Turkish arlines dispute_factsheet


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In Turkey aviation workers and their union (Hava-Is) are under attack.

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Turkish arlines dispute_factsheet

  1. 1. Turkish Airlines Dispute FactsheetJuly 6, 2012In Turkey aviation workers and their union (Hava-Is) are under attack. The Turkishgovernment has banned strikes by aviation workers and sacked 305 workers via textmessage, telephone call and email. Turkish Airlines has also announced that it will file alawsuit against Hava-Is. Apparently, its aim is to smash the union. However, the workersand Hava-Is are fighting back. They need your support.What is Hava-Is (Turkish Civil The airline operates scheduled What is the current conflict?Aviation Union)? services to 146 international and 41 domestic cities (38 Since the end of 2002, TurkeyHava-Is was established in 1962 domestic airports), serving a has been governed by anto meet the new challenges total of 187 airports in Europe, Islamist Justice andfacing aviation workers working Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Development party (AKP)in a fledgling industry. For more The airline’s main base is at majority government. Politicalthan two decades, Hava-Is has Ataturk International Airport. and religious affiliations arebeen a democratic and It has secondary hubs at therefore likely to play ancampaigning union which fights Esenboga International Airport important role in the selectionfor aviation workers’ rights (Ankara), Sabiha Gokcen of the top managers of theand stands up for equality. International Airport (Istanbul- airline.It is an active affiliate of Asia), and Adnan Menderesthe International Transport Airport (Izmir). Particularly in the last fewWorkers’ Federation (ITF) and years the AKP government hasits European arm, the European The airline has 18,188 been acting in an increasinglyTransport Workers’ Federation employees (as of June 30, authoritarian manner. In(ETF). The union believes that 2011). Turkish Airlines has been February, draft legislation introduced by the governmentbeing active on a global scale is a member of the Star Alliance included a clause that appearedessential when confronting the network since April 1, 2008. to deliberately target Hava-Is –challenges of a globalised Lufthansa, TAM Airlines, the only Turkish aviation unioneconomy. Hava-Is has 17,000 United, Air Canada, and – as it gave aviation companiesmembers. For more details Brussels Airlines are just a the right to force 40% of theirplease see few other members of the workforce to work duringwww.havais.org.tr/eng/index.p Star Alliance. a strike.hp? menu=1 Currently, the Republic of Previous to that, in December,What is Turkish Airlines? Turkey’s Prime Ministry affiliates of the Global Union Privatization Administration Federations, including the ITF,Turkish Airlines (In Turkish Turk owns a 49.12% interest in raised their concerns about theHava Yolları Anonim Ortaklıgı) Turkish Airlines, while 50.88% direction legislation was takingis the country’s national flag of shares are publicly traded. with Turkish Prime Ministercarrier airline. It is headquar- This is likely to mean that the Recep Tayyip Erdogan.tered in the Turkish Airlines government is closely involved Subsequently, during theGeneral Management Building in the appointment of senior parliamentaryin the grounds of Ataturk levels of management at the proceduresAirport in Yesilkoy, Bakirkoy, airline. consideringIstanbul.Turkish Civil Aviation Union
  2. 2. the draft legislation, the The aim of this amendment that the freedom of associationPrimary Committee took out was to introduce a full fledged provisions of ILO Conventionthe strike provision and sent it ban on the right to strike in the 87, which Turkey has ratified,back to the Plenary. aviation industry. The existing implicitly include the right to anti-trade union legislation in strike as an essential means byOn 10th May, Metin Kulunk, Turkey that was inherited from which trade unions can protecta deputy of the governing the third military coup period the interests of workers.political party, proposed an already prohibits strikes in aamendment to Article 29 of number of industries. What is the union doing?the existing Collective Labour What are its demands?Agreement, Strike and Lock-Out At the end of May 2012 theLaw (Law No. 2822; date of amendment was rushed Hava-Is is currently fightingenactment: 05.05.1983) as through the general assembly a government attempt to banfollows: and swiftly approved by Turkish aviation workers from going President Abdullah Gul, who on strike. The country alreadyArticle 29: It shall not be used to be one of the most has in place stringentlawful to call a strike or order prominent leaders of the AKP. legislation prohibiting mosta lock-out in the following forms of accepted industrialactivities: Gul has refused to meet action. On May 29, 2012 with the Hava-Is leadership to workers at Turkish Airlines 1. Life or property saving; and Turkish Technic went on a discuss the attempt to outlaw day’s sick leave – the only form 2. Funeral and mortuary; the right to take strike action in of industrial action allowed 3. Production of coal for the aviation industry. to them – in protest at the water, electricity, gas government strike ban plan. and coal power plants; Even worse, in a national public Turkish Airlines responded by exploration, production, TV interview, Metin Kulunk, the sacking 305 workers by text refining and distribution of deputy responsible for the message, email and phone. natural gas and petroleum; amendment, confessed that petrochemical works, the top management of Turkish The union is demanding that production of which Airlines had asked him to all 305 illegally dismissed starts from naphtha or initiate the change in the law. workers be reinstated and that natural gas; the strike ban be withdrawn 4. Banking and public Do these acts contravene from legislation. notaries; internationally recognised 5. Firefighting, land, sea, core labour standards? On May 30, 2012, Hava-Is railway urban public trans- members started an portation and other public Turkish Airlines’ senior open-ended protest at Ataturk transportation on rail. management, in close International Airport. Atilay collaboration with the AKP Aycin, Hava-Is president,Metin Kulunk proposed the government, are showing a explained: “For us this isfollowing amendment: flagrant disregard for core a question of international labour standards. all or nothing. 4. Banking, public notaries We will either and aviation services The ILO (International Labour win or be (emphasis added) Organization) has determinedTurkish Civil Aviation Union
  3. 3. smashed. There is no other general management building, the fate of collective bargainingoption as we have no intention it “has been under systematic negotiations.of becoming a non-functioning attack, particularly for the lastunion.” five years.” He added that in In the YHK, the employers and 2008, Hava-Is’ bargaining the government have a total ofOn June 13, 2012 the power came under threat. He five representatives, givingsecurity commission of was referring to an attempt them a comfortable majorityIstanbul’s Ataturk engineered by an Islamist metal over the two membersInternational Airport workers’ union Celik-Is, Turkish representing workers.banned any protests at the Airlines subsidiary Turkishairport. This potentially means Technic’s management and the The decisions of the High Courtthat union leaders and AKP government that aimed to of Arbitration are final andmembers can be arrested reclassify aircraft engineers, have the same force andat any time. technicians and mechanics as effect as a collective metal workers. The ensuing bargaining agreement. In short,ITF general secretary David legal battle left members representatives of employersCockroft met Turkey’s Labour without a collective bargaining and the government will shapeMinister, Faruk Celik, in Geneva agreement for over two and our collective bargainingon June 12. The minister a half years. From such agreements. This is likely toconfirmed he was ready for examples it is clear to see mean significant losses ofa dialogue on modifying the that for the last five years THY, income and worsening oflegal ban. Cockroft and other Turkish Technic and TEC have working conditions for ourleaders of the Global Unions used every possible loophole members.also expressed to him that the and anti-democratic provisioncancellation of the dismissals in the existing legal framework Who does Turkish Airlineswas a precondition for a to derail and manipulate sponsor?successful dialogue. Although collective bargaining processes,the minister promised to hold leaving Hava-Is members Turkish Airlines is currently anan urgent meeting with the without a collective bargaining official sponsor of Barcelonaairline management on 18 agreement for between Football Club, ManchesterJune, THY management refused one and two years. United FC, Maroussi Basketballto reinstate the workers to Club, Valencia Basket Club andresolve this dispute. What is going to happen next? the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Basketball. The airline also hasIs this attack new to the The main opposition party, the Kobe Bryant as its brandunion? Republican People’s Party (CHP) promotion ambassador, while is going to appeal against the Caroline Wozniacki, theThis is not the first time that law by taking it to the Turkish number one female player inHava-Is has come under a joint Constitutional Court. However, the 2010 and 2011 tennisand coordinated attack from this process will take many seasons, has become the newTurkish Airlines and the AKP months. face promoting Turkish Airlinesgovernment. As the ITF civil Business Classaviation section secretary In the coming weeks the High and ComfortGabriel Mocho told our workers Court of Arbitration (the YHK) – Class throughon May 23, 2012 at a mass rally an undemocratic compulsory 2013.in front of Turkish Airlines’ arbitration body – will decideTurkish Civil Aviation Union
  4. 4. Who are Turkish Airlines’ of Bosnia and Herzegovina Turkish Technic Zorlu O/M: Insubsidiaries and affiliates? (50.93%), and Energoinvest 2010, Turkish Technic and Zorlu (0.07%). Recently Turkish O&M (Zorlu O&M EnerjiTurkish Technic: A wholly Airlines decided to pull out of Tesisleri Isletme ve Bakımowned subsidiary of Turkish this joint venture. Hizmetleri AS) signed “anAirlines, Turkish Technic was agreement for a joint ventureestablished on 23 May 2006. Turkish Ground Services: company”. Established on March 12, 2009Sun Express: Founded in 1989, as a joint venture of Turkish Turkish Cabin Interior SystemsSunExpress is a joint venture of Airlines and HAVAS Havaalanlari Industries Inc: In 2010 TurkishTurkish Airlines and Lufthansa Yer Hizmetleri AS in which each Airlines, Turkish Technic, andin which each controls a 50% controls a 50% stake, TGS TUSAS - TAI (Turk Havacilik vestake. (Turkish Ground Services) has Uzay Sanayi AS) entered into been in operation since the an agreement to undertake theDo&Co: Commencing beginning of 2010. joint manufacturing of aircraftoperations on January 1, 2007, cabin interior products.Turkish Do&Co is a joint Turkish OPET Aviation Fuels:venture of Turkish Airlines and Turkish OPET Aviation Fuels was For further information contactDo&Co Restaurants & Catering established on September 18, Kemal Ulker atAG in which each controls a 2009. It is a joint venture of kemalulker@havais.org.tr50% stake. Turkish Airlines and OPET Petrolculuk AS in which eachTurkish Engine Center: TEC was controls an equal stake.established on October 10,2008. It is a joint venture of Goodrich Turkish AirlinesTurkish Airlines and United Technical Service Center:Technologies (Pratt & Whitney) Established in 2010, Goodrichin which Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines Technicalcontrols a 51% stake. Service Center is a joint venture of Turkish Technic (40%) andB&H Airlines: Since 2009, B&H TSA-Rina Holdings (60%), theAirlines has been in operation latter a subsidiary of Goodrichas a joint venture of Turkish Corporation.Airlines (49%), the Federationwww.reinstate305.orgTurkish Civil Aviation Union