20130627 TSSG Data Driven Services Collaborating with TSSG, Eric Robson

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Eric Robson Research Unit Manager, TSSG – Data Driven Services, Telecommunications Software & Systems Group, Waterford Institute of Technology

Eric Robson Research Unit Manager, TSSG – Data Driven Services, Telecommunications Software & Systems Group, Waterford Institute of Technology

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  • 1. TSSG – Data Driven Services Eric Robson Research Unit Manager
  • 2. • Founded: in 1996 by Dr. Willie Donnelly, has grown to 115 people. • Expertise: is a leading Telecoms Software R&D Centre with particular expertise in all aspects of Mobile Telecoms. • Reputation: is internationally recognised as doing world class science and being able to translate this into some of the hottest mobile start-ups and technologies in the industry right now. • Partners: has worked with 425 academic and industry partners in 35 countries. • Industry: completed over 110 direct industry projects over the past 5 years, including work for multinationals such as IBM and Cisco. TSSG – The Telecommunications Software and Systems Group
  • 3. Research and Innovation @ TSSG •Knowledge andIP •Publications in Leading Journals •PhD Studentsand Graduates •AcademicNetwork around the World •Powering Industry’s R&D Centres •Solving Industry Problems •Identification of Future Problems •Driving EU Research Networks •Establishing Technology Roadmaps •Providing Innovative Solutions. •Setting European Policy. •Defining European R&D Agenda. •Living at the Heart of Europe •Building Innovative Companies •Impacting Irish SME’s •Transforming the Local Ecosystem
  • 4. Data Analytics – Hype Cycle Data Ownership & Privacy Data Driven Services Big Data Cloud Analysis Business Intelligence Graphs / Charts Mid-late 1990's ~2002 - 2005 ~ 2005 - 2007 ~ 2007 - 2014 ~2014+ Approx. Peak Hype Date.
  • 5. TSSG’s Data Lifecycle End to End unified Communications Sensor Networks Wireless access Networks Network optimisation RDBMS NoSQL Graph Data Storage Semantic Analysis Sentiment Analysis Context Enrichment Location Based Data Enrichment Distributed Non- Distributed Predictive Analytics Social Network Analytics Decision Support Data Analysis Context Awareness Recommendation Prediction Trending Data Services Privacy Trust Security Infrastructure Test-beds
  • 6. • TekComms – A multinational company headquartered in Texas with large Irish operation. • Ceartas – An indigenous SME. • NTT Data – Direct investment by a multinational headquartered in Tokyo with no Irish operation yet. Case Studies
  • 7. • Huge opportunity to extract additional value from their vast operational datasets . • Traditional (relational) databases are struggling to remain competitive (cost Vs. performance) when compared with NoSql schemas. • Algorithm complexity required for producing high value-add Data Driven Services. TekComms – The Challenges.
  • 8. • Build a Big Data Platform • Prove the Platform through Data Driven Services – Fraud • SIM Box Detection • SIM Clone Detection – Customer Retention • Social Network Analysis based Churn prediction TekComms – The Solution.
  • 9. TekComms – The Results Capability Relational Database Architecture(estimatedbased similar products) Big Data (NoSql) Architecture Billion DR/day 6B 14B – SIMBoxAlgorithm 9.7B – SIMCloning Hardware+license cost $1M $100k Near-linear scalability No Yes Ad hoc database query support Good Poor
  • 10. Ceartas – The Challenges • Using SocialNetwork Analysisin the CriminalIntelligence Domain – Internal Intelligence • Land Registry • Ports Authority • Revenue • Court Transcripts – Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) • Newspapers • InternetForums • Social Networking Websites • Uncover people and relationships previouslyunknown to the authorities. • S.N.A. techniques to discover social patternsin criminal organisations.
  • 11. There is a logical separation of concerns in the development architecture of this project: Data Gathering, Data Analysis and Data Presentation. • Semantic Analysis – Named Entity Extraction and Annotation • Identificationof the relevant names of people and places from the masses of unstructured data. • SocialNetwork Analysis – Matrix & Network Theory • Identificationof relationships betweenthe entities. – Formal ConceptAnalysis • Identificationof which relationships are more pertinent than others. • Visualisation – Graph Theory • Data presentation, which layouts produce the mostinformative graphs. Ceartas – The Solution
  • 12. Ceartas – The Results
  • 13. • Build a Strategic R&D partnership in Ireland in the areas of M2M Communications in the smart grids domain. • Build a research program to enable NTT Data explore the Irish and European renewable energy sector. NTT Data – The Challenges
  • 14. • Launching a research project specifically to investigate system optimisation and service improvement based on analysis of the massive multi-dimensional data generated throughout the energy supply system. • In this collaborative effort, the Team are researching and building reactive algorithms that autonomously adjust based on the variable conditions within a smart grid.. NTT Data – The Solution Seán Sherlock TD, Minister for Researchand Innovation in Ireland: "The decision by NTT DATA to start their first collaborative R&D project with Ireland through TSSG in Waterford is very significant. My presence here in Japan highlights the importance the Irish Government prescribes to economic relations with Japan. There are opportunities for further collaborations between our countries, particularly in the R&D area."
  • 15. The results of this project are subject to on-going review and analysis prior to general public release. If you wish to know more about the projects and its results please contact: Eric Robson Research Unit Manager - TSSG Email: erobson@tssg.org Tel: +353 51 30 2960 NTT Data – The (preliminarily) Results
  • 16. TSSG in Summary • Proven Academic Heavyweight with a Market-Driven Focus • Powering Industry by Harvesting Data to drive Economic Impact • Strategically-Connected, defining EU Policy and R&D Agenda TSSG Building Strategic Partnerships at the Heart of Europe Policy Talent Innovation Programmes Research