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Magicof Copywritingv12.17190809 Document Transcript

  • 1. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting © 2009 Gary Simpson 1 brought to you by:
  • 2. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting WORDS WORDS WORDS by Gary Simpson © 2009 Gary Simpson 2 brought to you by:
  • 3. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER NOTICE This manual is intended for education purpose only. The information contained herein is the opinion of the author based on information gathered from many sources but mainly from personal experience. Every person has different goals and expectations. This combined with vast differences in personality, discipline and other traits means that every person will reach a different outcome. No responsibility whatsoever is assumed by the author for any material contained herein. “If you don’t have the moolah to splash out on hiring a top- shelf copywriter to write a blazing sales page for you then… learn to write your own copy, and I’ll show you how!” © 2009 Gary Simpson & Maurowen Pty Ltd PO Box 396 Leederville Western Australia 6903 v 12.17-190809 [Cover artwork by Michael Ottman of © 2009 Gary Simpson. This publication is protected by copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, review or criticism, as permitted under the Copyright Act, no part may be reproduced or copied in any form, in any language, whether by graphic, visual, electronic, filming, audio recording, any method via the internet or any other means without the prior written permission of the author. © 2009 Gary Simpson 3 brought to you by:
  • 4. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of COPYWRITING TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 - WHAT IS COPYWRITING & WHAT DOES IT DO? .......................................... 6 2.0 - OK, TIME NOW TO “FESS UP” - WHAT GIVES ME THE AUTHORITY OR ABILITY TO TEACH YOU THIS STUFF? ............................................................................ 9 3.0 - WHO CAN BE A COPYWRITER?................................................................ 12 4.0 - SO, WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS E-BOOK? ......................................... 13 5.0 - LET’S GET STARTED, SHALL WE? ............................................................ 14 6.0 – FOUR ESSENTIAL PRE-REQUISITES BEFORE YOU CAN WRITE MONEY MAKING ADS AND SALES LETTERS: ............................................................................. 15 7.0 – FIRST THING FIRST - THE HEADLINE OR THE TITLE: ................................ 16 8.0 - DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE SELLING TO? ............................................ 19 9.0 – WRITE ONE ON ONE: ............................................................................ 20 10.0 – WRITE CONVERSATIONALLY: ............................................................... 21 11.0 – WRITE DOWN EVERY POSSIBLE BENEFIT OF YOUR PRODUCT: ................. 22 12.0 – TESTIMONIALS – GOOD ONES AND BAD ONES: ..................................... 23 13.0 – USING EMPHASES AND VISUAL EFFECTS: ............................................. 27 14.0 – ASK FOR THE ORDER – SEVERAL TIMES!............................................... 29 15.0 – CLEVER DOESN’T SELL:....................................................................... 30 16.0 – OVERCOMING OBJECTIONS - FEEL, FELT & FOUND: ............................... 31 17.0 – CONDUCTING A FINAL TEST: ............................................................... 32 © 2009 Gary Simpson 4 brought to you by:
  • 5. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 18.0 - MEASURING AND “SPLIT-TESTING”: ..................................................... 33 19.0 - TEN POINT CHECK LIST WHEN WRITING YOUR ADS:............................... 34 20.0 - IF YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT COPYWRITING:............................ 35 21.0 – REMINDER ABOUT ALEXI NEOCLEOUS’S COURSE: .................................. 46 BEST COPYWRITING TIP: PRINT THIS QUOTE OUT, FRAME IT & HANG IT ON YOUR OFFICE WALL – IT WILL SAVE YOU A LOT OF TIME, FRUSTRATION AND MONEY! “Failure to first define a market usually ends up with you asking, ‘I’ve got this product. Who can I sell it to?’ That’s a disastrous approach because it removes project control from you. By defining your market before you develop a product, you stack the deck in your favor because you’ll be able to give your market what it wants, rather than what you want to sell to it.” - Bill Myers from “Insiders Guide to Direct Mail Profits. IMPORTANT NOTE 1: To access the links in this e-book first press the “Control” key on your keyboard down and then left click on your mouse. If that doesn’t work then just copy and paste the URL into your browser. If that doesn’t work then TYPE the URL into your browser. If that doesn’t work… well, I dunno, I’m out of ideas. Over to you! IMPORTANT NOTE 2: It is STRONGLY suggested that you PRINT this e-book out and keep it handy when you are writing your next sales page, email or article. © 2009 Gary Simpson 5 brought to you by:
  • 6. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of COPYWRITING by Gary Simpson Twitter: Website: Blog: 1.0 - What is Copywriting & What Does it Do? Copywriting is the writing of words to promote a person, opinion idea or business. The person who does this, naturally enough, is called a copywriter – that is, a person who writes advertising copy (the text used in advertisements). It can be said that a copywriter simply writes compelling and creative text. It has also been said that a copywriter is somebody who has the ability to create MAGIC with their words. Copywriting is DISTINCT from copyrighting which is legally protecting those words from plagiarism and/or theft by placing the appropriate warnings and symbols (see the bottom of each page of this e-book and also the copyright warning on page 2). So many people get those terms horribly confused so I thought I would get that sorted out right from the very start. Brian Keith Voiles, a prominent US copywriter, once stated: “Each day there are thousands of marketers peddling their wares to all kinds of markets. 98% of the money they spend on their marketing is wasted, as 98% of what is used to get sales fails to do so. People waste hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every day trying to sell their products and services.” I have seen this FIRST HAND in some of my businesses. I was once convinced to spend $7,000 on a Yellow Pages ad that not only failed to get sales, it was my belief that it LOST sales for me. I won’t go into all the reasons for that other than to say that it was in the mid-eighties when $7,000 bought a half-page ad and I am sure that people thought, “if he can afford that ad then he must be expensive.” It was sold to me by a slick salesman who was on commission only and knew © 2009 Gary Simpson 6 brought to you by:
  • 7. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting nothing about advertising – only how to pressure people into signing contracts. But I’m a LOT wiser now. Voiles has also said: “No matter what business you’re in – forget it! You’re really in the advertising and marketing business.” And I agree. You see, you can have the greatest products and services on earth but if nobody knows about them then you aren’t gonna sell anything and eventually, when all your funds run out, you’ll be out of business and NOBODY will benefit from those goods and/or services. That would be such a shame. So… advertising and marketing is VITAL to the success of EVERY business – even if it’s advertising of the very BEST kind… word of mouth and personal recommendation. But, I’m going to presume that you are wanting to advertise and you are wanting to know how to do it better. Right? Right! Let’s press on. To be effective you need to have: (a) a WANTED product (Note I didn’t say “needed.”) People NEED all sorts of things but it’s what they WANT that is going to put money in your cash register, pocket or online account, (b) A method of reaching those people in the most cost-effective manner, and (c) Enough people in that target audience who can AFFORD what you are selling. And basically, that’s it. If you have done your market research properly and you KNOW what people WANT then that is half the battle won. Now all you have to do is concentrate on reaching and supplying those people. One way of determining if people want what you are proposing to sell is to see if they are already buying such an item. How do you do that? Easy. Just check out your competitors. If they are selling the item or service then, there is a high probability that you can too. Pretty much, if you have no idea who your target market is how can you possibly sell to them? So, research WHO you intend to sell your wares to. © 2009 Gary Simpson 7 brought to you by:
  • 8. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting Now, having used the “selling” word, please get this out of your mind – you are not selling anything – you are SOLVING a problem for your potential customers and clients. When you understand this things become a whole lot easier. You see, what you start to do when you understand this is to take the focus off you and put it on your prospects. When you can empathize with your customers you will begin to learn how to write captivating copy. The dictionary meaning of empathy is: “Identification with and understanding of the thoughts or feelings of another.” The most successful copy and advertisements are highly targeted and very specific. They virtually make people WANT to buy! And this makes selling superfluous. The best ads tell your ideal prospect what’s in it for him, why it’s so good for him and how he can take action right now to get what he wants. Easy huh? And here’s something else – every person reading your copy should believe that it was written just for him or her. OK, enough of the generalities. It’s time to start to get into specifics – and remember, I’m not going to go into great detail here. All I am going to do is give you an outline. After that, you can seek out more specific information if you WANT it. Note again, I didn’t say NEED it. Every marketer needs this information but only the truly committed ones will WANT it and seek it out. WARNING: The next section is about me and I do tend to crap on a bit so if you’re not interested or you don’t give a fig or it just doesn’t matter to you who I am or what I’ve done then just skip it. I don’t care. I only put it in coz every time I buy a book I wanna know who the author is and what that person’s experience and qualifications are BEFORE I read it. I just like to know these things. I dunno… Maybe it’s just me. But I think it’s good to know something about the person who’s offering the information. Anyway… … it’s up to you. Read it until I bore you then just jump to the next chapter. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! (By the way, I don’t always write words like “coz”, “wanna” and “dunno” – but I do talk that way.) © 2009 Gary Simpson 8 brought to you by:
  • 9. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 2.0 - OK, Time Now to “Fess Up” - What Gives Me the Authority or Ability to Teach You This Stuff? Yep, that’s me over there. So… what gives me the authority or the ability to teach you about copywriting? The simple answer to that is this – I have NO “real” authority to teach copywriting. You see, I’m not a copyrighter per se. In other words, I don’t make my living by writing copy. But (there’s always a but, isn’t there?)… … I HAVE worked as a proof-reader, speech writer, Parliamentary Liaison Officer (ie the one who REALLY writes all those BS letters that politicians “pretend” to write – you know – “I regret to advise you… blah, blah, blah”), report writer, technical writer, book writer (I have written several novels that I am seeking publishers for), magazine writer, newspaper writer, features writer and a whole bunch of other things. And I do know an awful LOT about the best way to write. Jokingly I often say to other people, “I’ve already forgotten MORE about writing than you will ever know!” Pretty arrogant huh? Well, I have the runs on the board. Want a little more proof? On the Internet I have written hundreds of articles that have been picked up by thousands of websites and ezines, I have a massive blog that gets 100’s and 100’s of comments and 1000’s and 1000’s of visits, I have a huge Twitter following, I have authored a bunch of e- books that are downloaded all over the world etc, etc. Here are some titles of my e-books: • The Power of Choice • Using Motivation & Self Esteem to Excel in Everything You Do • Time in Motion Action Planner • The Internet Marketing Mindset • Profit is a Beautiful Word • Twitter Muscle – How to Get Noticed on Twitter • Brain Training – Affirmations to Strengthen Mind and Body • How to Beat Your Chronic Back Pain • Net Wealth • How to Stop Wasting Your Life and Start Getting What You Want © 2009 Gary Simpson 9 brought to you by:
  • 10. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting By the way, these aren’t the usual 5-10 page pamphlets with double- spacing, large font, “fluffed up” and loaded with pictures that most people call e-books. U-uh! My e-books (like this one) run in excess of 40 pages and 10,000 words. Some of my manuals are 250+ pages. As you have probably already realized I am never short of words and I generally write all my books in a flurry of activity. After the research and note taking phase, I can usually bash out a piece of work that is 95% done in a couple of days. My Time in Motion ACTION Planner was the quickest one at a total writing and typing (yes I type them all myself) time of 6 hours. I am indeed a prolific writer and very little gives me greater pleasure than slamming words down on a page. Strange, I know. Weird even! Oh, I have also written and delivered five eulogies and I can tell you – there is NO MORE DIFFICULT task than summing up a person’s life in words and keeping all the loved ones, relatives and friends happy. Hmm, well, yes there is ONE thing – actually reading the eulogy in front of people who are weeping the loss of that person. Let me tell you, if you can do that without losing it then you can do ANYTHING! So, moving right along… pretty much, I would pit myself against any writer on the face of the earth. That’s how confident I am of my ability. However, mainstream writing (which I don’t mind telling anyone that I am an expert in) and copywriting are two different things. OK, I’m bunging on too much about myself. But I did that to impress upon you that I have a mountain of writing knowledge and experience. And I DID warn you beforehand! So, I know what I’m talking about. Gee, it took a while to get to that, didn’t it? But there is a reason for it. You can be a GREAT writer and still TOTALLY SUCK at copywriting. I wouldn’t say that I suck at copywriting. I’m actually not too shabby at it. However, I am still studying it and learning the craft. And it is a craft. And it can be learned. And I’m getting better at it all the time. And YOU can too! I want you to know that. In fact, some pretty ordinary writers are actually not bad copywriters. You see, you have to get inside a person’s head and create a compelling reason to convince them to buy your words. When they buy your words they will probably buy whatever you are promoting. © 2009 Gary Simpson 10 brought to you by:
  • 11. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting Have you ever walked into a shop WANTING to buy something and then been beset upon by a very knowledgeable yet extremely annoying salesperson? I’ll bet you have. I have – many times. So, even though you really want to buy whatever that thing is you KNOW that you don’t want to buy it off this person. So, what happened? The salesperson got between you and the buying decision by upsetting you with something you found overwhelmingly annoying. Maybe he or she was just too pushy or they had an irritating habit or mannerism or they did that really, really obnoxious thing that some salespeople do – rubbing their hands together in anticipation of the sale. I HATE that. It’s telling me that this person wants to get into my wallet MORE than they want to guide me through the sales process or help me. Your job, therefore, in your sales letters is to GUIDE your prospect through to a buying decision. And the more skilful you are the easier it will be and the more sales you will make. It has been said many times that a sales letter is just salesmanship in print. And that is what I want to give you the basics of here. So… all that being said, I have purchased many books on copywriting and many manuals on the subject. I have studied the works of John Caples, Brett McFall, Scott Bywater, Dan Kennedy, Alexi Neocleous, Ted Nicholas, Pete Godfrey, Gary Halbert, Bill Myers and many other master copywriters. Each and every quote that I use in this short e-book comes from a book that I own and have studied. I also own the master resale rights to a number of excellent courses – one of which I will offer to you at the end of this e-book – just in case you want to learn more than the brief (but very valuable) information that I am going to share with you here. Just quickly, it’s Alexi Neocleous’s full copywriting course bound up in a large electronically delivered book of 184 pages that sells right now across the Internet for up to $295. But, if you want it you won’t have to shell out anywhere near that amount of money. I can’t give it to you because others are selling it and that would cause too many problems for everybody – not you, me and the others. But I will do you a very special deal. More on that at the end of this e-book. For now… enjoy what I am going to share with you right here, right now. I hope it really helps you with your copywriting skills! © 2009 Gary Simpson 11 brought to you by:
  • 12. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 3.0 - Who Can be a Copywriter? Short answer – anyone. It doesn’t take a University degree – there is no formal qualification. Some people learn the craft and just get better and better because they practice and test and measure the responses they get. They refine and tweak. It takes a lot of experimenting and a fair degree of conceptualizing. But here’s a word of warning. There are copywriters and there are fly- by-nighters. I have seen geniuses and I have seen complete duds who suck harder than a vacuum cleaner. Just because somebody throws their shingle out and says they are a copywriter doesn’t mean they are any good. If you hire a copywriter then you should ask for examples of their work so you can go and have a look at it. The fees vary markedly according to the “pulling- power” and success that the copywriter has achieved in the past. Fees anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars to $50,000 are common, depending on the size and complexity of the job. It’s a tough but rewarding career. Some people are naturals at it, others have to work hard to achieve their results and some people well… just remember the vacuum cleaner remark that I made earlier. Because there are no formal qualifications and the Internet has virtually been set alight by some copywriters who have had outstanding success for their clients, lots of people have tried to move in on the act. They call themselves copywriters, set up a website and off they go. And some of them are fair-dinkum hopeless (an Aussie saying). I have seen some so-called copywriters make the biggest blunders possible and so many of them seem to be copywriters by name only. Maybe I should start to become a full-time copywriter myself. It’s about the only form of writing that I haven’t actually been paid for – even though I’ve done a lot of work for others to help them with their sales page copy. And it’s the one form of writing that pays the most too. Hmm… (mind ticking over). © 2009 Gary Simpson 12 brought to you by:
  • 13. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 4.0 - So, What is the Purpose of this e-Book? If you remember back to the frontispiece I said this… “If you don’t have the moolah to splash out on hiring a top- shelf copywriter to write a blazing sales page for you then… learn to write your own copy, and I’ll show you how!” And that is what I am going to do. Obviously, I’m not going to go into too much depth with anything and I am not going to cover absolutely everything in the psychology and technique of copywriting. However, after reading and studying the material that I am going to present you with, you will have a much greater knowledge of the types of things that you will need to consider when you write your advertisements, sales pages and texts. So, what you will have is a general appreciation of the sorts of things that you should be considering. You will also be in a much better position to consider your copywriting options and have a better understanding of the concepts of copywriting than you did before you studied this book. So, if you simply cannot afford a top-notch copywriter now – and let’s face it, they are NOT cheap – and even if you cannot even afford a lower level copywriter then, at least, you will be able to make a better effort of writing your own copy than you did before. And then, as I said, at the end of it all this information, I am going to give you the option of taking this whole copywriting caper a stage further by getting a lot more detailed information. After studying that you will then be in a position to start writing your own copy with MUCH greater effect. “I have seen one mail order advertisement actually sell, not twice as much, not three times as much, but NINE AND A HALF TIMES as much goods as another.” - John Caples from “Tested Advertizing Methods.” © 2009 Gary Simpson 13 brought to you by:
  • 14. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 5.0 - Let’s Get Started, Shall We? Let’s assume that you are looking at the front page of a newspaper or a magazine, what is the first thing that attracts your attention? A picture! Especially if it’s an attractive man or woman or maybe a cute child or an animal. On the other end of the scale – death, destruction, disfigurement, disaster, chaos, mayhem and gore would certainly attract your immediate attention. These are the things that make us look and say, “Wow!” As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But let’s assume that we don’t have pictures. What are you then drawn to? No prizes for guessing. You’ve probably heard it many times before – the headline. If the headline is captivating – ie interesting or controversial or intriguing then what do we do? We scan the article and look at the highlighted (juicy) bits. Then we might look at who the author is, then we might read the first paragraph which MAY be interesting enough to draw us into the second paragraph. Then we might scan some more and then we might go to the last paragraph and read that. If this has whetted our interest enough we might then purchase the paper or magazine and take it away to read the entire article. Think about it. That’s what you do, isn’t it? Well, maybe you might not check the author’s name but… as you become more skeptical and discerning with what you believe and who you trust and who you know to be credible and who you know is a bloody bullshit artist (please excuse the term) then you will most certainly start to look at the names and reputations of the authors who you know, like and trust. Now, remember those last four words… … know, like and trust. These words will be central to your audience as you build your reputation as a provider of quality and valuable information. In a moment, I am going to start with the first part of the sales letter or article that you want your readers to take notice of – the headline. But first… © 2009 Gary Simpson 14 brought to you by:
  • 15. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 6.0 – Four Essential Pre-requisites Before You Can Write Money Making Ads and Sales Letters: Before we get stuck right into this copywriting caper there are four things that Alexi Neocleous says that you MUST satisfy BEFORE you can write money making Ads. I thought they made a lot of sense and so I am going to list them here. These are: 6.1 – Will people WANT what you are selling? Don’t make the FATAL MISTAKE of believing that people will NEED what you are intending to sell. People NEED better health but they WANT to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and eat junk food. Do you understand what I am saying here? Do the RESEARCH and make sure that people WANT something FIRST. (Remember that big HIGHLIGHTED tip on page 4?) Here’s a good hint – are they already buying it? Who from? Where? Now make it your business to find out all you can about that market. Research the opposition and then do it better than they do – either on service, quality, price, marketing or a combination of any or all of those things. Most businesses do an appalling job of retaining their customers so there is always room for a “new kid in town.” 6.2 – Is your product of high quality? If you sell junk, or even worse – a con – then you will only ever sell ONCE and maybe nunce (is that even a word?) because 1 sale MINUS 1 refund = no sale at all. People are becoming more and more discerning. With the wildfire capabilities of the Internet (social networking) your reputation can be shot to pieces in a matter of hours. 6.3 – Have you priced your product to match what your target audience can afford to pay? If you price it too highly then you cut out a large slice of your potential customers. If you price it too cheaply people will perceive that it is no good. 6.4 – Does the person who you are trying to sell to have permission or the authority to buy it? Let me give you a blatantly obvious example – you cannot sell alcohol or tobacco to minors. They don’t have the permission at law to buy those products. And, if you were selling a home security system or a big ticket household appliance and you were selling to one half of a couple there is EVERY likelihood that the other partner would need to agree to such a purchase. © 2009 Gary Simpson 15 brought to you by:
  • 16. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 7.0 – First Thing First - The Headline or the Title: Now I know that you are just hanging out for me to get stuck into this so let’s start with the ONE thing that will make or break your campaign right from the very start – the headline! More than anything else the one single thing that will allow you to succeed or fail with your article or advertisement is the HEADLINE. Similarly, you can completely KILL a brilliant book with a silly title. You can write the BEST advertisement known to mankind but… if the headline sucks it will stand very little chance of attracting attention at all. People are lazy. They won’t read anything that doesn’t at first attract their attention and then, hold that attention – word by word. And with a book, that applies equally the same. Occasionally, along will come a book of such great magnitude that sheer word of mouth will make it a best seller – despite the title. The best example that springs immediately to my mind is “Psycho Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz. Now, I ask you – is this a title that would grab your attention to pick it up and start reading its contents? No. The ONLY reason that anyone would pick this book up off a shelf would be to see WHY the author chose such a ridiculous title. Don’t YOU rely on such a technique! It wasn’t the title that made this book an international best-seller. If it was up to the title alone this book would have been lucky to sell just a couple rather than the millions that it did. Make your book title relevant, intriguing and wanting your prospective reader to be attracted to it and want to know more. Look at the title of this e-book: “Beginner’s Guide to the Magic Art of Copywriting” What does it immediately convey? (a) It’s a basic guide for beginners. That is, it’s an introduction for people who want the basics – meaning that it is NOT an in-depth book, rather, a simple guide for people who want to learn the basics. So, it’s not too technical or difficult. Most people like this approach. © 2009 Gary Simpson 16 brought to you by:
  • 17. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting (b) It’s about copywriting. That is the subject. And for people who are interested in copywriting they know what to expect from what is inside. (c) There is something “magical” within. That is the intrigue for its readers. So, despite the basic nature of the information there is a hint here that there is something very interesting inside. Now, I could have called this book: “Copywriting – a Basic Guide” … but how damn boring would that have been? Yes it would tell prospective readers what it was about – ie a basic book about copywriting. However, compare the two. Which one would YOU reach for first if they were both EXACTLY the same in all respects and only the titles differed? Referring now to Articles and Sales Pages – again, your headline is critical. 7.1 - Types of Headlines: I really don’t have the space in this short overview of copywriting to discuss each of these in detail so all that I am going to do is list them. If you want more information then you can get that in the full copywriting course that I am recommending at the end of this beginner’s guide. With the information that I present here and the full course you should certainly be able to do a very decent job at copywriting – IF you study the principles and APPLY them. So, here are the seven basic types of headlines: • Direct • Indirect • How To • Command • Question • Reason Why • News © 2009 Gary Simpson 17 brought to you by:
  • 18. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 7.2 - The 10 Most POWERFUL Words to Use in Your Headlines: Now these have been tested and measured and I’m presenting them here in ORDER so you can see what the ranking is… • #1 – You • #2 – Your • #3 – How • #4 – New • #5 – Who • #6 – Money • #7 – Now • #8 – Why • #9 – Want • #10 – People If you use those words intelligently in your headline or title you should be off to a good start. But… … write a dozen or so headline variations and keep shuffling through them until you get one that really stands out. Here’s a little trick that I use – I write up to 10 headlines on cards and then I rank them in order. I turn the cards face down and I write numbers 1 to 10 on them with 1 being best and 10 being the worst. Then I leave it for a while, come back, shuffle the cards and re-rank them. Turn the cards back over and rank them again. Keep the five best and then repeat until it’s between just 2 or 3 alternatives. When you get what you think is your best effort try to beat it by writing another 4 headline variations. OK – enough about headlines! I think you get the message but there is a LOT more information in Alexi Neocleous’s copywriting course. “Long headlines that say something are more effective than short headlines that say nothing.” - David Ogivy – Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather, Int’l. In reference to the long headline versus the short headline – a never- ending debate exists between the advantages and disadvantages of long copy versus short copy. I don’t have the space to engage in this here. However, Alexi Neocleous addresses it brilliantly in his course. © 2009 Gary Simpson 18 brought to you by:
  • 19. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 8.0 - Do You KNOW Who You Are Selling To? Now, this may seem PAINFULLY obvious but… … do you KNOW who your target audience is? And for God’s sake PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T say “everyone.” If you say that then you won’t write even a half-decent advert. If it’s for dog lovers then that’s great but… … can you get even more specific? What if you narrowed it down to Lhasa Apso owners – EVEN BETTER. You see, the more specific you can be about WHO you are wanting to appeal to then the more focused and RELEVANT you will be. Because you will be able to get “inside” the minds and hearts of these people. You will know what they like, what they don’t like, what they are experiencing, the challenges and frustrations they are facing and… … what they WANT to overcome those challenges and frustrations. Essentially, you identify a want and then you FILL it! It all comes down to research. If I asked you to write down in a few sentences who your NUMBER ONE IDEAL prospect is in a few short sentences could you do it? Yeah? Really? OK. Do it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you couldn’t do it then you either don’t know or you were just too damn lazy to do it. Either way, your ability to write your own successful copy is not high at this point. Make it your mission to find out. It will save you a LOT of money (and grief)! © 2009 Gary Simpson 19 brought to you by:
  • 20. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 9.0 – Write One On One: This is a bit of a continuation on from the last chapter but it is just SO important that I thought I’d give it a separate chapter all of its own. DON’T write for the masses – write for the individual. Sure the masses will read your copy. Well… some of them will. However, people read individually, one by one – one set of eyeballs at a time. They need to FEEL that YOU are writing specifically just for THEM and nobody else. Have you ever read a “mass audience” letter or sales copy? Or an email? For example: “If you are one of my valued subscribers…” WRONG! I see this all the time in emails. First thing that springs to mind? Mass mailed spam. Let’s just take that partial sentence apart… “If you” supposes that the writer doesn’t know if you are or aren’t. “are one of” – wow! You are just a number in the system. How do you feel? “my valued subscribers” – VALUED? Really? What about this as an alternative? “As my valued partner…” Well, you are in a partnership, aren’t you? One is providing information. The other is receiving that information and maybe even offering some in return. Or money in exchange for information. If you are not writing for the individual then everyone who receives your mass mailed email or sales letter will just feel as though it is just another piece of advertising – just like all the OTHER advertising. You need to stand out and it’s not all that hard to do. Just write as though you were writing personally to someone, not a mass audience. © 2009 Gary Simpson 20 brought to you by:
  • 21. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 10.0 – Write Conversationally: Can you see how I have been writing this e-book so far? Yep. I’m writing it like I speak. I just said “yep.” As much as my classical training tells me not to I have also said “gonna” a couple of times and sometimes I also say “coz” instead of because. Now, I’m not instructing you to do the same. Nor am I advocating the use of swearing – even though I have added a few “mild” swearing terms like “Double-bloody-duh!” and referred to vernacular terms such as “testicle-monials.” But can you see how I am pretty much just “talking” with you here? It’s conversational. Having said that, I’m not littering every page with it. I just use it here and there in a friendly, natural sort of way. If you write like you speak – providing every second word you say isn’t THAT word – then it comes across as far more friendly and natural. Incidentally, I really don’t advise using any harsh swearing because you will offend and alienate a lot of people by doing so. Yes, we hear it in shopping arcades and at the movies, the restaurant, on TV and virtually everywhere these days but that is still NO EXCUSE to use it in advertising. It WILL offend and upset a lot of people. I recall one of the great copywriters, the late Gary Halbert, towards the end of his illustrious copywriting and advertising career liberally using all sorts of offensive words in his copy. I didn’t like it. I thought it was a mistake. I am very broad-minded and at times I swear like a trooper myself but I felt that he was just going too far and pushing the boundaries unnecessarily. Anyway, that’s another story best left alone here. If you write like you speak and the way that MOST people speak – without being offensive – then you will be on a pretty good path. One of the best things that you can do is to read your piece out aloud. Does it SOUND conversational? Or does it sound like you are reading some sort of technical report? If so, mark up the bits that are too stilted and re–write them. Just write as you would speak – write conversationally. © 2009 Gary Simpson 21 brought to you by:
  • 22. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 11.0 – Write Down EVERY Possible Benefit of Your Product: Yes! Do this. Write down EVERY teensy-weensy benefit that you can possibly think of – even if they are – for the want of a better word – puissant (sorry!). Then grade them. Put the biggest, meatiest and boniest benefit at number one and then grade them right down to the most lowly, shallow, almost insignificant benefit of them all. You see, when you do this you can always come up with other “side” benefits. How do you find benefits? Easy! You list the features of your gizmo- do-dad that you want to sell and then turn that feature into what it will do for your customer. For example, your gizmo doo-dad is portable. OK. It’s portable. What does that mean to your prospect? How about this? (eg convenience) “And one of the best things is that you can take this gizmo doo-dad anywhere you want. It’s small enough to pack up and take anywhere and because it’s so light you won’t strain yourself transporting it. In fact, it’s so light even a child could carry it. The convenience of this means that you … blah... blah… blah…” See what I did? I turned a feature into a benefit that a prospect can identify with. And, along the way, I told a little story. This is how you need to start thinking – in terms of how the features of your product will benefit the people using it. Try it… Feature: …………………………………….. Benefit: …………………………………….. Feature: …………………………………….. Benefit: …………………………………….. Feature: …………………………………….. Benefit: …………………………………….. © 2009 Gary Simpson 22 brought to you by:
  • 23. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 12.0 – Testimonials – Good Ones and BAD Ones: Well, excuse me for a moment here but I’m gonna use a term that I have become rather well-known for – er… for all the wrong reasons. You see, when I see testimonials I can immediately categorise them into two types – good ones and bad ones. The good ones are REAL testimonials. The bad ones… hmm… I call them testicle-moanials. They are either fake or false or they may as well be. They are USELESS! Here’s a testicle-moanial… “This product was really good. I saved a lot of money using it.” – John, Utah. Duh! Duh! Double-bloody-duh! Can you see why it was so woeful? It’s a moaner alright. Utterly useless. It really says zip. Nothing. There is NO value at all in having such a banal comment. You see, it is so unspecific that it virtually smacks of being fake. Here are the questions that will run through your customer’s mind: 1 – which product? This one? 2 – saved money? How much? 3 – who is John of Utah? (Hmmff, probably doesn’t even exist!) Now your prospect is wary of you for using a FAKE or highly suspicious alleged comment from “John.” Can you see that? Admit it… when you see junk like that, isn’t that what YOU think. Such comments add NOTHING and are better left out. Here’s a breathing, snorting, rip-roaring testimonial. “The ABC Gizmo was fantastic. It did everything you said it would and more. I was rapt to save $86.00 the very first time that I used it and I know this is going to save me money like that for years to come. Thank you SO much!” – John Kirk - © 2009 Gary Simpson 23 brought to you by:
  • 24. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting OK. I made that one up just for an example. But can you see the difference? You want a REAL one that I have received? How about this? • “I just read The Power Of Choice and it really hit home with me! The Power of Choice. What a powerful message!!! I used to sing and I must say I had a very powerful voice and potentially a career in the music industry. What did I do? In my teen years I drank and smoked and quit my voice lessons. I was always told that was my God given talent. Well that talent has been wasted and maybe I can recoup it. I will be revisiting your site and rereading this story often!” – Carmen. I’m not using Carmen’s surname or any other details here because I haven’t asked her if I could publish it. But it was a real comment that I received. Here’s another one I got for my Power of Choice e-book. I’ve snipped this because it was far too long. • [snip] “Blessed Gary Simpson. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless your coming and going on earth. You are a divine inspiration and are indeed welcomed. I've been praying for divine intervention to guide me in my journey in life. I need to make decisions and I've forgotten how and why. Your e-book 'CHOICE' is inspirational and divine. The message touched me deeply, my heart exploded. Both joy and pain gripped me as I read the words and turned the pages. Tears freely running down my cheeks.” [snip] - Edward Dumas. How powerful was that from Edward? Do you think other people might want to check that e-book out? Want more? With identifiers? Here’s some other testimonials that I got for my ACTION Planner e- book: • "I LOVE this! Your Action Planner is something that will really help me." - Lori James. © 2009 Gary Simpson 24 brought to you by:
  • 25. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting • "I just downloaded your eBook! FANTASTIC - on so many fronts. Very practical. I look forward to using it in my business." - Harry Harris. • "A LOT of people will have paid MONEY for something that is nowhere near as useful. I’m VERY impressed with it." - Nikki Stephens. • “I love your Time and Motion action planner. Until I used it I had notes everywhere for things I had to do and wasted so much time losing and finding where I’d written them down, and I got easily distracted. Your simple but effective planner certainly keeps me on track. Once it became part of my daily routine, I became considerably more effective. – Jean Shaw Or what about these unsolicited comments I received just recently about my Twitter Muscle e-book? They went out on Twitter. • “…I'll be reading more of your stuff from your site. Even recommended Twitter Muscle to my former professor!” -Jeanette Woodward • @TheGazzMan I read "Twitter-Muscle" (twice over) today & "Power of Choice". Need 2 now put it in2 practice. TkU sosososo much...! :) - Alicia As And then, in the middle of writing this book – right at this very point on testimonials – I got this! It’s about my Internet Mindset e-book. • “A very big thanks... you're book was super!! You really nailed it, so much so, I ended up reading it more than once!! I really liked the way you put things in an easy-to-follow way... Many thanks again :-)” – Bob Hughes See how each of these comments adds value, sustenance and social proof to the products the people are talking about? I could add several dozen more but I’m sure you get the idea. © 2009 Gary Simpson 25 brought to you by:
  • 26. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting How do you get them? EASY! Ask for them. Pretty simple huh? What’s the WORST that somebody will say to you? NO! And you don’t get it. What happens if you don’t ask? You don’t get it. Well, I’m guilty of this too. I don’t ask anywhere near enough. But I am fortunate enough that quite a few people actually take the time and trouble to send me nice comments like these. Just make sure you ask those who you seek testimonials from whether you can publish them or not. I didn’t ask Jeanette or Alicia above because Jeanette and Alicia sent their comments out across the world on Twitter and everyone could see them anyway. And I didn’t ask Bob either coz his comment is sitting smack-bang right on my blog for everyone to see anyway. That was also an unsolicited comment, which I can easily use as a testimonial. On testimonials, Alexi Neocleous, in his copywriting course “Advertising Secrets” (See how you can get a copy of this course on page…) says this… “It is impossible to have too many testimonials. When I have dozens of testimonials, I create a booklet and title it “Proof”… or … “Evidence What I’m Saying Is True.” Testimonials are powerful social proof that what you are promoting is valuable and has been used and liked by others. © 2009 Gary Simpson 26 brought to you by:
  • 27. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 13.0 – Using Emphases and Visual Effects: Now this is an interesting subject in itself. What I am talking about here is: • CAPITALISATION, • bolding, • BOLDED CAPITALISATION, • underlining, • BOLDED CAPITALISATION WITH UNDERLINING, • the use of italics • the use of bolded italics • the use of BOLDED italics with underlining with CAPITALISATION o indenting • change of color • (use of brackets) • highlighting … and all the other little devices and tricks used to emphasize something and draw the eye to its importance. Like my three little dots that I use quite often to create a pause. Now, just have a look at that bullet pointing above. The bullet points are another device. Does it look attractive to you? It looks very UNattractive to me – a real dog’s breakfast, so to speak. And I see copy, sales letters and advertising that looks like that all the way through. And, I’m sure you have seen it too. Use emphasis but use it sparingly and wisely. If you overdo it like I have above then what you are flagging up immediately and in a VERY visual manner is SALES PAGE! You’ve seen them, haven’t you? You know… every couple of inches… a BIG RED BOLD UNDERLINED CENTRED HEADING Um, try to keep that sort of emphasis down to a dull roar, will you? Here’s another thing… … see what I just did? I used the pause technique again. © 2009 Gary Simpson 27 brought to you by:
  • 28. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting And something else – a very clever writing tutor (yes I have been tutored – a LONG time ago now but I remember the lessons well) told me to do this… - and THIS is VERY important! Print your copy, advertising, story, whatever then put it on the floor at your feet. How does it look? Does it look readable? Or does it look like a contract? You know – something that lawyers write that starts in the top left hand corner of the page and continues through without a single break, or any punctuation in a BIG BLOCK of print right down to the right hand corner. I’ve seen many, many people write in massive TEXT BLOCKS just like the one I describe above. Do you know what I do? I do what you do! I DON’T read them! It’s a MASSIVE road block to your eyes. A real CHORE! People HATE it! I HATE it! You HATE it! Everyone HATES it! So don’t do that! It will kill anything you write. You absolutely MUST, MUST, MUST have LOTS of white space around your copy. Use short snappy sentences, divide the words into short paragraphs. Just like I’m doing here. And look at that last sentence. Was it a REAL sentence? Or was it written the way that people talk. Further proof. You can even write paragraphs of a single sentence. Or a single word. No? Yes you can. I just did it. Here’s a final word on this by Ted Nicholas… “Use short paragraphs. Try not to go over eight lines; shorter is even better. Long blocks of copy are hard to read. Often prospects will skip longer paragraphs – or sub-consciously use them as an excuse for putting your letter down.” - Ted Nicholas from “The Golden Mailbox – How to Get Rich marketing Your Product.” © 2009 Gary Simpson 28 brought to you by:
  • 29. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 14.0 – ASK For the Order – Several Times! Hey! Have you ever read a sales letter, got a bit excited about the offer and then had to HUNT for how the heck you can get what it is that they are offering? Betcha have. Me too! Dopey, isn’t it? Ask for the order. Do it several times. If your copy is long then you should do it more times. Don’t make people conduct a search mission for it. If your copy is short – ie 1 to 2 pages then you can still ask for the order several times in the body of the copy. But remember this… … space it out. Make it look and seem and feel natural. Don’t just keep saying, “gimme, gimme, gimme!” “Long copy sells more than short copy.” - David Ogilvy – Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather, Int’l. © 2009 Gary Simpson 29 brought to you by:
  • 30. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 15.0 – Clever Doesn’t Sell: Now here is something else that is very important… … don’t be too clever. In fact, don’t be clever at all. Plays on words, puns and the like really don’t do all that well in advertising. Why? OK, I’ll tell you why… … don’t over-estimate the intelligence of your audience. It has been said many times by many different experts that most people have the reading and comprehension level of a Grade Seven Primary School Student. Think about what I just said… … I will BET that you know a bunch of people who haven’t even read a single book since they left school. Do you? I even know people who brag about it. In fact, I know a certain person who I love very much who obtained a double degree who claims she NEVER read a single book the whole time she was at University. I read thousands of books. I study books. I am a master wordsmith. I can be extremely clever with words. I can butcher words and change their meanings to suit my own purpose and make it all very funny from a word association point of view. Oh yeah! But I would NEVER EVER - and I mean NEVER - try to do that in ad copy. I have done it in the past and people just do NOT “get” clever. They don’t. So, don’t do it. If you have to explain what you meant then you are either: (a) – insufficiently skilled in the written word (b) – distracted and/or made a mistake or mistakes or (c) – too damn clever for your own good. Basic is best. If an “average” 10 or 11 year old kid with an “average” level of comprehension doesn’t understand what you have written then you can almost be guaranteed that an average 30 year old or an average 55 year old or even an average 71 year old won’t either. Got it? Don’t out-smart yourself. Clever doesn’t sell! Never has. Never will. © 2009 Gary Simpson 30 brought to you by:
  • 31. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 16.0 – Overcoming Objections - Feel, Felt & Found: There is a school of thought in copywriting that says you should write out ALL the possible objections that your target audience could ask you, list them and then answer them – one by one. I’m not 100% sure that you should list EVERY possible objection but it is a good idea to list say, the top six that you can think of. For example: • too expensive • money back guarantee • credibility • back up support • quality • back up support or customer service One of the best possible ways that you can do that is known as the feel, felt, found method. … before I show you… WARNING! Don’t overdo or overcook this – use it for your biggest objection only. Here’s how you can do it… You empathise with your prospect. “Hey Joe, I can understand how you feel this way. I felt that way too. But here is what I found…” And then you go on to show them what you found. But PLEASE… be sincere. Nothing is worse than an insincere approach being masked as sincere. If you want to see some glaring examples of INsincerity then just get on Twitter and start reading 99% of the automated DM’s (Direct Messages). Sometimes I really do shake my head at all the bozos there. By the way, if you’re on Twitter and you don’t wanna be a clown then (FGS) get this: – it’s FREE anyway! Use the “feel, felt, found” technique but couch it in your own words, terms etc. © 2009 Gary Simpson 31 brought to you by:
  • 32. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 17.0 – Conducting a Final Test: Read your advertisement out aloud. Yep. That’s right. And whenever you feel there is a sticking point put a pencil mark near it or circle that bit. These are your weak-flow points. Sticking or stumbling points. Fix ‘em up. And here’s another little thing that I do… I walk away from my project for a few hours or even a day or two. Sometimes you just get far TOO CLOSE to a subject and you cannot see the bleedlingly obvious even when it is right under your nose. I’m sure you have heard of the saying: “Can’t see the forest for the trees.” Well, that applies very well to your copywriting skills. In fact to all your writing – whether it be a simple letter, an article, a report, a book or a sales letter. So, read your letter out aloud and have a pencil in your hand while you do so. Try not to make notes as you go, rather just put a cross or a mark or a circle at the points that need further attention. Otherwise, all you will be doing is another edit – stop, start, stop, start and you won’t get a feel for where the real sticking points are. Just mark it so that you can come back and do your edit later. When you can finally read through your piece without interruption then it will be very close to being finished. Leave it another day and repeat the process again. If you can get all the way through it a second time without any major sticking points then you are ready to publish. Remember, after you publish it – especially on the Internet – you can always come back and split-test or tinker to see if you can improve your results. © 2009 Gary Simpson 32 brought to you by:
  • 33. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 18.0 - Measuring and “Split-Testing”: Always measure your results to see what gets the best conversion – ie readership, sales etc. And if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. You have to keep records. Otherwise all you are doing is guessing. If you want to change a headline or a paragraph or some emphasis then do it ONE THING AT A TIME! If you change two things then how will you know what changed your results? For instance, let’s say you changed the headline AND you changed the price. The headline change wasn’t good. You stopped 20 people from reading on. But, your price change got you another 3 sales. What would the effect have been if you ONLY changed the price? You may have made another 5 or 6 sales. But, in the above example you just won’t know what would have happened had you only changed one parameter. Here is what David Ogilvy says about the concept of split-testing: “The key to success (maximum sales per dollar) lies in perpetual testing of all the variables.” - David Ogilvy – Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather, Int’l. And here is what Ted Nicholas says about it: “Half Price! 50 percent Off! Buy One – Get One FREE! Look carefully. Do you think these phrases all say the same thing? You won’t think so if you’re a direct marketer. You’ll test responses to these offers to see which one pulls in the most orders.” - Ted Nicholas from “The Golden Mailbox – How to Get Rich marketing Your Product.” © 2009 Gary Simpson 33 brought to you by:
  • 34. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 19.0 - Ten Point Check List When Writing Your Ads: • 19.1 – Ensure that your headlines command attention and virtually DEMAND that your prospects take action • 19.2 - You have to be UNIQUE. What do you have or do that makes you stand out from the chatter of the ever- increasing crowd? • 19.3 - Write as you speak rather than as a professional “Report Writer.” • 19.4 - Don’t sell the prevention, sell the cure. As Jay Abraham says, “Nobody wants the ¼ inch drill. What they want is a ¼ inch hole.” • 19.5 - Take all the risk away from a buying decision by making an IRON-CLAD guarantee – and STICK to it. • 19.6 - Use DIRECT RESPONSE advertising rather than image based (eg brand names like Nike, McDonalds etc) • 19.7 - Make sure you put your credibility on display (eg through use of good value-adding testimonials). If you have no credibility you will NEVER make a sale. • 19.8 - Cover all the concerns and likely objections of your TARGET audience. • 19.9 - Test your copy and your advertisements before you start to roll them out on a large scale. • 19.10 - Speak in terms of BENEFITS to your prospects rather than of the FEATURES of whatever your product or service is. At all times you should be striving to turn one time customers into long term clients. And you CANNOT do that by using “sharp” practices. Remember… suspect prospect customer client raving fan… and maybe even friend © 2009 Gary Simpson 34 brought to you by:
  • 35. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting 20.0 - If You WANT to Learn More About Copywriting: Well, I think I have given you a pretty good overview of copywriting. And I have mentioned a stack of things that you need to be aware of and which will help you get started writing your own sales articles and letters. But… … maybe you are like me. Maybe you want to learn more. I am always seeking information and I am always learning about subjects that help me in business. And if you’re NOT doing the same then you are selling YOURSELF short! At the beginning of this short e-book I said I would point you in the direction of further information if you wanted it. Well, I can thoroughly recommend this advertising course by Alexi Neocleous. Alexi has studied under some of the very best copywriters in the world – John Caples, Jay Abraham, Brian Keith Voile, Brett McFall, John Carlton and others. His fabulous course has been condensed into an e-book for fast electronic delivery. You can search for it on the net and find that it is being sold for up to $295. But, for a limited time I am going to offer this e-book course to you not for half price, or even a quarter of the price. At $75 it would still be a steal. And I’m not even offering it at $50! I want to make sure that every person who has a passion for writing their own copy and learning much more about this essential art will have the opportunity of receiving this course at a very affordable price. So… … for a limited time (maybe even more limited than I think… coz I don’t quite know how long I can get away with this before I get sprung) I will be offering this course for only $47. That’s just under 16% of what I have seen it advertised and sold for on the Internet. Go on. Check it out. I guarantee you won’t be able to get this excellent resource any cheaper anywhere. How am I able to do that? Simple. I paid Alexi for a resellers’ license. © 2009 Gary Simpson 35 brought to you by:
  • 36. Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting I was instructed – er make that “requested” - to sell this course for no less than $177 which was the lowest end of the selling range. That was to make sure I wasn’t undercutting all the other resellers. But I have never been all that good at taking orders from people and I certainly didn’t sign a contract that said anything about re-selling this course at a specified price. But I must be fair – well, as fair as I can be anyway. So, IF and when they find out that I am selling this for roughly a quarter of the price of what I am supposed to sell it for I will probably upset a lot of people. However, if you don’t say anything then neither will I. Deal? Recommended copywriting course by Alexi Neocleous. Below (in blue print) is the original sales letter for this awesome course. I have included it here for TWO reasons: 1 - so that you can see what’s in the course and 2 – because Alexi Neocleous himself wrote it and it gives a good idea of his ability. Here it is: © 2009 Gary Simpson 36 brought to you by:
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