Responsive Web Design at University of Toronto Libraries
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Responsive Web Design at University of Toronto Libraries



TechKnowFile Conference - 2013

TechKnowFile Conference - 2013



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Responsive Web Design at University of Toronto Libraries Responsive Web Design at University of Toronto Libraries Presentation Transcript

  • Responsive Web Design at UTL Gordon Belray gordon. @gordonbelray Bilal Khalid @UTLBilal TKF Conference 2013
  • What is responsive web design? "Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design in which a site is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience - easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling - across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones)." - Wikipedia TKF Conference 2013
  • Why responsive web design? Source: TKF Conference 2013
  • Source: TKF Conference 2013
  • Benefits of RWD ● One URL to rule them all... ○ No matter the device ○ Better SEO ● Less fragmentation ○ Easier management of data ○ Especially as the device market grows ● Uniformity of experience ○ Your brand travels with the device ● Can be easier to develop* ○ *not necessarily TKF Conference 2013
  • Responsive web design shouldn't... ● Bloat pages ● Hide content on some devices ● Ignore device conventions ● Serve same experience to all users ● Blindly assume user needs/context TKF Conference 2013
  • Responsive Design basics ● Flexible grids ● Flexible images ● Media queries TKF Conference 2013
  • Media Queries TKF Conference 2013
  • Mobile First ● Tap into an exploding (exploded?) market ○ See any recent market research ● Forces you to focus on your key info, actions ○ Real Estate, resources at a premium ● Extends your capabilities ○ GPS, Device Camera, Accelerometer... Source: TKF Conference 2013
  • Why not Mobile First? ● Context ○ Research on a phone? ● Workflow Challenges ● Compatibility First ○ IE Woes ● Is it the Final Frontier? ○ Google Glass? iWatch? TKF Conference 2013
  • Responsive can be Accessible ● AODA Compliance "[By 2014], All new internet websites and web content on those sites must conform with WCAG 2.0 level A"* ● Take into account colour contrast, tab index ○ What happens if you took away all CSS? JS? ● Use ARIA to make "Rich" web applications accessible ○ Roles, states, properties * Source: TKF Conference 2013
  • Catalogue design challenges 7+ million records
  • Don Norman while he was Vice President of the Advanced Technology Group at Apple TKF Conference 2013
  • The Finished Design TKF Conference 2013
  • Current UTL Catalogue
  • Current catalogue on multiple devices TKF Conference 2013
  • Current catalogue mobile TKF Conference 2013
  • New Catalogue on multiple devices TKF Conference 2013
  • New UTL catalogue mobile
  • demo (NB: work in progress) demo successful TKF Conference 2013
  • Search tab index for accessibility mobile on focus popup for search options additional search button mobile
  • Navigation hide desktop / tablet navigation and replace with standard menu icon wrap with <a href="#footer"></a> <footer> <a name="footer"></a> include a back button
  • Facets off canvas layout javascript to reposition absolute elements facet icon
  • More facets
  • WAVE Evaluation: TKF Conference 2013 NO Errors
  • Covers TKF Conference 2013
  • Coming Soon ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Covers Zotero Marked Records Alternative views RSS/JSON feeds Browse lists Authorities Integration RDA TKF Conference 2013 ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Search completion Landing pages User accounts Geolocation Shelf Browse Stackmap Sirsi API and much more...
  • When? ● Focus groups - Late May ○ Selected library staff, faculty, students ● Beta public release - June ○ In parallel with current catalogue ● Public launch - August ○ Most major, core features released ● Phase 2 - December 2013/January 2014 ○ New features TKF Conference 2013
  • Essential Reading Marcotte, Ethan. Responsive Web Design. Wroblewski, Luke. Mobile First. TKF Conference 2013
  • More Reading ● Designing a responsive, Retina-friendly site (Intro + Part 1, Part 2). http://paulstamatiou. com/responsive-retina-blog-development-part-1 ● Tablets trump smartphone in global website traffic. ● Accessibility in Responsive Web Design. http: // TKF Conference 2013
  • Tools and Frameworks ● Developer Tools (Chrome, Firefox, Safari...) ● Responsive Design Bookmarklet. http: // ● WAVE Bookmarket. ● Respond.js. ● Other Tools: Initializr, Modernizr, MatchMedia.js, Picturefill... ● Frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation 4, Skeleton... TKF Conference 2013
  • Thank You! (Questions?) TKF Conference 2013