How to Become a SAP EP Consultant


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In this PPT, learn more about SAP EP Consultant Job profile, SAP EP module, SAP EP Consultant roles and responsibilities, SAP EP consultant skills, SAP EP consultant career opportunities.

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How to Become a SAP EP Consultant

  1. 1. BECOME A SAP EP CONSULTANT & JOB PROFILE Learn more about Highly Paid Jobs in IT
  2. 2. Contents  What Is SAP EP  Introduction To SAP EP  SAP EP Consultant Responsibilities  SAP EP Career Opportunities  Required Skill Set  Essential Skills  SAP EP Job-Outlook
  3. 3. What is SAP EP SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP) unifies enterprise applications, information, and services from SAP and non-SAP sources into one system to support business processes, both within and across company boundaries.
  4. 4. More about SAP EP module SAP EP - Building block of SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Information Portal - Integrates information and applications across the enterprise to provide a single, integrated tool for execution, management and closed-loop decision-making. Business Benefits of SAP Enterprise Portal : adoption; accuracy; efficiency; self-service; access; reduced costs of systems development; reduced costs of systems support; foundations.
  5. 5. SAP EP Consultant Responsibilities  Connect to SAP R3 system  Creating portal users, and assigning roles to the users through portal and developing transaction iviews using the integrated ITS  Making pages, workset and roles  Assigning iViews to  Creating Adaptive RFC models - used to connect to pages, pages to worksets and the SAP R/3 from the Web worksets to roles Dynpro project
  6. 6. SAP EP Career Opportunities A Bachelor's/College Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or equivalent course is required. Required skills : working experience in SAP Enterprise Portal (support role); expertise in service support operations; written and oral communication skills. The consultant will basically support SAP Enterprise Portal systems and implement SAP Enterprise Portal projects.
  7. 7. Essential Skill Set ERP and Servers: SAP EP7.0, EP6.0, SAP ECC 6.0, SAP NetWeaver 2004s/2004. Tools: NWDS, NWDI, Adobe Framework, Visual Administration. SQL (Basics), UNIX (Basics).
  8. 8. Required Skills  Portal Installation and configuration On, System connections  Experience in XML, SAP Web Dynpro  SAP integration  Classical, Interactive and technologies ABAP List Viewer (ALV) reports.  Portal Content Directory  Knowledge Management  Portal Developer Kit  TREX trouble shooting  Development of iViews, Single Sign
  9. 9. SAP Job-Outlook According to government research packages for many SAP consultants in the early stages of their careers are similar to those of computer support specialists who often earn between $33,000 and $55,000 per year.
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