To connect with the Cloud


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To connect with the Cloud

  1. 1. To connect with the cloud Stephan Engelen Managing Partner C3Wave
  2. 2. Cloud environment
  3. 3. What the analysts say….   Gartner   25% of new business software will be delivered as Software as a Service by 2011   20 % of the enterprise applications will be in the cloud by 2012   Cloud computing will hit mainstream by 2014   Forrester Research   has unearthed more evidence that cloud computing, also known as software as a service, is rapidly gaining traction in new vertical business sectors   CIO   58% says cloud computing will cause a radical shift in IT and 47% say they are already using it or actively researching it   IDC   The current US economic woes will only drive more enterprises to consider and adopt cloud offerings. Spending on IT cloud services will hit $42 billion by 2012
  4. 4. Where are we? Gartner: Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing expectations Cloud Computing 'In the Cloud' Security Services Compute Infrastructure Services Cloud/Web Platforms Public Cloud Computing/the Cloud Enterprise Portals as a Service Elasticity Cloud Storage Cloud Security Concerns Real-Time Infrastructure Cloud-Enabled BPM Platforms Cloud-Based E-Mail Services Cloud Application Development Tools Hybrid Cloud Computing Business Process Utility Private Cloud Computing Application DBMS in the Cloud Platform Cloud Computing for as a Service the Enterprise Virtual Private Integration as a Service Cloud Service Cloud Computing Grid Computing Management Tools Tera-architectures Cloud Advertising Cloudbursting/Overdraft Virtualization Cloud Computing/ SaaS Sales Force Automation SaaS Integration Cloud-Driven Professional IT Services and Solutions Saas IT Infrastructure Utility Cloud Services Governance As of July 2009 Technology Trigger Peak of Trough of Disillusionment Slope of Enlightenment Plateau of Inflated Expectations Productivity time Years to mainstream adoption: obsolete less than 2 years 2 to 5 years 5 to 10 years more than 10 years before plateau
  5. 5. Crisis accelerates SaaS adoption
  6. 6. Today’s Perfect Storm The Economy Enabling Shifting Technologies Customer attitudes
  7. 7. Is it about technology ?
  8. 8. The Cloud stack
  9. 9. Commitment!
  10. 10. Today’s Perfect Storm The Economy Enabling Shifting Technologies Customer attitudes
  11. 11. Software as a Service “culture “ M.R.R. End-user buys a Cashflow service ISV = Service P&L Provider
  12. 12. Software as a Service “culture “ ISV = Service M.R.R. provider Develpmt & End-–user End user buys buys a Cashflow Architect. service a service Marketing, ISV = sales Service P&L Expectations & Provider operations
  13. 13. A Tale of Two Business Models Running a SaaS Company requires New Business Thinking Traditional Software SaaS Model Model Revenue Revenue Time Time •  Large upfront revenue •  Small upfront revenue •  Volatile: Re-build every quarter •  Predictable: Recurring revenue •  Rewards hunting •  Rewards farming
  14. 14. Building a succesfull SaaS company More then just technology; It’s the DNA of your company   Executive Management   Product R&D   Marketing   Sales   Development   Service   Finance & Accounting   Partnerships
  15. 15. Key challenges for established ISVs   Everything Changes,   Re-architecting applications   Re-structuring revenue models   Repositioning marketing   Re-orienting sales/support staff   Re-aligning channel strategies   Reducing cost structures.
  16. 16. About C3Wave
  17. 17. C3Wave The Third Wave Circle of excellence Channel / Cloud ISV Customer
  18. 18. ISV & SaaS in Belgium Preliminary results research ISV Belgium - C3Wave
  19. 19. ISV’s in Belgium “Datacenter” Usage 10% 20% Internal 70% External None
  20. 20. ISV’s in Belgium   A lot of ISV’s get an increasing amount of questions abouth SaaS and Cloud.   More then 50% of the ISV’s expect this year an increasing demand for SaaS and Cloud computing…….   Less then 10% uses datacenter capacity to host applications for customers (internal or external). However 40% says they sell a SaaS product .   75% has knowledge of the SaaS concept but only 33% knows what cloud computing is about..   Less then 25% knows what their customers think abouth SaaS.
  21. 21. Conclusions   A lot of ISV’s still need to make a step towards the services concept (support of hosting/infra)   SaaS is known as a concept but they have little idea about the consequences of SaaS for their business.
  22. 22. Some key “Take away’s”   Market in value triples in 4 years time   Value chain will change: it’s about services !   SaaS = biggest market and essential for cloud   Change of DNA required for ISV’s   ISV in Belgium: growth opportunity for SP   ISVs in Belgium still need to make a step towards SaaS