20130522 EI Technology Centres - Overview, Gerard Lande


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Gerard Lande, ICT Technology Centres Overview, Enterprise Ireland, Ceader,

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20130522 EI Technology Centres - Overview, Gerard Lande

  1. 1. ICT Technology Centres Overview 22 May 2013
  2. 2. Technology centres Overview • What is a technology centre • Industry Led Research • How are they formed • EOI • Industry Consortium • Who are they for • open access • membership • Benefits of membership • Networking with like minded companies • Driving research of interest to your company • Access to Intellectual property
  3. 3. Technology Centres in the ICT area Cloud Computing Data Analytics E-Learning Financial Services Innovation Value Five Synergistic Centres
  4. 4. Cloud Computing Centre www.ic4.ie Service lifecycle Security Architecture Business Research Research Consortium – DCU, UCC & AIT Architecture Scalability, Reliability, Resilience, Interoperability,Portability, Migration Service Lifecycle Service Delivery, Quality of Service,Service Levels Assessment Business Research Business & Organisational Models,Regulation for Cloud Services,Cloud as a Competitive Advantage Security Scalable and Single/Multi-tenant environment, Data Transfer, Mobility and Security, Risk Management and Disaster Recovery.
  5. 5. Innovation Value Institute Advances the practice of IT-Led Innovation to add value to business
  6. 6. Data Analytics Technology Centre – Initial Research Phase - CeADAR Intelligent Analytic Interfaces Ease of Interaction, Beyond the Desktop,Changing User Behaviour Based on Analytics, Passive Analytics Data Management for Analytics Reduce Data Management EffortforAnalytics, Data Validation, Relevance of Event(s) to Relationships, Data Curation (determining useful data), Adaptive ETL Advanced Analytics Causation Challenge, Social Trending and Contextualisation Challenge, Continuous Analytics University College Dublin (UCD), University College Cork (UCC) Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT);
  7. 7. TrinityCollege Dublin UniversityCollege Dublin WaterfordInstitute of Technology NUI Galway AcademiaIndustry Learning Technology Centre www.learnovate.org Develop breakthrough research for learning innovation by partnering industry with leading research groups in Ireland. Focus is on the application AND transfer of breakthrough technology into measurable learning innovation.
  8. 8. Learning Technology Centre Research Agenda • Augmented Reality • Intelligent Agents • Games & Virtual Worlds • Assessment Methods • Performance Analytics • Return on Investment • Intelligent Content Delivery • Location-based Learning • Hands-on Learning • Interoperability • Social Learning • Search • Personalisation Social & Informal Learning Mobile & Collaborative Learning Metrics & Assessment Immersive Learning
  9. 9. 9 Financial Services - Governance Risk and Compliance Technology Centre AcademicPartnersIndustry Partners • Financial services industry is being swamped by regulatory requirements • This has led to a tremendous increase in the efforts and cost of Governance, Risk and Compliance for the industry – and this is projected to get worse • The Centre will create the knowledge to produce systems for financial services organisations to efficiently interpret regulatory requirements from multiple regulators – “Smart Regulation”
  10. 10. Key contacts & Initial membership discussion • Innovation Value Institute • tom.bannon@enterprise-ireland.com • E-Learning • kevin.burke@enterprise-ireland.com • Cloud Computing • gerard.lande@enterprise-ireland.com • Financial Services • kevin.burke@enterprise-ireland.com • Data Analytics • lawrence.lee@enterprise-ireland.com