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Joel Reyes, Microsoft - Biz Spark Presentation at Triangle Open Data Day
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Joel Reyes, Microsoft - Biz Spark Presentation at Triangle Open Data Day


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Presentation by Joel Reyes, Senior Startup Evangelist, Microsoft - Startups Track (BizSpark and BizSpark Plus programs) at Triangle Open Data Day, February 22, 2014 in Raleigh, NC

Presentation by Joel Reyes, Senior Startup Evangelist, Microsoft - Startups Track (BizSpark and BizSpark Plus programs) at Triangle Open Data Day, February 22, 2014 in Raleigh, NC

Published in: Technology

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  • Our partner-centric approach to our business is part of our DNA; it’s what helped define our success in the personal computing era, and what differentiates us in today’s PC+ era. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t try to own everything, or lock people out. Instead we work with hundreds of thousands of partners around the globe who’ve developed successful businesses by taking advantage of our tools and open platforms. Today, we have more than 640,000 partner companies around the world. And for every $1 that Microsoft makes around the world, our partners make over $8. 700,000 partners Employing 14.9M peopleGenerating $537BInvesting $175B in local software economies1 unit of Microsoft revenue = 8 for partners
  • There are a lot of great things happening to drive innovation forward. Every Students – more technical, more connected, have opportunity to contribute ideas.Entrepreneurs - more experienced, new business modelsInvestors – VC/Incubators more supportive, alternative funding optionsGovernment policy and support – more active in supporting the ecosystemTechnology - richer technologies; more broadband, etc.Microsoft is a major participant in the ecosystem that continues to make significant contributions to fuel innovation including core technology and interoperability, we spend $B on research and development across the globe , Microsoft supports the broadest channel programs to support the ecosystem.Transition on the technology = announcements from PDC.
  • More than 100 Microsoft Innovation Centers in over 40 countries. In certain markets, Microsoft partners with local governments, academic institutions and industry organizations to establish Microsoft Innovation Centers with the ultimate goal of fueling long-term economic growth in these regions.The centers provide facilities, training, employment programs and mentoring resources for developers, IT professionals, students and entrepreneurs.BizSpark Champs in more than 100 countries. BizSpark Champs are Microsoft employees that works with startups and are able to help them apply for the program.There are currently 8 Microsoft Ventures Accelerators in Seattle, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Bangalore and Beijing with 2 additional Accelerators coming soon to Rio de Janiero and Shanghai.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Microsoft BizSpark Overview Joel Reyes Startup Development Manager Microsoft DPE Saturday, February 22, 2014 Microsoft BizSpark
    • 2. Microsoft – who we are? Startups = next generation of partners
    • 3. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Incubators Corporations Investors Students Technology Entrepreneurs Governments
    • 4. BizSpark – a Global Program for Startups Microsoft BizSpark is a global program that provides free software, support and visibility to help startups succeed. Over 85K startups from 165+ countries have joined BizSpark. The three year program is free of charge and gives startups: Software • Three year access to current, full-featured software development tools • $150 of monthly Windows Azure benefits to quickly build, deploy and manage web applications • Free access to Windows and Windows Phone Developer Accounts Support • Professional technical and product support • Unique and valuable offers from the BizSpark Network Partners to help run your business • Four free MSDN Support Incidents. Eligibility To qualify, startups must be: › Developing Software › Privately held and making less than US $1M in revenue per year › Less than 5 years old Visibility • Profile, Offers and Events • A connection to the BizSpark ecosystem, giving startups access to investors, advisors and mentors Access to featured Microsoft Technologies: • Opportunities to achieve marketing visibility 3
    • 5. BizSpark Plus Special offers to BizSpark Startups who are members or alumni of a Accelerator Windows Azure for BizSpark Plus Offer We work with 200+ leading regional accelerators that provide: • Coaching, mentoring • Investment, workspace • Generous access to Microsoft technology A two year cloud computing offer for hi-potential startups who are a member of alumni of an accelerator Offer Cloud Startups get access to: • BizSpark Technical Evangelist Office Hours • In person events and training • Online training and support at
    • 6. Accelerators A sampling of some of the leading accelerators we work with. Startups in these programs get access to BizSpark Plus Offers.
    • 7. Engaging Locally Around the World BizSpark Country Champs Microsoft Innovation Centers Microsoft Ventures Accelerator 6
    • 8. BizSpark Online Connect with Us @bizspark Microsoft BizSpark Group
    • 9.