An Update on Teacher Evaluations

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  • 1. Clarifying RISE Indiana’s Model Evaluation & Development System
  • 2. RISERISE is Indiana’s model evaluation and development system created by the IDOE Evaluation Cabinet andrepresentatives from the New Teacher Project. Clarifying RISE 2
  • 3. Evaluation• Based on legislation passed during the 2011 session of the General Assembly, an evaluation instrument must be in place for the beginning of the 2012-13 school year.• For those with a contract in place that contains an evaluation instrument, the new law will apply to you when that contract expires. Clarifying RISE 3
  • 4. Instrument Must Include:• Annual evaluation of each certified teacher.• Student growth & achievement data, including state assessments, to “significantly inform the evaluation.”• Rigorous measures of effectiveness (observations, etc., not just test scores).• Annual designation given to teachers as “highly effective,” “effective,” “needs improvement,” or “ineffective.” Clarifying RISE 4
  • 5. RISE, the State’s ModelIf adopted by a school district andvoted on and passed by at least75% of the teachers who vote, RISEdoes not need additional approvalfrom the State Board of Education. Clarifying RISE 5
  • 6. Evaluation ModelsIf a school corporation selects a model otherthan RISE, TAP or PARCC, then its evaluationinstrument must be submitted to the state forreview and approval if the corporation wishes toseek any grant funding. – No rules have yet been established for the criteria or what happens if the instrument is rejected by the state. These were to be established by January 31, 2012. Clarifying RISE 6
  • 7. Indiana Code IC 20-28-11.5 “If a school corporation modifies the model plan or develops its own plan, the department MAY requestthat the school corporation submit the plan to the department to ensure the plan meets the criteria developed under this chapter.” Clarifying RISE 7
  • 8. ISSUES with RISE• “Professional judgment” is too subjective. Be sure to discuss erring in favor of the teacher if there is a borderline question at all about a rating.• It’s not a good instrument for special areas and special education. Some parts work well for elementary teachers but not for secondary teachers and vice versa in other areas. Clarifying RISE 8
  • 9. ISSUES with RISE• RISE mixes classroom effectiveness and separate employment-related issues into one evaluation (Core Professionalism Rubric).• RISE includes language that is not scientific in ratings. Examples include ‘pulse,’ ‘patience,’ ‘encouragement,’ and many others. Words are left wide open to subjectivity. Clarifying RISE 9
  • 10. ISSUES with RISE• The RISE Core Professionalism Rubric opens the gateway to ignoring the contractual rights of teachers related to attendance.• Early career teachers, particularly years 1- 3 in their careers, will be tremendously challenged with minimal support. Clarifying RISE 10
  • 11. Moving Forward• Carefully compare RISE to your current evaluation instrument to see if you prefer RISE over your current instrument.• Review your current instrument to see if there is a way to revise it to include the requirements of the law. Clarifying RISE 11
  • 12. Moving Forward• Look at a new instrument. One example worth reviewing is McREL’s Teacher Evaluation System, a transparent, standards-based and validated professional teacher evaluation system that provides a road map for professional growth. Clarifying RISE 12
  • 13. IMPORTANT REMINDER Indiana’s new law gives teachersthe right to vote on the evaluation instrument if their schoolcorporation did not submit one by July 1, 2011. Clarifying RISE 13
  • 14. Teresa MeredithIndiana State Teachers Association 317-263-3309 Clarifying RISE 14