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Getting digital-getting-future-ready

  1. 1. Getting Digital... Getting Future Ready! SITUATION Being a premier society for knowledge management, education and networking for the manufacturing industry, the client had a huge repository of content in traditional formats. The society had been following conventional modes of creating, managing and publishing content IMPACT While the content was trapped in traditional formats, the member- base was rapidly evolving to be consumers of digital formats. This restricted our client’s ability to effectively utilize content, resulting in limited monetization RESOLUTION ITC Infotech supported a complete digital transformation initiative for the client. The solution platform not only automated content creation, but also provided a web-based system to manage its end-to-end processes. The solution also provided a digital collaborative platform for content creation that enabled publishing of personalized content for its member-base, ensuring enhanced online presence and content monetization
  2. 2. The Customer The Need The client is the world's leading professional society, advancing knowledge for the manufacturing industry and influencing more than half a million manufacturing practitioners annually. Based out of USA, it is a premier source for manufacturing industry knowledge, education and networking. The Society publishes several hundred educational books, videos, magazines, two peer-reviewed scholarly journals, over 17000 technical papers, as well as runs an online streaming television network. The sources of the content are equally varied including, contributory pieces from industry experts, webinars, trade shows, knowledge forums, training and discussion sessions. The Society collaborates with various stakeholders of manufacturing industry on a regular basis to create these contents. The client relied on conventional modes for content creation and publishing. With a huge repository of content in traditional formats, it became increasingly difficult for the Society to manage and distribute content among its stakeholders. Further, distribution numbers for traditional books were steadily declining as a result of migration of existing member-base to digital distribution channels. Moreover, educational institutes and professional development organizations could foresee the increasing digital preference among students in the form of eBooks. There was naturally, a growing requirement to provide flexible content that could be quickly personalized by professors & trainers to suit their course needs. However, the content being trapped in inflexible traditional formats, prevented effective re-purposing and personalization. This prevented the society from effectively collaborating with external organizations. In an era of digitization and automation, traditional platforms and processes proved to be extremely ineffective. Therefore, the client’s need was to automate its content creation process as well as implement a centralized platform that would manage all related processes. This required digitization of existing content as well as an integrated and collaborative system to create an online platform. ITC Infotech helped the client in the transformation of its business model from a conventional print centric to an online collaborative digital publishing enterprise. The solution was realized in a phased manner: ŸEngaged with the client in a consulting exercise to conceptualize the implementation roadmap, including analysis of the as-is content, workflows and information pattern ŸEvaluated multiple publishing platforms to recommend a solution that could be aligned to the content supply chain requirements of the client The Solution First Stage - Diagnostic & Consulting Second Stage-Implementation Implementaion Plan & Roadmap Machining Forming Materials Plastic Part Manufacturing Materal & Part Handling Quality Continuous Improvement Client Content Verticals Technology Platform & Solution Evaluation As-Is Content Workflows Information Solution Pattern Productivity Gap Analysis Content Creation Digitization Content Management Content Supply Chain Content Distribution Content Monetization Design & Productization Architecture & Development Product Design Product Migrations Testing Services Product Implementation Product Support & Services Customer Workflow Integration Systems Integration Sustenance & Support Content Diagnostics
  3. 3. ŸRealized the chosen solution on the selected implementation platform, including 3rd party integration across the client’s content value chain The consulting exercise was extended to the client’s member and customer base to ensure that the conceptualized transformation roadmap was aligned with its business model. The technology platform used to develop the solution was RSuite CMS (XML based publishing CMS). ITC Infotech oversaw digitization of the existing content from legacy formats to industry standard Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) format. The realized DITA based solution enabled the client to distribute content to multiple delivery channels in various formats such as, PDF, ePub, kindle, XHTML. It also allowed the client to create content mash-ups, sourced from multiple information hubs like eBooks, articles, journals and magazines. This solution has further helped the Society in content monetization through subscription-based access to its academia and corporate member base. ŸIntegrated with e-commerce system to market and sell various types of content ŸIntegrated with the association management systems in order to create a common platform for product access and availability Solution Highlights: ŸIntegrated comprehensive Taxonomy across multiple systems to prevent metadata redundancy and provide a rich industry standard method of classification ŸIntegration with client’s WebCMS’ search/ recommendation engine for effective retrieval of content The project has been part of the client’s ambitious digital transformation initiative and to get ready for the future. The key benefits of the solution: ŸEnabled complete transformation of the client’s business model, resulting in new revenue channels ŸSignificant reduction of operational costs through efficient online content collaboration ŸEnhanced online presence enabled sharing of content through various social media platforms ŸEnriched content through enhanced collaboration between subject matter experts and member-base Business Benefits
  4. 4. © 2013, ITC Infotech. All rights reserved. For more information, please write to: ITC Infotech’s IT Solutions Practice For Media & Entertainment Industry ITC Infotech has an established business practice offering a comprehensive portfolio for IT consulting, solutions and services for the Media, Publishing and Entertainment industry. The key focus areas include, Information & Content Architecture, Metadata management, Enterprise Content management (XML, DAM, Web, and Mobile), Content transformation, Social media and advertising. The solutions are built on a strong foundation of domain expertise and cutting-edge technologies, evolved over multiple engagements with large Media, Publishing and Entertainment customers around the world. The practice team is well equipped with highly skilled professionals, trained on latest tools and technologies. ITC Infotech has delivered turnkey and innovative solutions to clients that has facilitated content monetization across multiple delivery channels; solution accelerators and cost take out service propositions helping the companies to reduce TCO while transforming themselves into the world of New Media.