7th I.S.L.E meeting: WP8 Dissemination


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7th I.S.L.E meeting: WP8 Dissemination

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7th I.S.L.E meeting: WP8 Dissemination

  1. 1. 7th Project Meeting June 10-14, 2013, Varna, Bulgaria Innovation in the teaching of Sustainable development In Life sciences in Europe
  2. 2. WP8 Update on project dissemination activities Dr. Vassilis Protonotarios Agricultural Biotechnologist Agro-Know Technologies, Greece Dr. Andreas Drakos ICT Researcher Agro-Know Technologies, Greece
  3. 3. dissemination tools
  4. 4. website: www.isle-project.eu • Revised version is up and running! • Quick access to social networking tools of ISLE • Updated with news & events about ISLE
  5. 5. website: features (1/2) • Public deliverables are found under “Project Outcomes” http://www.isle- project.eu/index.php/en/project-outcomes • ISLE Newsletters can be found under “Press Material” http://www.isle-project.eu/index.php/en/press- material
  6. 6. website: features (2/2) • Useful links are found under “Web links” http://www.isle-project.eu/index.php/en/links • Feeds from Social Networking tools can be found at the bottom of the page
  7. 7. Web 2.0 tools • https://www.facebook.com/groups/islenetwork • Really active, 84 members Facebook group • https://www.facebook.com/ISLENetwork • Replaces FB group -> 125 likes so far! Facebook page • @ISLENetwork • Tweets about news, events, related retweets Twitter account
  8. 8. Web 2.0 tools • http://www.flickr.com/photos/islenetwork • Re-organized, more space available Flickr photo stream • http://fr.linkedin.com/pub/isle-network/32/889/224 • Professional networking, mainly with other initiatives LinkedIn account • Maintained by AgroSup team • Additional ISLE photo hosting Picasa photo stream
  9. 9. Numbers related to dissemination tools
  10. 10. Some numbers about dissemination
  11. 11. Some numbers about dissemination
  12. 12. Activity in the ISLE web site
  13. 13. Web 2.0 tools • Additional tools: – Youtube: ISLE Channel with relevant videos http://www.youtube.com/user/islenetwork – Delicious: Interesting bookmarks collected in one place: http://delicious.com/islenetwork
  14. 14. additional tools
  15. 15. I.S.L.E. Workspace • Based on e-groupware (commercial solution) • URL: http://www.agroknow.gr/egroupware • Login info: your email part before @ (e.g. name@domain.com) as username & password
  16. 16. VOA3R platform: http://voa3r.cc.uah.es • VOA3R: Virtual Open Access Agriculture & Aquaculture Repository • Used for – Networking researchers working in the same or relevant fields – Providing access to open access scholarly content • I.S.L.E. community/group already existing!
  17. 17. dissemination material
  18. 18. I.S.L.E. Brochure • Developed by AgroSup Dijon team / revised • Useful for dissemination purposes • Printed a limited number of copies • Digital file available in Workspace (WP8 folder)
  19. 19. I.S.L.E. Poster • Developed by Agro-Know team • Significant contribution by Agro-Sup Dijon! • Printed a copy for each project partner • Digital file available in Workspace (WP8 folder) for further prints
  20. 20. I.S.L.E. Newsletters • Developed by Agro-Know team • Five (5) issues published so far • They are expected to reach a wide network of stakeholders through each ISLE partner • Digital files available through ISLE website and ISLE Workspace (WP8 folder)
  21. 21. Events
  22. 22. • Green Ideas 2013: – 28-30/6/2013, Heraklion, Crete, Greece – http://greenideasproject.org/ – Detailed info: http://wiki.agroknow.gr/agroknow/index.php/Gre en_Ideas_2013
  23. 23. Green Ideas 2013 • Main objectives of the event: – How can we make aromatic/medicinal plants a sustainable business venture? – How might we create educational activities using the inquiry-based model of learning? – How might we use tools and technologies to utilize existing digital content coming from the NHMC for aromatic and medicinal plants and herbs in Crete?
  24. 24. Your contribution
  25. 25. How can you contribute to ISLE’s dissemination? • Do you use Facebook? – Post news in the project’s page • Do you use Twitter? – Please add @ISLENetwork in your sustainability- related tweets
  26. 26. How can you contribute to ISLE’s dissemination? • Do you use Flickr? – Add the tag “ISLENetwork” to all ISLE related photos • Do you use Linkedin? – Add ISLE Network in your circles
  27. 27. How can you contribute to ISLE’s dissemination? • Did you attend/present at an event related to Sustainable Development? – Please let us (AK) know of the details of the event; please also share some brochures! – We will circulate an email w/template soon for the reporting of dissemination activities • Do you have colleagues working with SD? – Let them know about the network, send them the newsletters etc.
  28. 28. Just remember We don’t create the news… we just publish them!
  29. 29. Sustainability
  30. 30. What happens after the project ends? ISLE Association ISLE 2 proposal Individual Partners
  31. 31. 1. ISLE Association • Aims to promote the work and outcomes of the ISLE project • Will involve various stakeholders • To be further analyzed in the next session
  32. 32. 2. ISLE 2 Proposal • Aims to continue the work of ISLE, based on the latter’s outcomes • The core consortium will remain the same • Results on the status of the proposal to be published in June 2013
  33. 33. 3. Individual Partners / Stakeholders • To use and re-use the outcomes of the ISLE project • Keep in touch with ISLE / ISLE 2 partners • Support all SD-related activities in each country/institution
  34. 34. What happens after the project ends? • Web 2.0 tools will be kept alive and updated by – ISLE Association – ISLE 2 partners – Stakeholders in SD • Project’s outcomes will be publicly available
  35. 35. What happens after the project ends? 1. ISLE Website: Will be used by the ISLE 2 project – Transfer of website to ISLE Association 2. ISLE Social Networking tools – To be updated by ISLE 2 / ISLE Association / Stakeholders
  36. 36. What happens after the project ends? 3. ISLE Project outcomes: – Best practices compendium – Innovation practices compendium – Quality Certification Labels – ISLELearn MOODLE platform To be used even after the end of the project
  37. 37. The role of individual partners • Each partner could / should decide individually how to contribute to the sustainability of ISLE outcomes and tools – Depending on specificities and potential of each institution – Not always in the context of the ISLE / ISLE 2 projects
  38. 38. The role of individual partners • An email will be sent to each ISLE partner shortly for – Collecting feedback on dissemination activities – Collecting information on the sustainability actions of each partner/institution
  39. 39. The role of individual partners • 1st draft of the ISLE deliverable D8.7 “Post- Project Dissemination Strategy” is prepared • It is expected to be circulated to the ISLE project partners within the next weeks
  40. 40. For more information: WP8 (Dissemination) Leader Agro-Know Technologies, Greece [drakos@agroknow.gr] I.S.L.E. Learning Curriculum