20110420 CloudMover Migration to the Cloud Evolution or Revolution, Harry Largey


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Harry Largey CEO of CloudMover's presentation Migrating to the CloudEvolution or Revolution

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20110420 CloudMover Migration to the Cloud Evolution or Revolution, Harry Largey

  1. 1. Migrating to the Cloud Evolution or Revolution Harry Largey CEO CloudMover www.cloudmover.ie harryl@cloudmover.ie
  2. 2. This is about the Economics Cloud computing, though, is more than a hyper-efficient means of distributing digital services. The cloud model is animated by a set of Internet technologies for juggling computing workloads in data centers far more efficiently than in the past — potentially reducing costs by about half, analysts say. Steve Lohr, NY Times, 14 April 2011
  3. 3. So what’s so new about Cloud?
  4. 4. This is not “Back to the Future”
  5. 5. This is about the Information INFORMATION technology
  6. 6. Information Technology KNOWLEDGEINFORMATIONDATA Enabling Valuable Challenging to Organise and Access Competitive Advantage More Business Lower Costs Interesting Cumbersome
  7. 7. Cloud...... is it right for my business? Does this describe what you want from IT in your business? • I want to reduce the cost and complexity of my IT • I want my IT provision viewed as a business service rather than core overhead function • I only want to pay for what I use • I am open to expert external IT service provision • IT should serve the business, not vice versa
  8. 8. Cloud Evolution
  9. 9. Deciding what to migrate Applications & Workloads Security & Compliance Funding, Economics Operational Controls
  10. 10. Migration Opportunities Workload Analysis Now Later 1. CRM Solution 2. Collaboration & Unified Comms Services 3. Email 4. ERP – Supply Chain Management 5. Core Line of Business Apps 6. Legacy In House Apps 7. Data Warehouse Sample analysis outputs based on CloudMover Collect Service
  11. 11. Rebuild the Application Subscribe to SaaS app and integrate/replace Publish the App with CloudMover AMS So what are my options?
  12. 12. Application Migration
  13. 13. Doing the Migration • Select the beneficial workloads first • Use tools that shorten the process • Enable and enhance business processes • Consider management & security at each step • Challenge the status quo
  14. 14. Hybrid Environment – Utility IT Acknowledgement: Wikipedia, Cloud Computing
  15. 15. Cloud Revolution
  16. 16. Cloud Revolution The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives” William James, Author and Pragmatist (1842-1910) Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” John F. Kennedy, US President, (1917-1963)
  17. 17. What is Cloud Revolution Choice, Freedom, Information before technology • Renewed IT Environment • App Stores of Componentised Software • Anything as a Service • Everything as a Service
  18. 18. Moving in one step in Tough
  19. 19. SaaS Honeypots
  20. 20. So what does the future look like?
  21. 21. Join us on the Journey to the Cloud
  22. 22. Thank You Harry Largey CEO CloudMover www.cloudmover.ie harryl@cloudmover.ie