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BYOD How-To Guide
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BYOD How-To Guide



Are you looking for the best ways to deliver secure core business apps (e.g. SharePoint, SAP, Intranet, Outlook Web App) onto personal mobile devices without locking them down? ...

Are you looking for the best ways to deliver secure core business apps (e.g. SharePoint, SAP, Intranet, Outlook Web App) onto personal mobile devices without locking them down?
In a recent Intel survey, 95% of the companies said that they hadn’t deployed applications to mobile devices, because: a) They are worried about data security b) They are worried about data discoverability c) They want a solution that allows them to deliver core enterprise applications d) They want a solution that leverages their IT infrastructure.

At Workspot, we believe that in addition to thinking about device, apps, and data, a successful BYOD program needs to have a seamless user experience for the employee, a cloud-based delivery model to respond to frequent device and operating system upgrades, and leverage big data context to provide data discoverability.

This Workspot eBook compares the BYOD solutions and explains Workspot's offering.



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    BYOD How-To Guide BYOD How-To Guide Presentation Transcript

    • BYOD How-To Guide How do I securely deliver my company’s applications and data to BYOD?
    • BYOD Success Kit Table of Contents •  Harness the power of BYOD with Mobile Workspaces –  Why BYOD? –  Enterprise Mobile Requirements –  Mobile Workspaces •  Workspot = Workspace as a Service (WaaS) –  Simplest User Experience –  No new boxes to install –  100% Cloud Control •  Conclusion –  Solution Comparison 2"
    • Harness the Power of BYOD with Mobile Workspaces
    • BYOD Success Kit We all know mobile will make us more productive 4" Sales Rep can deliver a presentation with an iPad Executive can approve POs from the road Field Service can access service orders in real time Contractors can access SharePoint on their devices
    • BYOD Success Kit IT needs to harness the power of BYOD •  Corporate employees have access to 2 Billion devices – phones, tablets, PCs •  There are already more tablets & smartphones than PCs •  The majority of devices are personal and unmanaged (BYOD) 5"
    • BYOD Success Kit And Yet, 16 Years Later We Are Still Doing Email 6" 1997 2007 2013
    • Mobile What: Mobile Enterprise Requirements Web Apps CIFS SharePoint Windows Apps §  90% apps are on-premise –  80% are Web apps –  15% are Windows apps –  6% are Native apps §  90% customers have CIFS §  50%+ have SharePoint * Source: Insights on the Current State of BYOD, Intel’s IT Manager Survey, October 2012
    • What has been solved for BYOD? Web Apps CIFS SharePoint Windows Apps * Source: Insights on the Current State of BYOD, Intel’s IT Manager Survey, October 2012 MDM ESD Enterprise Software Delivery (PC Management) ü Device Management
    • BYOD Success Kit Why is MDM not sufficient? Mobile Device Management (MDM) is heavy handed •  End Users Own Devices •  IT cannot lock down and impact their experience for personal applications MDM does not help you deliver core business applications and data MDM
    • BYOD Success Kit Neither is Mobile Application Management (MAM) Mobile Application Management (MAM) has issues similar to wrapping technologies like App-V: •  App Compatibility: Will the application continue to work after wrapping? •  Application Support Issues: Who is responsible for supporting the application – you, MAM vendor, or ISV? •  Cross-platform – Will the wrapping technology work across Android, iOS, and Windows?
    • BYOD Success Kit How does IT aggregate apps & data? What is the equivalent of the Windows desktop for BYOD?
    • The Solution is a Workspace for End Users 12" What is a Workspace? -  Trusted Space for Enterprise Assets on Device – iOS, Android, PC, and Mac -  Rest of Device Remains Personal
    • BYOD Success Kit And a Single Pane of Glass for IT 13" §  One administration console to control the workspace on all end points §  Set different policies based on different classes of devices §  Gather compliance data §  Measure end user experience
    • BYOD Success Kit It needs to be a 100% Cloud Service 14" •  Devices are being refreshed multiple times per year •  IT cannot control the refreshes, since devices belong to end user •  How do you stay up-to-date without constantly racing to update on-premise infrastructure? •  Only a 100% Cloud Architecture enables you to keep pace with device refresh
    • Workspot = Workspace as a Service (WaaS)
    • BYOD Success Kit Workspot = Workspace as a Service (WaaS) 16" VPN Windows Apps Web Apps CIFS SharePoint Native Apps Simplest User Experience No New Boxes to Install 100% Cloud Control Terminal Server
    • Mobile User Experience Today Today a mobile user can take minutes to access apps! Typical Mobile User Experience 1.  Turn on laptop 2.  Fire up VPN 3.  Login into VPN 4.  Use RSA Token 5.  Fire up Browser 6.  Login into SharePoint We don’t want the same experience on an iPad or an Android phone! 17"
    • Simplest User Experience 18" Inside the Workspace §  Applications & Data: Web Apps, CIFS, and SharePoint §  Offline Documents §  Seamless SSO into VPN and Applications
    • Workspot makes it simple to complete workflows 19" Touch SharePoint icon to Access (VPN connection and authentication done transparently in the background)
    • Confidential and Proprietary 20 Application provides access to public and personal network file shares -  Download documents for offline usage on device -  Policies to control whether documents can be opened outside Workspot Network File Share
    • BYOD Success Kit Workspot Makes it Simple for IT – No New Boxes Have you deployed VPN for remote access? •  If you have deployed VPN today, you don’t need more new infrastructure in your data center. •  Your remote users already use VPN to access corporate assets from home or on the road. The VPN appliance has been integrated with your corporate authentication mechanism – AD & RSA. You have also integrated the VPN appliance with a SSO mechanism like CA Siteminder. •  Workspot can leverage your existing VPN infrastructure – Cisco, Juniper, SonicWall, and F5. 21"
    • BYOD Success Kit Workspot is 100% Cloud 22" •  There is no data center installation •  Workspot Leverages Existing VPN •  Workspot Leverages Existing Auth (AD/RSA/SSO)
    • BYOD Success Kit What is 100% Cloud Control? 23" 100% Cloud •  Multi-tenant •  One Version of Code •  Customers are always on latest version •  Speed of Innovation – Customers get new features multiple times a quarter Control Plane •  Workspot is in the control plane; Separate from data plane •  No data flows through our cloud •  No credentials in the cloud •  No impact on availability if Workspot Control is not available •  Best performance
    • BYOD Success Kit Solution Comparison 24" Category Features Workspot Airwatch XenMobile Good Mobile Iron Device Management Email, Wireless, Passcode ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Control Camera, etc. ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 100% Cloud for Device Management ✔ ✔ ✔ App Delivery Web, Windows, Native ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ SSO – Kerberos, NTLM, CA Siteminder, Oracle iDP, SAML ✔ ✔ 100% Cloud for Application Delivery ✔ Data Offline Documents ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Network File Shares, SharePoint, Video behind firewall ✔ ✔ 100% Cloud for Data Delivery ✔ Security Network, Device, Apps ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Risk Management – Discoverability, Audit, Adaptive Auth ✔ 100% Cloud for Risk Management ✔ End Point Visibility Real Endpoint User Experience ✔ Application Performance Monitoring/Management, Network, Geo ✔ 100% Cloud for Performance and Uptime Visibility ✔ Proprietary and Confidential"
    • BYOD Success Kit Learn More About Workspot 25" Email us at sales@workspot.com