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ITNEXT Magazine January 2014

  1. 1. Next100 special: Leaders in the making f o r t h e n e x t g e n e r at i o n o f c i o s New Visionaries They have the vision, exuberance and hunger to get the top IT seat, driven about bringing value to the corporate table January 2014 | `100 | Volume 04 | Issue 12 | A 9.9 Media Publication | @itnext_magazine |
  2. 2. Editorial They are Ambitious to Inspire Wonder what that’s about? The Next100 winners of 2013. Of course! This year’s winners are a combination of vision, exuberance, driven by the ambition to get to the hot seat of a CIO, plus the corporate table if possible. Ambitious to the extent that their next immediate goal is to be on the jury of the coveted Next100 awards themselves and gear up to meet the parameters required of the jury! The most interesting change in them was that they were bang on track with the changes that the industry is witnessing and clearly clued into the transformation that IT roles are going through. The most heartening part of the entire Next100 process was this: these future CIOs admitted there was a lot of learning to do--in terms of actually understanding the characteristics of the CIO in real life scenarios, hitherto unknown. The cover feature of the current edition of ITNext focuses on unearthing the winners’ minds and getting a glimpse into what changed their thought process and how the entire Next100 selection process impacted their personality and career progression. Most winners believe that the selection process in general and jury interviews in particular changed their thought process and helped them take various challenges positively, in their stride, while giving them the push to take the right approach in addressing the IT and business conundrum. It was important for the winners to understand how to get to the crux of a problem, to buy in the line of business and build the steps necessary to align with IT. Winners did see a major boost to their confidence and their capabilities as they cracked tough challenges to receive the coveted Next100 award; this also influenced them in other ways: making them ambitious enough to adorn the new top-notch role and also helping in creating a career trajectory for peers. The jury too dispensed guidance to the winners and participants on areas of improvement. “Most winners believe that the selection process in general and jury interviews in particular changed their thought process and helped them take various challenges positively” Geetha Nandikotkur Blogs To Watch! Tech Predictions for 2014 http://www.computerweekly. com/blogs/david_lacey/2013/12/ predictions_for_2014.html DR Trends and why it will no longer burn a hole in your wallet Top B2B Tech Trends for 2014 http://blogs.aspect. com/2013/11/12/top-b2b-techtrends-for-2014/ 12 Best Big Data Blog Posts of 2013 Editorial/News-Flashes/12Best-Big-Data-BlogPosts-of-2013-93658.aspx j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 1
  3. 3. Content For the l atest technology uPDATES Go to JANUARY 2 0 1 4 V o l u m e 0 4 | Issue 12 Facebook: http://www.facebook. com/home.php#/group. php?gid=195675030582 Twitter: http://t LinkedIn groups?gid=2261770&trk=myg_ ugrp_ovr The NEXT BEST 100! Page 14 NEXT 100 SPECIAL 14 The Next Best 100! They have the vision, exuberance, and hunger to get the top IT seat. Most importantly, they are driven about bringing value to the corporate table. The NEXT100 2013 award winners are aggressive, the cream of the crop: the industry must watch out—for they know what it takes to be a Future CIO. NEXT100 SPECIAL: LEADERS IN THE MAKING F O R T H E N E X T G E N E R AT I O N O F C I O s NEW VISIONARIES THEY HAVE THE VISION, EXUBERANCE AND HUNGER TO GET THE TOP IT SEAT, DRIVEN ABOUT BRINGING VALUE TO THE CORPORATE TABLE January 2014 | `100 | Volume 04 | Issue 12 | A 9.9 Media Publication | @itnext_magazine | Cover Design: Anil T 2 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4
  4. 4. MANAGEMENT Managing Director: Dr Pramath Raj Sinha Printer & Publisher: Vikas Gupta EDITORIAL Group Editor: R Giridhar Editor: Geetha Nandikotkur Senior Asst. Editor: Subhankar Kundu DESIGN Sr. Creative Director: Jayan K Narayanan Sr. Art Director: Anil VK Associate Art Director: Anil T Sr. Visualisers: Manav Sachdev, Shigil Narayanan & Sristi Maurya Visualiser: NV Baiju Sr. Designers: Haridas Balan, Manoj Kumar VP Charu Dwivedi, Peterson PJ & Dinesh Devgan Designers: Pradeep G Nair & Vikas Sharma Page 48 Winners’ Demograph ONLINE & MARCOM DESIGN Associate Art Director: Shokeen Saifi Sr.Designer: Rahul Babu Web Designer: Om Prakash 20 The Winning Experience—says it all. NEXT100 2013 Winners’ thoughts and their overwhelming experience PHOTOGRAPHY Some Grilling, SOme THrills Chief Photographer: Subhojit Paul Sr. Photographer: Jiten Gandhi 28 Some interesting anecdotes shared by jury members of Next100 2013 sales & marketing Life after Next100— Past Winners on a Roll Product Manager: Shreyans Daga (0999949343) Senior Vice President: Krishna Kumar (09810206034) National Manager -Print , Online & Events: Sachin Mhashilkar (09920348755) North: Deepak Sharma (09811791110) South: Abhijeet Ajoynil (09741414154) West: Samiksha Ghadigaonkar (+91 9833608089) Brand Manager: Varun Kumra Assistant Product Manager: Kshitij Garg Assistant Product Manager-Digital: Manan Mushtaq Ad co-ordination/Scheduling: Kishan Singh 44 Next100 awards have evidently impacted the careers of the winners of the last three editions.Some thoughts on how have they made a difference Funtime at CTRLS Data center 48 Day 2 of the event kicked off with the visit to CtrlS data center at Mhape, Mumbai where NEXT100 Winners had fun time Production & Logistics Next100 Celebration Moments Sr. GM. Operations: Shivshankar M Hiremath Manager Operations: Rakesh upadhyay Asst. Manager - Logistics: Vijay Menon Executive Logistics: Nilesh Shiravadekar Production Executive: Vilas Mhatre Logistics: MP Singh & Mohd. Ansari 34 Some special moments from the NEXT100 Award night have been captured in this photo-ed technology awards 49 IT Next Technology Awards 2013 promotes professional, Office Address expansive and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking from IT community Nine Dot Nine Mediaworx Pvt Ltd A-262 Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024, India Certain content in this publication is copyright Ziff Davis Enterprise Inc, and has been reprinted under license. eWEEK, Baseline and CIO Insight are registered trademarks of Ziff Davis Enterprise Holdings, Inc. RegulArs Editorial _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 01 Letters _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 04 Boss Talk_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 05 Interview_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 60 Cube Chat _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 66 Open debate _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 75 My Log_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 76 advertiser index Emerson IFC Bharti Airtel 10-12 E-Scan 13 CTRLs 41 Arkadin 47 HCL IBC Lenovo BC Please recycle this magazine and remove inserts before recycling Published, Printed and Owned by Nine Dot Nine Mediaworx Private Ltd. Published and printed on their behalf by Vikas Gupta. Published at A-262 Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024, India. Printed at Tara Art Printers Pvt ltd., A-46-47, Sector-5, NOIDA (U.P.) 201301. Editor: Geetha Nandikotkur © All rights reserved: Reproduction in whole or in part wit hout written permission from Ni ne Dot Nine mediaworx Pv t Ltd is prohibit ed. j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 3
  5. 5. INBoX INTERVIEW | RAJU VEGESNA, CHAIRMAN, SIFY TECHNOLOGIES | Pg 40 “Need for CIOs to transform into BIOs” CASE COVER STORY | STUDY SPECIAL F O R T H E N E X T G E N E R AT I O N O F C I O s TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION: LESSONS from REAL LIFE IN ACTION LESSONS from REAL LIFE Best technology deployments and business practices of senior ITDMs boost business BY T E A M IT NEXT 12 Antony Thomas Manish Israni CIO, Vodafone India Vice President -IT Infrastructure and Data Center, Vodafone India Aniruddha Paul Suresh A Shanmugam BossTalk Be Calm to be Creative Pg 06 Plus SDDC: Design the DC on Your Terms Pg 32 Best technology deployments and business practices of senior Ranganathan N ITDMs boost business Pg 12 Head-IT, Mahindra & Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd December 2013 V Ranganathan Iyer CIO, JBM Group IT NEXT thanks its Readers for the warm response Lalit Kaushik Senior Manager-IT, JBM Group. INSIDE CIO, ING Vysya Bank Head--MMFSL BITS (Business Information Technology Solutions) Lalit Kaushik Senior Manager-IT, JBM Group Manish Israni, Vice President -IT Infrastructure and Data Center, Vodafone India December 2013 | `100 | Volume 04 | Issue 11 | A 9.9 Media Publication @itnext_magazine | | Ranganathan N Head-IT, Mahindra & Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd. 15 | VIRTUALISATION 18 | CLOUD BASED SERVICE MODEL 21 | ENTERPRISE MOBILITY 24 | END TO END CONNECTIVITY 26 | BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ITNEXT | D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 3 | ITNEXT 13 IT NEXT values your feedback We want to know what you think about the magazine, and how we can make it a better read. Your comments will go a long way in making IT NEXT the preferred publication for the community. Send your comments, compliments, complaints or questions about the magazine to groups?gid= 2261770&trk= myg_ugrp_ovr 300 members read this issue online Building a Strong Community IT next seeks inputs and views on different technologies & trends... I too enjoy sharing my views while reading others. I am thankful to ITNext for featuring me on cubechat beside honouring me with Next 100 CIO and also for featuring one of my articles on UTM. ITNext helps the IT community on technologies thatare in discussion for their upcoming issues, views or experiences to share anymore and am yet to find the reason behind it. I am based out of Kolkata, and planning, evaluating, implementing different technologies for my organization. With such sharing of insights, others also can reap advantage of the same because I am sure you will agree sharing the opinions, experiences, ideas only enhance the knowledge.. the industry & its people like me benefit from these. I feel I would be able to add some value to your constant endeavour of enriching knowledge of the IT. http://www.itnext. in/resources/ magazine It’s a great platform to share thoughts that could apply to entrepreneurs in a simple step by step manner. So while I have made a number of presentations, conducted workshops and been on panel discussions for entrepreneurs and have myself over the last 3 years had so many 4 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 Cherian Kuruvila Managing Partner, CNC Transcend Management Services Open Letter Subhakar Rudra, Sr. Manager – IT, Usha Martin Group and Next 100 winner, 2011 Great platform to share insights case studies and got so many testimonials I had never put the learnings in a capsule form. I have attempted to do that now for 2 topics of relevance which cut across industry segments and address the fundamental principles from our experiences with them . A one man army cannot win a war -5 simple steps to success for SMB’s H arnessing people power for success - 10 tried and tested Case study steps for SMBs and Corporates. I would love to be part of the content that’s so helpful for the IT community to understand the emerging technologies . Look forward to hearing from you and playing a more active role in being able to help the readers and the ecosystem with many more experiences and thoughts. ITNEXTspace your feedback and send it to 56 78 76 *Special rates apply Thanks for the honours bestowed on me. These accolades are major milestones in my career.  I guess these are messages of destiny to continue in the same direction. Since last 1 year I am thinking of getting into a senior position and have spent a lot of time and efforts on passing the baton to my No. 2. All IT awards have been recd in this year – SAP ACE Awards, Top 100 ITNEXT, IT Infrastructure mgmt. award. I guess I will treat it as a message from HIM and seek a position where IT continues to be major lever for growth in my career. Thanks for routing HIS messages to me – these mean a lot to me. This note is dedicated for thanks to you and ITNEXT team. Atul Vij, VP, UNO MINDA Group
  6. 6. Hamish Taylor | boss talk BW PHOTO HERE Le a der s h i p M a n ag eme n t Customer is the biggest motivator “Breakthroughs always come from the ability of an organisation to look outside its current environment” and vice-versa. Being too much the expert on one domain restrains innovation. Most of the time, huge business opportunities come from simple observations and not through deep analysis of the customers’ world. Sometimes you will just have to throw away the rule book and simply observe the world and the customer to come up with ideas. If we really want tranformation, we need to let our teams look at other source of inspiration. Soft Insights M ost of the time, huge business opportunities come from simple observations and not through deep analysis of the customers’ world. Former CEO of Sainsbury Bank and Managing Director of Eurostar UK, Hamish Taylor now advises clients like Time Warner, General Motors and Citibank. In the past, Taylor has also worked with PG, British Airways, and PriceWaterHouse Coopers. Taylor believes that to be innovative, a CIO needs to start thinking differently in the way he looks at his customers. Domain Expertise It is important for an enterprise technology decision-maker to have domain expertise. However, too much focus on a single domain could hinder innovation. Despite being a non-IT guy, I have something to share with every CIO, and which is common to every business. Breakthroughs always come from the ability of an organisation to look outside its current environment. The environment can be outside the industry or outside a discipline. For instance, marketing can learn from finance Suggestion BOX The book reveals the cost mind-set stems from IT leaders’ inability to communicate about the business value they createso CIOs get stuck with budgets. Writer: Richard Hunter and G eo r g e W est e r m a n P u bl i s h e r : H a r va r d Bu s i n es s S c h o o l P u bl i s h i n g P RICE : `17 0 0 There is a need for soft insights. Getting soft insights implies understanding the world within which your customers live. It entails whether or not you have understood the little things in the world of your customers like feelings, outlook, and language. These minute details form the base of transformational ideas. If your behaviour is driven by what your customer wants, their behaviour is driven by what their customer wants. So, if you don’t understand your customer’s customer, how can you understand what drives your customer who is doing business with you? There is a huge disconnect between seniority and customer insights. Another problem with senior employees is the more seniority one attains, he or she moves further away from the customer. But at the same time with seniority, people take bigger and important decisions. So, this creates a gap in knowing the customer and taking crucial business decisions, which is dangerous. Having a mechanism to share these soft insights within the organisation is very important as the senior team player must know these insights to take better business decisions. Hamish Taylor, Expert on Leadership, Innovation and Branding j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 5
  7. 7. Update I n d u s t r y Forces To Drive Enterprise Software TRENDS | Enterprise software buying is increasingly shaped by the Nexus of Forces, according to Gartner, Inc. Gartner said that technology providers must realize that the disruptive forces of cloud, information, mobile and social will reach mainstream status in 2014 and create new technology requirements, drive new purchasing and establish new competitive realities. “Starting in 2014, the enterprise software markets will undergo their greatest level of disruptions, growth and new opportunities since the year Telecom Finding Value for Mobile Services The telecom industry is at crossroads today where subscriber growth 4.07 has tapered off. Telecom operators are now more focused on reducing churn and increasing average revenue per user (ARPU) instead of concentrating on adding subscribers It has given as in the halcyon period up to 2010, me a feeling of security when India added up to 20 million subscribers in some months. Source: PwC - IIMA Survey on Consumer Value 6 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 trends deals products services people Starting in 2014, the enterprise software markets will undergo their greatest level of disruptions, growth. Base: All respondents (2,152) 4.04 3.87 3.87 3.81 3.76 It has kept me in touch with my family It enables It helps save time me to coordinate with others It has allowed me to expand my social network It has brought me closer to my parents 3.75 It has reduced the frequency of meeting my friend and relatives 2000,” said Tom Eid, research vice president at Gartner. “By 2017, Gartner estimates that new IT buying based on the Nexus of Forces will drive more than 26 percent of total enterprise software market revenue, up from 12 percent in 2012. This represents more than $104 billion to new worldwide enterprise software revenue from cloud, information, mobile and social initiatives in 2017.” Eid said that the nexus forces must be evaluated, analyzed and understood as adjacent and synergistic and not solely as independent or nonconnected. “While there has been a great deal of excitement from the vendor community regarding cloud, information, mobile, social, and other forces and technologies, adoption in organisations and businesses has yet to catch up with the hype,” said Eid. “Adoption trends of new technologies frequently take many years before reaching maturity, stability and broad market usage. The nexus should be seen as a development and design philosophy rather than as a packaged product.” While the use of collaboration technologies, data analytics, mobile devices and software as a service (SaaS) has been in effect for more than a decade, their adoption and popularity have increased significantly over the last few years. Vendors’ offerings continue to improve, and usage benefits are becoming more tangible. Gartner expects that new revenue generation and growth rates derived from the Nexus of Forces’ impact on enterprise software markets will far outpace overall market growth through 2017.
  8. 8. ROCCAT Kone Pure Core The ROCCAT Kone Pure Core performance gaming mouse has a Easy-Shift[+] technology, which lets you set two functions for each mouse button and the scroll wheel. The Soft touch finish is great for grip Price: 5100 INR Acer K135 projector JBL OnBeat Xtreme iPod dock The K135 projector from Acer is a rather neat offering - good performance, simple to set up, and the small form factor makes it perfect for most homes. Price: 44999 INR The JBL OnBeat Xtreme is a robust all-round performer. It lets you dock not just smaller Apple devices but also the iPad. With bluetooth playback, this is the dock of choice. Price : 24990 INR Most Indian Cos Are Concerned About BYOD Security Privacy TRENDS | Almost half (45 per cent) of Indian organisations are concerned about the security and privacy of their enterprise mobility initiatives, the second highest figure in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region after China, according to a new global study commissioned by CA Technologies. The study surveyed 1,300 senior IT leaders worldwide and shows that 43 per cent of Indian companies are deploying mobility initiatives to increase the security of mobile access to data and applications. Despite these concerns, Indian organisations are advancing faster than every country in APJ apart from China in their adoption of a single, company-wide mobility Almost half of Indian organisations are concerned about the security and privacy of their enterprise mobility initiatives. strategy. Nearly all (85 per cent) of respondents either have a strategy already or plan to do so within 12 months. This compares with 95 per cent in China, 60 per cent in Singapore and 49 per cent in Japan. Among the study’s specific findings: In India, it’s all about the customer: Apart from the need to increase security, the main drivers of mobility initiatives are increased demand from customers using mobile devices (43 per cent) and improved customer support (31 per cent) BYOD was all about IT reacting to demands from employees. Mobility changes the way the business operates: Indian organisations have had to make changes in the wake of the increased adoption of mobile devices: 41 per cent have had to rethink their IT strategy 36 per cent have had to redesign their security strategy and policies 31 per cent have had to change the structure of the organisation quick byte Around The World Sony’s PS 4 Outsells Xbox One in First Few Weeks Microsoft has sold 2 million Xbox One video game consoles in its first 18 days of release around the world, the company said Wednesday, trailing the 2.1 million PlayStation 4 consoles Sony sold in 15 days. Microsoft launched the Xbox One on Nov. 22 in 13 countries. The PS4 was released a week earlier. Results for both companies are meeting analysts expectations. The Xbox One is priced at $499, $100 more than the PS4. John Chen, CEO, BlackBerry “Our ‘for sale’ sign has been taken down and we are here to stay. We’re going back to our heritage and roots — delivering enterprise-grade, end-to-end mobile solutions. In short, reports of our death are greatly exaggerated” j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 7
  9. 9. ASK THE EXPERT Top 2014 Trends to Equip Server Rooms with More benefits Innovations in BYOD, Cloud, Outsourcing Models to make it very challenging to see server room infrastructure in the traditional sense, hence new innovations are critical What are the emerging trends that you observe in a server room which would drive better efficiency? Some of the critical trends that we observe in 2014 which could drive better efficiency include: Right sizing of Infrastructure There is growing acceptance of the principle of modular design. Organizations are realizing that over-building infrastructure for server rooms leads to increased CapEx and OpEx and thus becomes a drain on the companies’ financial resources. With the advent of new technologies as well as consumption models, organizations are taking a re-look at strategy with respect to capacity planning for server rooms. dossier Amod Ranade General Manager, Datacenter Business Development Schneider Electric IT Business, throws light on the trends in 2014 that will rule server rooms within a data center that can drive energy efficiency and save costs sumer of energy in a server room, after IT equipments. Traditionally, cooling for server rooms was not looked at from a high sensible cooling perspective; this has resulted in multiple installations, where comfort cooling is being used for server room cooling. This has a direct impact on the efficiency as well as performance of the cooling infrastructure. IT manufacturers are also adapting their equipment so that they are able to be deployed at higher temperature and wider humidity conditions. Organizations in the air-conditioning industry are adapting to this phenomenon by creating “High Sensible” cooling products that are able to leverage this new capability of IT equipment and help reduce energy consumption. Efficient Cooling 8 Management tools People have realized the importance of focusing on cooling infrastructure. Cooling is the second highest con- IT managers have always been challenged by the lack of visibility of their server room infrastructure; as a itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4
  10. 10. ask the expert CUSTOM PUBLISHING “The maximum consumption of energy takes place in the IT equipments in the server rooms” result,capacity management and efficiency monitoring has been difficult to implement. Schneider Electric has recognized this need and has created a management platform for server room infrastructure, so that this visibility can be provided over the protocol that IT managers are more comfortable with (SNMP/TCP/IP), while being open to receiving information on all the protocols that are prevalent on the iBMS side. This provides the unique bridge between the facility world and the IT world in an organization, which results in stronger integration of the two to create efficient server rooms. How much focus should senior IT managers lay on the server management initiatives within a data center? Even in the best run server rooms, the maximum consumption of energy always takes place in the IT equipments. Hence, the importance of energy saving in IT equipments cannot be overlooked. Technologies like virtualization are enabling IT managers to exploit their servers by driving higher CPU utilization. Thus, senior IT managers should have a strong focus on server management initiatives in their server rooms and data centers. DCIM solutions that are able to provide IT managers with the visibility to their IT asset utilization are a strong enabler for this strategy. What are the emerging trends that you notice in server rooms which can be leveraged by IT managers? Designing efficient server rooms is always a challenge, as most organizations lack the technical resources required with infrastructure experience of power and cooling. We are thus seeing a trend where organizations in the infra industry are putting together pre-designed / pre-integrated solutions for server rooms. Schneider Electric has been a pioneer in this field with the launch of InfraStruXure and InfrastruXure for SMB IT solutions in the space of data centers and server rooms respectively. There is a rapid increase in various cloud based services that are offering an alternative to in-house deployments as well. How do you see the career growth for server managers in an enterprise? 70% IT experts measure their job success based on ensuring the reliability of IT services by improving systems resilience The silos of IT/Business/Finance/Infrastructure are fast disappearing. As a result, there is a great demand for professionals with exposure to more than one field, and this is growing. Among IT Managers, 70% measure their job success based on ensuring the reliability of IT services by improving systems resilience and mitigating potential downtime. Meeting productivity goals is important to all the IT experts; they want to complete meaningful IT projects on time. Instead of service delivery, however, 32% of IT experts want to help the business achieve an established goal or outcome; rapid improvements in virtualization, hardware and software are providing important opportunities for IT professionals to boost employee productivity and lower business costs. What are the best practices needed to re-design server rooms for better efficiency? Right sized IT Right sized Infra (Scalable, Modular) Efficient Power Architecture Efficient Cooling Architecture High Density capability What are the new technologies that can be disruptive to server rooms? With the innovations in BYOD, Cloud, Outsourcing models for deploying IT, it’s becoming very challenging to see server room infrastructure in the traditional sense. These technologies provide an opportunity to deploy IT closer to the user (BYOD) or centralized (Cloud) and allow IT manager to think out of the box, and create innovative architectures that are more efficient. The section BROUGHT YOU BY j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 9
  11. 11. Point of view | Airtel are you ready for the any-to-any enterprise video wave? by Sukesh Jain, CMO, airtel business Introduction What happens when you are stuck in traffic five minutes before a discussion with a US client around service strategy? A secure video connect with your client via smartphone would be an instant relief. Similarly, inagine your marketing team discussing event execution, all huddled up in a conference room. Suddenly they want to rope in a supplier who has no access to video infrastructure other than Lync. What would help is a video 10 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 infrastructure that connects any two (or more) enterprise video platforms – Lync, Cisco, or Polycom. Such scenarios will very soon become the reality of the enterprise world. And any-to-any enterprise video alone can help extend this real-time ease to enterprises. By enabling video on any device, network and platform, any-to-any enterprise video establishes seamless crossenterprise-connect between multiple stakeholders—clients, suppliers, teams. Enabling Any-to-any enterprise video is not easy Before going deeper into how to enable any-to-any enterprise video, we need to understand the challenges It throws at IT teams. These are at multiple levels -network, platform and Rol. Network Obstacles Any-to-any enterprise video would result in massification and diversifica-
  12. 12. airtel | Point of view tion of video endpoints beyond traditional devices (roam-based VC) that have ridden an traditional networks. Enterprises will be forced to open up their connectivity infrastructure to the mobile and cloud-based networks that are the underlylng connectivity layer of the platforms and devices expected to be used for video connect in the future. These include video roams, exchanges, UC endpoints and mobile clients. Managing Quality of Service (QoS) and security for this diversified infrastructure is a challenge. Further, any-to-any enterprise video would require that the enterprise ride on a framework that can interconnect video exchanges that traditionally worked in silos. In other words, one would need media/transport interoperability, where an enterprise using VC on MPLS from one service provider can connect with a VC running on MPLS from an alternative service provider-or an ISDN connection. Platform Challenges Achieving seamless interoperability between devices and platforms is not easy in an any-to-any enterprise video environment. It would necessitate a Polycom end point to talk to a Microsoft UC client, which in turn must converse seamlessly with a Cisco end point. Holistically managing these multiple endpoints, including interoperability with moblle/cloud-dependent networks, demands expertise in complex video deployment. RoI pressures Rol is another area of concern in adoption of any-to-any enterprse video. A deployment would demand a strong video core with interconnects to service providers, device manufacturers and so forth. Further, it would need to sync perfectly with traditional VC solutions (room-based equipment, or free desktop VC software) to protect legacy investments. Only a managed any-to-any video service in a pay-per-use model can overcome both these challenges. Cloud-based any-toany enterprise video services are the need of the hour A cloud-based service can make cross-enterprise video a reality. The service would need to be built on a strong foundation of video interconnect agreements with multiple network providers/device OEMs. lt should possess a strong video core that can give enterprises video top-up over connectivity, extend video rooms to commercial video software users, establish secure video calling within and across networks/devices, achieve auto redundancy, and be able to auto scale. The cloud makes all this possi- ble. Here's how a cloud-baesd any-toany enterprise video service works: Top up your connectivity with video Cloud-based any-to-any enterprise video lets you top up connectivity with holistic video enablement. Simply put, an enterprise MPLS VPN would be video-enabled and connected to the service provider's cloud-based video core, which gives the enterprise access to 1) businesses video-connected to the core, and 2) the video core of similar service provider's. This means a lot for an enterprise: It allows point to multi-point video calls beyond the enterprise network, to an entire ecosystem - of partners, clients and suppliers -who could be residing on a different service providers video core. Unlike non-cloud based video, such a service would enable this with minimal changes in network configuration -giving the enterprise the ease to j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 11
  13. 13. Point of view | Airtel for an enterprise's video service. That is, when the bridge ports of an enterprise get exhausted, video calls can be connected to the cloud video core. This makes the enterprise's infrastructure always ready for any scale. Further, in case of an in-house video bridge disaster, the cloud-based core can also act as backup video infrastructure, providing almost automatic redundancy. All these benefits can be availed in a pay-­ per-use model. The Way ahead retain native IP schema, providing access over public or private internet or ISDN and so on. Further,the enterprise gets the flexibility to easily avail advanced features over the airbridge overflow services, telepresence interoperability and SIP enablement. Enterprises will have access to updated video services all the time. Extend video rooms to commercial video software users and SIP Devices Enterprises are demanding the video enablement of any device, any platform including low cost smartphones, commerdal VC software and SIP-based devices. It would help to balance the capital and operational investment of the enterprise on video. A cloud-based any-to-any video core helps enterprises save on video bridge and associated infrastructure by providing seamless integration with commercial VC software clients like Microsoft Lync. Similarly, SIP-compliant devices, which go beyond H323 protocol-based devices to support Presence and instant Messaging, can be easily connected to 12 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 cloud-based any-to-any video cores. This will help customers integrate currently isolated VVoIP islands, with easy management via video-call control platforms. Video Overlay Networks Of late, organizations have been talking about deploying video overlay networks for room based VC over data VPN Networks. This requirement is driven by the very nature of video applications and user requirements: Collaboration not only within the CUG but also outside the CUG. However, enterprises wanted isolate CUG and non-CUG networks from a security point of view. The demand for interoperability- that is, letting a desktop user collaborate with a room VC - makes such isolation even more challenging. Only a service provider can deliver such inter- VPN video communication without connecting two VPNs. Auto redundancy and auto scale for video Cloud based any-to-any video also provides auto redundancy and auto scale for video investments. The video core serves as a port-burst platform Cloud-based any-to-any video services promise an easy start, run and care for enterprise video collaboration. However, enterprises need to be cautious when selecting a partner to implement it. Here are five things that you should search for in a potential partner for any-to-any video: 1. Experience in implementing end-toend managed video services 2. A strong global connectivity backbone and partnerships with service providers 3. End-to-end understanding of conferencing-audio,video and web 4. Strong video concierge services with geographically spread video support centers and VIdeo NOCs 5. Integrated SLA and unified billing Begin the hunt and begin riding the video collaboration wave! E-mail: Website: Address: airtel business, Bharti Airtel Limited, IIIrd Floor Tower C, Plot No. 16, Udyog Vihar, Phase IV, Gurgaon – 122015
  14. 14. cover story 14 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 NEXT100 SPECIAL
  15. 15. NEXT100 SPECIAL cover story The NEXT BEST 100! They have the vision, exuberance, and hunger to get the top IT seat. Most importantly, they are driven about bringing value to the corporate table. The NEXT100 2013 award winners are aggressive, the cream of the crop: the industry must watch out—for they know what it takes to be a Future CIO BY Te am I TNex t illu stration BY A nil T j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 15
  16. 16. cover story winners’ DEMOGRAPH NEXT100 2013 Award Winners ph oto g r aphy by j iten gandhi | IMAGIN G BY shigil narayanan 16 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4
  17. 17. cover story winners’ DEMOGRAPH he gala night of Next100 2013 celebrated the future IT leaders of India with a glittering function at Hyatt Regency, Pune on December 14. Like every year, 100 senior IT managers across the country from different companies, with the skills, talent and the spirit to become CIOs, were felicitated with the Next100 awards. The winners were rewarded for their significant work in IT in their respective organisations that exemplified the best IT practices, efficient managerial skills and the change they brought to the businesses through their IT strategies. All award applicants participated in an extensive series of activities that tested their techno-commercial, management and leadership skills. The final evaluation and selection of NEXT100 award recipients was made by a prestigious committee of technology and business leaders who judge applicants on career accomplishments, professional expertise, skills and potential to be CIOs. NEXT100 Award Process It all started with the opening of the application process on 25th June 2013. The six month award process brought in eminent CIOs across organisations to evaluate the applicants through a thorough process. Tests like online psychometric tests were used to assess personality traits and leadership styles of the applicants. Each candidate was independently interviewed by two jury members with reference checks of qualified candidates done with work supervisors and designated referees. A prestigious jury of 51 CIOs shortlisted the winners in the final lap of the rigorous process. What the Selection Criteria were The awards signify ITNext’s mission to enable senior IT managers and aspiring CIOs to walk on the growth curve. The industry recognised that the Next100 awards is testimony to the fact that 1732 IT managers registered on the Next100 website INSIDE 28 34 48 49 44 Jury Anecdotes Photo Feature: Next100 Moments CtrlS Data Cent Visit Technology Award Winners Life after Next100 j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 19
  18. 18. cover story wINNERS’ DEMOGRAPH 1,732 399 Candidates completed the personality profile and leadership style tests IT managers registered for NEXT100 70% 49% a of the winners are from DelhiNCR, Mumbai and Bangalore of the winners manage teams ranging in size from 11 to 50 people 291 Interviews were conducted by the jury members to nominate themselves for self-evaluation. About 399 candidates completed both the personality profile and leadership style tests. Why Next100? The principal objective of the NEXT100 program is to help aspiring CIOs and senior IT managers become professionally successful. The awards program aims to bring to the forefront experienced IT managers who have the skills, talent and spirit to become CIOs. 20 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 b c d a b c d 8 Award winners celebrate birthdays in February November 523 Referee and supervisor feedback reports were received Common Technology Expertise IT Operations Management, IT Strategy Planning, IT Project Program Management and Vendor Management Vikas Gupta, Director, 9.9 Media Publisher, ITNext, says, “The intensive three-stage selection process commences with self nomination for awards by applicants; administration of psychometric tests that diagnose personality traits and leadership styles; personal interviews and reference checks. As in the past years, the jury members decided on the selection criteria, and interviewed all shortlisted candidates. The final list of award winners was generated through a proprietary scoring model that employs calibrated weights to various factors.”
  19. 19. Frequent Breakdowns hampering your business? 77% of the winners have 12 to 22 years of work experience 48% of the winners receive an annual compensation ranging from Rs 20 to 35 lakhs Popular Qualifications B achelors: Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Electronics and Commerce Masters: Management Studies, Computer Applications, Computer Science Certifications: ITIL, Project Management, Cisco Microsoft While a select few have made it to the NEXT100 list this year, the entire IT manager community has offered unstinted support, encouragement and active participation in all NEXT100 related activities. Vikas adds, “I would also like to acknowledge with thanks the contributions made by the members of the NEXT100 awards jury who took an active part in shaping this program. They have spent many hours reviewing the selection process, making suggestions and actively guiding the outcome.” in Control Rooms ® Removes harmful gases Prevents corrosion of electronic components Gas Phase Filtration • Most efficient system for purifying the air • Based on advanced Honeycomb technology using chemical filters • Bry-Air EcoScrub looks sleek and works quietly • Designed to complement the servers y ed b Back Serv ice Get in touch with us today! ® ISO 9001:2008 14001:2004 CERTIFIED Phone: +91 11 23906777 • E-Mail: RB/BA/1319HVCA1 66% of the winners are aged between 35 and 45 years
  20. 20. Methodology The selection of the fourth cohort of NEXT100 award winners commenced in late in June 2013. The entire IT manager community was invited to apply, through a series of e-mails and print advertisements. By the closing date, more than 1,700 aspirants had registered for the rigorous process. As in the past year, the selection of the award winners was a three-stage process. In the first stage, all aspirants were required to complete a detailed application form—and provide personal and professional information, including education, technical skills and work experience. The second stage was the testing stage, where all award aspirants took psychometric tests that evaluated their personality profiles and leadership styles. Both tests were administered by Parisbased Central Test, and the test reports identify the work attributes, leadership and managerial style of the applicants. All applicants who completed the two tests received a free copy of the detailed assessment report. Using a set of criteria defined by the NEXT100 jury, a short list of candidates was identified for interview. Every shortlisted candidate was independently interviewed by two jury members. Separately, independent recommendations were solicited from each candidate’s designated referees. The scores and evaluations assigned to all candidates in every stage of the selection process were input into a proprietary scoring model that assigns carefully calibrated weights to various factors. The final list of award winners was created as an outcome of this scoring model. To ensure that the NEXT 100 awards are completely fair and unbiased, no member of the editorial team is involved in the selection or elimination of the award winners, nor are editors and staff of IT Next magazine a part of the jury panel. As in past years, the NEXT100 awards program draws on the knowledge and support of the CIO and CFO communities. Fifty-one senior executives, who collectively represent many hundreds of years experience in IT and management, were involved as advisors and selectors this year. The jury panel debated, deliberated and decided on the award winner selection process—and conducted detailed interviews of all shortlisted applicants. 22 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 Personality Test Managerial Style Inventory Test In the stage 2 of the NEXT100 application process, all aspirants were administered two tests—a personality test and a managerial style test. Both tests are administered by Paris-based Central Test. The Central Test Personality Inventory for Professionals (CTPI-R) test provides an assessment of work related personality traits that play a crucial role in performance. According to the test designers, CTPI-R conforms to the standards of scientific validation set out by the International Test Commission, and the American Psychological Association. The workplace competencies are conceptualized as “clusters of knowledge, skills and attitudes that are predictive of superior performance in a given job”. According to Central Test, the competency scores in the CTPI-R are not a ‘direct assessment’ of competencies but an ‘assessment of proximity’ of the test taker to the profile of others who have demonstrated a high level of that particular competency. The assumption behind this method is that people with similar profiles will be more likely to exhibit similar abilities. The scores on each competency also give an indication of the extent to which the person is trainable on each competency. As the score are derived from an assessment of proximity to an ideal profile, they give an indication of the extent to which the candidate is psychologically inclined towards high performance on a specific competency. The second test, the Management Style Inventory Test, assesses a candidate’s aptitude for leadership and identifies their managerial style. Based on seven primary management dimensions (Innovation, Global Vision, Conceptual, Reflective, Affiliation, Intervention and People-Oriented), the test compares the candidate’s profile to typical management roles, including those of Chief Executive, Motivator, Project Manager, Entrepreneur, Expert, Strategist and Executive Manager.
  21. 21. cover story WINNERS’ DEMOGRAPH Personality Profile Workplace Competencies The CTPI-R test has been standardized on an international group of 5000+ working and managerial professionals. The test uses a continuous scale of 0 to 100% to deduce 21 competencies that are relevant in the workplace. The conclusions are based on statistical studies and theoretical models. This year’s NEXT100 award winners exhibited high scores on competencies like Challenge Orientation, Reliability, Mentoring Others and Authenticity, and scored relatively lower on Caution, Supervision and Influencing. The CTPI-R test provides an assessment of work related personality traits that play a crucial role in performance. It evaluates test takers on 19 distinct personality and behavioral characteristics that are grouped into: People Management, Perception Mode, Self Management and Change Management. The test results are reported on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 implying a low level and 10 implying a high level of conformance to the behavioral characteristic. A collective analysis of the personality characteristics of the NEXT100 award winners indicates that they scored high on attributes like Assertiveness, Tactical, Rational, Emotional Stability and Vision, while scoring relatively lower on Trust, Adaptability, Developing Others, and Action Orientation. People Management Perception Mode Self Management Change Management Challenge Orientation Authenticity Quality Orientation 8.0 Stress Tolerence 7.0 Caution Vision 40 3.0 1.0 Conflict Resolution 0.0 Trust 2.0 Experimentation 10 Decision making Tactical 4.0 Influencing 20 Developing Others 5.0 Adaptability 30 Innovation Developing Others 6.0 Networking 5.0 Affiliation 7.0 6.0 Flexibility 8.0 Action Orientation 0.0 Lively Conscientiousness Team Building Reliability Rational Self Confidenc Understatnding Others Registent Initiative Business Acumen Strategic Planning Mentoring Others Conducting Change Other Applicants Affiliation: Assertiveness: Supervision NEXT100 Winners To be kind, affectionate and open towards others at work To express and defend one’s opinions and rights in an open, yet correct manner Control: To have one’s own way of doing things, and to gain power Developing Others: The desire to support, mentor and encourage others to help them reach their potential Tactical: The tendency to be tactical and diplomatic when dealing with others Trust: To be dependant on, and trusting towards others Conscientiousness: Carry out tasks in a thorough, meticulous and organised way Rational: Refers to the way information is perceived and judgments made Rule-conscientious: To strictly follow the rules and moral standards established by society Commitment: To draw satisfaction from being dedicated to one’s job Self Confidence Rule Conscientiousness Emotional Stability Commitment Surpassing Other Applicants Optimism NEXT100 Winners Optimism: To hold positive expectations, and easily recover from failures Surpassing: The tendency to be ambitious, driven and competitive Emotional stability: The ability to recognize one’s own emotions and to control emotional reactions Self-confidence: The tendency to have self-confidence, and believe in one’s potential. Lively: Energetic, outgoing and full of life Experimental: The desire to explore and innovate, sometimes to the detriment of existing solutions Adaptability: The ability to accept change and novelty Visionary: Tendency to understand trends and patterns, and anticipate future events Action-oriented: To take initiative and risks, choose action over reflection even if there is uncertainty j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 23
  22. 22. cover story winners’ DEMOGRAPH Management Style Management Profiles The Management Style Inventory test assesses a candidate’s aptitude for leadership measured on seven management-related dimensions. Attributes like Innovation, Global Vision, Conceptual and Reflective Thinking, Affiliation, Intervention and People-Orientation are measured on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 indicating a low level and 10 indicating a high level. is measured on a scale of 0 to 100%. The Management Style test also provides an indication of how a candidate’s profile conforms to a variety of seven management roles, including that of Chief Executive, Strategist, Expert, Project Manager, Entrepreneur, Executive Manager and Motivator. The proximity to each role The management profiles exhibited most frequently by the NEXT100 award winner group are that of Strategist, Project Manager, Executive Manager and Motivator. The profile that was least commonly displayed was of that of Chief Executive. The NEXT100 group scored high on Global Vision, Reflective Thinking, People-Orientation and Innovation. Other Applicants NEXT100 Winners Other Applicants Chief Executive Global Vision 90 7.0 80 6.0 70 5.0 Innovation NEXT100 Winners Conceptual 4.0 60 Strategist Enterpreneur 50 40 3.0 30 2.0 20 10 1.0 0 0.0 Executive Manager Project Manager People Orientation Reflective Motivator Intervention G lobal Vision: Conceptual: Reflective: 24 Affiliation To approach situations from a generalist rather than a specialist angle. Look at a project’s objectives first before examining the technical, financial and human resource requirements. To use theoretical concepts and analytical models to approach a problem or situation. To exhibit a calm and collected composture, and maintain equanimity by controlling emotions. itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 Expert Affiliation: Intervention: Endowed with a spirit of openness and a charisma that generates enthusiasm and motivation for the team. A tendency to work and make decisions independently, often with a managerial perspective. People-oriented: Placing a priority on the level of satisfaction experienced employees, team harmony, individual progress and the integration of a certain code of ethics.
  23. 23. cover story winners’ DEMOGRAPH The Winning Experience—Says it All The 100 winners of the Next100 2013 awards went through rigorous tests to be the chosen few among the 1732 applicants. It wasn’t easy to be selected as the Future CIO as 51 jury members evaluated them thoroughly. There were fun moments, thrilling moments and moments of fear, too. ITNext made an attempt to understand the winners’ perspectives, bring out their experiences, capture the overall experience as they made it to the list of 100. The ITNext survey responses from the 100 winners threw light on the different aspects of the selection process, their cherished moments, and special moments from the interviews and pride, which they feel has brought about a sea change to their confidence. Here’s a snapshot of their journey to the final destination. How would you rate the Next100 selection process—from initial application to the declaration of results? Excelent 78% Good Fair 22% How would you rate the various stages of the application process? Application form 78% Personality Inventory test 45% Poor Very Simple Simple Difficult Very Difficult 51% 47% 29% 22% 8% 8% Jury interviews 0% 0% 0 2% 0% 1 0 1 0% 2 3 Taking it in a Positive Stride 51% 39% Management Style Inventory test 0% Unacceptable 12% 8% 2 3 The Interview changed my thought process Arvind Kumar Yadav, GM-IT, LT Food “I enjoyed both my jury interviews but my first interview was one of my best interviews. He asked me to share my career journey. My experience of having worked with Polaris Software as an ERP consultant and as IT Head of LT Group helped me a lot. The jury member focused more on my innovations and their applications in business. I had a list of innovations which I shared with him and he examined them in detail.” Satinder Gupta Dy. General Manager (IT), Jubilant Lifescience Limited “It was a great experience to interact with the 2 Jury members. It helped me to understand where exactly I stand and helped me to accept it in a positive way and move forward in the same direction. I am sure that the interaction will help all the particpants as every candidate will lack in 1 or more skills--these can be improved with time and can help us grow as an individual.” j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 25
  24. 24. cover story WinNERS’ DEMOGRAPH What would you consider your most cherished moment in the entire award journey? 41% The first call received Very useful Receiving the award letter ( pre award functon) Neither useful 16% 16% 10% 10% Meeting the Next100 team Other, liease spcify 8% 0 1 2 3 4 5 Sameer Chaudhry GM-IT, DFM Foods “It was a great experience to interact with the Jury. The questions were in line with what was expected from a CIO and how the candidates could apply their IT / technical knowledge to help the business to ensure the right alignment between IT and business. The questions were well structured and objective.” itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 22% Somewhat useless 0% Very useless I understood the right alignment between IT and business 26 78% Somewhat useful Participating in the Next100 award event Meeting the Next100 jury members How would you rate the usefulness of the CTPI Pro personality and workplace competencies test report? 0 1 0% 2 3 Jury interview helped me mould and align myself Michael D’ Souza Sr. Manager, Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers “The Jury members were cordial. They stuck to the time given and were very quick in understanding my role and responsibilities. They touched upon my vision, goal and aspirations and my professional alignment as a future CIO. They challenged my abilities in finding the underlining thoughts and vision in taking up higher roles as a CIO. Finally, they helped me mould and align myself to the areas in which I needed to sharpen my skills in as I went up the career ladder.”
  25. 25. WinNERS’ DEMOGRAPH cover story How has winning the Next100 award made a difference to your professional life? How would you rate the various aspects of the jury interview? Excellent Good FairPoor Unacceptable Length of the interaction 36% My peer managers take me more seriously 2% I am actively approaching by placement consultants/head hunters 32% I now have increased responsibilities at work 75% 48% 66% Depth/extent of the interaction My organization has publicly recognized my achievement 65% 53% 16% 53% 47% I have started to look for new opportunities outside my current organization 45% 30% Discussion about your work experience MY juniors respect me more 35% 32% 2% I have got a promotion (or expect to get one) 32% 24% Discussion about your domain knowledge/ technology expertise My seniors/top management knows me 24% I have started look for new opportunities within the organization Discussion about your leadership or business skills 2% 0% 0% 0 2% 0% 1 0% 0% 2 3 2% 4 I got to ponder over real life scenarios Sashi Bhushan Vyas Senior Department Manager, Usha International “I was really impressed by the eagerness of the Jury to evaluate me. During the interview, they were quite friendly and gave me enough space to express myself freely. We started with my professional journey so far and then moved on to my qualifications, expertise, achievements, challenges, team management and leadership skills. I was given examples of various real life scenarios and was asked how I would handle them. I particularly remember one instance during this whole interview process. The feedback I got from them is something which I will always apply in my career.” 16% I am now invited to different kinds of meetings/interactions Jury discussions were intriguing Anantha Rao Mangalagiri Chief General Manager (IT), Odisha Power Transmission Corporation “The jury members were cool and pragmatic. They touched upon managerial challenges, risks of the sector etc. Particular discussions to elicit my capability in identifying, estimating, evaluating and mitigating risks were intriguing.” j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 27
  26. 26. cover story jury anecdotes Hitesh K Arora Director CIO, Max Life Insurance Company Sudesh Agarwal CIO, Landmark Group Some Grilling, Some Thrills It’s not easy to handle the position of a CIO. Who knows it better than the CIOs themselves? So, when they evaluate senior IT Managers who aspire to be CIOs, it goes without saying that the evaluation is quite a grilling task. Sudhir Pal Arya Group CIO, Amtek Group Of Companies Ajay Bakshi Vice President Process Automation Improvements, Hinduja Global Services Here are some interesting anecdotes shared by jury members of Next100 2013 . Also, moments they found amusing, plus a lot more on the applicants, winners and the areas they needed to work on. “Very enthusiastic learner who took the process very seriously. One of the candidates passionately explained the project. It showed the ownership and devotion” T G Dhandapani Chief Information Officer, TVS Motors 28 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 Sanjeev Kumar Group CIO PresidentBusiness Excellence, Adhunik Group of Industries Creative, Talented and Fresh Minds “The standard of candidates or the applicants (may be a result of a meticulous initial filtering done by 9dot9) has certainly improved.  I have taken 7-8 interviews, all very good.  I could also sense that, as this recognition is much respected by the industry, many candidates have been inspiredand I can see that they are leveraging ITNext as the platform for a big career leap and launch. In the process, we are getting very fresh minds, creative and good talent that would strengthen the IT fraternity as a whole. Overall, the event offers very good platform to the industry and nation. As for areas of improvement, handling uncertainties is important; a CIO’s role is not simple, it’s getting redefined every 6 months for the last 10 years. As a CIO, one does not get time to breathe. Handling stress and remaining creative at the same time is quite challenging. So, candidates need to learn to enjoy the turbulence.”
  27. 27. jury anecdotes Rajesh Chopra Senior Vice President IT, East India Hotels Ltd Ramachandran Muralidharan CIO, Syntel Ltd cover story Yagnesh Parikh Executive Vice President CTO, ICICI Securities Ltd Tamal Chakraborty Global IT Director, Bata Shoe Organisation Looking Beyond the Award “One of the interviewees was so eager that he called me three to four times and convinced me to hear him beyond the questions I had for him. He also wanted my feedback about him and asked me if I could become his mentor. My suggestion to applicants would be to get out of the project mode, and talk about how they can manage themselves and their targets.” Manish Choksi President - Home Improvement, Supply Chain IT, Asian Paints Ltd T G Dhandapani Group Chief Information Officer, TVS Motor Company Ltd Prashun K Dutta Chief Information Officer, Tata Power Company Ltd Rajesh Garg Divisional Director Head - Global Delivery Managed Services, Rolta India Ltd Man Mohan Goyal Chief Information Officer, Phillips Carbon Black Ltd Vishnu Gupta Director Chief Information Officer, Jana Core Health Solutions India Pvt Ltd Sachin Jain CIO, Pvt Ltd Anil Kumar Kaushik GM - IS (IS), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Hilal Khan Head - Corporate IT, Honda Motor India Pvt Ltd Kinshuk Hora Head - IT (India Sub Continent ), GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd Jayantha Prabhu Chief Technology Officer, Essar Group Mukul Jain Senior Vice President, DLF Pramerica Life Insurance Company Ltd Mahesh Kumar Pinnamaneni CIO, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 29
  28. 28. cover story S Shivashankar Group Chief Information Officer, SPIC Group jury anecdotes Subhashish Saha Group CTO, Apeejay Surrendra Group Dhiren Savla CIO, VFS Global Group “I find most candidates having command on the domain with sufficient knowledge and quite mature to be the Next CIO. However, they need to work on managerial skills a bit” Shailesh Joshi Vice President and Head - Corporate IT, Godrej Industries Ltd Sriram Krishnan Executive Vice President – I T, ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Ltd Samir Dhaga Vice President - IT, Bharat Business Channel Ltd Yagnesh Parikh IT, ICICI Securities Nandkishor Dhomne Chief Information Officer, Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt Ltd Jijy Oomen Executive Vice President Group IT Head, Bajaj Capital Ltd Sundaram Ramasamy Executive Director (IS), Indian Oil Corporation C M Sharma Global CFO, Aegis Ltd Rahul Mahajan Vice President Information Technology, K Raheja Corporate Services Pvt Ltd Aruna Rao CTO, Kotak Bank Ltd They Could Push Beyond their Boundaries “Candidates come prepared, they know results of psychometric and managerial capability tests and they do thorough homework as to who will conduct the interview. They guess intelligently what the questions could be and what possible turns in the answers are.  They delighted me really in the QA sessions. One of them really impressed me when he narrated his story. This gentleman was working as an IT manager of a hospital. He was called upon when a CEO of an organisation, a patient in this case, wanted to set up a virtual office to carry on his operations. The CEO was impressed. Later, the interviewee was offered a job in the CEO’s organisation at a senior level. This shows how a junior IT manager can walk that extra mile to make an impression not only within the periphery of his work but also outside his call of duty. This is definitely a good example of managerial skills.” 30 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 Jagat Pal Singh CTO, Cybage Software Pvt Ltd
  29. 29. cover story jury anecdotes Vinod Sivaramakrishnan CIO, Wal-Mart India Yashpal Soni Assistant Executive Director (IM), Dalmia Cement Ltd Rich Strader Centre Head, Ford Technology Services India Pvt Ltd Girish Rao CIO, Marico Ltd Candidates took it like it was a Real Job Interview Parmeswar Menon Vice President Head Channel Systems, SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd Suhas Mhaskar Head - IT, Innovation Transformation, Mahindra Mahindra Group Niranjan Bhalivade Chief Information Officer, CEAT Ltd Francis Rajan Vice President - ICT, Bangalore International Airport Ltd Mukund Prasad Director - Group HR,Business Transformation Group CIO, Welspun Group Subhash C Mittal Senior Executive Director (MS IT) Group CTO, IFFCO Ltd Vijay Sethi Vice President Information Systems and CIO, Hero MotoCorp Ltd Dheeraj Sinha Group Head - Corporate Management Services, Apollo Tyres Ltd “Post award engagement with the candidates and further assessment to ensure that the winners stay on course to becoming a CIO is important. I felt that most of the candidates needed to have more of an all-round appreciation of IT from different aspects and a 360 degree view of their portfolio; technical depth is one of the aspects for and a pre-requisite to becoming a CIO. Most of them felt that it was almost like a job interview and treated it like one (smiles). They should look at the entire Next100 award process as more of a career gap assessment. The other aspect that needs to be drilled into candidates is that the Next100 award does not mean that one can become a CIO immediately but a stepping stone towards it.” Vijaya Shanker Global CIO. Symphony Teleca Corporation India Pvt Ltd Durgashankar Subramaniam Executive Vice President - MA Secretarial, Mahindra Mahindra Group Gopal Shukla Senior VP - Business Systems Group, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd Anthony A Thomas Chief Information Officer, Vodafone India Services Pvt Ltd j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 31
  30. 30. Here Are The Winners 4 NEXT100 | December 2013 32 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4
  31. 31. cover story WINNERS 2013 2013 Award Winners Ajay Ajmera MD Jegadeesh Kumar Binayak Pradhan Raja Anand Shijo Joseph Rajendra Prasad Arup Banik Shriram Joshi Prem Rajpal Sanjay Bardiya Ashok Kannan RP Rath, Kiran Belsekar Manish Kapoor Swarup Roy Umesh Bhapkar Vineet Kapoor Deepak Sachdeva Ramesh Bhashyam Rajesh Karir Sahil Sagar Shailesh Bhirangi Raghvendra Kaushal Kr Satish Subhrajyoti Bose Samir Khare Ajeet Saxena Abhijit Burse Hemant Kulkarni Rajesh Sehgal Sajith Chakkingal Apoorva Kumar Arindam Sengupta Anirban Chakraborty Brajendra Kumar Devang Shah Pradeep Chankarachan Jagdip Kumar Mohit Sharma Sameer Chaudhry Lalit Kumar Sudhir Sharma Sanjay Chhokra Santhosh Kumar Sushil Sharma Sushma Chopra Suresh Kumar Parag Shimpi Rajesh Dangle Anil Malhotra Vipin Shotriya Gaurang Doshi Anantarao Mangalagiri Ashish Shrivastava Michael Dsouza Prince Mathew Abhishek Singh Contents Krishnakant Gaitonde Foreword 7 Dinesh Singh Alok Mathur Mitesh Garg Kartikeya Singh Srikanth Mattipalli Publisher’s Note 9 Seema Gaur Ram Gollapudi Paresh Goswami Shivakumar Gowda Arun Goyal Jayant Gupta Manoj Mauni Sanjay Singh Yogesh Mishra Sanjay Singh About Next100 10 Udayveer Singh Neyaz Mohammad Reyaz Next100 Jury 16 Rajiv Nandwani Vinod Singh Udayar Nedunchezhiyan Daljit Singh Sodhi Feature Article 48 Anurag Sonpali Saurabh Nigam Next100 Awardees 54-185 Pankaj Patel Tirumala Rao K Pragnesh Patel Amrut Urkude G Venkateshwaran Iyer Gaurang Pathak Rajesh Verma Gaurav Jaggi Laxmikant Phadnis Jaswinder Virk Sameer Jain Sekhar Pidathala Vishwas SK Vikas Jain Umesh Potdar Shashi Bhushan Vyas Satinder Gupta Krishnananda Hegde Index 186 Arvind Yadav December 2013 | NEXT100 j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 5 33
  32. 32. cover story celebrations The Jury Table: Next100 Jury part of the Awards evening Jury engrossed in listening to the sufi ghazals during the awards nite Next100 2013 Awards Celebration Time December 14, 2013. The evening was special for all the Next100 2013 award winners as they received the coveted title at the gliterring function at Hyatt Regency, Pune. Some exciting cherished moments of winners and participants at Awards Nite 34 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4
  33. 33. celebrations cover story Tech workshop The morning Tech sessions: Next100 2013 winners engrossed in the morning technology sessions conducted by industry thought leaders, sharing insights on the emerging technology trends cio round table Discussion on Leadership: The Jury part of the CIO Round Table deliberating on the theme, ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ Jury Round Table: R. Giridhar, Group Editor 9,9 Media sharing insights during the Jury Round Table N Geetha, Editor, IT NEXT shares interesting insight about the future leaders with the jury during the round table j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 35
  34. 34. cover story celebrations Networking Lunch Peer Network: Not missing out on any opportunity to network with the industry peers over tea Networking time: Next100 winners network over lunch IT NEXT showcase: The recent editions of IT Next showcased Award Night Proud Winners: Winners enjoying the award function Relaxing time: Entertaining audience with sufi ghazals as part of the Awards celebration Delivering a Keynote Speech: Alok Kumar, MD, Sears Holdings Vikas Gupta Director CoFounder, 9.9 Media on Next100 Awards 36 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 Applause: An award winner adding to the beat of famous sufi ghazal, ‘Dum mast Kalandar’
  35. 35. celebrations cover story Next100 Award Presentation Proud Moment: First batch of Next100 winners with their trophies Exuberance: Second batch of Next100 winners posing for a prized moment Exciting moment: Third batch of Next100 winners reckoning the winning moments All smiles: Fourth batch of NEXT100 winners are overwhelmed to receive the award All Set: Fifth batch of NEXT100 winners all set to adorn the CIO’s role Winning Moments: Sixth batch of NEXT100 winners are proud to be the chosen few among the 1732 applicants Fulfilling: Seventh batch of NEXT100 winners find the moments fulfilling Dream Come True: It was a dream come true for the Eighth batch of NEXT100 winners j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 37
  36. 36. cover story celebrations Next100 Award Presentation (continued) Joyous Moments: Kudos to the Ninth batch of NEXT100 winners Moments to Remember: Tenth batch of NEXT100 winners will never forget these wonderful moments Special Nite: It was indeed a special night for the Eleventh batch of NEXT100 winners Geared Up: Twelvth batch of NEXT100 winners are all geared up to don the new role Next100 Book launch Next100 Book Launch: Raj Kumar Sharma, VP-Sales, Arkadin Confer India alongwith Raj Kumar Sharma Vice President - Sales, Arkadin ConferIndia congratulating winners 38 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4
  37. 37. celebrations cover story Jury Felicitation Honouring Jury Members: First batch of Jury Members along with Vikas Gupta, Director Co-founder, 9.9 Media After the rigorous evaluation: Jury Members along with Geetha Nandikotkur, Editor, IT NEXT felicitation to partners Krishna Kumar Chief Operating Officer, 9.9 Media felicitating Neeraj Trivedi, Senior Sales and Business Development executive, Juniper Viral Thakkar Head Regional Operations (West), NxtGen receiving a memento j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 39
  38. 38. cover story celebrations Fecilitating the Sponsers (continued) A memento was presented to Reena Sharma, Account Management Lead, West, HCL Senior Executive from TE Connectivity felicitated by Krishna Kumar, COO, 9.9 Media AL Jagannath, Director, VMWare India being felicitated Token of Thanks to Raj Kumar Sharma, Vice President - Sales, Arkadin ConferIndia Ajaykumar Joshi Senior. Manager – Enterprise, Kaspersky Lab – SA being felicitated Anil Nama, CIO, CtrlS being presented a memento 40 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4
  39. 39. Platinum Partner Premier Partner NEXT100 Book Partner To find out more about NEXT100 visit Principal Partners Supporting Partners organized by a brand of TECHnology Partners
  40. 40. Ajay Ajmera, Banswara Syntex | Raja Anand, SIS | Arup Banik, EIH | Sanjay Bardiya, Adhunik Metaliks | Kiran Belsekar, Sony Entertainment Television | Umesh Bhapkar, Tata Technologies | Ramesh Bhashyam, TVS | Shailesh Bhirangi, Orissa Manganese Minerals | Subhrajyoti Bose, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions | Abhijit Burse, India Factoring and Finance Solutions | Sajith Chakkingal, Barclays | Anirban Chakraborty, Future Group | Pradeep Chankarachan, Harman International India | Sameer Chaudhry, DFM Foods | Sanjay Chhokra, Mayar India | Sushma Chopra, Sony Entertainment Network | Rajesh Dangle, Crompton Greaves | Michael Dsouza, Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers | Krishnakant Gaitonde, Birla Sun Life Insurance | Mitesh Garg, Philips Electronics India | Seema Gaur, IFFCO | Gaurang Doshi, Essar Group | Ram Gollapudi, TTSL | Paresh Goswami, Welspun Group | Shivakumar Gowda, Tejas Networks | Arun Goyal, Sistema Shyam Teleservices | Jayant Gupta, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation | Satinder Gupta, Jubilant Life Science | Krishnananda Hegde, SABMiller India | G Venkateshwaran Iyer, JSW Steel | Gaurav Jaggi, Gates India | Sameer Jain, Ericsson India Global Services | Vikas Jain, Ernst Young | MD Jegadeesh Kumar, Tata Communications | Shijo Joseph, Gujarat Gas | Shriram Joshi, Mahindra Mahindra | Ashok Kannan, Ashok Leyland John Deere Construction Equipment Co | Manish Kapoor, MTS India | Vineet Kapoor, Aon Corporation | Rajesh Karir, Evalueserve | Raghvendra Kaushal, Future Generali India Life Insurance Co | Samir Khare, Fullerton India Credit Company | Hemant Kulkarni, Kirloskar Electric Company | Apoorva Kumar, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare | Brajendra Kumar, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation | Jagdip Kumar, Cosmo Films | Lalit Kumar, JBM Group | Santhosh Kumar, Mahindra Mahindra Financial Services | Suresh Kumar, Chemmanur International Group | Anil Malhotra, Minda Industries | Anantarao Mangalagiri, Odisha Power Transmission Corporation | Prince Mathew, K Raheja Corporate Services | Alok Mathur, DSCL SUGAR | Srikanth Mattipalli, Tyco | Manoj Mauni, Kotak Mahindra Bank | Yogesh Mishra, Sistema Shyam Teleservices | Neyaz Mohammad Reyaz, LG CNS India | Rajiv Nandwani, Tata Communications | Udayar Nedunchezhiyan, Bangalore International Airport | Saurabh Nigam, CRISIL | Pankaj Patel, Vodafone India Services | Pragnesh Patel, Reliance Power | Gaurang Pathak, Atul | Laxmikant Phadnis, Mahindra Mahindra | Sekhar Pidathala, AXA Business Services | Umesh Potdar, Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers | Binayak Pradhan, Samsung Data Systems India | Rajendra Prasad, PPIL | Prem Rajpal, Sistema Shyam Teleservices | RP Rath, Quatrro Global Services | Swarup Roy, Electrosteel Castings | Deepak Sachdeva, Great Offshore | Sahil Sagar, Aditi Technologies | Kr Satish, Philips Electronics India | Ajeet Saxena, IFFCO | Rajesh Sehgal, Minda Industries | Arindam Sengupta, Wipro Consumer Care Lighting | Devang Shah, GMDC | Mohit Sharma, Sahara India | Sudhir Sharma, Somany Ceramics | Sushil Sharma, Mahindra Mahindra Financial Services | Parag Shimpi, Mahindra 2 Wheelers | Vipin Shotriya, Sutlej textiles and Industries | Ashish Shrivastava, Writer Corporation | Abhishek Singh, Fareportal india | Dinesh Singh, Mahindra Mahindra Financial Services | Kartikeya Singh, Pernod Ricard India | Sanjay Singh, Quatrro Global Services | Sanjay Singh, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital | Udayveer Singh, Cairn India | Vinod Singh, Ericsson | Vishwas SK, Aditya Birla Management | Daljit Sodhi, Aviva India | Anurag Sonpali, Future Generali India Life Insurance | K Tirumala Rao, LT MHI Boilers | Amrut Urkude, NSSL| Rajesh Verma, Bharat Petroleum Corporation | Jaswinder Virk, Evalueserve | Shashi Bhushan Vyas, Usha International | Arvind Yadav, LT Foods 2013 AWARD WINNERS Sudesh Agarwal, Chief Information Officer, Landmark Group | Hitesh K Arora, Director Chief Information Officer, Max Life Insurance Company | Sudhir Pal Arya, Group CIO, Amtek Group Of Companies | Ajay Bakshi, Vice President - Process Automation Improvements, Hinduja Global Services | Niranjan Bhalivade, Chief Information Officer, CEAT Ltd | Tamal Chakravorty, Director - IT Test, Ericsson Global Services India Pvt Ltd | Manish Choksi, President - Home Improvement, Supply Chain IT, Asian Paints Ltd | Rajesh Chopra, Senior Vice President - IT, East India Hotels Ltd | Samir Dhaga, Vice President - IT, Bharat Business Channel Ltd | T G Dhandapani, Group Chief Information Officer, TVS Motor Company Ltd | Nandkishor Dhomne, Chief Information Officer, Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt Ltd | Prashun K Dutta, Chief Information Officer, Tata Power Company Ltd | Rajesh Garg, Divisional Director Head - Global Delivery Managed Services, Rolta India Ltd | Man Mohan Goyal, Chief Information Officer, Phillips Carbon Black Ltd | Vishnu Gupta, Director Chief Information Officer, Jana Core Health Solutions India Pvt Ltd | Kinshuk Hora, Head - IT (India Sub Continent ), GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd | Mukul Jain, Senior Vice President, DLF Pramerica Life Insurance Company Ltd | Sachin Jain, Chief Information Officer , Pvt Ltd | Shailesh Joshi, Vice President and Head - Corporate IT, Godrej Industries Ltd | Anil Kumar Kaushik, General Manager - IS (IS), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd | Hilal Khan, Head - Corporate IT, Honda Motor India Pvt Ltd | Sriram Krishnan, Executive Vice President – I T, ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Ltd | Sanjeev Kumar, Group CIO Group President - Business Excellence, Adhunik Group of Industries | Rahul Mahajan, Vice President - Information Technology, K Raheja Corporate Services Pvt Ltd | Parmeswar Menon, Vice President Head Channel Systems, SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd | Suhas Mhaskar, Head - IT, Innovation Transformation, Mahindra Mahindra Group | Subhash C Mittal, Senior Executive Director (MS IT) Group CTO, IFFCO Ltd | Ramachandran Muralidharan, Chief Information Officer, Syntel Ltd | Jijy Oomen, Executive Vice President Group IT Head, Bajaj Capital Ltd | Yagnesh Parikh, Chief Technology Officer, ICICI Securities Ltd | Mahesh Kumar Pinnamaneni, Chief Information Officer, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd | Jayantha Prabhu, Chief Technology Officer, Essar Group | Mukund Prasad, Director - Group HR,Business Transformation Group CIO, Welspun Group | Francis Rajan, Vice President - ICT, Bangalore International Airport Ltd | Sundaram Ramasamy, Executive Director (IS), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd | Aruna Rao, Group Chief Technology Officer, Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd | Girish Rao, Head - IT, Marico Ltd | S Shivashankar, Group Chief Information Officer, SPIC Group | Subhashish Saha, Group Chief Technology Officer, Apeejay Surrendra Group | Dhiren Savla, Chief Information Officer, VFS Global Group | Vijay Sethi, Vice President Information Systems and CIO, Hero MotoCorp Ltd | Vijaya Shanker, Global Chief Information Officer, Symphony Teleca Corporation India Pvt Ltd | C M Sharma, Global CFO, Aegis Ltd | Gopal Shukla, Senior Vice P resident - Business Systems Group, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd | Jagat Pal Singh, Chief Technology Officer, Cybage Software Pvt Ltd | Dheeraj Sinha, Group Head - Corporate Management Services, Apollo Tyres Ltd | Vinod Sivaramakrishnan, Chief Information Officer, Wal-Mart India Pvt Ltd | Yashpal Soni, Assistant Executive Director (IM), Dalmia Cement Ltd | Rich Strader, Centre Head, Ford Technology Services India Pvt Ltd | Durgashankar Subramaniam, Executive Vice President - MA Secretarial, Mahindra Mahindra Group | Anthony A Thomas, Chief Information Officer, Vodafone India Services Pvt Ltd JURY
  41. 41. cover story Past Winners’ Success Tale Life after Next100— Past Winners on a Roll Next100 awards have evidently impacted the careers of the winners of the last three editions. The award not only positioned them as future CIOs but instilled confidence in the minds of the management towards empowering them with more responsibilities. Some have grown in the same organisation, some have moved to new organisations at top roles Here are some thoughts on how they made a difference to themselves and their organisations and how the Next100 award changed their lives. I Learned how to Balance Tasks Efficiently The journey for Amit Phadke has been Amit Phadke Vice President - Systems and Technology, Accleya Kale Solution (Next100 Winner 2010) 44 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 fruitful ever since he won the Next100 award in 2010. He had to ride through challenges and strike a balance between operational and business goals. But he did it efficiently. He had been on the service provider side from 1999 to 2008, and worked in various capacities and roles handling technical support, pre-sales, project management and business development. Later, he joined Bharti AXA Investment Managers (Mutual Fund) as Senior Manager IT. He had a thorough understanding of both the sides of the table i.e., as a service provider and end user; this helped him take informed decisions, thereby making every project a grand success. Phadke recollects, “I later joined Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd (Erstwhile Kale Consultants Ltd) as AVP – Systems and Technology heading IT and operations. Today, I work in the capacity of Vice President – Systems and Technology. The Next100 award gave me the confidence to accelerate my journey in IT, provided me with good networking opportunities within the IT community, knowledge sharing and an opportunity to sharpen skills through various initiatives taken by ITNext or the IT community.” Amit wants to continue to consolidate in the years ahead. His focus will be inherently on new technologies which are technically better and cost effective. Collaboration, BYOD, social media will be key areas to look at to help business grow.
  42. 42. Value Contributor to Business Bringing Process Innovation Sharat Airani CTO, Intellinet Datasys Pvt Ltd (Next100 Winner 2011) More Confident about Focus on Strategy, Execution and Result Sharath Airani nurtured his interest in IT by learning QBASIC, COBOL, PASCAL on DoS 3.2 and UNIX. He started to manage, maintain and monitor mail server on UNIX and helped pre-sales support.During his 15-year stint, he bagged many awards and recognition. NEXT100 is one of the most important awards in his career. He says, “The IT road map is changing very fast. It is not only about using new gadgets at some level or holding compute power and application delivery anymore. IT has moved much beyond that. Some of the industries fear change and lack of continuous learning or wants to stay away from a constantly evolving learning process. This directly depends on affordability and applicable governance. The result is that the adoption of new hardware technology, new software, and new development techniques requires training, recruitment, changes to process and most of all, buy-in from senior management and involving IT in business strategy.” Airani adds, “Honestly, among all the awards, NEXT100 was the one which was outstanding in this phase. We discussed this award and the team on the other side of the table accepted me as a next gen leader. This was substantiated by the NEXT-100 award.” Now his responsibilities include focusing on strategy, creating business value with Business IT Strategy, customer satisfaction, IT lead business innovation and transformation, and leading the team focusing on results and execution. Beena Nayar joined IT in 1985 as a programmer, using C as the programming language. Beena says, “The Next100 award has given me confidence as I was judged by eminent CIOs across the country and I knew I was doing things right. I have worked as a value contributor for business by bringing in process innovation, business process re-engineering through technology initiatives.” This included managing several IT projects such as the re-implementation of ERP, which included several business processes being re-defined and improved and implementation of IT applications focused on streamlining and standardisation of processes across the organisation and building in appropriate controls to ensure that data and process hygiene is maintained, and automating,   Beena Nayar, Head-IT, Forbes Marshall (Next100 Winner 2011) Forbes Marshall has a new plant at Chakan. The manufacturing facility is being moved/set up there in a phase-wise manner. IT is involved in setting up connectivity, data center and ERP at the new location. Looking at the road ahead, Beena says, “Several initiatives have been planned for business process improvement, business analytics and focused on helping business in decision making. We are also implementing mobility solutions, in supply chain for improving material traceability and reduction of throughput time.” j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 45
  43. 43. cover story Past Winners’ Success Tale Award brought me the Top Seat at Shalimar At ITNext, our constant effort to pave the way for senior IT managers to get the top seat has impacted many careers, many lives. Our Next100 awards, an industry recognition for skills, talent and business minds of IT managers across industries, have shaped the careers of many IT managers, helping in positioning them become CIOs. That’s why we call them “Future CIOs.” Ashok Jade, then AGM-IT at Videocon Industries is now CIO, Shalimar Paints. The exuberant CIO says, “Being a Next100 Winner impacted my career. The Next100 Award and the entire activity including various tests, interviews, learning, mentoring, really transformed the way I looked at things. The award has been important for me to get the top seat in Shalimar Paints. It also boosted my confidence and Ashok Jade CIO of Shalimar Paints (Next100 Winner 2012) groomed my thought process towards being more mature. The award is the main contributor to my success.” He adds, “The entire journey of the Next100 award has given me a lot of confidence and learning. Various tests, interviews, and the award function really contributed a lot to achieving this; mainly, it boosted my confidence and made my thought process mature. ITNext’s efforts to keep us in touch continuously, connecting us with various people at the top in the industry is really great and I appreciate it.” Ashok started his career as a programmer in 1997, with Videocon International. Jade’s mandate at Shalimar is to transform the business and implement “IT Enabling Business Growth” in the real sense. His focus is on Infrastructure excellence, CRM, BI, Market Connect. Helped in Proving his Mettle in Driving Business Benefits Overwhelmed Atul Vij, VP of UNO Minda Group says, “To me as an IT person (as my background is non IT), the award made a huge difference. Earlier our initiatives used to get no attention unless we were able to prove that they had been deployed successfully elsewhere. With this award, we got the liberty to take the lead on our own for proving our mettle and show business benefits too.” Plans had been announced to outsource SAP Atul Vij Vice President, UNO Minda Group (Next100 Winner 2012) 46 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 deployment and place team members back into the functions. However, this award showcased the team’s competence, which in turn convinced the CMD and management to allow Atul and his team to continue as a corporate resource team to support units. Atul says, “This year, we have already received 4 proposals for business partnerships from interested partners. Plans are all set to establish our team as a profit center. I got the Next100 award last year. This helped me showcase how we have leveraged IT for catalysing initiatives for operational excellence as a model case for benefit to ACMA members.”
  44. 44. 37,000 customers 37,000 customers 32 countries 32 countries Global Collaboration Solutions leading global Collaboration Service Provider offering a complete range of remote collaboration solutions from audio, web and video conferencing Arkadin is a . Delivered using a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model, to om fast, scalable deployments with an increased ROI. With a worldwide network of 52 operating centres in 32 countries across six continents, Arkadin delivers its business solutions globally, supported by comprehensive local service support. Find out why 37,000 customers have chosen Arkadin Call us today at # +91 120 3074500 Contact us for a free trial of our collaboration solutions and start sharing! Our Customer Services Team : +91 120 3074511
  45. 45. cover story CtrlS Data Center VISIT Fun time at the CtrlS Data Center A fter the glittering night at the Next100 Awards in Pune, the winners were all excited to take the bus ride to Mumbai where they were scheduled to visit CtrlS Data Center in Mhape, Mumbai on the Day 2 of the event. They took a tour to the data center where CtrlS executives showcased the Rack Space of 5,000, Datacenter space of 2,00,000 Sft, Power Capacity of 30 MW and a eight zone security level. Next100 winners take a front view of the data center Winners engrossed in an engaging session on data center trends at CtrlS Winners registering for the data center tour In an interative session on the emerging trends of data center Next100 winners walking into the CtrlS Data Center 48 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 CtrlS team responding to the questions from the winners
  46. 46. technology awards cover story IT Next Technology Awards 2013 IT NEXT awards are the stepping stones for many IT managers to their career growth. These awards celebrate the rich knowledge and business acumen that IT community bring to their organisations, exemplifying the change that IT can make. The IT Next Technology awards have been instituted by IT Next Magazine to honour the distinguished Senior IT Managers and IT Managers who have been a part of or played a critical role in deploying .IT solutions for their enterprises. The awards were presented during the Next100 awards event. The awards had eight categories – Enterprise Voice Data Solutions Award, Network Innovation Award, Datacenter Solutions Award, Virtualization And Cloud Computing Award, IT Solutions Award, IT Infrastructure Management Award, Enterprise Security Award, and Broadband Network Technologies Award. j a n u a r y 2 0 1 3 | itnext 49
  47. 47. cover story technology awards Enterprise Voice Data Solutions Award Winner Amandeep Hunjan Manager – IT Support Orange Business Services Amandeep Hunjan receiving award from Nitin Bhandari, Associate Vice President – New Products Partnerships, Vodafone ABOUT VODAFONE As organisations expand their operations beyond boundaries, their branch offices need to communicate and share data to manage their business operations. Their business-critical voice and Data Applications need a reliable and secure communication channel to run seamlessly. Backed by a state of art network infrastructure Vodafone’s Wireline Voice and Data Services help organisations connect offices and save up to 30% on communication spends. 50 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4
  48. 48. technology awards cover story Network Innovation Award Winner Anurag Sonpali General Manager – IT Future Generali India Anurag Sonpali receiving award from Nikhil Dudwadkar, Channel Marketing Manager and Neeraj Trivedi of Juniper ABOUT JUNIPER Juniper Networks is the industry leader in network innovation. We stand as a response and challenge to the traditional approach to the network. We tackle all aspects of the network– across the domains of routing, switching and security–to help solve our customers’ toughest challenges so they can compete and thrive into the future. We are innovating in ways that seek to empower everyone in an increasingly connected world. j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 51
  49. 49. cover story technology awards Datacenter Solutions Award Winner Tarun Sharma Asst. General Manager Management Services, Gujarat Gas Company Ltd. Tarun Sharma receiving award from Viral Thakkar, Head Regional Operations (West), NxtGen Datacenter Cloud Technologies About Emerson Emerson (NYSE: EMR) is a diversified global manufacturing and technology company. We offer a wide range of products and services in the industrial, commercial, and consumer markets through our Process Management, Industrial Automation, Network Power, Climate Technologies, and Commercial Residential Solutions businesses. Recognized widely for our engineering capabilities and management excellence, Emerson has approximately 135,000 employees and 235 manufacturing locations worldwide. About NxtGen NxtGen provides Data center and Cloud services from their own high density data center (HDDC) facilities or they can deploy centrally managed On-premise data centers (OPCD™). Their Enterprise cloud services  provides options and assists it’s customers to implement a private cloud on premise and move into the Hybrid cloud world  by creating IT infrastructure for the long term – “Infinite Data Center”.  52 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4
  50. 50. cover story technology awards Virtualization And Cloud Computing Award Winner Paresh Haria CTO, PCS Technology Ltd. Paresh Haria receiving award from R Giridhar, Group Editor, 9.9 Media ABOUT VMWARE VMware is the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that enable businesses to thrive in the Cloud Era. Customers rely on VMware to help them transform the way they build, deliver and consume Information Technology resources in a manner that is evolutionary and based on their specific needs. With 2012 revenues of $4.61 billion, VMware has more than 500,000 customers and 55,000 partners. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the world and can be found online at j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 53
  51. 51. cover story technology awards IT Solutions Award Winner Ankur Goyal Sr. Manager – Technology Solutions Group, DLF Pramerica Life Insurance Company Ltd. Ankur Goyal receiving award from Apurba Dutta, GM Business Head - System Integration, Wipro ABOUT WIPRO LTD Wipro Ltd. (NYSE:WIT) is a leading Information Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing company that delivers solutions to enable its clients do business better. Wipro delivers winning business outcomes through its deep industry experience and a 360 degree view of “Business through Technology” helping clients create successful and adaptive businesses. A company recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services, a practitioner’s approach to delivering innovation, and an organization wide commitment to sustainability, Wipro has a workforce of 140,000 serving clients across 57 countries. For more information, please visit 54 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4
  52. 52. cover story technology awards IT Infrastructure Management Award Winner Atul Vij Vice President – Group IT Improvement Cell, Minda Industries Ltd. Atul Vij receiving award from Reena Sharma, Account Management Lead, West , HCL ABOUT HCL HCL Infosystems Ltd. with revenue (LTM) of US$ 1.6 billion (Rs. 9,040 crores) is India’s Premier Distribution and IT Services and Solutions Company. HCL Infosystems’ has one of the largest sales distribution network in the country and provides value added distribution for partners including last mile connect and support in marketing and promotions for Telecom, IT , Office Automation and Consumer Electronics products covering more than 15000 towns across 664 districts in India. Our distribution business has an unparallel network that reaches more than 100,000 retail outlets, over 800 Direct and Micro Distributors and over 12400 Channel Partners across India. In the services space the Company has robust services offerings such as a comprehensive portfolio of Infrastructure Managed Services, Enterprise Application Services, System Integration Services, Office Automation Services, Managed Print Services, Life Cycle Services and After-Sales Support Services. HCL Learning, the Company’s learning solutions business, serves the entire spectrum of education and training requirements across schools colleges, individuals and enterprises and offers Digital Content Learning Solutions. j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 55
  53. 53. cover story technology awards Enterprise Security Award Winner Vinay Wandrekar Senior Manager – IGM, Sandoz Pvt. Ltd. Vinay Wandrekar receiving award from Altaf Halde, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab – South Asia ABOUT KASPERSKY Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest growing IT security vendors worldwide. Today it is firmly positioned as one of the world’s top four leading antivirus vendors*. Kaspersky Lab continues to further improve its market position, demonstrating higher growth rates than the market in general. According to the company’s 2011 unaudited financial results, Kaspersky Lab’s global revenue grew by 14% compared to the previous year and reached $612 million. Today it’s the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions. 56 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4
  54. 54. technology awards cover story Broadband Network Technologies Award Winner Jaisingh Varma Senior Manager – Technology Cenveo Publisher Services (I) Ltd. Jaisingh Varma receiving award from JN Mylariah, Country Manager Technical, TE Connectivity ABOUT TE CONNECTIVITY TE Connectivity is a $13 billion world leader in connectivity. We design and manufacture products at the heart of electronic connections for the world’s leading industries including Automotive, Energy, Industrial Equipment, Communications, Consumer Devices, Healthcare, and Aerospace and Defence. Our long-standing commitment to innovation and engineering excellence helps our customers solve the need for more energy efficiency, always-on communications and ever-increasing productivity. With nearly 90,000 employees in over 50 countries, TE Connectivity makes connections the world relies on to work flawlessly every day. j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 | itnext 57
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  56. 56. 3,00,000 IT Managers, 1732 Applicants, 100 Future CIO’s, 8 Technology Award Winners, 51 Jury members, from all of us at 9.9 Media Principal Partners TECHnology Partners NEXT100 Book Partner Supporting Partners organized by a brand of
  57. 57. interview | Adrian De Luca 60 itnext | j a n u a r y 2 0 1 4