Street to School - Strategic Advertising


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Advertising Campaign for fun raising projects for street children in Sri Lanka

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  • We have used a combination of three insights: the “donating” cultural insight, “togetherness in need / Ape kama” insight and the “reactive/following” natureof people insight to develop the big idea on which the creative expression is build. This is a very deep and felt truth and will bind our brand with the consumer / stakeholder.
  • Advertising strategy :Phase I : A “60 seconds” teaser campaign with a unique background music and song ;to create awareness what government is doing currentlyUse of both rational and emotional appealPhase II : Campaign to generating funds for Street Childlaunching this after 2 weeks of the first campaignfocus on generating fundstargeting each stakeholder separately and present case studies
  • Schools and Universities :TV, Radio, Newspapers, notice boards, handouts, school bus bill boards, class room ETC.,Corporates – CEO forums, Business magazines, digital displays, conference rooms, pennants, notices in the lift, etc.,Family and Individuals : TV, Radio, Newspapers, emailers, Sms, Hoardings, leaflets with the paper or product, shops, super marketsVillages : TV, Radio, Newspapers, town shops, leaflets, frequent announcementsClubs, associations and charity organisations : emailers, TV, radio, leaflets, monthly news letters
  • Television - emotional and rational appeal will be applied , high involvement, Print media, Radio broadcasting, BTL advertising and Digital media SMS - reinforcement of the message Social Media - more engagement Website - Sri Lankan expats. Mobile App - Sri Lankan expats, Non-Sri Lankans Email Marketing - contributor database, regular communication Each media and medium is selected based on : - evaluating its strengths, - assessing its impact, - most effective selected
  • Street to School - Strategic Advertising

    1. 1. Advertising Campaign Fund raising for street children Welfare N.N.I De Silva 2010/MBA/WE/MKT/14 N S D Nishantha De Silva 2010/MBA/WE/MKT/09 R Shyamali Dias 2010/MBA/WE/MKT/15 A.W.B. Karalliyadda 2010/MBA/WE/MKT/12 Parakrama Sumanarathna 2009/MBA/WE/MKT/07
    2. 2.  Introduction, background and overview of the status of the welfare for street children  Introduction to the Campaign and Key issues identified  Creative strategy - The Brand promise, The real insight, Big Idea and the Creative expression  Advertising Campaign – Advertising strategy, Target audience, media and medium strategy  Conclusion Order Of Presentation
    3. 3.  Why are these children on the streets?  Why is it a problem ?  Current status  The Department of Probation and Child care Services Introduction, Background & Overview Of The Status
    4. 4. Introduction To The Campaign And Key Issues Identified • Objectives of the Campaign • To Raise a fund - Rs. 10 million • To get entire nation participating • To change the attitude and perception • Stakeholders of the Campaign • Corporate – Government institutes and private organizations • Villages/towns as one community • Schools and Universities • Families and Individuals • Clubs, Associations and Charity organisations, and Sri Lankan Expats
    5. 5. 1. Inadequacy of capital to handle the welfare of street children 2. The public reluctance to give to fund raising campaigns 3. A wide coverage and reach is required in order to cover the 360 degree scope Key Issues
    6. 6. CREATIVE STRATEGY The Big Idea InsightBrand Promise Creative Expression Brand Promise “ Responsibility” (in collecting) and “Accountability” (in using)
    7. 7. The Real Insight We have used a combination of three insights:  “donating” culture  “togetherness in need / Ape kama”  “reactive/better follower” concept The big idea is developed on the above insight and the creative expression is build and designed on the big idea.
    8. 8. Generated from the insights : kind heartedness to give (reason being that they are our own children) through which the funds will be raised. Emphasis : nation’s responsibility “ One and all can give ” Everyone may not have earned or saved money to donate, but yet, there are many ways to give and we need to open their eyes to see these ways. The Big Idea
    9. 9. Creative Expression  Brand promise : “Responsibility” and “Accountability”  Real insight : “Giving culture”, “Togetherness / Ape kama” with “better follower” concept  Big Idea : “One and all can give” Campaign Theme Name - “Street to School”, the the potential story Campaign Fund Name - “Doo Daruwo”
    10. 10. Brand promise, Real Insight and the Big Idea coupling with the theme and fund name, we have designed the creative expression as follows ; Brand promise, Real Insight and the Big Idea coupling with the theme and fund name, we have designed the creative expression as follows ;
    11. 11. Campaign Execution  Advertising strategy : – Phase I : A “60 seconds” teaser campaign with a unique background music and song – Phase II : Campaign to generating funds for Street Child
    12. 12. Depending on the Stakeholders • Schools and Universities • Corporates • Government & Private Organizations • Family and Individuals • Villages • Clubs, associations and charity organisations 360 degree Consumer / Stakeholder Touch points
    13. 13. Media and medium strategy  Television  Print media  Radio broadcasting  BTL advertising and  Digital media
    14. 14. Designed Advertisements  Web site FB account Print ads Video ad
    15. 15.  Identity created is consistent  Changing consumer perception and positioning the brand  Consumer insight is very cultural based  Big Idea developed based on the insights  Creative Expression was designed in the Sri Lankan context  360 degree reach  in campaign news CONCLUSION
    16. 16.  Use of celebrity - brand ambassador is used based on relevant factor rather than the popularity factor, link his personality traits and true life style - caution is taken not to overshadow nor dominate the real objective and insight
    17. 17. Q & A Thank you !