Developing a BbLearn Course


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Developing a BbLearn Course

  1. 1. Laura BestlerCELT- Learning Technologies 294-5357
  2. 2. • Course Environment• Building Content• Setting Permissions• Enrolling Students & Adding TAs, Guests, etc.• Creating a DEMO student• Announcements• Assignments• Reporting and Student Performance
  3. 3. • Log in to Bb Learn • Navigate to your course or sandbox course• Configure Bb Learn for editing  Edit Mode: On
  4. 4. • Easiest to setup• Examples of folders and descriptions…  Getting Started  Week One: Who was King Arthur  Additional Readings• Folders can be created inside of folders
  5. 5. • From Course Menu, select Course Content option, choose Build Content button, select Content Folder.• Give it a name, “Weekly Lessons”, click Submit, and your new content folder will appear at the bottom of your list.• Select the title, “Weekly Lessons”, to access folder contents
  6. 6. • From the Build Content menu, under New Page, select Blank Page.• In the Create Blank Page window, type “Course Welcome Page” in the field marked with an orange asterisk• In the Content field, type a welcome message to your students. Use the Visual Editor to format your message.• Click the Submit button.• Rearrange items by using the drag tab to the left of the icon
  7. 7. • Blank Page  Page title appears in the content list and when you click on the title, a new page opens with that page’s content.• Item:  Content appears directly in the content list.  Individuals may use the Item to put a block of instructional text above a folder
  8. 8. • On Content page, from the Build Content menu, select URL• On the Create URL page, scroll to the URL Information section, and in the Name field, type “CNN”. In the URL field type• Click the Submit button.
  9. 9. • Go to your Content page, select Build Content, File.• Browse to file’s location either on your Computer or in Bb Learn’s Content Collection for the course• Select the file you want to make available, and it will appear at the bottom of the list on the content page.
  10. 10. • Much like folders but you can add information about content inside such as objectives, instructions, time period, and other items to help your students be successful in the lesson plan.
  11. 11. • Build Content menu, select Lesson Plan.• Name field, type “Lesson 1”. This will be title of your lesson plan.• Description field, type an overview of the lesson for your students or add a banner image.• Instructor field, type the name of the instructor. Share with students• Objectives field, type the learning objectives. Share with students• Subject Area field, type subject of the lesson. Share with students
  12. 12. • Options:  Permit Students to View Lesson Plan  Track how many times students view lesson plan  Date and time release• Save and Continue
  13. 13. • Next step add resources like class notes, multimedia, and assessments• Next to Lesson 1, click the actionlink, and select Edit.• Select Curriculum Resources tab, and add content from the Build Content, Create Assessment, Add Interactive Tool, or Assign Textbook button.• Content appears below Curriculum Resources tab• Students view all items from Content Information and Curriculum Resources.
  14. 14. • Instructor to have a little more control on the order that students access course materials• Force sequential viewing of materials if that reinforces your course goals and objectives• Table of Contents for easy navigation between items
  15. 15. • Build Content menu, select Learning Module• On the Name field, type “Lesson 2”. This will be the title of your Learning Module• Description, type an overview of the learning module for your students.
  16. 16. • Options:  Permit Students to view the learning module  Set Date and Time for release of learning module• View:  Enforce Sequential View of the Learning Module  Open Learning Module items in a new window  Track the number of times each student views the learning module• Table of Contents:  Show to students  Select how you want your hierarchy displayed
  17. 17. • To open learning module, select Lesson Two title.• Add Content Items from the Build Content, Create Assessment, Add Interactive Tool, or Assign Textbook buttons• Once you add learning module content items, content links appear below the Lesson Two tab.
  18. 18. • Getting Started with Course Content• Organizing Course Content Video Tutorials:  Bb Learn’s OnDemand Center