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Know yourself

Know yourself






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    Know yourself Know yourself Presentation Transcript

    • By Eman Saeed & Salma Yasser
    • Discussion Points • Colors – What your favorite color say about you .…? • Scribbles – Just habit or psychiatric ….? – How it talks ….?
    • White • • • • • Neat and immaculate. Far-sighted with optimistic nature. Well-balanced and wise. Have a great deal of self control. Self-sufficient and a loner. May appear to be shy, but you do have strong beliefs about most things.
    • Yellow • Have a happy disposition and cheerful and fun. • Creative, Analyze everything. • Good at anything that involves the mind. • Tend to hide their emotions. • Good at networking and getting information out of others.
    • Orange • Inclined to dramatize a bit, and people notice them, but they are generally good-natured and popular. • They can be a little fickle and vacillating, but on the whole they try hard to be agreeable. • Orange is the color of youth, strength, fearlessness, curiosity and restlessness.
    • Red • • • • • Extroverted and optimistic. Action oriented and physically active. Like to be the center of attention. Ambitious and competitive. Aggressive and easy to anger.
    • Brown • • • • • Stamina and patience. Tending to be very solid and substantial. Conscientious and dependable. Steady and conservative. Love responsibility and are reliable and kindly.
    • Green • • • • • Practical. Stable and well balanced Generous and compassionate. Great need to love and to be loved. You have high moral standards and doing the right thing is important to you.
    • Blue • Loyal and faithful marriage partner • Honest, trustworthy and sincere friend. • Aware of others feelings and sensitive to the moods of others. • Always making people feel welcome in their life. • You have a thirst for knowledge. • You can be too cautious and worry about every little thing.
    • Purple • Highly individual, fastidious, witty and sensitive. • Strong desire to be unique and different. • May become aloof and sarcastic when misunderstood. • Tend to be unconventional, tolerant and dignified, likely to achieve positions of authority.
    • Pink • Loving, generous. • Sensitive to the needs of others. • Friendly and approachable with a warmth and softness others are drawn to. • Very much in touch with femininity - this includes men who are in touch with their feminine side.
    • Black • • • • • • Independent, Strong-willed and determined. Non-emotional. Total control. Like to keep people at a distance. Hold things inside. Methodical in work.
    • Scribbles
    • Just habit OR Psychiatric ?
    • 1. Thinking of something. 2. Overload.
    • How?
    • 1 Position of drawing
    • Left of the page
    • Right of the page
    • Center of the page
    • 2 Type of drawing
    • Drawing faces
    • Squares
    • Circles
    • Triangle
    • Stars
    • Hearts
    • Flowers
    • Arrows
    • Birds
    • Eyes
    • Stairs
    • Repeated Forms
    • Intersecting lines
    • Random drawing without meaning
    • • Summary • Scribbles is a Psychiatric and How it talks ?. • What color say about you…??
    • • References • http://www.care2.com/greenliving/favoritecolor-personality.html • http://digital.ahram.org.eg/Community.aspx? Serial=877409 • http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1092 168-what-your-favourite-color-says-aboutyour-personality
    • Any Questions …?