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iFront 2010 prezentacija na Christian Haukson
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iFront 2010 prezentacija na Christian Haukson


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Web Marketing
    International Partners:
  • 2. Web Marketing
  • 3. Why is this important?
    With close to 1.800.000.000 people using the Internet world wide the internet is taking down all barriers
  • 4. More importantly
    Mobile phones world wide have passed 4,6 billion
  • 5. The merger of these worlds has begun
  • 6. Web Marketing
    Internet versus traditional
  • 7. The Internet is Turning the Advertising World Upside Down
    Increasingly the consumer is in control
    Technology innovation and broadband penetration foster environment of consumer’s need for relevant and on demand information
    Marketers held to new levels ofaccountability to Business ROI vs Media ROI
    Escalating content choices creating new complexities for marketers
    Consumer shopping behaviors have been radically altered
  • 8. Into the searchers mind
    Searcher's intent is either
    navigational, informational,
    or transactional?
    ~ Source: 2008 Web-Smart CMO Report
    80%80% of all
    searches are
    .(Penn - 2008)
  • 9. Consumers embrace the Internet!
    95%of corporate purchasing agents use the Web to research purchases of products and services.
    93%of consumers use the Internet to research major purchases.
    64%of net users start purchase research with search engines.
    127.7 Europe retail e-commerce sales
    In billions of £ in the year 2009.
  • 10. Consumer is in Control
    Shift in the way consumers engage…
    Visitor Controlled: Pull vs Push – Consumers can engage on their own terms
    Task Oriented: The consumer is no longer surfing the Web aimlessly; They are on a quest to find, do or buy something!
    Low Risk: If they don’t like what they see they are just a click away from the back button.
    Comprehensive: Vast amount of information both empowers and frustrates
    Transparent: Transparency equates to credibility – consumers demand respect
  • 11. The Online Brand
    Brand online is about:
    Visibility – Attracting customers who are actively looking for you
    Usability – Engaging customers with clear concise web site that speaks their language
    Transparency – Retain customers with open dialogue and information that empowers
  • 12. The Web is Marketing Glue
    Over 56 percent of marketing
    executives said that the web was
    either the hub of their
    organization’s marketing strategy,
    or that it will become the hub in
    the next year.
    ~ Source: 2006 Web-Smart CMO Report
  • 13. People react online
  • 14. Online Effect of Offline “happening”
    Case Study:“Volcano goes off in Iceland”
    The Problem:
    A small volcano in Iceland starts to erupt
    Flights are halted and millions are stranded
    People are interviewed and state that they hate Iceland
    Searches for Iceland go up 800%
    Searches for Iceland travel go up 600%
  • 15. Take advantage of these changes
    Feed the need for control and create compelling information consumers will pull and interact with on demand.
    Test your offline messaging with paid search advertising before it goes live
    Close the awareness loop with search by monitoring increased demand for new keywords
    Plan for and take advantage of the increased demand at search engines generated by offline
    Embrace search in your 360-degree world
  • 16. New players in town
    More than 9 in 10 marketers are planning a Facebook presence by the end of 2010
    World wide social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have around 1 billion users world wide
    Facebook just reach 500 million users in May 2010 and is growing fast
    According to a November 2009 survey from, 73% of B2B respondents who were using social media had less than two years of social media marketing experience.
  • 17. Early day’s
    Despite all the hype search marketing is still in it’s infancy
    There are developed markets like the US and the UK
    There are emerging markets like Brazil, China and India to mention few
    There is Europe, countries like Serbia, Bulgaria and even Russia with great and growing potential
  • 18. !
    Web Marketing
    Organic Visibility
  • 19.
  • 20. Google
    Google says it looks at over 200 items when it ranks web sites
    I say let’s put all our efforts into five of those
    Good unique descriptive title focusing on your main keywords <title>
    Don’t overfill your page with text for the sake of search engines.
    Think about the keywords people are actually going to search for
    Good text that includes all your targeted keywords
    Don’t lock you text in images
    Have an option for user reviews and comments
  • 21. Then there are links
  • 22. Web Marketing
    Case Study
    Pure Organic
  • 23. Start-up / Case Study
    What happens when you open an online shop and only use search to market it?
    Year one - 2004: $4500
    Close to zero inventory
    Year two – 2005: $32,500
    Year three – 2007: $150,000
    Year three – 2008: $190,000.-
    Year three – 2008: $360,000.-
    Year three – 2009: $800,000.-
    Year three – 2010: est $1,000,000.-
    Physical store opened in 2009
    Minimum inventory
    Three employees
    What was done:Good CMS
    Keyword analysis
    Organic Search
  • 24. Thank You
    Kristjan Mar Hauksson
    Director of Search / Founder
    Board of Directors SEMPO
    International Partners: