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    Double Your Article Prof Double Your Article Prof Document Transcript

    • Double Your Article Marketing Profits In 4 Simple Ways OVERNIGHT! By Joel Chue
    • Income Disclaimer This document contains marketing methods and other business advice that, regardless of your own results and experience, may not produce the same results (or any results) for you. We make absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied, that by following the advice below you will make any money or improve current profits, as there are several factors and variables such as your level of motivation, drive and desire. Primarily, results will depend on the nature of the product or business model, the conditions of the marketplace, the experience of the individual, and situations and elements that are beyond your control. As with any business endeavor, you assume all risk related to investment and money based on your own discretion and at your own potential expense. Liability Disclaimer: By reading this website or the documents it offers, you assume all risks associated with using the advice given, with a full understanding that you, solely, are responsible for anything that may occur as a result of putting this information into action in any way, and regardless of your interpretation of the advice. You further agree that our company cannot be held responsible in any way for the success or failure of your business as a result of the information provided by our company. It is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence regarding the safe and successful operation of your business if you intend to apply any of our information in any way to your business operations. In summary, by reading this document, you understand that we make absolutely no guarantees regarding income as a result of applying this information, as well as the fact that you are solely responsible for the results of any action taken on your part as a result of any given information. © Copyright 2009. 2
    • Content Page A Message From The Author ......................................................................4 Introduction.................................................................................................6 4 Ways To Double Your Article Marketing Profits ‘Overnight’.......................7 2 Marketing Secrets Vital to Article Marketing .............................................8 Method #1 – Increase the Number of Articles You Publish a Day..............13 Method #2 – Expose Each Article to More Eyeballs ..................................16 Method #3 – Increase Your Resource Box’s CTR .....................................17 Method #4 – **Push Your Site to Page 1 of Google with Articles...............19 Action Plan ...............................................................................................21 Conclusion................................................................................................23 © Copyright 2009. 3
    • A Message From The Author Hi, my name is Joel Chue from Sunny Singapore. I’ve been on the Internet for about 2 years, creating and selling products in the self improvement and natural health niches. It was only recently did I launch my first Internet marketing product, Authority Blueprint X. And now partnering with Dominic Tay in spreading the word of ArticleSubmitAuto (ASA)! In fact, somehow things just clicked and here I’m now writing this report. You see, I wasn’t there when Dominic first created ArticleSubmitAuto. I wasn’t involved in the brainstorming process or the software creation. In fact, I was a customer of an early version of ArticleSubmitAuto. I’ve always been a hardcore article marketer submitting articles for direct traffic and using the backlinks generated to boost my sites to the first page of Google. And to do both tasks well, I need a reliable mass article submitter + rewriter. So after the last software failed me for the umpteen times, I was ready to give up. As the story goes, I was lucky enough to chance upon ArticleSubmitAuto through a Google Ad. I tried it, was a heavy user (drained Dominic’s server bandwidth pretty much), caught his attention, he started asking me what kind of upgrades I wanted to see in ASA and eventually, snowballed into this. When Dominic first asked me to write a report on Article Marketing, I was stumped. Considering the number of article marketing systems out there today, do I really have anything valuable to bring to the table? After much thought, instead of another article marketing blueprint, why not just present you with just core ideas. Ideas that you can either directly act upon or ‘twist’ to your situation to instantly increase your visitors and profits exponentially. Here’s a sneak peek of some of things you’re going to learn.  You're going to find out how you can churn, 16 articles in 2 hours 15 © Copyright 2009. 4
    • minutes  You're going to discover 4 ways to increase your profits, make 4 figures with articles  You're going to learn how to boost your main site to page 1 of Google with articles When you're ready, let's get started. = ) © Copyright 2009. 5
    • Introduction Let’s begin by talking about goals and results. I believe if anyone wants to succeed in building a thriving Internet business quick, you have to be results oriented. After all, getting results is the only thing that matters. And to do so: You need to learn how to make sales with articles effectively and build a 4 figures income online. You need to learn how to target long tail keywords to build targeted traffic to your site quickly and get 100 – 150 visitors a day. And by combining article marketing together with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can get your sites to rank well on the search engines, driving you high quality visitors. If you’re not leveraging on SEO with articles, you’re greatly discounting the dollar value of each article you’ve written. With proper niche selection techniques and competition analysis, you can build a 4 figures Internet Business in half the time when you combined SEO with article marketing. © Copyright 2009. 6
    • 4 Ways To Double Your Article Marketing Profits ‘Overnight’ Considering how amazing the human brain is, with its capabilities of understanding complex concepts, it fails to see the obvious and simple at times. If you’ve been marketing with articles, have you ever wondered if there are simple ‘hacks’ that you can do to get more results for each article you submitted? With new technologies like social bookmarking etc… you might be led to think there are 20 or even 50 ways? I have good news – there are only four ways to double your article marketing profits: 1 1. Increase the number of articles you publish a day 2. Expose each and every article to more eyeballs 3. Increase your resource box’s CTR 4. *Use your articles as effective backlinks to push your sites to page 1 of Google And by focusing your efforts on making small improvements in these 4 areas, you can significantly double your traffic and profits with articles. 1 This simple geometric growth formula is an adaptation of Jay Abraham’s 3 ways to increase your business. Credits goes to Jay Abraham for showing how big profits can derive from small changes. © Copyright 2009. 7
    • Let’s do some simple math to illustrate. We’re going to assume you write 4 articles a day, and each article gets on average, 75 views, and you have a 20% CTR for your resource box. And the product you’re promoting converts at 1% (worst case scenario). Case 1 # of Days # of Articles # of Impressions % CTR # of Visitors # of Sales 30 x 4 x 75 x 20% = 1800 (1% conversion) = 18 sales Taking your average transaction value for each sale to be $9.95, you make $179. Now, let’s look at what happen if we increase the 3 variables by 25% Case 2 # of Days # of Articles # of Impressions % CTR # of Visitors # of Sales 30 x 5 x 93 x 31.25% = 4359 (1% conversion) = 43 sales You easily double your sales and more from 18 to 43 just by focusing on making small improvements. I hope you see how powerful this is. Throughout the rest of the report, I’m going to share with you other tips and tricks to easily double your sales with articles. 2 Marketing Secrets Vital to Article Marketing Before we explicitly look at the 4 methods, we’re going to look at how you can significantly improve your sales conversions from 1% to 1.5-2% and the impressions per article. Too often, article marketing systems are instructional based, telling you to do this and that without telling you why and how it works. To become a better or even a super affiliate, it’s vital that you understand what actually drives a 4 or 5 figures affiliate marketing business. Secret #1- The Power of PREsell to Get More Sales Have you ever considered why would people actually buy info products that you recommend through your article? Your article might make certain claims of XX product solving XX problem but wouldn’t the merchant’s salescopy do a better job than a 350 words article? © Copyright 2009. 8
    • If that’s the case, wouldn’t drive pure direct traffic be better? The difference lies in the power of PREsell. An article acts as a good PREsell, which basically warms up the prospect to become more receptive to the product you’re recommending. And articles do this job extremely well when they offer valuable or unique content to the readers. So how is good content a good form of PREsell? In many cases, good content acts as a reliable source of credibility, it helps builds rapport (Law of Liking) and even relationships to the extent that readers feel that the author has done him a big favor (Law of Reciprocity). And because of these ‘psychological’ factors, the reader feels inclined to reciprocate the favor by buying the product you’re recommending. Such ‘psychological’ factors do have a greater level of influence in “desperate” niches, for example, an urgent need to cure cold sores or herpes? When you provide a tip that actually helps relieve the problem, something that works, it instantly builds you credibility which you that can then monetize to sales. Through PREsell, you can push your conversions from the measly 1% to anywhere around 1.5-2%. And at 1.5%, your sales jumps from 43 to 65, bringing you an extra $594 into your bank account. Affiliates that recognize the subtle power of PREsell are always going to do better, make more money than other affiliates. Think about it for a moment. How have you been positioning yourself in those articles? Are you making that first impression counts with good content? In this report, we’ll look at how to write good content that gets people to like you and position yourself uniquely to persuade people to trust and ultimately, drive you sales! Secret #2- The Power of Long Tail Keywords to Get More Readers The goal with writing your articles around long tail keywords is to get more targeted people to read your articles and be exposed to your recommended offers. In general, a long tail keyword is any keyword with 3 or more keywords. © Copyright 2009. 9
    • For example, the “Las Vegas sports betting” is a long tail keyword, while “sports betting” is not. We want to target long tail keywords with little competition due to the low search volume. The idea is to get your articles ranked in the search engines for the long tail keywords that you select. If you include the keyword in the article title and body, and submit it to reputable article directories, your article can quite easily rank in the first page of Google simply because of the lack of competition. If you try doing this for the more competitive keywords, your article won’t be found anywhere near the first page at all. In this way, you can easily rank for 100 long tail keywords simply by creating 100 articles. As a rule of thumb, just make sure that the keywords you select have less than 1,500 searches per month in the Google Keyword Tool. You can further fine tune your keywords selection using the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI). Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) Now that we have a more accurate the number of competing websites, we’ll need to compare it with the number of monthly searches to determine how attractive this keyword is to us. We do this by assigning a KEI to the keyword. The formula for KEI is: P2 /C …where P = monthly keyword searches, C = number of websites listed in Google using exact match search. This formula was originally created by Sumantra Roy, a well-respected Search Engine Positioning specialist, and is now being used by WordTracker keyword research tool. While this is a very straightforward and effective formula, we use a slightly modified version of it. Instead of using the number of exact match search results, we use the number of websites that are actively targeting the © Copyright 2009. 10
    • keyword as part of their SEO strategy (as covered in the previous section).Also, instead of squaring the numerator, we’ll give it a power of 1.5 instead. At the moment of writing, the average monthly search count for the keyword “European soccer betting” is 320, and the number of sites actively targeting the keyword is 472. The (modified) KEI is thus = 3201.5/472 = 12.13 We’ve picked a few similar keywords and calculated the KEI of each: In general, the higher the KEI, the better it is to target that keyword. Notice a couple of things in the table: 1) Generally, the larger the number of monthly searches, the higher the KEI This makes sense because everything else being equal, a keyword with a larger number of monthly searches, the better. 2) Keywords with low monthly searches can still have high KEI (see the KEI for the “football score betting” keyword) Even with a low monthly search (of 91), the keyword “football score betting” can still be a good candidate to consider. This is because there are only 5 other websites competing for this keyword… which means you have a fairly good chance of beating them all! If you take a look at the “European soccer betting” keyword, you’ll see that © Copyright 2009. 11
    • the KEI is rather low – only 12.13. This is because the number of monthly searches relative to the number of competing sites is low. In other words, it may not be worth targeting this keyword because there are so few monthly searches, and yet there are a fair number of competing websites. By leveraging on long tail keywords, your articles rank well on the search engines to receive natural search traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN. The screenshot in the next page is an example of targeting and ranking for the phrase, “Angelina Jolie to lose 21 pounds”. I got the idea after reading a news article about, well… Angelina Jolie wants to lose 21 pounds in 21 days to prepare for her role in the movie, “Salt”. And apparently, she was struggling to stick to that diet, so I wrote an article saying she would be better off if she followed the Master Cleanse Diet. My articles took positions 1, 3, 6, 8 and 9 on Google and they drove visitors that are interested in losing weight… which fits the product I’m promoting. © Copyright 2009. 12
    • Method #1 – Increase the Number of Articles You Publish a Day You have seen how an extra article a day for a month can make a difference to your internet business. Some of the best article marketers who make up to $250/day write up to 20 articles a day. © Copyright 2009. 13
    • Why so many articles you might ask. Numbers play a significant part in your article marketing success. If you want to be making money soon, then you need to mass produce like an assembly line. Furthermore, when you write 16 articles a day to promote 4 products, you would be able to quickly identify products that SELL. You don’t have to be a prolific writer to be able to write that many articles. The secret to mass producing content is all about knowing the technique to do so. The Cookie Cutter Approach to Become a Mass Content Producer Step 1: Brainstorm or research a list of 10-15 killer ideas in your niche. Remember, good content is an effective form of PREsell. List down 10- 15 ideas, tips, advice that will help your reader either solve that particular problem better or do XXX thing better. They should be pretty killer ideas since you’re the expert. They can be simple ideas like “Be Confident” but you twist it to the angle of an Alpha Male Confidence. (Dating market example) **It’s IMPORTANT that you create this list of 10-15 ideas beforehand and be very familiar how these ideas work. You’re going to be using this list of ideas very very often. WHAT IF… you’re totally clueless in that niche and still want to promote affiliate products? Simple! Spend a few bucks and purchase those products. Read through them and find 10-15 ideas from them. (Note: This is purely research… find those ideas and understand how they work, and express them differently. Please do NOT plagiarize and get yourself into legal suicide.) Step 2: You need to have a STRUCTURE you can use for each article. Any good article is made up of several parts. There’s the article title, the article body and the resource box. The key here is to break each article into even smaller, manageable chunks to speed up your writing. © Copyright 2009. 14
    • Step 2a: How To Write An Irresistible Article Title: The objective of your article title is to make it attractive and appealing so that people would actually want to click and read your article. There are several ways to do this effectively… you can be asking a question, for example, “Who Wants To Know The Secrets Of The Top 1% Forex Traders?” Or you can tie your article to celebrities, for example, “Beyonce’s Master Cleanse Secret: How She Became A Dreamgirl” The goal here is to make it attractive and appealing to grab ATTENTION! Step 2b: How To Quickly Do Up The Article Body: Now, writing the article body is very simple once you break it into 5 parts. Part 1: Introduction Start off with questions related to your topic, use simple questions like “If you ever wanted to _________________________, then you _________________________.” Just 2 -3 sentences will do. Part 2: Tip #1 Now, provide useful tip, secret or advice in parts 2, 3 and 4. Use that list of 10-15 killer ideas that you brainstormed earlier! The idea here is to provide some value to your readers. By providing value, you build trust with your readers and they are more likely to buy what you have to recommend. Just keep it simple, you do not want to divulge everything here. Do the same for parts 3 and 4. Each tip should be 3-5 lines max. Part 3: Tip #2 Part 4: Tip #3 Part 5: Conclusion If you want to be more sales with your articles, always be recommending the product here. Mention about the author, his/her eBook or program. But never put any direct links in the article body for some directories don’t allow that. Your reader can find the link to the product through your resource box. © Copyright 2009. 15
    • There you have it – a simple system to get you churning out articles like an assembly line in no time. Start writing 10-16 articles within 2 hours… or even better; beat me by writing more than 16 articles in 2 hours. The Cookie Cutter Approach has proven to work for many and I’m pretty sure it would work for you when you take action today. Method #2 – Expose Each Article to More Eyeballs To illustrate this method clearly, we’re going to bring the earlier example we discussed. All new changes are made in Case 3. The assumption we made earlier was that we submitted the articles only to one article directory (, and gets on average 75 impressions for each article. For Case 3, we are going to submit to 30 article directories instead of one with a submission service (ArticleSubmitAuto), but this time, instead of getting 75 impressions, we get only 10 impressions per article from each directory (10 x 30 = 300) – worst case scenario Case 1 # of Days # of Articles # of Impressions % CTR # of Visitors # of Sales 30 x 4 x 75 x 20% = 1800 (1% conversion) = 18 sales Case 2 (when we improve the 3 variables by 25%) # of Days # of Articles # of Impressions % CTR # of Visitors # of Sales 30 x 5 x 93 x 31.25% = 4359 (1% conversion) = 43 sales Case 3 (we increased the impressions by submitting to 30 article directories) # of Days # of Articles # of Impressions % CTR # of Visitors # of Sales 30 x 4 x 10 x 30 x 20% = 7200 (1% conversion) = 72 sales © Copyright 2009. 16
    • By mass submitting your article to 30 directories, and even when only each article gets a mere 10 impressions, you give your article more exposure and the potential to bring in 54 (72-18) more sales a month. For a $9.95 product, that’s an extra $537 in profits. So why aren’t article marketers submitting to more article directories? It takes too much time to hand submit and honestly, most article submitter software's are too buggy. This is where ArticleSubmitAuto really shines. The submission process is entirely automated. 1-click submission and no screen-staring (most submitters require you to monitor the submission process, entering codes etc…). You can publish your article to top 30 article directories in less than 5 minutes, driving you visitors and sales without any extra hassle. I’ve tried over 5 submitter software's and none work as well as ArticleSubmitAuto. Method #3 – Increase Your Resource Box’s CTR The best content without the ‘perfect’ resource box would costs you to lose precious visitors going to your site. As weird as it sounds, I’ve seen articles with resource boxes that provide no information or links on how one can find more information. Don’t expect your readers to actually take the time to Google and find out more about your sites. It is human nature to be lazy and find the easy way out. So when a reader is not directed to a link, his immediate reaction is to hit the back button and continue searching. To have a resource box that has a high Click-through-rate (CTR), all you need to do is to follow a few simple rules. Rule #1 – Always write a resource box that requires your reader to take action Rule #2 – Have a ‘bait’ as a reason for the reader to click on to your website Rule #3 – Always provide a live HTML link to alert readers that it’s a link © Copyright 2009. 17
    • Here are some examples of resource boxes that I do not recommend. The above resource box lacks a strong call-to-action and provides a weak reason as to why anyone should actually click through to his website. The photo attracts the reader’s attention after reading the article, which definitely helps in improving CTR. Author’s resource box is written more for branding and lacks the basic direct response elements such as a definite call-to-action and a possible ‘bribe’ to interest readers to go to her site. © Copyright 2009. 18
    • Here’s an example of a high CTR resource box. There’s a ‘call-to-action’, to ask the reader to download 5 more hot tips at that specific website. A reason is provided as to why the reader should visit the website and that is to find out and avoid the #1 mistake all Master Cleansers make. And it ends off with a live HTML link so that non-savvy internet readers are more likely to know that it’s a website and click through it. An improvement would be to add a photo to help improve CTR. = ) Method #4 – **Push Your Site to Page 1 of Google with Articles Many article marketers tend to overlook the fact that articles generate high quality backlinks back to your main site. As you write more articles, the backlinks build up overtime and can heavily influence your site’s position on major search engines. And for niche websites with moderate competition, articles alone can get your sites up to page 1 of Google. This gives you an additional source of FREE highly targeted traffic without you doing any extra work. So how can you apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO, i.e. to get to page 1 of Google) right now? First, you need to have a keyword rich domain name. So for example, to help my client rank first page on Google for the term “master cleanse”, I would choose a domain name with the term “master cleanse” in it. Next, I need to build a site with 5 – 10 articles on the topic Master Cleanse. To ensure relevancy in the eyes of the search engines, I would use the keyword, “Master Cleanse” throughout the article. A good rule of thumb is to observe a 2-3% keyword density. (i.e. for a 500 word article, the term Master Cleanse should appear at least 10 times in the article) © Copyright 2009. 19
    • A successful SEO campaign depends heavily on the number of backlinks you have pointing to your site. Articles from high Page Rank (PR) article directories serve as excellent and effective backlinks. By mass submitting your articles to the top 30 article directories listed in ArticleSubmitAuto, you can easily build up high quality backlinks to your site rapidly. This is a spill-over effect of article marketing that many article marketers fail to capitalize, and lose precious long term search engine traffic. However, from personal testing, maximum effectiveness happens when you rewrite your articles with an article rewriter and submit each “unique variation” to the different 30 article directories. This overcomes the Google Duplicate Content Filter, resulting in the search engines to recognize each article as a unique article and backlink. Finding ArticleSubmitAuto through a Google Ad was god-send. ArticleSubmitAuto’s premium membership submits to the top 30 article directories, it comes with an in-built spinner and submission is automatic. Not only does it saves time, it is the perfect tool for article marketers to not get more traffic from each article but to pave his site for long term search engine traffic. © Copyright 2009. 20
    • Action Plan Nothing happens until something moves. Likewise, you won’t get more visitors or make more money until you put the above ideas into action. I’ve demonstrated how small changes can make a huge difference in your article marketing campaigns. To recap, here are the 4 methods: 1. Increase the number of articles you publish a day 2. Expose each and every article to more eyeballs 3. Increase your resource box’s CTR 4. *Use your articles as effective backlinks to push your sites to page 1 of Google And out of these 4 methods, method 2 is the easiest to apply among all and creates maximum exposure for your articles. You can easily increase your article views by 4X by submitting your article to the top 30 article directories with no extra effort with ArticleSubmitAuto. The more articles you write, the growth builds up exponentially to create a highly significant impact. I hope you see how powerful this is. The next action step you should take is to start optimizing your resource box to include call-to-action keywords such as “download”, “click here”, “now”, “today”. And remember, give them a reason to click through to your site. Raise your CTR now and you see more visitors coming through from each and every article you write. Next, focus on writing that extra article a day. No matter where you’re now, an extra article with good content revolving around long tail keywords brings you traffic and sales. If you have never written an article, print out Method 1 and follow the steps to writing your first article. And if you’re serious in building a full time income fast with article marketing, then you need to write way more than 1 article/day… plus make sure you leverage on Method 4 as early as possible! Method 4! I’ve laid down the basics to a successful SEO campaign. If you’re familiar with SEO, the info provided should serve as a good © Copyright 2009. 21
    • refresher to get you started. Otherwise, do invest on a SEO course for more information or feel free to contact me if you need more advice and I will do my best to help. © Copyright 2009. 22
    • Conclusion And there you have it. This is basically how you can double your profits with article marketing. It might seem like confusing at the start, but once you understand and get used to the concepts, it will soon become second nature. Remember, nothing happens until something moves. You need to take action in order to see results. This is an area no one can help you but yourself. Thank you very much for reading and I hope you’ve gained something useful from this report. To Your Success, © Copyright 2009. 23