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Supplementary%20 Application%20form%20 Mus Perf[1] Supplementary%20 Application%20form%20 Mus Perf[1] Document Transcript

  • SUPPLEMENTARY APPLICATION for 2010 ENTRY BACHELOR OF MUSIC PERFORMANCE Improvisation only Timely closing date for this application is Wednesday 30 September 2009 Instructions 1. Please complete the form in CAPITALS and return to Admissions, Student and Academic Services, Faculty of the VCA and Music, 234 St Kilda Road, Southbank, 3006. 2. You will be required to provide certified copies of documents to verify credit for prior study and any qualifications claimed. A certified copy is a photocopy of the original document which has the signature and stamp of one of the following persons, indicating that they have sighted the original document: Barrister or Solicitor, Police in Charge of Station, Pharmacist, Doctor, Dentist, Principal of School, Justice of the Peace, or Clerk of Court. The signature and stamp must appear on every page. A photocopy or facsimile of a certified copy is unacceptable. You must include a copy of the receipt for your VTAC application payment with this application. Note that we cannot schedule an audition for you until we have received proof of this payment. Personal Details (BLOCK LETTERS PLEASE) VTAC Application Number Title: Date of Birth: / / Age: Email: Family Name: Given Names: Telephone: ( ) Mobile: Address: Suburb: Postcode: Proposal Area of Study On which instrument do you wish to audition? ………………………………………………………………………………………… Foundation Music Performance course Do you also wish to be considered for admission to the Foundation Music Performance course? Yes No (Details of this course can be found at Credit for Prior Study If your application is successful, will you be requesting CREDIT in the course? YES NO If you answered YES a Credit Application form will be mailed to you. Please return the form with documentation (if available) prior to your audition. Applicants are not required to provide evidence where prior studies were completed at the VCA. Note: Full documentation to support your credit application should be included with the Credit application or as soon as the documentation becomes available. Official academic transcripts or certified copies and course outlines should be included, refer to point 2 in Instructions. Credit for successfully completed tertiary subjects will be processed at the time of offer. Printouts downloaded from the web will not be accepted. Are you an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander? No Yes, Torres Strait Islander Attach a recent head and shoulders Yes, Aboriginal Yes, both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander passport-sized (only) photo of applicant here By identifying yourself as an Indigenous applicant, you automatically give approval for your documentation to be provided to the Wilin Centre whose role it is to assist and support applicants through the application and audition/interview processes. How did you find out about the Course? Please tick one box only. Careers adviser Advertisement Family/ WWW Open Day Teacher Friends Other: (Please specify) ………………………………….………………………………………………………………….
  • Disability or Long Term Medical condition Do you have a disability, impairment or long term medical condition, which may affect your studies? Yes No If YES please indicate the nature of your disability. Hearing Medical Condition Learning Disability Neurological Condition Mobility Other, please indicate - Mental Health Condition Vision Qualifications • Tertiary Education Institution: Year last attended: Name of Course: Course completed: YES NO Institution: Year last attended: Name of Course: Course completed: YES NO • Secondary Education Name of School: Year last attended (eg 2006): Standard reached: Other: (please specify) Subjects passed in last year at school plus ENTER score: Musical Background Instrument level attained (if applicable): Current Teacher (include duration of study): Previous Teachers (include duration of study): Other musical studies undertaken including theoretical: Public Performances, Awards, Competitions or other relevant activities undertaken: Please include a 100 word statement outlining your musical goals Note: Documents supporting claims of qualifications must be submitted to VTAC, not VCAM Student Privacy The University of Melbourne Privacy Policy can be viewed at Checklist Before you submit the application form please ensure that you have: Answered all questions Supplied us with contact telephone number in case we need to contact you to verify details; Included a recent head and shoulders photograph of yourself; Included the 100 word statement outlining your musical goals; Included a copy of the receipt for your VTAC application payment. Note that we cannot schedule an audition for you until we have received proof of this payment. Included the schedule of any dates you will be unavailable for audition.
  • VCAM (Southbank Campus) Audition Dates 2009 Bachelor of Music Performance - Improvisation Audition Dates Brass Tuesday 17th - Wednesday 18th November Drums/Percussion Monday 16th - Wednesday 18th November Guitar Monday 23rd - Wednesday 25th November Keyboard Friday 20th & Thursday 26th November Voice Monday 23rd - Wednesday 25th November Woodwind Monday 16th & Wednesday 18th November * Please note that due to limited audition bookings on the above listed days, Improvisation auditions for any instrument may need be scheduled for Thursday 26th or Friday 27th November. Please indicate if you are not available for these days. * Please note that if you are auditioning for both the Bachelor course of Music Performance and the Foundation course in Music Performance, your audition for the Bachelor course will count for both the Bachelor application and Foundation application All dates listed above may be subject to change. Please indicate ALL dates you are not available on the table following:
  • AUDITION ADVICE Name: _____________________________________________________________ Instrument: _____________________________________________________________ Course (please tick) □ Foundation □ Bachelor of Music Performance □ Honours Proposed audition pieces ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Will you be auditioning in person? Please circle YES NO If no, see information for Distance Applicants in the attached supplementary information. If yes, please indicate dates you are not available for auditions: Date Morning Afternoon All day Monday 16th November Tuesday 17th November Wednesday 18th November Thursday 19th November Friday 20th November Monday 23rd November th Tuesday 24 November Wednesday 25th November Thursday 26th November th Friday 27 November • If we do not receive an indication of your availability for auditions, it will be assumed that you are available all days during the auditions period. • If you are not available on any days in which auditions for your instrument and stream are being held, you will be required to submit an audition via DVD.