ISR Reports - The State of Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials


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Industry Standard Research (ISR) has compiled novel market research data from pharmaceutical decision makers to profile drivers and barriers in successful patient recruitment as well as strategies and channels that yield the most effective ROI.

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ISR Reports - The State of Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials

  1. 1. The State of Patient Recruitment In the Full Summary... Page in Clinical Trials Introduction 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction Report Methodologies 3 Its not news that patient recruitment is a primary concern for our industry. This Demographic Highlights 3 isnt the first report to focus on the topic… this isnt even ISRs first report on the Service Providers 4 topic – we covered it in our Patient and Investigator Recruitment Success report Recruitment Channels 4 Drivers and Obstacles 4 released in 2009. As evidenced by the scope of the challenge, nearly 90% of our Sample Pages 5 2009 research participants indicated a preference for improvements in patient Ordering Information 7 recruitment timelines over a 20% reduction in trial costs. About ISR 7 Report Details... Publication Date: Q2, 2012 72 respondents from sponsor organizations with Patient Recruitment responsibility Format: PDF download Length: 73 Pages, including more than 60 charts and graphs Internal departments and functions within sponsor organizations have been built around solving the challenges associated with recruitment and CRO service offerings have followed suit. Given the multiple layers of stakeholders within the patient recruitment continuum, their various needs and agendas, and the complicated relationships that bind them, is it any wonder this is one of the industrys intractable problems? If were being honest… do we really believe theres a single solution? Certainly not, but we feel that focusing strategies and tactics on minimizing the barriers and leveraging our knowledge of success drivers can move the needle. The State of Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials will 1. Identify key facilitators and barriers in the patient recruitment process 2. Examine channels and strategies that are most and least impactful in the patient recruitment process 3. Uncover the proportion of patients recruited through the internet and social media 4. Explore how sponsors are using service providers – including the degree to which certain providers miss, meet, or exceed expectations in patient ©2012 Industry Standard Research
  2. 2. The State of Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials 2 Report Table of Contents I. Methodology and Respondent Demographic Highlights 7 I. Report Introduction 8 II. Facilitators and Barriers to Patient Recruitment Success 12 This section profiles the industrys recruitment experiences; specifically, what factors drive successes and failures? − Drivers of Success − Obstacles to Success − Attributes of Patient Recruitment Success − Barriers and Obstacles – Verbatim Responses − Bottlenecks in Patient Recruitment − Most Difficult Locations for Patient Recruitment − Strategies for Improving Recruitment and Retention − Testing Recruitment Strategies III. Patient Recruitment Channels 23 Here ISR presents dozens of patient recruitment channels available to the industry and reveals the value of each channel in meeting critical enrollment timelines. − Value of Patient Recruitment Methodologies − Leading Recruitment and Retention Strategies − Current vs. Future Trends of Internet Patient Recruitment IV. Using External Service Providers 27 This section provides insight into which CROs are being used for patient recruitment services and the degree to which they are missing, meeting, or exceeding expectations on this critical service. Also in this section, ISR profiles the industry’s preferred service providers for patient recruitment. − CRO Performance Ratings − Best Candidate for Patient Recruitment IV. Appendix of Charts and Graphs 29 The Appendix of Charts and Graphs is comprised of pages 29 – 69 and contains all of the data collected in our survey as well as detailed demographic information of respondents. Pages 8 and 9 of this preview include a complete list of charts and graphs from The State of Patient Recruitment in Clinical ©2012 Industry Standard Research
  3. 3. The State of Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials 3 Report Metrics Service Providers Included Respondents were asked to grade service providers’ patient recruitment capabilities (based on experience with a service provider in the past 18 months) − Covance − InVentiv (including PharmaNet and i3 Research) − ICON − MDS − INC Research (including Kendle) − 9 others… Visit ISR’s website to download the report preview, which includes the full list of service providers included within this analysis. Recruitment Channels Evaluated − Affinity groups (AARP, disease-specific organizations) − Email blasts (rented lists) − Custom, study-specific websites − Local Newspaper − Direct mail advertisements − Magazine advertising − Direct mail letter from doctor − Online advertising (Google, Yahoo) − Doctor referral − 10 other Visit ISR’s website to download the report preview, which includes the full list of recruitment channels evaluated in this analysis. Drivers of Success & Recruitment Obstacles Explored − Competing Studies − Investigator Payments − Site Input into Protocol Design − Protocol Complexity − Protocol Design / IE Criteria − Appeal of Study Drug to Patients − Site Engagement − Recruitment Marketing Budget − Site Resources & Infrastructure − Study Budgets − Site Training − Strong Relationships with Sites − Placebo Study Arms − Site Coordinator Engagement & − 10 others… − Feasibility Quality Visit ISR’s website to download the report preview, which includes the full list of drivers of success and recruitment obstacles explored in this analysis. ©2012 Industry Standard Research
  4. 4. The State of Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials 4 Sample Pages Sampling from the section titled "Patient Recruitment Channels"... Patient Recruitment Channels In the reports second section we discuss various channels for the recruitment of patients into clinical trials, whether or not recruitment professionals find them valuable, and what new channels, if any, are taking hold in the industry. Value of Patient Recruitment Methodologies “Considering the overall value (cost vs. benefit) of each methodology or medium below, how do they rate in terms of patient recruitment?” (Base = 72) Very High Value Somewhat High Value About Average Value Somewhat Low Value Very Low Value Tactic Blinded 14% 27% 34% 21% 4% Tactic Blinded 20% 37% 17% 23% 3% Tactic Blinded 36% 24% 31% 9% Tactic Blinded 3% 19% 37% 34% 7% Tactic Blinded 8% 18% 32% 32% 10% Tactic Blinded 4% 26% 26% 26% 19% Tactic Blinded 3% 10% 42% 26% 19% Tactic Blinded 3% 14% 37% 17% 29% Tactic Blinded 4% 11% 37% 30% 19% Tactic Blinded 4% 28% 16% 36% 16% Tactic Blinded 5% 18% 23% 36% 18% Tactic Blinded 12% 32% 20% 36% Tactic Blinded 4% 8% 32% 36% 21% Tactic Blinded 4% 10% 27% 21% 38% Tactic Blinded 22% 19% 41% 19% Tactic Blinded 7% 19% 14% 33% 26% Tactic Blinded 10% 27% 37% 27% Tactic Blinded 4% 29% 33% 33% Tactic Blinded 30% 48% 22% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% ©2012 Industry Standard Research
  5. 5. The State of Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials 5 Sample Pages From the section titled "Using External Service Providers"... Perhaps more than other facets of the development spectrum, patient recruitment professionals appear to only begrudgingly outsource these activities. ISRs read on this is that CROs may be taking more than their fair share of the blame for the industrys large, multi-faceted and complicated system. When we ask recruitment professionals from sponsor companies to rate their patient recruitment experiences with CROs, we found the following. CRO Performance Ratings “For those CROs with which you have direct experience, please rate their performance on reaching patient recruitment milestones on time. If you do not have direct experience with a service provider for patient recruitment services, please select the “no experience” response.” (Base = 72) Greatly exceeds expectations Somewhat exceeds expectations Meets expectations Somewhat misses expectations Greatly misses expectations Service Provider Blinded (n=26) 8% 46% 38% 8% Service Provider Blinded (n=8) 50% 25% 25% Service Provider Blinded (n=28) 7% 43% 29% 21% Service Provider Blinded (n=38) 5% 37% 42% 16% Service Provider Blinded (n=10) 40% 20% 40% Service Provider Blinded (n=10) 40% 40% 20% Service Provider Blinded (n=44) 32% 55% 14% Service Provider Blinded (n=32) 6% 25% 38% 31% Service Provider Blinded (n=22) 18% 9% 45% 27% Service Provider Blinded (n=8) 25% 50% 25% Service Provider Blinded (n=38) 5% 5% 5% 58% 26% Service Provider Blinded (n=6) 66% 34% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Service users rate XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXX the highest among all CROs for meeting or exceeding expectations. But that really isnt the story from these data. What is more telling is that the highest rated provider (XXXXXXXXXX) is only said to meet or exceed expectations just over 50% of the ©2012 Industry Standard Research
  6. 6. The State of Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials 6 More Sample Pages and the Full Table of Contents Visit ISR’s website to download the full report preview, which includes additional sample pages and the full table of contents of the report. Ordering Information To order The State of Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials, you may either visit us on the web at and click on the Industry Reports tab or call us at +1.919.301.0106. About ISR Industry Standard Research is the premier, full service market research provider to the pharma and pharma services industries. With over a decade of experience in the industry, ISR delivers an unmatched level of domain expertise. For more information about our off-the-shelf intelligence and custom research offerings, please visit our Web site at, email, or follow us on twitter ©2012 Industry Standard Research