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  • 1. AR Focus Training: 10 Minute Meetings July 2010
    • Association Representative Training Available to you local upon request of your UniServ Director
  • 2. Communications & 10 Minute Meetings Working Together Efficiently and Accurately Chris Pratt, President of the United Teachers Association of Center Grove (UTACG) Association Representative (AR) Training July 2010
  • 3.
    • As a leader, sustainability is key. Are you doing all of the work, or are you enabling active members to be the leader of tomorrow?
    • We’re measured by our actions and not by our words and as communicators, our job is to engender action.
    Always keep in mind, what do we want from our members?
  • 4. Monologue  Dialogue
    • Don’t be a Jay Leno…
    • Think as a facilitator…
    • Although he is funny, it’s really all about him!
    • Knowledge is power… share and empower your colleagues!
  • 5. 2010’s Improved Delivery Systems
    • Greater emphasis on e-communications because:
        • They’re free or very low cost & allow for greater dialogue
        • They’re more immediate and remember…
        • Nothing’s Perfect! There is no one perfect way to communicate with everyone, so we need to reach our members in a variety of ways.
  • 6. A Communication Strategy
    • Face to face communication
    • Ten Minute Meetings
    • Save time, make decisions, build relationships, keep your team informed and stop the rumor mill before it builds momentum... all in just 10 minutes
  • 7. Ten Minute Meetings
    • What you can do in 10 minutes:
    • Address any issues that came up the day before
    • Assign action items for the day
    • Answer questions (one idea is to let team members submit questions the day before)
    • Address rumors that may be bubbling up
    • Acknowledge yesterday’s achievements
    • Get ideas on an upcoming project – Have each team member present their idea in 30 seconds
    • Plan Meetings--- Decide what items need more in-depth meetings and assign someone to take the lead
  • 8. 10 Minute Meeting - Sample Announcement and Agenda
    • 10 Minute Meeting Announcement
    • Thursday, May 13th
    • 3:30 SHARP in Phyllis Stark’s room 145
    • ( 10 Minutes? You don’t believe it? Bring your stopwatch! )
    • Your bargaining team has declared impasse
    • in their negotiations with the Board.
    • We need to share some information with you. We need your assistance.
    • Remember---Only 10 minutes!
    • Adjourning at 3:40 SHARP
    • Honestly, it really can be done.
    • If you doubt it can be done, come and time us!
    • 10 Minute Meeting Agenda
    • Status of bargaining (1 minute)
    • What is impasse? (1 minute)
    • What does a mediator do? (1 minutes)
    • How can we ALL support the union’s bargaining team? (3 minutes)
    • Timeline (2 minutes)
    • Write down your questions and leave them with John or see Chris after the meeting – I will stick around.
  • 9. What’s the Goal?
    • Build’s a sense of team
    • Provides opportunity for leadership
    • Engenders Efficacy
    • Informs in a personal and meaningful manner
    • Build’s trust
  • 10. Presenter
    • Christopher Pratt
    • President,
    • United Teachers Assoc. of Center Grove
    • 2717 S. Morgantown Rd.
    • Greenwood, IN 46143
    • [email_address]
    • Cell 317-908-5747
    • I am happy to help! Feel free to e-mail or call me if you have questions over material covered in this presentation!