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Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi Document Transcript

  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 1 Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi Creator of Pro Blogging Secrets™ © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 2 Things You Need To Know Important Information Please note that you have no rights to this and it is only for your own personal usage. You may NOT give away or include this to any product or membership site. You may not reveal any of the information here in any manner. Thank you for your co-operation! Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi is a worldwide-protected publication of © Craig Dawber - and All Rights Reserved No part of this guide may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any informational storage or retrieval system without expressed written, dated and signed permission from the author. Disclaimer And/Or Legal Notices The techniques outlined in this ebook are designed to increase copywriting levels to virtually any bloggers. However, it should be noted that the author makes no guarantee or warranty regarding the levels of copywriting that will be produced as a byproduct of these suggestions. Copywriting levels are influenced by a plethora of variables, and exact predictions are impossibility. All of the methods of traffic generation outlined in this ebook are believed to be efficacious, legal and without risk to any user. The author, however, reminds the reader than any and all liability associated with the use of the methods detailed herein is to be borne by the reader. The author refuses to accept responsibility for any losses, financial or otherwise, claimed to be caused by techniques mentioned in this ebook. The author shall not be held liable for any damage alleged to arise from the use of information contained in this ebook, including damages that are alleged to arise from error, omissions or inaccuracies of any sort. Any reader relying upon the information herein or making use of said information does so at his or her own risk. The author disclaims any liability and shall not be held liable for any damages (including, but not limited to) loss of revenue, loss of profit or loss of opportunity. © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 3 About Me Hi There, My name is Craig and I have been in the Internet marketing niche since 2005. Allow me share with you a little story about myself here… Back then, I was an average early twenties guy, working as an engineer in a local factory all week long and living for the weekend so I could go out with my friends partying and chasing women  In 2003 I took a year out to travel Australia, New Zealand and a few weeks in Thailand, I had the most amazing year but once I got back home things had changed or should I say I had changed, I found myself unable to settle back into my life style of working in a factory worker as an engineer. My outlook on life had changed some what and the once normal everyday life style of working in a factory has taken its toll and I just couldn’t cope with it anymore. I began my search on ways to make money on the internet and I could not believe myself when I saw 101 ways that people are sharing. Trust me, I was like anyone of you out there! I have been scammed, cheated and wasted thousands upon thousands of dollars just trying to find a legit way to make money online. Scammers just won’t go easy on us. So I became rather skeptical and I was on the verge of giving up many times. I must admit I was lucky to meet a friend of mine and an already successful blogger then and I was introduced to blogging. It was not an easy job to begin with because I had zero knowledge about what to write about, much less monetizing the blog. So, I spent many nights reading other successful examples and trying to figure out the secrets behind their success. After many trial and error; I finally made $200 for that month and it was a really thrilled accomplishment for me then. You gotta experience this yourself to know how! Today, I am have raked in over 5 figures and always enjoy sharing my success stories with others because I know I have been in the worst situation and I know everyone can succeed by following the right system. Therefore, I have decided to pen down my proven-to-work experience, picked out the most essential elements and pieced them together to become a system that will work for anyone including beginners. Hence, the birth of my very own blogging product… Pro Blogging Secrets © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 4 Let’s Get Started… What makes Blogging a favourable sport these days? With the internet spreading out to almost every corner of the world today, it has become possible to get in touch with anyone and everyone, and that too for almost free. All you need to know is how to use the internet to see the best results. Be it for contacting your friends, acquaintances, family, or any other person, or be it for creating awareness among a huge mass of people, the internet seems to be the ideal tool to implement if you know how to go about it. While emails have proved to be a great way to stay in touch with people from all around the world, it is not always the best option to go for. Social media sites and blogs have proved to be a great tool for this. Chances are that you are already aware of what a blog is. In case you aren’t, blogs are sites on the internet where you can join as a member, connect with people you know (who generally need to be members of the blog too), make new friends over the blog, and spread your © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 5 ideas, views and knowledge among the rest of the members. You can also let other people aware of your updates and what you are up to on a blog. The Importance Of Blogging Blogging is a great way to earn some easy money over the internet today. Since it is possible to connect with a wide range of members through a blog once you too become a member, blogs have proven to be great tools for online business marketing and promotion. With blogs you can spread information about a business or a product and get the members interested to try them out. Once you achieve to let people know about your online presence, and establish yourself as a responsible, dependable and a trustworthy member, people will follow you leads and pay heed to what you have to tell them. If you are successful enough with your blogging with respect to business marketing for a company or a number of businesses, making money would seem to be as easy as you could never have imagined. There are various ways in which you can get paid for the promotional work you do for a business, and often such online promotion for a company can get you loads of money. However, there are various things that need to be kept on your mind while you look to achieve success with your blogging ventures. Through this book, we look at the most successful and the fully tested methods that can act as a roadmap to your success in becoming a blogging Jedi. The © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 6 methods have shown very positive and highly successful results in the past, and hence they can be some of the most important points for you to concentrate on if you wanted to see the maximum out of your blogging efforts. How To Get Started Starting with your blogging ventures is one of the simplest things to go for on the internet. It doesn’t cost you money and neither does it require a huge amount of time on your part. All you need to do is find out a good blogging site that suits you or a self hosted blog platform like WordPress, check out how to register as a member with them, and then go about finding people you who may know on the blog site. It’s a good idea to go for the blog sites that are the most popular among your friends or the section of people you want to concentrate in, as you will find the your target audience already on the site and available for you to stay in touch. You can always go for more than one single blog site. Registering with a site and being its member is free, so you can become a member of as many sites as you want, provided you will have the time to maintain each and every blog space and keep them updated from time to time. A blog is a great way to stay in touch with people and let them know about any information that you might want to share with them. Try and go for the best blog. Instead of signing up with and every blog, try and sign up with just the few that prove to be the very best if you want to see optimum success with your blogs. No matter how feasible it may seem to start a blog with a free site, I always recommend to go for a self hosted blog with WordPress. This way, you have total control of your blog and you can be free of third party ads. Furthermore, information hosted on free sites like Blogspots, Typepad or LiveJournal don’t belong to you once you have uploaded them to their servers. Read their terms and conditions closely and you will notice that they would all say they reserve the rights to remove any information that they deem unfit to go on the net. If you are starting out and feel lost at this moment, you can head over to my Pro Blogging Secrets System and I explained in step by step details on how you can host your own blog and make more money out of it, as compared to free sites. It is so detailed that I have written them out in steps like “do this then do that” format. © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 7 Click Here To Access PSB System… Building A Relationship Now that you have created an account, or a few good accounts, its time to fully optimize the blogs with good quality content and get them to work efficiently for you. There are a number of factors that can be achieved through blogs. The first factor that comes to my mind is the great power of a blog to help you build an effective relationship with the visitors and readers on the blogs where you post your content. Apart from staying in touch with people and keeping them updated about your status, blogs are a great way to express your personal vies and suggestions for the other members to go through. Hence, if you are dealing with a specific business, a service or a product, try and gain as much knowledge as you can about the same and try and keep the others informed about your findings. For example, if you are dealing with mobile phones, try to keep yourself updated with the new technologies and the latest releases. Post any new information that you gather from time to time on your blog. This will make people to regard you with importance on the topic and they will treat you with a certain level of respect. This builds an effective relationship between you and the people you choose to stay in touch with through the blogs. Thus when you try to promote a product that you might be dealing with, and suggest them to check it out, they will give it a go and look at the site you recommend. Moreover, you can even recommend the best products to go for and © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 8 purchase. If you are very good with what you post, you will find other members asking you for advice on the topic that you have an expertise in. Imagine what you can achieve for your business and the products you deal with through blogs if you go for it in the correct way and build a relationship with the fellow bloggers successfully! Building an effective relationship is of vital importance, and the information you post can spread virally through the blogs if you are able to make them interesting and useful for the community. In this way you can get good exposure in a very little time through effective blogging. The Contact List Once you are on the blog site as a member, try and get more and more people added to your friend list. The more contacts you have, the better will your information spread on the blog. However, do remember that it is never a good idea to market a product directly on a blog space. Instead, talk about the latest news and keep the others updated about the products that correspond to the ones that you deal with, and from time to time suggest them options to check out the product or business sites that you might be dealing with. Try to find out the most targeted audience and then add them as your friends on a blog site. This means that the best people to go for getting on your contact lists are the people who show good interest in the products you deal with. Not only © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 9 does this ensure that they will read through the posts and information on your space related to the products you deal with, but also treat you as a resource when they need any information on the topic. This helps tremendously with branding yourself as well, which we will discuss shortly. Search Engine Optimization With Blogging One of the other advantages of blogging is search engine optimization. Blogs are a great way to get more visitors to the sites you deal with online. By spreading the information about a product and its site over the blogs that you become member of, you are getting a number of people to look at it. This increases the ranks of the site for the search engines, and the site is returned higher up in the order of results for a search made by a person using a search engine. With your site coming up higher the order, the chances of more people looking at it increases as well, which improves its ranking further. The other way to go for it is by providing a blog space with the site that you deal with. For example, you can let people to become a member of a blog that is available to them on the product site. Thus, if the product site is, you can publish a blog on the site named as and get people to join up. This improves the search engine ranks greatly as well and enhances the chances for your site to be viewed by more visitors. This is also a great help for marketing your site and product with the help of blogging. What Is Branding? Branding is about the business and how a business is different from the competitors. The purpose of a brand is to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Once you make a distinguishing impact then an advertising campaign can be much more effective. The success of a company can be determined by a brand. Branding includes many factors which help a company be successful. these factors may include a website, marketing efforts, and anything that gives a company an identity. Consumers trust wholeheartedly a corporate image because there is a psychology in motivating the purchasing decisions. © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 10 All companies should practice branding. Brick and mortar business and online companies benefit through branding methods. It is common for smaller companies and online businesses to fail due to a lack of understanding about the importance and factors of a good brand. Branding ensures professionalism with a company. It seals the deal on an entire package. A small company with a brand looks just as good as a large corporation when they practice the right techniques. Brands enhance your confidence as a business owner but also in the consumers that you really can deliver what you promise. Branding offers consistency with a business. It gives direction to employees and customers know what to expect. Consistency can be performed through the use of things like business cards, t-shirts, and more. Consistency includes visibility techniques that are professional and will remain in the memory of a consumer. One concept that consumers often attach to a brand is called brand equity. A brand is often considered to be an asset also. For example, if you have developed a very good brand that is well known as being a top distributor of massage chairs and you have a competitor with a brand known to provide defective products, your brand will be worth more. Pro Blogging And Branding Yourself As An Expert If you are wondering about what this term means, pro blogging is nothing but taking up blogging as a profession and earning good money with it. Even though most people and businessmen are unaware of the powerful resources that a blog can portray to help them with their business marketing online, blogs can be one of the most effective ways to get publicity for your business and spread awareness about your products and services among the general public. As a pro blogger you can get contracts from a number of companies and promote their businesses and products on their behalf and make some good money. Even though most people would treat this as a past time activity, pro blogging can earn you much better money than a normal job would if you are committed with blogging and are aware of the best techniques. You can start your own business as a blogger and help businesses with their marketing needs by getting affiliated with them. © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 11 Branding is an important factor for you to see the success as a pro blogger. As a business or an individual dealing with clients, it becomes very important that people can rely on you and treat your business as a credible and dependable option before anything else. Only then can you think of getting contracts from companies for your pro blogging needs. How Branding Works With Pro Blogging Your online profile is your brand. The information that you portray on the blogs and any website that you may be maintaining, all tells the viewers about you and your business. Branding is not a one day affair. It takes considerable amount of time and thoughts to come up with a profile to attract other businesses and individuals to treat you with importance. Only then will they think about the success that you may provide them with their promotional needs, which in turn will get you contracts and more money. Branding is responsible to get you more clients and business, be it for pro blogging, or for any other type of business. It should always be treated with absolute importance. Once you post your profile online, you can always edit it, but you can’t change the basic details you have provided. It is therefore important to give branding a considerable amount of time and come up with the most ideal profile for people to look at your business as a convenient option for them. When you are starting as a fresh pro blogger, your profile might not be a very strong one to portray what the clients would want to see through it. However, with time and the work you do, you will see your business develop a good brand name depending on the results that you provide the clients with. Hence, a brand name is not a one day affair. It builds gradually with time and so does your client base. However, there are quite a lot of things to be considered to see the maximum success with establishing a good brand for the clients to consider you. Learn Why Branding Is Important For Pro Blogging There are heaps of options for each and every business and consumer today to fulfill their needs and requirements. To stay ahead of your competitors, it is very © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 12 important to make sure of a few important points. This works equally for your pro blogging venture, and if you want to make good money out of it, you must consider these points with the utmost importance. Apart from being reasonably priced for your services when compared with what your competitors charge, it is important that clients treat your business to be authentic and reliable if you want to see more contracts. As far as the price goes, that can be decided with some consideration and is not a very tricky task to go for. However how would you establish yourself as a reliable and credible option? Moreover, how would you let the businesses know about your presence? This is where branding comes in. By promoting your pro blogging business and establishing a good brand name you get clients to find you online. Your brand represents your services and helps with promoting your business to a great extent. It is very natural for a client to opt for a brand than an individual for what they want to get done. Brands portray professionalism and people tend to get familiar with specific brands very soon. Hence, it is very easy to get better client loyalty if you can establish a proper brand for your pro blogging business to get clients coming back to you and even referring you to other businesses. With brands, you can affect the mentality and the psychology of the customers who deal with you in forming an idea about your business. Even though effective branding results only with time and proper client relationship, it is an important factor to be considered to see the success with pro blogging in order to generate more and more income in the long run. What Do You See In The Picture To The Left? Do you want to be the common white or the outstanding red? This is what branding can do for you! Still not convinced that branding can bring you far way in Pro Blogging? Read on… Victoria Beckham anyone? Victoria Beckham’s ambition was not just to be better than her mates or even be a famous singer but to become a world brand. It’s not how good she was that mattered, it’s how good she wanted to be! What was interesting in her quote was that she didn’t compare herself with George Michael or Mariah Carey, rather she © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 13 saw the fame of Persil Automatic as her yardstick. For your information, Persil Automatic is a leading detergent brand in UK, very famous indeed! This may sound like a joke to many but just take a second to see where her imagination has brought her today. Now, back to building a brand for yourself, have you realised how important this is now? Ever wondered why John Chow can post a “Hello Good Morning!” and still attract 60 plus comments while you are trying so hard to compile some resources for your readers and only to get a few “Hey thanks.. Good stuff..”? Branding. Ever wondered why ShoeMoney can tell people how he got sick with uncooked shrimps and still have many hot babes posing in his t-shirts? Branding! What I am trying to point out here is that, if you have created a brand for yourself, its likely to stay with you for the rest of your life and people idolize you for that, no matter what you say and what you do. So, if you want to create your own brand in the blogosphere, better start getting creative and be a chick magnet! To be honest, popular bloggers don’t need great content to attract people, they just gotta keep telling people how popular they are. Newbie bloggers are constantly trying to come up with good content because they always hear from popular bloggers that content is king. Why are they trying so hard? Because they want to be popular as well! How To Brand Yourself As A Pro Blogger, Like A Jedi Simply trying to tell your clients that you are a blogging expert and can help them with their marketing needs might never work. There are many points that you must consider to see a good demand and a wide client base as a blogger. Building a brand for your pro blogging involves quite a lot. Let us look at some of the most vital points that need considering to make your presence felt and to get more people to consider you as a good option to rely on. What Is A Brand? When you venture buying something, say an ink pen, you might be looking at a specific brand of a pen to opt for. However that same brand might not be your choice for a television, even if the company produces TVs. There might be another brand that you would want to opt for. Thus a brand is nothing but establishing yourself as a good option for the products you deal with. Therefore if © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 14 you want to see success as a pro blogger and establish a brand, you must consider your area of expertise with more importance. Always Stay Updated Hence it becomes important for you to portray your expertise in the eyes of the clients to establish your brand name successfully. For your success as a pro blogger, try and stay updated with all the latest releases and tools and updates available to you. Moreover, dealing with a few specific products can be a good idea to see better success. For example, if you are dealing with electronic goods like mobile phones, computers and software or programs, try and stick to these items and stay updated with the news and latest information related to them. Thus your clients will relate to you as a reliable brand to go for when they want to promote their electronic products. However, dealing with too many different products, e.g. ranging from the mobile phones to farming equipments, often shows very undesirable results. Not only will you be unable to stay updated about all the stuff you deal with, but your clients will not know which your area of expertise is for which they can completely rely on your blogging services. Your blog posts for the members and the readers might not prove to be that successful in generating an interest for them either, as you will face much difficulty in staying focused on one topic. Hence, dealing with a few specific and related products and establishing an area of expertise is a great way to improve your pro blogging business as a brand. Quality Information Your blog posts are what show you the success and the results for your work. Hence it becomes very important to make sure that your content and articles are very interesting, useful and of high quality for the readers. This is a very vital topic to be considered to build your reputation and establish a brand name. Providing quality information on the blogs can have a number of good results, and such results are very desirable for the success with your pro blogging business. When you become a member of a blog and start posting your comments, suggestions, posts and other information on your space, what would be the key point to get the other members to read through your content? Unless and until your posts are fresh, interesting, informative and useful for them, they will probably avoid going through the articles that you provide on your blog. This will not be a very good sign for you to build the good reputation that you want to. Hence, you must understand the importance of keeping your content and posts updated, providing very useful information related to products corresponding to what you deal with, being very knowledgeable on the area of your expertise and © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 15 finding out more and more each day to convey to the fellow members of your blog for them to treat you with respect. Try to be the first one to provide the latest news for the best results. All this can show very good results with your brand building. Advertise Yourself Another important thing to consider is to advertise yourself effectively. Talk about your achievements and what you have done in the past, and highlight the positives in it. Tell the clients all that they would be interested to hear about you, and specifically point out the advantages that you have to show for their businesses. This doesn’t mean that you send them emails telling them about your business. Instead design your profile in such a way that it clearly builds on these topics and enhances the brand name that you want to develop. Testimonials can be a great way to go for it. Request your current clients to provide articles on your site about what they have to say about you and your achievements and how they have been helped with your services. All this can show great results and let others know what you might have in store for them. It also helps to build a credibility and with other people talking about you through their reviews, your business becomes more authentic and a better brand to opt for. Specific Communities And Networking This is another way to enhance your brand name as a pro blogger. Try and be a part of most of the popular communities that deal with your products and actively participate in discussions and provide suggestions for the others to refer to. Also, let your presence be known over the communities. Try and network all the communities that you become a part of. This will let people know how committed and knowledgeable you are in relation to the field of your expertise. Always try to participate in discussions and never fail to answer queries that other users may have in relation to the products you deal with. This will make them regard you as a reliable option for resolving all their queries. Go the extent of inviting people to ask you questions and clarify their doubts. This is another great way to build an effective brand name for your pro blogging business. Always make sure that you use your original personal details on the profile you create. This is very important and failing this can create very undesirable views in the minds of the people you plan to deal with. All these measures will make you a professional blogger, like a Jedi, and help you to achieve the brand name that can show the best results for your blogging business. © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 16 10 Secret Branding Techniques Pro Bloggers Never Told You! Some of the most useful tactics to become a successful pro blogger might not be easy to lay your hands on. However with such information, you can hope to become very successful with your blogging venture and generate a huge client base in a considerably short period of time. Branding is one of the most important points to build on. Here are 10 very effective techniques that you can use to become a successful pro blogger. Always Be The First To Provide Information On Your Area Of Expertise. Be the first one to find out about the most interesting and latest releases and updates about the products and services that you deal with, and be the first one to provide such information on the blogs that you are a member of. Moreover, try to provide your views on the topics you post and ask for the views of the readers on what you have to say. Networking Start with the people you know. Try and invite each and every person to join the blogs that you are a part of. Also make sure that they understand the knowledge and expertise you have in the products you talk about on the blogs, and in turn publicize this fact among the people they know. Hence more people come to know about you and read through your posts, making you a point of referral on the topic that you relate to. Optimize Your Space © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 17 This is an important way to build on your brand name. The more people get directed to your blog or site when they search for the products you deal with using the search engines, the better will they treat you as a brand name for the product. This will in turn result in more people and clients checking you out, meaning more contracts for your pro blogging venture. Link All Your Blogs This is very important. Try and provide the links to each and every other blog site that you are a member of, preferably the spaces dealing with the area of your expertise. This makes people understand how involved you are and helps better to improve your brand name. Business Cards Printing business cards is a great way to promote your pro blogging brand. Make sure that you provide the URLs of all the blogs and sites that you are associated with for people to check them out. Newsletters These are another great way to spread awareness among people about you and your brand, and of course your area of expertise. Never forget to mention the links to the sites and the blogs that you are a part of. Blog Directories And Search Engines Blog directories keep a list of all the blogs available on the internet. Try and submit all your blogs to the different blog directories and search engines available on the internet. This will enable people to find you more easily when they make a search on the topic of your interest. Stay Informed About Other Blogs It is always a good idea to know what the others are doing and what the latest trends are. Hence try to keep your eyes open for anything new that is available for you to exploit and stay ahead of the others in this way. Article Directories Write articles or a group of articles on the products and area of your expertise. When readers find that you are very specific and informative about what you deal with, you get a good reputation as an article writer, further promoting your brand name. © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Craig Dawber’s Pro Blogging Secrets™: Roadmap To Be A Blogging Jedi 18 Be Committed The most important point is to stay committed to blogging if you want to see your reputation grow and your brand become more popular. Try and update your posts on each of the blogs that you are a member of and maintain very interesting and updated information in them. All these points can make your pro blogging business and efforts show very good results and help you build a brand name to take you ahead of all the competitors that may be present in the market. Conclusion Saying all this, blogging proves to be a very effective resource and a very important tool the internet has provided the business community and the internet users with. Blogging has seen tremendous success and very good popularity owing to the numerous advantages it has in store for businesses. With a good brand name and effective techniques, you can use your blogging interests to earn you cash that might never have been possible with a normal job, especially when everything depends on the world economy today. Brand yourself as a pro blogger and be your own boss to see the success that you have bee waiting for all your life. To Your Blogging Success… "The World's #1 Affiliate Blogging Advisor" P.S: Are you an action taker? Download My Pro Blogging Secrets System Now! © Craig Dawber, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.