiar with Marketing Automation? A, It is a core part of my job B, I’m familiar with it C, I’m not familiar with it #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    37. 37. What can Marketers do? • • • • Segment Nurture Score Inform Sales Improve content & distribution #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    38. 38. Repurpose • • • • • Segment assets Transcript Blog post Whitepaper Podcast #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    39. 39. Lead Quality > Quantity Lead Scoring 101 Demographic – Title, Account, Industry Behavioral (site visits, event visits, email click through). – Behavioral focus here. Buy Signal (I raised my hand – call me!!!!!) #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    40. 40. Behavioral Video View will tell you: • Topic • Engagement Time #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    41. 41. How Warm Are Your Leads? • Timing? • Source? • Engagement? #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    42. 42. An Example #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    43. 43. inContact #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard
    44. 44. QUESTIONS? Suggested Topics: Fun Videos Future of Television YouTube’s Future Getting Started w Video Analytics Marketing + Sales Repurposing content Superbowl Commercials Life in Canada Shy? Tweet the Question! #technology #LeadLoveDenver @Ihutchinson @Vidyard