IT Skills in Demand 2012 - 2013 | Top Computer Jobs & Career Tracks


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Compare the most in-demand IT skills from 2012 to 2013. View online at

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IT Skills in Demand 2012 - 2013 | Top Computer Jobs & Career Tracks

  1. 1. Top IT Skills In Demand 2012 - 2013
  2. 2. Summary & MethodologyComputerworld’s latest IT forecast survey indicates the hottest IT skills for 2012 and beyond. In June of 2011,, a leading source of cutting-edge technology information for IT enthusiasts, professionals and executives - polled 353 IT managers about their technology hiring plans for 2012 in its annual IT forecast survey. The results provide valuable insight into which technology skills & expertise are likely to be the most sought-after in 2012. Subject matter experts at ITCareerFinder, a world-class online community for career-minded IT professionals, analyzed and summarized CW’s survey results to create this concise breakdown of the most demanded computer skills, desirable certifications and red-hot IT career tracks for 2012 & beyond. Sources: Computerworld’s 2012 IT Forecast Survey •
  3. 3. Programming and61% Application Development 61% of the IT executives plan to hire web and application developers in 2012. Driven by continued fast-paced growth in the handheld device market, this represents the largest growth percentage for a single IT skill set. Organizations will hire an unprecedented amount of skilled & talented mobile application developers from 2012 through 2013 and beyond to develop a range of innovative applications to meet the exacting needs of smartphone and tablet users. Sources: Computerworld’s 2012 IT Forecast Survey •
  4. 4. 44% IT Project Management 44% of the tech execs will hire project mangers in 2012. Complex projects will demand skilled IT Project Managers to ensure that goals are met on time, under budget and to specs. The demand is highest for those who can also play the increasingly demanded role of computer systems analyst - meaning managers want PMs who will not only oversee projects, but help the organization plan and strategize the best ways to maximize the ROI of technologies and IT personnel. Sources: Computerworld’s 2012 IT Forecast Survey •
  5. 5. Help Desk Technicians35% & Technical Support 35% of the IT executives plan to hire help desk technicians and IT support personnel this year. Until the day when computers are no longer used in business, IT support technicians will have a job. For 2012, mobile devices have added a new dimension to the tech support job role, expanding the knowledge-base and advancement opportunities for these indispensable professionals. Achieving skills and certifications that validate mobile computing skills in a popular Operating Systems – such as the MCTS: Windows 7 Configuration - will help you leverage this trend to get hired. Sources: Computerworld’s 2012 IT Forecast Survey •
  6. 6. 35% Computer Networking 35% of the IT executives surveyed plan to hire networking professionals in 2012. Increased demand for network administrators and managers is fueled in part by the rapid increase in cloud computing and virtualization initiatives. Specific in-demand qualifications for networking professionals include skills, experience and certifications in VMware virtualization and Citrix cloud technologies. Microsoft’s new cloud-based certifications will also help candidates validate skills in this domain. Sources: Computerworld’s 2012 IT Forecast Survey •
  7. 7. 23% Business Intelligence 23% of the IT executives surveyed will hire business intelligence specialists in 2012. Increased demand for technicians and managers with BI skills is a positive indicator of confidence and growth in IT employment, as it shows a shift from the recent culture of “save costs at all costs,” to innovating and investing in new technologies for smarter business decisions. Noteworthy benefactors of the increased demand for business intelligence skills include certified Microsoft SQL Server BI Specialists. Sources: Computerworld’s 2012 IT Forecast Survey •
  8. 8. 18% Data Center Skills 18% of the IT executives plan to hire data center professionals in 2012. Increased demand for data center technicians is another byproduct of businesses’ increased focus on cloud and virtualization strategies, as well as “green” initiatives. “Hiring managers will be looking for IT professionals with skills and expertise in data center operations & systems integration,” said John Reed, Executive Staffing Director of IT staffing giant, Robert Half Technology. Sources: Computerworld’s 2012 IT Forecast Survey •
  9. 9. 18% Web 2.0 Skills 18% of tech execs will hire programmers with Web 2.0 development skills in 2012. Demand for these skills will increase as businesses look to engage young consumers & spur a competitive advantage in red-hot social media and networking platforms. In demand programming skills include HTML, XML, CSS, Flash & JavaScript on the front-end; and AJAX, PHP, Perl & Visual Basic on the back-end. Web Developers & Computer Programmers will capitalize on this concerted push to hire professionals with Web 2.0 skills. Sources: Computerworld’s 2012 IT Forecast Survey •
  10. 10. 17% Information Security 17% of the executives surveyed plan to hire IT Security Technicians this year. Information security remains a chief concern for IT managers in 2012 and beyond as the frequency and severity of cyber-crimes continues to escalate. The IT execs report a significant skills gap in IT security & auditing skills, finding it difficult to locate talent, indicating a great opportunity for IT pros to advance their information security skills. Security skills in the most demand include operations security, mobile device & wireless security, risk management, network security and cloud security skills. Sources: Computerworld’s 2012 IT Forecast Survey •
  11. 11. 9% Telecommunications 9% of the technology executives surveyed by ComputerWorld plan to hire telecommunications professionals in 2012 to 2013. IT professionals with telecommunications skills and experience will enjoy increased demand as businesses continue to upgrade call centers, wired and wireless communication systems with cutting-edge digital hardware & software. Telecommunications skills in the greatest demand include IP telephony, VOIP and Cisco IP Call Center. Sources: Computerworld’s 2012 IT Forecast Survey •
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  14. 14. Source Materials Current and reliable data from around the Web. Computerworld IT Forecast 2012 Survey (Published Q4 2011) U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012-2013 Occupational Outlook Handbook (Released March 29, 2012)