20130627 Technology Gateways Delivering Solutions for Industry, Paddy Byrne


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Paddy Byrne Enterprise Ireland, Technology Gateways, Delivering Solutions for Industry

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20130627 Technology Gateways Delivering Solutions for Industry, Paddy Byrne

  1. 1. TechnologyGateway Programme Presented by Paddy Byrne Enterprise Ireland 27-06-2013
  2. 2. TechnologyGateway Programme
  3. 3. TechnologyGateway Programme Background to Technology Gateway • Objective of Technology Gateways to act as an industry facing portal to leverage IoT technical skills to: • Deliver technology solutions for near to market problems for Irish industry • Provide open access for technical expertise and research infrastructure • Collaborate with companies in order to improve their use of new and established technologies • Act as a portal to wider technological expertise across Ireland
  4. 4. TechnologyGateway Programme Background-Industrial Performance Industrial Projects 2008 to 2012 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Innovation Vouchers Innovation Partnerships Direct Funded Industrial Projects
  5. 5. TechnologyGateway Programme Background-Industrial Performance • 525 industrial projects completed from 2008 to 2012, total value of is ≈ €8.5M with an industry contribution of ≈ €2.7M (32%) • Q2 2013 Technology Gateways 100 industrial projects completed, at a value of €1.55M, industry contribution at 36% Profile of Companies Collaborating with ARE Centres 158, 45% 62, 18% 5, 1% 125, 36% EI IDA Udaras Start-ups and local businesses
  6. 6. TechnologyGateway Programme What the Gateway Funding Supports • €1.2 M over 5 years-performance related funding • Open access industry ready, flexible resources with industry informed technology offer • Gateway Manager- • Gateway Engineers • Domestic Travel • Overseas Travel • Promotional Activities • Key Performance Indicators  Industrial Projects Completed> €1,500  Industrial Projects Completed> €5,000  Industrial Projects Completed> €10,000  Number of Companies engaged with  Total €,000 value of projects  Value €,000 of industry contribution to these projects  Transferof Technologyto Company
  7. 7. TechnologyGateway Programme Industry Case Study • The CAPPA Gateway (www.cappa.ie), explores light based photonic technologies with applications in New Photonics Devices, Med Tech, Pharma. Food & Beverages, Manufacturing
  8. 8. TechnologyGateway Programme Industry Case Study • The TEC Gateway is the industry interface for the Nimbus group in CIT (www.tec-centre.ie) . The Gateway offers ICT solutions for a broad range of industry in Energy, Water, Location Based Services and Applications
  9. 9. TechnologyGateway Programme Industry Case Study • SEAM Gateway (www.seam.ie) provides predictive FEA modeling, non- destructive materials characterisation and materials process development technologies for companies from sectors such as Bio-medical devices, Pharmaceuticals, Micro-Electronics, Precision Engineering & Construction.
  10. 10. TechnologyGateway Programme Profile of Gateways –Shannon ABC • Shannon ABC Gateway (www.shannonabc.ie) , working with the biotech, life sciences and food industries develops new processes & novel products from bio-resources. SABC assists companies in adding value to natural bio resources, including organic industrial waste material by developing & optimising processes for extraction of valuable ingredients. The Gateway defines it Technology Offer as
  11. 11. TechnologyGateway Programme • Aims to Build Links between Small Businesses and Knowledge Providers • Voucher (€5,000) can be exchanged for Advice and Expertise • Projects: Require Innovative Solution • Provide Additional Value for the Business • Have On-going Benefits • All Small Enterprises: Less than 50 Employees Annual Turnover and / or Balance Sheet Not Exceeding €10m • Restricted to: Registered Limited Companies Contact Mike Dolan Enterprise Ireland mike.dolan@enterprise-ireland.com www.innovationvouchers.ie http://www.enterprise-ireland.com/en/News/MediaLibrary/Innovation/
  12. 12. TechnologyGateway Programme Industrial Collaborative Research Experimental Collaborative Development Every company partner will be expected to pay 20% of the project costs in cash 80% 60% 75% 50% Type of Research Small Company Medium Company Large Company 65% 40% FUNDING RATES
  13. 13. TechnologyGateway Programme Small 1–50 employees Annual Turnover and/or Balance Sheet Not exceeding €10M Medium 50–249 employees Annual Turnover Not exceeding €50M Balance Sheet Not exceeding €43M Large Greater than 250 employees Annual Turnover Greater then €43M If a company is part of a group the employee, turnover, annual balance sheet and ownership limits apply to the group. COMPANY SIZE
  14. 14. TechnologyGateway Programme Outline Proposal Full Proposal IRCC Commercial Logic Programme Remit Good Academic Match DA IPP Team Technical Assessor Commercial Assessment Programme Remit Technical Assessment APPLICATION PROCESS
  15. 15. TechnologyGateway Programme Innovation Partnership Process Feasibility Study Full Proposal Technically Feasible De-Risk Tasks 100% EI Funded Not a ‘Bigger Voucher’! €9,000 2 weeks to 6 months Fast Approval Map IP Landscape
  16. 16. TechnologyGateway Programme More information Declan McGee T: 01 7272668 M: 087 9809883 E: declan.mcgee@enterprise-ireland.com Cormac Cantwell T: 7272517 E: cormac.cantwell@enterprise-ireland.com Web: www.enterprise-ireland.com/ipp Play Video >>
  17. 17. TechnologyGateway Programme Conclusion • Metric of success for each Gateway is level of industry engagement and impact for companies • Open access point for industry, providing technology solutions and a portal to a nationwide network of research infrastructure • Extension of the R & D capabilities of industry • Information dissemination through industry days, training of industry staff • Referrals of industry enquiries to Gateway Network
  18. 18. TechnologyGateway Programme Technology Gateway Contact Details Technology Gateway Team Mark Whelan Mark.Whelan@enterprise-ireland.com Phone: +353 (061) 777053 Mobile: 086 8595466 Paddy Byrne Paddy.Byrne@enterprise-ireland.com Phone 051 333531 Mobile: 087 6685723 Website: www.technologygateway.ie Email: technologygateway@enterprise-ireland.com LinkedIN Group Page: Technology Gateway Network