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Final Seo Faq Final Seo Faq Document Transcript

  • >>> Tim & Darren's SEO FAQ <<< Tim & Darren's SEO FAQ (See How Tim Grilled Me in This SEO Report!) Jointly Written & Presented by Timothy Owen and Darren Chow LEGAL STUFF The information presented herein represents the views of the author as of the date of publication. This report is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities resulting from the use of this information. Reproduction of any portion of this publication without the permission of the author is illegal. DISCLOSURE POLICY The publishers of this report do receive payments for some of the products and services that we recommend in this report. Over $14,500 Worth of Resources – Click Here to Find Out More
  • >>> Tim & Darren's SEO FAQ <<< A Quick Word from Timothy Owen Darren Chow is someone I have had the pleasure of meeting just recently. He has already impressed me and others I have personally introduced him to. So much so that I am honored to have this opportunity to introduce you to him and the knowledge he has to share of what it takes to succeed online. He has proven to me that he is a man of his word. Someone who delivers all that he promises and then some when he shares his expertise of internet marketing success. And trust me he knows his stuff as you'll soon see. Yet, what I like most of all, and I'm sure you will too, is that he is a "real" person in this "virtual world" of doing business online. In Darren you have someone who will walk with you more than a mile and a powerful resource to awaken and nurture your own online business brilliance. He will share with you an example of what I call "Founder Thinking." Such that you too will be able to work less, make more and live the life of your dreams. A Quick Word from Darren Chow My first impression of Timothy Owen is that he is a very driven guy who is absolutely committed to his Internet business. I was looking around for some partners to work with and I got an email from Tim, asking for an adswap. That is, you send out an ad for me, and I'll do the same for you. Sounds simple enough. But Tim immediately struck me as someone who is different. Most of the marketers I work with are only interested in numbers. How big is your list? How many clicks can you generate? What is your click through rate? Those are the questions that I came across on a daily basis. But Tim didn't approach me from that angle. Instead, he joined my list, read my materials, and suggested that we work together to create something of value for both his and my subscribers. In other words, he's looking to generate value for his list. Now that is something that I don't come across everyday. From that moment, I know I'm working with a potential long term partner. So I told him, “Sure, I'd love to work with you. What do you want to do?” Over $14,500 Worth of Resources – Click Here to Find Out More
  • >>> Tim & Darren's SEO FAQ <<< He suggested that we get a list of questions from our subscribers about SEO and then create a report that we can give away for free. I know that many of my subscribers are business owners, and they have a very busy schedule. Besides, sometimes, they may not know what questions to ask. So to make life easier for everyone, I recommended that Tim come up with a list of questions that he would like to get answers to, and I'll come up with the answers based on my own experiences with SEO. A couple of days later, Tim replied to my email with a list of 16 questions. As I glanced through the questions, I saw that some of the questions were not exactly simple to answer. Below you'll see I answered them to the best of my ability for you. Tim even went as far as to categorize the questions into three different sections. Here they are. Part A: SEO Copywriting Basics 1. What is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Web Copy? SEO web copy is content that is generated with the search engines in mind. This is part of the on-site optimization process. You choose keywords with a decent amount of search volume, and then target those keywords in your article. Of course, always bear in mind that you are writing for human readers. So the quality of the content is very important. When writing SEO web copy, simply sprinkle targeted keywords in the article. Use the keywords in the article title as well. Do not resort to keyword stuffing. You can use relevant keywords in your article. For example, let's say you are writing an article about golf equipment. Instead of repeating “golf equipment” like a gazillion times, just use them a couple of times in your article. If you are writing naturally for human readers, your article will also contain relevant keywords such as “golf club”, “golf course”, “handicap”, etc. The search engines will be able to determine the content in your article. 2. Why Does SEO Content Work? SEO content works because the content that you generated is search engine friendly. Whenever someone searches for your target keyword phrase, your article appears near the top of the search results. That happens because you are making it easier for the search engines to do their job, which is to deliver highly relevant content in the fastest possible manner. Over $14,500 Worth of Resources – Click Here to Find Out More
  • >>> Tim & Darren's SEO FAQ <<< If you completely ignore the SEO aspects when generating content (like leaving out important key phrases or stuffing your article with too many keywords), you may lose out on your search rankings. From a business perspective, SEO content works because the content attracts targeted traffic. These are visitors who are interested in what you have to offer and they tend to convert at an incredible rate. 3. How Do You Analyze Website Copy and Measure Its Effectiveness? A very popular method that is used to analyze website copy is to use the keyword density approach. For example, many experts recommend that your keyword density should be between 3% to 5%. Keyword density is the number of occurrences of a particular keyword phrase, divided by the total number of words for that article, multiply by 100. However, in my opinion, this method is overrated. When creating content, you should always strive to generate value first. As long as you have your target keyword phrases in your article, you don't have to worry about keyword density. Killer content always attract more links. Think about it. Will you link to a high quality article or a low quality one? I think most people will choose to link to a killer article. Links will help you get to the top of the search engines. So in the long run, quality content works better. Value is your key to success. Remember that. 4. How Do You Get the First Step of Keyword Research Right? Many marketers like to use Google's free keyword tool for keyword research. Using this tool, you can see the estimated search volume for a keyword phrase over the period of one month. New marketers sometimes make the mistake of targeting keywords that are too competitive. For example, they pick keywords like “make money” or “credit cards”. If you are just starting out, you have like zero chance of getting ranked in the first page of the search engines for those keywords. However, you can start by targeting keywords that are easier to rank, but with less traffic. Some people call them “long tail keywords”. Long tail keywords are phrases with three or more words in them. So instead of targeting “credit cards” directly, you can try to target keywords like “credit card quotation” or “credit card application”, etc. Over $14,500 Worth of Resources – Click Here to Find Out More
  • >>> Tim & Darren's SEO FAQ <<< You can use the Google keyword tool to suggest a whole list of keywords for you. Pick the ones with at least 2000 searches per month. Over time, as more and more of your articles are ranked in the search engines, you may then start to target the primary keyword phrase “credit cards”. This is the overall SEO strategy that marketers should adopt. 5. How Do You Go About Optimizing Site Content? Once you have a list of keywords to target, use those keywords in your site content. Use it once in your article title, and sprinkle the words two or three times throughout the article. If you want double listings, create two articles and link to each other. Part B: Different Approaches to SEO Web Copywriting 6. Writing General Site Copy, What Pages Need To Be Written? For a general website, you should have at least 10 pages of content. Here are some suggestions. • Homepage – this page should specify clearly what your website is about. Don't try to do everything on the homepage for that will confuse your visitors. If you want them to check out your products, then make that obvious. Use a huge graphic or something. A confusing homepage will just chase your visitors away. • Products and services – this page list everything that you sell. You can expand this category, depending on how many products you own. If you don't own any products, you can create review pages. • Contact page – This is important so that customers can contact you if they have any enquiries about what you have to offer. Over $14,500 Worth of Resources – Click Here to Find Out More
  • >>> Tim & Darren's SEO FAQ <<< • Privacy policy – You can use a template for this. They can be easily downloaded online. That's it! The bulk of your content should be focused on products. The more relevant content you have on your site, the more visitors you attract and the more sales you make. 7. What Steps Do You Suggest For Writing SEO Articles? Especially to Maximize Free Publicity and Also to Engage Link Building? Here is the formula that I use: Step 1: Make a list of keywords. Step 2: Create article topics that are based on these keywords. This will help you avoid writer's block when you sit down and start writing. Step 3: Write articles that are about 450 to 500 words. This article length will get the highest approval rates from the article directories. Step 4: Submit the articles to well established article directories for more links and traffic. Step 5: Rinse and repeat on a weekly basis. When writing and submitting articles, make sure that you use your target keywords as anchor texts. Anchor texts are the words that go between your link tags. For example, don't create links that look like this. <a href=””>Click here</a> But do create links that look like this. <a href=””>Gold equipment</a> If “Gold equipment” where a keyword you were targeting. 8. How Do You Create SEO Copy for Press Releases? Press releases are different from articles in the sense that a press release can be self promotional, but an article cannot. An article should be informative so that article directories will accept them. For instance, you can write how-to articles, tips, example type articles, etc. But you cannot blatantly promote yourself in the articles. For press releases, you can promote your company directly. So should you use press releases for SEO purposes? You certainly should! The reason why is because press releases have a very different distribution list. Sites that accept press releases are usually news sites, and they are different from article directories. Over $14,500 Worth of Resources – Click Here to Find Out More
  • >>> Tim & Darren's SEO FAQ <<< When performing SEO, you want as many well established sites to link to your website as possible. So having your press releases published in various authority sites will certainly help. 9. What Suggestions Do You Have To Go Viral? (Blog/RSS/Wiki Copywriting) The blogosphere is a HUGE space for marketers to participate in. You can get lots of back links by interacting with other bloggers. For example, you can have others link to you by being a guest poster. You write the content, submit the article to the blog, and get it published. Of course, in exchange for your hardwork, you are usually allowed to add one or two links back to your own website. If you see a really popular blog with thousands of subscribers, you may even offer to pay money to get some instant exposure. A single blog post can expose your product or service to thousands of targeted readers. 10. Are There Unique Steps to Pay Per Click, Banner Ad and Landing Page Copywriting? Sales copywriting is very different from SEO copywriting. Sales copywriting is an art, and it's certainly beyond the scope of this report to cover this subject. Focus on getting traffic to your website first. Then figure out how to monetize that traffic. 11. How Would You Go About SEO Copywriting for Emails and Newsletters? I'm assuming here that the emails and newsletters are published on the Internet, since we're on the topic of SEO. If that's the case, then refer to questions (1) and (2). Part C: Real World SEO Copy Writing Examples and Putting It All Together 12. Do You Have Some Examples and/or Case Studies You Can Share With Us Demonstrating the Above Mentioned Areas? Sure. If you make a search in Google for “article submission service” or “article distribution service”, you see that my site comes up near the top ( Those are my primary keywords. I get the site to rank by writing and submitting articles on a regular basis. I also distribute press releases and submit content to blogs. Over $14,500 Worth of Resources – Click Here to Find Out More
  • >>> Tim & Darren's SEO FAQ <<< I do all that to build links back to my site. All that time, I keep using the same keywords as my anchor texts. That's pretty much all that is required to get a site to rank. Don't think of SEO as a complicated subject. It isn't. It's simple really – write great content, use keywords in title and article body, and build back links. One mistake that marketers tend to make is that they spend too much time on generating content for their own site, and not really enough time on link building. If you are not building links, then you may just be wasting your time. Even with lots of great content on your site, what's the point if there is nobody to appreciate it. Get the word out quickly by starting a link building campaign now. When you distribute articles, you don't really have to wait for the search engines to send you traffic. The article directories will send you traffic almost instantly once your articles have been approved. 13. What Suggestions Do You Have For Outsourcing SEO Copywriting Projects: What Are The Keys to Finding the Best Writers? Good writers are not easy to find, but with a little effort, you can identify them. Here are some advice for hiring good writers. • Ask for native English speakers and check out some samples. Make sure that you can verify those samples, and if they are indeed written by the writers. • Do not ask your writer to write a boatload of articles in a single order. Anything more than 10 articles will sound a bit too much. If you want more articles to be written, have your writer deliver them in batches. The reason is that writers tend to deliver sub-standard work as they rush through the articles to complete the assignment. Having the assignments in smaller batches make them more manageable. • Check out writer forums and freelance forums. These are places where many good writers hang out. You don't even have to pay money to place an ad! • The assumption that good writers must cost a lot to hire is not true. Some writers just write to get some extra pocket money, so they are willing to write at cheap rates. You just have to find out who they are. 14. Do You Have Any Tips For Someone Considering SEO Copywriting as a Career? If you ever want to go into SEO copywriting, then be prepared to work fast. A positive attitude plus great writing skills will give you more work than you can cope with. Don't compromise quality and level of service just because you are taking on more work. If there is a need, let your clients know your current workload, and give an update on Over $14,500 Worth of Resources – Click Here to Find Out More
  • >>> Tim & Darren's SEO FAQ <<< when you are prepared to take on more assignments. That will get you more clients without losing existing ones. 15. What Do You See as The Future of SEO Copywriting? The future for SEO copywriting is indeed bright. The Internet is still growing at an amazing rate...I mean we're talking about billions of web visitors. There are literally thousands of clients out there, eager to get a piece of the huge traffic pie. So if done correctly, SEO copywriting can be lucrative for the right individual. 16. Do You Have a List of Resources That You Can Share to Further Research and Implement the Above? Sure, you can check out some of the resources below. • Http:// – As you already know, I own and run this service. • – If you ever decide to go into article marketing, here's a list of 300+ sites that you can submit your articles to. • Http:// – Another service that I setup for clients to build links. Blogs are categorized into different networks to ensure that links are coming from relevant blogs. Each network contains 10 blogs. • Http:// – This is a popular press release distribution service that I run. I highly recommend the PLUS and PRO plans because you are allowed to post links with your anchor texts in them. • Http:// – If you are a complete beginner, this package can help you get started. It's an Internet Marketing package that I put together with TONS of themes, templates and resources that you can use to kick start your Internet business. • – Google keyword tool that you use for keyword research. • - Here's privacy policy generator that you can use. Just fill in the details and the policy will be generated for you. Over $14,500 Worth of Resources – Click Here to Find Out More
  • >>> Tim & Darren's SEO FAQ <<< About the Author Darren Chow is a full time Internet Marketer who specializes in article marketing, press release distribution and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He has over 6 years of online marketing experience, and is the founder of several successful Internet marketing services. His business principles include: • I will run my business with a clear conscience. • I place my customers at the center of my attention, and will do my best to serve them well. • I will remain professional at all times and strive to create a positive experience. • I am committed to serving as the bridge that will bring my clients to where they wish to go. Darren Chow also has several information products that will help others achieve their financial goals on the Internet. All his information products are created in accordance with these principles: • A clear and simple presentation style is better than a complicated style. • Honesty is the most important quality during product creation. • The primary goal is to provide clear solutions for others to achieve their goals. • The most efficient solutions must be shared during the time of product creation. Over $14,500 Worth of Resources – Click Here to Find Out More