Office Track: Lync & Skype Federation v2 Deep Dive - Johan Delimon


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ITPRoceed 2014 Session by Johan Delimon.
Lync & Skype V2 Federation Deep Dive

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  • Office Track: Lync & Skype Federation v2 Deep Dive - Johan Delimon

    1. 1. Lync & Skype Interop V2 Deep Dive Johan Delimon
    2. 2. Johan Delimon MCM Lync Server / MVP Lync Server / MCT Ordina Belgium N.V. @jdelimon Lync & Skype Interop V2 Deep Dive
    3. 3.
    4. 4. Agenda Skype & Lync How is Lync different from Skype? Architecture & Media Enhancements Lync / Skype Interop V2 Implementing Lync-Skype connectivity Lync Server Office 365
    5. 5. 45mconcurrent users Skype fast facts ~45%of all Skype-to-Skype minutes include video 600bnminutes of video and voice minutes 2014 © Skype. Commercially confidential 38%of international calling minutes (combining PSTN and Skype-to-Skype) are Skype minutes according to Telegeography 300maverage monthly connected users
    6. 6. Skype Translator Breaking down language barriers
    7. 7. Individuals Teams & Small Organizations Medium-sized & Large Organizations Specialized by need, universal by reach Connecting everyone with rich communications Microsoft provides Universal Communications: enabling any person to reach anyone, from anywhere, on any device, and in the way they choose.
    8. 8. people people
    9. 9. People-Centric Billions of Connections Business Value Extended Beyond your enterprise
    10. 10. Skype Meetings The Organizer initiates the call (25 Audio-only, 10 with Video/Screen share) ❶ Set up the group chat in the conference room, adding external participants ❷ Save the Chat and give it a useful name ❸ Start the call remote attendee scenarios Call forwarding Online Number Persistent Chat By saving the meeting: – everyone can meet at the click of a button – Scroll back through the chat history to see what happened – Keep each other updated between meetings (chats, files) – Some Skype chats have lasted for years
    11. 11. Lync/Exchange Calendar Integration Unlike Skype, Lync is tightly integrated with other Office applications So a calendar appointment becomes a Lync meeting with a single click. Select <Lync Meeting> This will add links to your invitation Including: 1. Link to attend online 2. Dial-in numbers 3. Conference ID
    12. 12. Extending B2C scenarios more securely Users own accounts and settings User-controlled privacy settings Communication modes are controlled by the user AES256 for signaling, Chat and media Personal archiving only Accounts and licenses belong to business Allow Federation per user, group Control communication modes and domains by user, group Supports industry- standard encryption: TLS Signaling, sRTP Media (AES128) Data-retention policies set per user, group Authentication Access Control Authorization Encryption Compliance Consumer controls Enterprise controls
    13. 13. Reach Agility Savings Relationships Security
    14. 14. Skype Privacy Note: Skype uses AES256 for both signaling and media Skype maintains a Security Portal:
    15. 15. Lync Settings
    16. 16. Microsoft Accounts (MSAs) and Skype Johnny Come Lately
    17. 17. How do I add a Lync contact to Skype? To add a Lync contact – Type the Lync user address in Skype Search – Select the Lync contact – Select <Add to Contacts> Log in with MSA
    18. 18. How do I add a Skype contact to Lync? • Add Contact -> Add a Contact Not in My Organization • Select Skype • Type in MSA • Assign a Group
    19. 19. Presence Expectations • Skype Presence Modes – Online – Away – Do Not Disturb – Invisible – Offline – Auto (“Show me as Away when I’ve been Inactive from <<fill-in>> minutes”) • Lync Presence Modes – Available – Away – Busy – Do Not Disturb – Be Right Back – Off Work – Appear Away
    20. 20. Lync & Skype Interop Enhancements Lync-Skype Audio (v1) • Add to contact list/Block users [Lync to MSA] • Block Skype Connectivity • Instant Messages and Presence Updates • P2P Audio Call • Escalate IM session to Audio Call • Hold/Resume, Mute/UnMute, Transfer Lync-Skype Video (v2) • Everything in v1 • Make Audio + Video Calls • Reject Video for inbound calls • Escalate Audio only calls by adding video • Pause/Resume Video
    21. 21. Connectivity v1 call flow Lync Online – Office 365 Federation Cloud signal path media path Legend Call initiated with connection details Call accepted and returns connection details Media connection is established
    22. 22. Lync-Skype Connectivity V1 Contacts MSAs) Sessions Not included: Router Lync-Skype Connectivity opens a new communications door for enterprises searching for inventive and differentiated opportunities for new customer acquisition, customer retention, and business-to- consumer communications. chat&audio Chat&Audio
    23. 23. Audio SDP Offers & Codecs m=audio 51819 RTP/AVP 117 114 104 9 112 111 0 8 116 115 103 97 13 118 101 a=rtpmap:117 G722/8000/2 a=rtpmap:114 x-msrta/16000 a=rtpmap:104 SILK/16000 a=rtpmap:9 G722/8000 a=rtpmap:112 G7221/16000 a=rtpmap:111 SIREN/16000 a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000 a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000 a=rtpmap:116 AAL2-G726-32/8000 a=rtpmap:115 x-msrta/8000 a=rtpmap:103 SILK/8000 a=rtpmap:97 RED/8000 a=rtpmap:13 CN/8000 a=rtpmap:118 CN/16000 a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000 Preference Order Even though the actual sampling rate for G.722 audio is 16,000 Hz, the RTP clock rate for the G722 payload format is 8,000 Hz because that value was erroneously assigned in RFC 1890 and must remain unchanged for backward compatibility. The octet rate or sample-pair rate is 8,000 Hz. (4.5.2 G.722) WidebandNarrowband RTAudio Wideband & Narrowband Skype Codec Wideband & Narrowband G.711 The redundant audio payload format "RED" is specified by RFC 2198 [17]. It defines a means by which multiple redundant copies of an audio packet may be transmitted in a single RTP stream (4.5.16 RED) RTP Profile for Audio and Video Conferences with Minimal Control
    24. 24. G7.22 SILK
    25. 25. Architecture improvements • New Skype cloud for improved call set up and control. • New gateway connects Skype cloud to Lync Online for signaling and call control. • Uses Lync’s federation access architecture that routes to both v1 and v2 clouds. • V1 connectivity will continue to exist as traffic gradually increases on V2 connectivity.
    26. 26. Connectivity v2 call flow Lync Online – Office 365 Federation Cloud signal path media path Legend Call initiated with connection details Call accepted and returns connection details Media connection is established
    27. 27. Call connectivity • All AV calls flow through the same federation environment set up in v1 • Lync SIP/SDP signalling is terminated at the Skype Cloud edge and translated into Skype proprietary protocols and vice versa • Lync to Skype Calls – AV calls are forked internally to both v1 and v2 clients – Mediation server supports only Audio – New Lync Gateway services all v2 calls. • Skype to Lync Calls – v2 clients will route calls through v2 Skype Cloud > Lync federation environment > Lync client – v1 clients will route calls through v1 Skype Cloud > Lync federation environment > Lync client
    28. 28. Lync-Skype Connectivity V2 Contacts MSAs Sessions voice (SILK) Video (H.264) • Encryptionwith TLS and sRTP • NATTraversal with Stun/Turn/Ice Not included: Router With version 2, we now use standard NAT traversal protocols, Signalling is encrypted with TLS and media uses sRTP directly between callers. We’ve standardized Codecs between the clients and have added Video !! Chat,audio, Video Chat,Audio, Video
    29. 29. Platform Support at GA MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL – INTERNAL ONLYMICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL – INTERNAL ONLY Client v1 v2 Notes Skype Win32 yes yes Summer Skype MAC OSX yes yes Summer Skype Win Modern yes yes Future Release Skype iOS yes yes Future Release Skype Android yes yes Future Release Skype WinPhone 8 yes yes Future Release Skype Xbox yes yes Future Release Skype yes yes Future Release Lync 2013 CU4 yes yes Released with SILK audio codec support - (ver 15.0.4551.1005) - Windows Desktop Client Only Lync MAC yes no H.264 not supported, investigating Lync iOS yes yes Future Release Lync Android yes yes Future Release Lync WinPhone 8 yes yes Future Release Lync Win Modern yes yes Future Release Lync Web App no no Out of Scope
    30. 30. Codecs Skype 1. Audio Codec: SILK 2. Video Codec: H.264 Lync 1. Audio Codec: RTA 2. Video Codec: H.264 Lync-Skype Connectivity v2 Audio: SILK v2 Video: H.264 SILK Demo
    31. 31. Technology improvements Direct media connectivity between Lync and Skype clients SILK has been ported over to Lync desktop client. Coming to other Lync clients soon. – SILK will currently only used in Lync-Skype Interop Calls – G.722 and G.711 remain on the list of common codecs Video using H.264 SVC Media connectivity using ICE - ICE v19 support added to Skype client – Along with STUNTURN for NAT traversal
    32. 32. Enterprise NAT Traversal Mechanism Stun/Turn/ICE Router ❶ Host Candidate – Likely to fail ❷ STUN Candidate ❸ TURN Candidate – Edge Relay ❶❷ ❸ SIP uses the source and target IP addresses to establish a session. Network Address Translation (NAT) modifies IP addresses as packets transit onto the public internet and thereby renders the INVITE invalid. STUN, TURN and ICE resolve such session/NAT issues.
    33. 33. SILK Codec Lync-Skype Connectivity v2, SILK WB with a target bit-rate of 36 kbps will be the default audio codec for Lync-Skype calls SILK integration for Lync desktop client was released Lync 2013 CU4 update (Nov 2013). Older clients will continue using G.722 @ 64kbps.
    34. 34. SILK Codec: bit-rate and MOS Network conditions SILK 36 kbps G.722 64 kbps Ideal 4.42 4.31 5% random loss 4.35 4.12 5% burst loss 4.0 3.68 MOS calculated using ITU-T P.863 POLQA Codec Scenario Audio payload (kbps) Audio payload + IP header (kbps) Audio payload + IP, UDP, RTP (kbps) Audio payload + IP, UDP, RTP + FEC (kbps) G.722 p2p 64 80 92 156 SILK p2p 36 52 64 100 RTAw p2p 29 45 57 86
    35. 35. SILK Codec: FEC Lync supports out of band FEC (PT:97, RED) Lync Skype v1 calls did not support FEC end-to-end Lync Skype v2 calls will use in-band FEC.
    36. 36. SILK Codec Payload Type Codec Sampling Rate Target Bitrate 104 SILK Wideband 16k 36kbps 103 SILK Narrowband 8k 13kbps
    37. 37. H.264 UCConfig Modes UCConfig Mode 0: Non‐scalable single layer AVC bitstream with Simulcast (number of simulcast streams >= 1). UCConfig Mode 1: SVC temporal scalability with hierarchical P with Simulcast (number of simulcast streams >= 1).
    38. 38. H.264 UC Config Mode 0 In this UCConfig Mode, one reference frame is used to constitute the single layer bitstream. Each P frame uses the immediate previously reconstru cted frame as the reference frame.
    39. 39. H.264 UC Config Mode 1 If the maximum frame rate of the source is 30fps, then Layer 0, or the base layer, has frame rate of 15fps. Layer 1, or the enhancement layer has frame rate of 15fps too. Decoding of Layer 0 and Layer 1 results in 30fps.
    40. 40. Setting up Lync-Skype Connectivity • Domain: – Provision your organization for federation using, provide your domain(s) & FQDN(s). • Certificate: – Set up your Lync edge for federation, including public certificate. • Policies: – Use the Lync Server Control Panel or PowerShell to enable public IM connectivity, partner discovery, partner domain discovery. Note1: If you have Messenger connectivity working already, you’re done! Note2: There is no additional charge for activating Lync-Skype Connectivity
    41. 41. Step 1. Register your domain This tells our service where to send inbound messages and tells Skype & Messenger that your Lync domain is available for connectivity. Go to to provision your domain for Skype connectivity.
    42. 42. Step 2: Set up Lync Edge for Public IM Connectivity Note: there is no difference in the way the customer requests and assigns a certificate for Skype from other PIC (MSN, AoL, Yahoo) 1. In the Deployment Wizard, on the Deploy Edge Server page, next to Step 3: Request, Install, or Assign Certificates, click Run again. 2. On the Available Certificate Tasks page, click Import a certificate from a .p7b, pfx or .cer file. Public Certificate Authority Import the certificate
    43. 43. Step 3: Lync Server Control Panel: External Access Policy Set up at least one External Access Policy to enable communications with public users. You can also assign External Access Policy to an individual user via the Users tab.
    44. 44. Lync Server Control Panel: Access Edge Configuration Enable federation and public IM connectivity
    45. 45. Lync Server Control Panel: Enable Provider Under “SIP Federated Providers” select “Skype” Check “Enable communications with this provider” Important: Ensure you are happy with the “Default verification level”. We recommend keeping this to allow communications only with those you’ve added to your Contact List unless you want to allow any Skype/Messenger users to contact any of your Lync users. The user can override this from the Lync client.
    46. 46. O365 Configuration and Admin
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