20130911 Cyber 911 - Can Ireland be Hacked? - Paul C Dwyer


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Cyber 911" is the phrase coined to describe an unprecedented digital disaster that would involve catastrophic ramifications for a society. In the media every day we read and hear of "Cyber Threats!". Stories of huge corporations brought to their knees with billions wiped off share prices apparently by gangs of online rogues with little by way of motivation except for cheap hacking thrills

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20130911 Cyber 911 - Can Ireland be Hacked? - Paul C Dwyer

  1. 1. Cyber 911 Presenter: Paul C Dwyer Date: Wed 11th September 2013 Time: 08:30 Venue: IBEC - ISIN
  2. 2. Paul C Dwyer Paul C Dwyer is an internationally recognised information security authority with over two decades experience. A certified industry professional by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) and the Information System Audit & Control Association (ISACA) and recently selected for the IT Governance Expert Panel. Paul's credentials include: • -Qualified Hacker • -SOX (SAS70) Auditor • -ISO 27001 Lead Auditor • -BS25999 / BCP Expert • -Forensic Investigator • -PCI DSS Specialist • -Prince2 He has worked and trained with such organisations as the US Secret Service, Scotland Yard, FBI, National Counter Terrorism Security Office (MI5), is approved by the National Crime Faculty and is a member of the High Tech Crime Network (HTCN).
  3. 3. ICTTF.org
  4. 4. It’s Global! IndonesianChapter TypicalUser Map
  5. 5. Cyber 911 ?
  6. 6. “actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation's computers or networks for the purposes of causing damage or disruption.” • “Digital Infrastructure….Strategic National Asset” PresidentBarackObama • May 2010 – Pentagon – Cybercom • UK - a cyber-security "operations centre” (GCHQ) • “Fifth Domain” The Economist What is Cyber Warfare?
  7. 7. What Are Cyber Threats? Blurred Lines
  8. 8. What is Cyber Crime? Cyber crime or computer crime as it is generally known is a form of crime where the Internet or computers are used as a medium or method to commit crime which includes hacking, copyright infringement, scams, denial of service attacks, web defacement and fraud.
  9. 9. More Information You can watch related videos of similar presentations for free at: youtube.com/paulcdwyer
  10. 10. QUESTIONS
  11. 11. What’s the Answer? Attribution?
  12. 12. Some Food for Thought Defence? More boxes Proactive Cyber Defence means acting in anticipation tooppose an attack against computers and networks. It represents the dynamic between purely offensive and defensive action. In the Fifth century, B.C., Sun Tzu (Art of War) advocated“foreknowledge” or predictive analysisas part of a winning strategy. He warned that planners must have a precise understandingof the active threat and not “remain ignorant of the enemy’s condition.”. Disruption? e.g. Phishingpoisoning Offensive? e.g. DDoS
  13. 13. Recommendations • Independent Cyber Risk Assessment • Protect Data on The Move • Get “Proactive” • Leverage Community Intelligence • Invest in Premium Cyber Intelligence
  14. 14. Oct 24th 2013 – www.CyberThreatSummit.com
  15. 15. Stay Connected