How to get SAP HANA Certification


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In this PPT, learn more about SAP HANA Certification, Levels of SAP HANA Certification, SAP HANA Available Certifications, SAP HANA Certification Test Details, Approach for SAP HANA Certification.

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How to get SAP HANA Certification

  1. 1. SAP HANA Certification Learn more about Highly Paid Jobs in IT
  2. 2. Table Of Content:  SAP HANA Certification  Levels of SAP HANA Certification  List of Available Certifications a. Associate level b. Professional level  SAP HANA Certification Test Details  Approach for SAP HANA Certification
  3. 3. SAP HANA Certification SAP HANA Certificate proves the candidate’s knowledge in related topics and can also demonstrate advanced skills based on practical exposure.
  4. 4. Levels of SAP HANA Certification  Two levels of certification for HANA are available.  ‘Associate’ level, which means the candidate is qualified to apply his skills practically but under the experts’ guidance in a project environment.  The second is ‘Professional’ level and is based on real world SAP experience.
  5. 5. List of Available Certifications a. Associate level  SAP Certified Technology Associate (Edition 2013) – SAP HANA  SAP Certified Support Associate – SAP HANA  SAP Certified Application Associate (Edition 2013) – SAP HANA
  6. 6. b. Professional level SAP Certified Application Professional (Edition 2013) – SAP HANA – The certification test verifies that the candidate possesses the knowledge required in the area of the SAP HANA for the profile of an SAP HANA application consultant.
  7. 7. SAP HANA Certification Test Details  The exam is Computer based  three Hours to answer 80 Questions.  multiple choice type  NO penalty for an incorrect answer.  Some of the Questions have more than one correct answers.  The Official Pass percentage is 65% (But this can vary).
  8. 8. Approach for SAP HANA Certification No, there are no prerequisites to learn HANA but if you know Database Concepts and have knowledge of SQL then it is very helpful. At present SAP is offering free online course Introduction to HANA Software Development through Open SAP.  Warm-Up: In-Memory Data Management  Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA
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