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Insight Centre for Data Analytics is a SFI Research Centre - the biggest of its kind. The centre incorporates research competence from previously established centres (DERI, CLARITY, CLIQUE, 4C, TRIL) and brings together more than 200 researchers to provide a national ICT research platform for Ireland. Researchers across 6 of Ireland's 7 Universities, with specialised competence in Big Data and Data Analytics, research new fundamental techniques and apply innovative solutions to industry challenges.

Insight's vision is to create a healthier, safer, more productive world by empowering a data-driven society to enable better decisions by individuals, communities, business and governments.

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20140619 Funding Mechanisms_ Prag Sharma_Insight

  1. 1. Prag Sharma Funding Mechanisms Insight Research Centre June 2014 Prag Sharma Business Development Manager
  2. 2. Prag Sharma . . . . . . . . SFI Centre funding Horizon 2020 EI funding Insight Centre Structure Platform Research . . . . CP Decision Analytics Media Analytics Linked Data Recommender Systems Personal Sensing Reasoning Semantic Web CP CP CP CP CP CP CP CP CP CP CP: Collaborative Projects CP Platform Research & Operations www.insight-centre.org
  3. 3. Prag Sharma Industry engagement models SFI Centre Call Spokes Call - open Spokes Call - "xed EI Innovation Voucher Technical Feasibility Study Innovation Partnership Horizon 2020 Collaborative Projects ICT The SME Instrument ….. www.insight-centre.org
  4. 4. Prag Sharma SFI funding •  Projects with societal impact •  Targeted Projects – double your cash contributions •  Spokes Calls – Up to 70% funded Example of a €50,000 project: €20,000 SFI €10,000 Cash €20,000 In-kind Research Platform Targeted Projects / Spokes www.insight-centre.org
  5. 5. Prag Sharma EI funding Type of Research Industrial Collaborative Research Experimental Collaborative Development Company size Small company 80% 60% Medium company 75% 50% Large company 65% 40% •  Projects with direct commercial impact •  Irish-based companies •  Up to 80% funding Small Medium Large 80% 60% 75% 50% 65% 40% •  Projects with direct commercial impact •  Irish-based companies •  Up to 80% funding www.insight-centre.org
  6. 6. Prag Sharma H2020 www.insight-centre.org Excellent Science (32%) Societal Challenges (38%) Industrial Leadership (22%) + EIT, JRC, Widening, SwfS (8%) €80bn €100m in non-exchequer funding to Ireland
  7. 7. Prag Sharma SME Instrument •  Targeted at all types of innovative SMEs showing a strong ambition to develop, grow and internationalise •  Only SMEs will be allowed to apply for funding and support •  Single company support possible •  No obligation for applicants to sequentially cover all three phases; each phase open to all SMEs •  70% funding (exceptions possible) •  Preferential treatment for subsequent financing (EU Financial Instruments: loan and equity facilities) www.insight-centre.org
  8. 8. Prag Sharma Why work with Insight? >Access to 250 researchers across 6 universities >International relationships >Leveraged funding >Experts in specialist domains >Established research networks >Experience with industry collaborations >New products and services >Licence opportunities >Spin-Outs Reach Expertise Impact www.insight-centre.org