Post-Marketing Safety Market DynamicsReport AbstractWhile it doesn’t yet resemble the landscape for Phase II/III clinical ...                                                                                Industry Standard Resear...
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Post marketing safety and Pharmacovigilance (ISR)


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This report offers sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) a view into the current and future market dynamics of post-marketing safety activities. Readers of the report will come away with:
(1)An understanding of the current volume of post-marketing activities, the anticipated growth and decline of Phase IV, Risk Management Programs, and Signal Management Activities (including the amount conducted and amount outsourced); (2) A look into what selection criteria sponsors use to choose service providers for particular types of post-marketing activities; (3) The types of service providers that are viewed as more desirable for particular types of post-marketing activities and (4) How a sponsor’s post-marketing budget is divided up amongst the various post-marketing activities. ISR assessed: Phase IV non-interventional studies, Risk Management Programs (REMS), Signal Management Activities, EU Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV), and Scientific Literature Searches. A “customer satisfaction” type ranking of service provider performance by post-marketing activity.

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Post marketing safety and Pharmacovigilance (ISR)

  1. 1. Post-Marketing Safety Market DynamicsReport AbstractWhile it doesn’t yet resemble the landscape for Phase II/III clinical services, the outsourcingmarket for Post-marketing Safety is maturing. Service providers are filling out their serviceofferings and sponsors are exploring their options for strategic use of these services. Phase IV Non-interventional Studies · Risk Management Programs · Signal Management Activities · EU QPPV Services · Scientific Literature SearchesWhat service providers will learn: What sponsor’s will learn: Everything that you need for 2012 planning  Service provider performance and loyalty Growth and decline in PMSS activities evaluations for Post-marketing Safety services conducted and outsourced  Appropriate fit for niche, mid-size, and large Criteria sponsors use to select providers for service providers across the 5 services each of the 5 tested services  Proportion of products with voluntary and Budget allocation across the 5 services required REMS Industry Standard Research
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