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Talent campusmarch2013 isle-maribor
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Talent campusmarch2013 isle-maribor


ISLE project meeting at Maribor

ISLE project meeting at Maribor

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  • 1.  I.S.L.E   Erasmus   Network,   “Innova6on   Prac6ces”   Workshop,  University  of  Maribor  11-­‐15  March  2013    !  TalentCampus      Sebas6en  CHEVALIER  Professor,  University  of  Bourgogne,  Dijon,  France  Project  Manager    
  • 2. TalentCampus    Investments  for  Future  Programmes  ANR-­‐11-­‐IDFI-­‐0035  
  • 3. PRES  Bourgogne  Franche-­‐Comté:  Founda6on  for  Scien6fic  Coopera6on  •  54,000  students  –  2,200  doctoral    candidates    –  11,000  master    students  –  6,000  engineering    students  •  76%  members  A  et  A+  •  3,500  faculty  members    and  researchers  3  UTBM  
  • 4. PRES  Bourgogne  Franche-­‐Comté:  Founda6on  for  Scien6fic  Coopera6on  •  founded   by   decree   on   December   15th   2010   as   a   Founda6on   for  Scien6fic  Coopera6on  •  gathering   all   players   from   Bourgogne   and   Franche-­‐Comté:  universi1es,  engineering  schools,  teaching  hospitals  and  healthcare  centres,   na6onal   research   centres   (CNRS,   INSERM),   business  concerns  and  regional  or  local  authori1es  •  to  federate  academics  and  private  companies  in  order  to  elaborate  development  strategies  for  the  two  territories  within  the  next  20  years.      “Research   and   developments,   crea6on   of   spin-­‐off,   innova6on,   and  pedagogy  are  the  heart  of  the  Founda6on  for  Scien6fic  Coopera6on”.    
  • 5.    “TalentCampus:  novel  approaches  and  environments  to  help  learners  reveal,  develop  and  capitalise  their  talent”  
  • 6. What  do  we  mean  by  talent?      •  A  capacity  for  achievement  or  success  •  A  talent  is  NOT  a  natural  ability  or  the  top  of  the  class!  •  Talent  is  connected  with  the  idea  of  joy  “Talent   involves   a   par6cular   ability,   combined   with   specific  resources   and   a   dis6nc6ve   style,   applied   to   a   given   ac6vity   and  ocen  performed  with  pleasure  in  a  remarkable  way.”  
  • 7. TalentCampus  ?    •  A  pedagogical  programme  supported  by  the  PRES  Bourgogne  Franche  Comté  and  its  Founda1on  for  Scien1fic  Coopera1on  •  Accredited  by  the  French  Government  within  the  Investments  for  Future  Programmes  •  Obtained  a  financial  support  of  5.3  Million  Euros  for  8  years  •  Cer6fied  within  the  5  first  innova1ve  projects  for  Educa1on  in  France  in  2012  
  • 8. Objec1ves  ?    •  To  develop  competences  complementary  to  academic  ability  •  SoI   skills:   leadership,   behaviour   in   society,   emo6onal  intelligence,  stress  management,…  •  To  encourage  “excellence  through  “difference”  •  Key  principle:  social,  age  and  disciplinary  diversi1es  
  • 9. Audience/Target    •  Teenagers   from   high   school,   students   (undergraduate,  postgraduate,   PhD),   employees   (juniors   and   seniors),   job  seekers  •  All  disciplines  and  cultures  •  Strong   connec6on   with   companies:   lifelong   training   and  learning  
  • 10. Hard  skills   Soc  skills   Who  you  become…  Leadership  Crea6vity  Self-­‐confidence  …  Keys  for  success:  diversity,  innova6ve  pedagogy  and  evalua6on  
  • 11. TalentCampus,  a  truly  innova1ve  approach  to  training  for  talents  from  all  walks  of  life  •  Proposed  in  the  format  of  Winter,  Spring  and  Summer  schools  •  Designed   for   groups   of   20   to   30   learners   (target:   100   learners/session)  •  Different  programmes  adapted  to  learners:  –  ‘revealed   talents’:   those   aware   of   their   capabili6es   and  ap6tudes  but  who  experience  difficulty  in  exploi6ng  them  –  ‘hidden  talents’:  those  who  have  talents  but  who  are  not  yet  completely  aware  of  them.    
  • 12. TalentCampus,  a  truly  innova1ve  approach  to  training  for  talents  from  all  walks  of  life  •  classes  rarely  take  place  in  the  classroom  and  may  well  be  out  in  the  open  air!  •  courses   are   based   on   innova1ve   learning   (ac6ve   learning,  collabora6ve  learning,  project-­‐based  learning)    •  learners  take  away  with  them  a  tool  kit  to  help  them  implement  their  talent  (network  of  talented  and  an  accredita6on  recognising  their  competencies)  •  Ambassadors!    
  • 13. TalentCampus  :  several  sessions  /year  Summer  school  Saturday  for  talents  Label  “TalentCampus”    Winter  school  Spring  school  
  • 14. !A  galaxy…  Missions  Locales    Centres  de  culture  scien6fique  !
  • 15. •  10  days  •  Dijon  and  Besançon  •  Limited  to  20-­‐25  learners  •  Laboratory  for  innova1on  (“project  factory”)  •  Strong  evalua1on      -­‐  evolu6on  of  social  competencies      -­‐  courses      -­‐  impact  of  TalentCampus  on  behaviours,  trajectories  and        dynamic  within  the  group  of  learners      Summer  school  2012    
  • 16. First summer school: 2-13 july 2012
  • 17. 23  par6cipants  aged  17  to  57  (13  female,  10  male)    The  23  par6cipants  were  made  up  of:    •  1  high  school  student  •  15   students   from   different   disciplines   (sciences,   educa6on,  management,  engineering,  communica6on)  •  2  doctoral  students  (chemistry,  communica6on)  •  2  employees  •  3  unemployed    Summer  school  2012    
  • 18. Evalua6on  carried  out  by      •  IREDU   (Ins6tute   for   Research   in   the   Sociology   and   Economics   of  Educa6on,   CNRS   /   Université   de   Bourgogne)   for   the   quan6ta6ve  aspects    •  Joseph  Jacotot  Interna6onal  Ins6tute  for  the  qualita6ve  aspects       A   scien6fic   paper   has   been   published   in   order   to   es6mate   the  impact  of  the  evalua6on  of  learners  on  their  ability  to  take  into  account  their  competences  (Bauchet  &  Morlaix,  IREDU  laboratory  2013).    Evalua1on    
  • 19. Evolu6on  of  intra-­‐personal  competencies  before  and  acer  TalentCampus    2.50  3.00  3.50  4.00  4.50  5.00  5.50  6.00  Concentra6on  Self-­‐esteem  Reac6vity  Mo6va6on    Spirit  of  ini6a6ve  Tenacity  Before  TC  Acer  TC  
  • 20. Evolu6on  of  interpersonal  competencies  before  and  acer  TalentCampus    1.00  2.00  3.00  4.00  5.00  6.00  7.00    Oral  expression      Negocia6on    Team  spirit  Apen6onal  abili6es  Codes  in  society  Ability  to  live  in  society  Before  TC  Acer  TC  
  • 21. What’s new?5 permanent people are now working daily onTalentCampus-Winter school: 18-22 February 2013 (Besançon)-Spring school: 15-19 April 2013 (Dijon)-Summer school: 1-12July 2013First summer school full in English: July 2014!
  • 22. Winter school: 18-22 February 2013 (Besançon)Talent  and  Orienta6on  Serious  game  Talent  and  “white  card  ”  Talent  and  5  senses  Talent  and  self-­‐condidence  Talent  and  theather  Talent  and  communica1on  Talent  and  Surprise  Talent  and  Music  
  • 23. “Innova1on  in  the  Teaching  of  Sustainable  Development  in  Life  Sciences  in  Europe”    •  ISLE  consor6um  is  willing  to  propose  something  new  and  will  focus  on  a  theme  that  has  not  been  inves1gated  enough,  •  Sustainable  development  requires  huge  changes  to  work  on  an  interdisciplinary  way,  •  New  prac6ces  and  tools  in  educa1on      !
  • 24. “Innova6on  in  the  Teaching  of  Sustainable  Development  in  Life  Sciences  in  Europe”        !
  • 25.      TalentCampus  forma6on    Informa6ons  :  contact-­‐talentcampus@pres-­‐