The Open Web Platform and You !


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The Open Web Platform and You !

  1. 1. and theOPEN WEB PLATFORM HTML5Fest, Tel Aviv, Israel 25 Oct 2011 by J. Alan Bird, W3C
  2. 2. AgendaWhat is W3C?The Web is Changing YOUR World!The Open Web PlatformParticipation that Drives the Change! 2
  3. 3. The WORLD WIDE WEB CONSORTIUM• Bring Web to its Full Potential• 350 Members, 70 Full Members• Web ecosystem: users, developers, browsers, etc.• 60+ staff in US (MIT), France (ERCIM) and Japan (Keio)• 20+ Offices Around the World including W3C Israel
  4. 4. W3C #1 out of MIT150 4
  5. 5. How does the W3C work?Accepts inputs and provides outputs to allFocus is to create standards which lead to commercial benefitsWeb has a good track record50 Working Groups and each WG has engineers from member companies with staff support 5
  6. 6. How does the W3C work?Each company brings their expertise, perspective4 Domains: Interaction, UbiWeb, Accessibility, Technology and SocietyRF patent policyLiaisons with many orgs.: IETF, OMA, etc.ISO PAS submitter 6
  7. 7. AgendaWhat is W3C?The Web is Changing YOUR World!The Open Web PlatformParticipation that Drives the Change! 7
  8. 8. A NEW WAVE ofTRANSFORMATIONS Just as the Web has transformed everything… …It will transform everything again 8
  9. 9. MOBILEThe Open Web Platform is the new mobile operating system. 9
  10. 10. Web is the premier platform for diversity of mobile spaceHandheld intelligent devices are ubiquitous App. distribution More diversity of device types Greater degree of globalization of the Web… but now this platform is driving new capabilities Focus of several years has been the Mobile Web Initiative Increasingly, the same Web, independent of device, processing power, screen size, etc. Location-based applications A platform for Web applications, not just Web browsing 10
  11. 11. The impact of the Open Web Platform on mobile applicationsThe Web is the applications and services platform for the future of mobile Web Apps platform is the underlying platform (one common set of APIS and formats) Key services enabled by W3C work: voice built on WebRTC video built on HTML5 location-based games social networking mobile advertising 11
  12. 12. The impact of the Open Web Platform on mobile applications (cont.)Press has picked-up the message "58% Of Mobile Web Users Get Their Content Fix Through Browsers" content-fix-through-browsers-jumptap/ Research: HTML5 Will Disrupt the Mobile App Market, "Smith’s Point Analytics estimates that mobile Web application platforms will generate almost $2.6 billion in service revenue by 2015" 12
  13. 13. GAMING The gaming industry seeks full feature appdevelopment platform for distributed and social games.
  14. 14. TheWEB IS FOR MASSIVE MULTI-PLAYER GAMES ON ANY DEVICE ‣ Popularity of Web has driven web-based games ‣ Social networking has changed the types of games that are played on-line ๏ Driving requirements on performance, graphics ‣ Mobile games require a new level of flexibility ‣ Mobile game consoles with unique requirements ๏ Web based development platform
  15. 15. TheNEXT GENERATION PRIORITIES FOR GAMING ‣ Drive hardware enhancements implementability of spec on hardware ‣ 3D ‣ Web performance ‣ Consistency of implementation across platforms ๏ Drives the need for a more complete tool set, debugging ‣ Offline cache; tools for visibility into resources ‣ Identity management ‣ Location and point of interest
  16. 16. The role of W3CWHY W3C IS A PLAYER IN THE GAME INDUSTRY HTML5 DOM Scalable vector graphics (SVG) CSS 3.0 Security Geolocation Audio APIs
  17. 17. GOVERNMENT DATAThe Web is increasing government transparency, efficiency, and lowering costs.
  18. 18. TheWEB HAS IMPROVED GOVERNANCEGOVERNMENTS WORLD-WIDE AREPUBLISHING THEIR DATA IN AN OPENFASHION‣ Linked government data a major theme due to public service nature‣ Accessibility is key as the Web replaces paper forms‣ Digital access is a “right” not a privilege‣ Social networking has impact on politics in many countries
  19. 19. TheNEXT GENERATION PRIORITIES FOR GOVERNMENT DATA‣ Web of Data ‣ Accessibility ๏ Accelerate open linked data ๏ Content authoring guidelines ๏ Captioning for video‣ Data Integration ‣ Security ๏ Across agencies ‣ Privacy ๏ Health
  20. 20. The role of W3CWHY THE PEOPLE ELECTED W3C AS THE FORUM FOR OPEN GOVERNMENT DATA Web accessibility Initiative HTML XML Semantic Web eGov Interest Group Internationalization
  21. 21. Action spotlights OPEN WEB PLATFORM AND GOVERNMENT NEW WORKING Provenance Working Group GROUPS WORKSHOPS Web Tracking and User Privacy Workshop PRINCETON, APRIL 2011 Identity in the Browser Workshop MOZILLA, MAY 2011 Federated Social Web Europe SUMMER, 2011DIRECT ENGAGEMENT ‣ FCC VPAAC for captioning WITH GOVERNMENT ‣ EU Programs ‣ EU Digital Agenda ‣ Meetings with various governments worldwide ‣ Also with government-oriented system integrators
  23. 23. TheSOCIAL WEB IS THE WEB OF PEOPLEThe Social Web has introduced an order-of-magnitude morepeople who are putting content on the Web.They want the latest and greatest in video, image, graphics, andflexibility of device access. The scale of social networks drivesperformance concerns.They are exploiting linkages between data as never before.Constantly developing new paradigms: e.g., real-timecommunications.The scale of social networks drives performance concerns.Usages of the social network have accentuated privacy concerns(next section).
  25. 25. Action spotlights OPEN WEB PLATFORM AND SOCIAL NETWORKING WORKSHOPS Web Tracking and User Privacy Workshop PRINCETON, APRIL 2011 Identity in the Browser Workshop MOZILLA, MAY 2011 W3C Social Business JAM ONLINE 08 – 10 Nov 2011NEW WORKING ‣ Provenance Working GroupWeb GROUPS ‣ Web Performance Working Group ‣ Real-time Communications Working Group REPORTS OF 3.6% of Web data uses RDFa SUCCESS
  27. 27. The A WORLD OF RISKSPRIVACY CONCERNS HAVE BEEN WITH THE WEB FORYEARS‣ The concerns have moved from trade journals and policy gatherings to the front page of every newspaper with the advent of social networking, behavioral trackingSECURITY CONCERNS HAVE BEEN WITH THE WEB FORYEARS‣ Cross-site scripting, request forgery‣ It must become easier to build secure yet powerful appsELECTRONIC WARFARE, CENSORSHIP, WEBSHUTDOWNS, DENIAL OF SERVICE
  28. 28. How W3C TRUSTS THE COMMUNITY WILL MANAGE RISK‣ The Web Platform has evolved a unique security model ๏ Sandboxing and mobile code; visit any site, securely ๏ Different trust domains for different Web applications ๏ Upcoming work on Web app security will ease development‣ A growing consensus that with Web standards defined at W3C, there is a responsibility to address privacy and security systematically‣ Some areas (WebID) have been worked on elsewhere and resulted in Balkanized solutions: need to bring together at W3C
  29. 29. The NEXT GENERATION PRIORITIES FOR SECURITY AND PRIVACY‣ Tracking ๏ It also can lead to unwanted intrusion into personal lives ๏ The tools to mitigate intrusion are confusing to novices and inconsistent ๏ Tracking and profiling of users can lead to beneficial value-added services ๏ The balance between these are hotly debated, poorly understood, and vary by culture‣ Identity ๏ Identity now part of core web architecture. Need for consistent experience through browser.‣ Security in general ๏ WebApps, HTML5
  30. 30. Action spotlights OPEN WEB PLATFORM SECURITY AND PRIVACY WORKSHOPS Privacy Workshop MIT, DECEMBER 2010 Web Tracking and User Privacy Workshop PRINCETON, APRIL 2011 Identity in the Browser Workshop MOZILLA, MAY 2011 PROGRAMS EU PrimeLife ProjectNEW WORKGROUPS New Web Apps Security MAY 2011
  31. 31. AgendaWhat is W3C?The Web is Changing YOUR World!The Open Web PlatformParticipation that Drives the Change! 34
  32. 32. OPEN WEB PLATFORM A platform for innovation, consolidation and cost efficiencies. W3C is shaping the future of global business. Web pages are more beautiful, interactive, intelligent HTML5 provides cross-browser interoperability and all major browser vendors plan to support it Video a first-class citizen Simplified data integration Tools for social networking (privacy, security, identity)
  33. 33. The OPEN WEB PLATFORM Geeky but important Widgets Javascript API’s DOM SVG CSS HTML5 YOU GET Web fonts ‣ Value creationOWL WE Mobile Applications ‣ Economic revolution WOFF MAKE WAI-ARIA ‣ Industry transformation SMIL Geolocation API’s ‣ A platform for innovation Semantic web
  34. 34. HTML5Common across devices: desktop, mobile, tablet, TVPowerful and modular: documents, multimedia, interactivityMulti-application: e-books, user interfaces, games 37
  35. 35. BenefitsBetter Web application adaptation to multiple devicesReduce the size of Web applicationsReduce the need to install third-party plug-insEnable cross-site information sharing 38
  36. 36. Benefits (cont.)Allow rapid prototyping of user apps using Web technologies instead of more traditional heavy weight frameworkFacilitate deployment of apps across platforms: one dev. platform for allAllow more complex apps. to be pushed and deployed through the Web Cloud 39
  37. 37. Royalty-free technologiesMore than a 100 technologies Incremental evolution of thewithin the same environment platformHTML5, CSS3, SVG, Web Real-Time WebSockets, Web Workers, Communications, Audio,Indexed Database, File User Timing, etc.APIs, Geolocation, etc. 40
  38. 38. Standard TechnologiesText, videos Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)Styles Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)Fonts Web Open Font Format (WOFF)Protocols Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)Dynamic Javascript (ES), Web Application Programming Interfaces (WebAPIs)Graphics Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), 2D Canvas APIOffline access WebAPIs: Web Storage, IndexedDB, File APIDevice access WebAPIs: Geolocation, Orientation, Multi-touch, etc.Performance WebAPIs: Navigation timing, Page visibility, Timing control 41
  39. 39. Web Client 2011 42
  40. 40. TimelineEach component follows its own timeline:HTML5 expected to be final by 2014Gathering use cases for HTML.nextFirst release of HTML5 Test Suite in early 2012Several modules for CSS3 are final as well as Geolocation, Navigation Timing 43
  41. 41. Adoption“2.1 Billion HTML5 Browsers on Mobile Devices by 2016” – ABI Research, 22 July 2011Major browsers: IE9+, FF4+, Safari5+, Opera11+, Chrome10+, Blackberry browserPlatforms iOS, Android, ChromeOS, BlackberryOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile 8Libraries: Webkit (Google, Apple, Nokia, etc.), Gecko (Mozilla), Trident (Microsoft), Presto (Opera) 44
  42. 42. AgendaWhat is W3C?The Web is Changing YOUR World!The Open Web PlatformParticipation that Drives the Change! 45
  43. 43. Telco LGGames NECMobile Sony KDDIDevices MstarStorage ZyngaSemiconductors NetflixBroadcasting RakutenSocial Networking SanDiskOn-line Marketplace Comcast FacebookConsumer Electronics China Unicom Motorola Mobility 46
  44. 44. Working Groups: Where standards are createdBusiness Groups: Where industry or geographical stakeholdersbuild consensus and have a direct path of influenceCommunity Groups: Open to all; where pre-standardizationbrainstorming takes placeWorkshop: Open to all; gain insights onemerging areasMany others: Events, discussions,document reviews, code.Sponsorships: Organization, Event,Developer, Web for All