Empowering A Smarter Workforce Through Social Knowledge Sharing

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Presented by Mr Dev K. Menon, Senior Brand Lead, IBM Collaboration Solutions, IBM Singapore at ISS Seminar: Where is Social Media Going in 2014? on 27 Nov 2013.

Presented by Mr Dev K. Menon, Senior Brand Lead, IBM Collaboration Solutions, IBM Singapore at ISS Seminar: Where is Social Media Going in 2014? on 27 Nov 2013.

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  • 1. Empowering A Smarter Workforce Through Social Knowledge Sharing Presented By Dev K Menon, Senior Brand Lead, IBM Collaboration Solutions, IBM Singapore
  • 2. Organizational Challenges Today Is NOT Document Management…
  • 3. CEO How Do I Enable My Employees To Work Smarter Instead Of Harder?
  • 4. Different People Work Differently Is NOT Document Management…
  • 5. Understand Social Media
  • 6. Understand Social Media
  • 7. Understand how Social Media Is Influencing Decisions
  • 8. Understand That Knowledge IS NOT STORED IN FOLDERS
  • 9. This afternoon everyone in your company walks out the door…never to return…including you. Would your company be able to survive? Imagine This…
  • 10. When a person leaves your company, What knowledge do they leave behind? And where is it? 10 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 11. Everyday a person in your company… will discover a new and more effective way of doing business. What are the chances others could benefit from this new way? 11 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 12. Everyday a person in your company… will find an answer to a business problem they’ve been struggling with. What are the chances others are struggling with the same problem? 12 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 13. Everyday a person in your company… will create something unique, a process, a macro, a shortcut… that will help them be more effective in their work. What are the chances others could leverage that creation? 13 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 14. The Social Evolution 14 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 15. EMAIL: One To One Q? A! Only 2 People Benefit From This Conversation 15 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 16. Portals: One To Many Information Is Pushed 16 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 17. Social: Many To Many Blogs Social Mail Forums Q&A Wikis Microblogging Bookmarks Everyone Benefits From Your Knowledge Search 17 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 18. With Open Sharing Based On Social, Find The Knowledge Source And You Find Their Knowledge 18 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 19. Knowing Who Created The Content And Who Has Used And “Liked” It Makes It Much Easier To Find Credible Knowledge Which one should I use? 19 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 20. Profiles
  • 21. Communities 36 IBM & SCG Confidential 2013
  • 22. Activities
  • 23. File Sharing
  • 24. Micro Blogging
  • 25. Ideation Feature Ideation Graduated Idea Similar Ideas 43 IBM & SCG Confidential 2013
  • 26. Exchange Email Embedded Experience “Private Messaging” 31 IBM & SCG Confidential 2013
  • 27. Mobility IBM Traveler IBM Connections IBM Sametime IBM SmartCloud Meetings IBM Symphony
  • 28. Applies Internal: Knowledge Sharing Is NOT Document Management…
  • 29. Applies External: Sentiment Analysis Is NOT Document Management…
  • 30. Social Business Going Social In Your Business Is Not About “Whether You Want To Go” It’s About “Who You Want To Go With”
  • 31. Customers Who Have Adopted Our Web Experience
  • 32. The 3rd largest building materials company in the world with 47,000 employees in 50 countries. Sharing knowledge led to new best practices and process, implemented in 1/3 of the time it used to take. 34 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 33. A premier railroad franchise based in the United States leverages social business to access and leverage case files. Knowledge sharing helped the company produce litigation information in a timely, low cost manner, working to make e-discovery a better situation. 35 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 34. A family of mutual property and casualty insurance companies that wanted to break down the silos that had developed in their company and within their independent agency force. Sharing knowledge, they were able to increase revenue from $65M to $110M using 1/3 less resources. 36 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 35. A global industrial automation device company that wanted to use their collective knowledge better, to remove geographical barriers to let knowledge flow Now people searching for specific information can access and leverage content as well as the personal experiences of others... to deliver better products to the customers 37 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 36. Are You Thinking Of Taking Your Business To The Next Level In Social Business?
  • 37. Come Talk #1 Us To IDC named IBM #1 in Enterprise Social Software for the 4th Source: IDC Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker, 2H 2012 consecutive year Source: IDC Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker, 2H 2012 IDC named IBM #1 in Enterprise Social Software for the 4th consecutive year The Forrester Wave: Cloud Strategies of Online Collaboration Software Vendors, 3Q 2012, Forrester Research Inc, Aug 2012 IBM is a Leader in Social Business The Forrester Wave is copyrighted by Forrester Research, Inc. Forrester and Forrester Wave are trademarks of Forrester Research, Inc. The Forrester Wave is a graphical representation of Forrester's call on a market and is plotted using a detailed spreadsheet with exposed scores, weightings, and comments. Forrester does not endorse any vendor, product, or service depicted in the Forrester Wave. Information is based on best available resources. Opinions reflect judgment at the time and are subject to change. © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 38. Social Transformation Is A Journey
  • 39. Needs Change Management…
  • 40. Humanise Your Business Applications with Social We Humanise Your Business Process Solutions By Making Them Social Enabled
  • 41. Social Should be an Important Part of The Vision For Your Business Content, Rich Media Mgt Personalization & Targeting Mobile Customer Experience Exceptional Digital Experience Marketing Management Social & UCC Employee Experience Portal Analytics & Optimization Cloud Commerce Integration Social Start conversations, build stronger relationships and communities to win new customers, increase revenue & productivity Mobile Interact with content, applications, & processes intuitively across devices to help customers buy & employees work more efficiently Content Deliver content that is relevant and compelling to each user to attract new business, & increase customer and employee satisfaction Analytic s Integration Optimize, measure, and respond to customer and employee interactions in real time for better business results Give customers and employees the capabilities they need – in context of their goals
  • 42. The World is Changing Fast!! QUESTION IS… Dev K Menon Senior Brand Lead, Digital Experience and Social Business Mobile: (65)97843775 Mail: devk@sg.ibm.com @DevKMenon Dev K Menon Is Your Business Changing Fast Enough?? Take The First Step Today 44 © 2013 IBM Corporation