Oracle License Management And Review Software


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Automated Oracle License Management with Lime for Oracle. Discover Oracle installations, usage and manage Oracle licenses within your organization.

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Oracle License Management And Review Software

  1. 1. Oracle License management: Automated, better insights & efficient Insight into Oracle software installations, usage and licensing finally automated A new approach to localising Oracle software use offers IT professionals and their management a lead in managing software costs and reducing the risk of non compliance. Oracle Database, Application server and E-business suite products are mission critical software components that represent a high value. Organisations have an interest in only buying those Oracle software components that are strictly required for their business operations and restrict the usage of the software to the boundaries of the license contract volume. Such a requirement urges IT Professionals to keep close track on systems and software licences that are in use in the organisation. This sounds very logical, but it offers a lot of problems in real life. The majority of organisations take manual counts of their Oracle software components and licenses. It is a labour-intensive job that is prone to errors; the work becomes even more laborious because the IT landscape is in constant movement. Software is installed without identifying the effect on license agreements. In case of a formal vendor audit this may lead to compliancy discussions and an unwanted software cost increase. Farewell to manual inventory practices With the availability of LIME for Oracle, the first Oracle License Inventory Metering Engine, time has come now that IT Professionals can say farewell to manual inventory practices. LIME offers those Professionals the opportunity to create a quick and inelaborate overview of the Oracle Database, Application Server and E-business suite environments. Alex Andrew, director of LIME Software UK says: ‘Our longstanding experiences in consultancy for Oracle license solutions lead us to this Oracle Inventory and license management engine. This technology can now be applied to an automatic assessment of the Oracle environment. It reduces effort and time while producing an accurate overview of the installed Oracle components and the license compliance position.’ LIME automates the licence inventory process and it improves the correctness of data. A repeatable process is introduced that supports the management of change in the installed base. The LIME suite discovers and registers the use of Oracle Database including options, Application server and E- Business suite. LIME works on a range of platforms including HP-UX, UNIX, LINUX, Windows, AIX, and SUN. Unlike other technologies LIME does not require installation of software agents on the platform that is under investigation, simplifying the implementation process. LIME produces over 20 standard reports, showing usage of your Oracle investment, the reports have been designed to ensure that customers can quickly make informed purchasing and compliance decisions. © Lime Software Ltd. Lime Software is a Registered Trademark of Lime Software Ltd. All other Brands, trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Published 2009 © ITsyndicaat
  2. 2. With this new option to take regular inventories IT Professionals and their management now have a far better understanding of the licence position of the organisation and they can take pro-active measures to warrant the correct use of Oracle licenses. A clear view into actual Oracle software usage can be applied to planning and budgeting for future license purchases. It is an effective way to prepare the basis for platform standardisation, license consolidation, volume contracts and better contract conditions with Oracle. A clear and accurate view into Oracle license information offers purchase teams and their suppliers the opportunity to act on facts rather than assumptions! ‘You can’t manage what you don’t know….’ More information: ITsyndicaat is distributor for Lime Software in Europe. Please visit our website for more information on Lime for Oracle. © Lime Software Ltd. Lime Software is a Registered Trademark of Lime Software Ltd. All other Brands, trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Published 2009 © ITsyndicaat