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Insight Centre for Data Analytics is a SFI Research Centre - the biggest of its kind. The centre incorporates research competence from previously established centres (DERI, CLARITY, CLIQUE, 4C, TRIL) and brings together more than 200 researchers to provide a national ICT research platform for Ireland. Researchers across 6 of Ireland's 7 Universities, with specialised competence in Big Data and Data Analytics, research new fundamental techniques and apply innovative solutions to industry challenges.

Insight's vision is to create a healthier, safer, more productive world by empowering a data-driven society to enable better decisions by individuals, communities, business and governments.

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20140619 Insight Overview_Regina Reulbach_Insight

  1. 1. Regina Reulbach regina.reulbach@insight-centre.com ISIN/Insight Breakfast Seminar AGENDA 08:30 Introduction - Dave Feenan ISIN Manager 08:40 Overview of Insight  - Regina Reulbach 09:00 Innovation Partnerships - Patrick Mulrooney 09:15 Sentiment Analysis - Adam Bermingham 09:30 GreatMemories - Arthur McMahon 09:45 Funding Opportunities - Prag Sharma 10:00 Q+A
  2. 2. Regina Reulbach regina.reulbach@insight-centre.com Regina Reulbach Commercial Development Manager regina.reulbach@insight-centre.org 00353-(0)87 -7559613 www.insight-centre.org
  3. 3. Regina Reulbach regina.reulbach@insight-centre.com Creating a data-driven society Insight Research Centre Overview June 2014 Regina Reulbach Commercial Development Manager
  4. 4. Regina Reulbach regina.reulbach@insight-centre.com Ireland’s Data Analytics Research Centre •  Combines World-Class Research with Industry Expertise •  Derives real insights from ‘Big Data’ •  Empowers a data-driven society Research Expertise Collaborative Projects Spin-outs
  5. 5. Regina Reulbach regina.reulbach@insight-centre.com Insight in Numbers June 2014 www.insight-centre.org
  6. 6. Regina Reulbach regina.reulbach@insight-centre.com Big Data ) “ … are information assets with volumes, velocities and/or variety requiring new forms of information processing for enhanced insight discovery, decision-making and process automation.” (Gartner, 2012) June 2014 www.insight-centre.org
  7. 7. Regina Reulbach regina.reulbach@insight-centre.com Transactions Machine DataSocial Data Savings New Potentials ValueOpportunitySource Relevance of Big Data Discover Hidden Insights Increase Customer Satisfaction, Experience & Loyalty Make Better Informed Decisions Automate Business Process Growth June 2014 www.insight-centre.org
  8. 8. Regina Reulbach regina.reulbach@insight-centre.com DATA DATA ANALYTICS DECISIONS Linked Data Semantic Web Media Analytics Machine Learning & Statistics Optimisation & Decision Analytics Recommender Systems •  Real-Time Data •  Internet of Things •  Multi-Dimensional Data •  Personal Data •  Data in Silos •  Online Learning •  Big ML •  Social Network Analysis •  Opinion Mining •  Image/Video Analysis •  Timely Decisions •  Context- Dependent Dec. •  Distributed/Group Decision Making •  Scalable Solutions ‘BigData' challenge Research Groups Descriptive -> Predictive -> Prescriptive Insight Value Chain Personal Sensing June 2014 www.insight-centre.org
  9. 9. Regina Reulbach regina.reulbach@insight-centre.com Insight Application Domains Disease progression and Rehabilitation Physiology, Activity & Behaviour Creating personalised medecine Information product discovery Health service, Resource management, Public Transport News production, Targeted advertising Informed Business decisions June 2014 www.insight-centre.org
  10. 10. Regina Reulbach regina.reulbach@insight-centre.com Insight Expert Researchers Prof.  Barry  Smyth   INSIGHT  Director   UCD   Digital  Chair  of   Computer  Science     Prof.  Alan  Smeaton   DCU   Prof.  of  Compu<ng     Personaliza+on,  Recommender     Systems,  User  Modeling   Informa+on  retrieval,  mul+media   Informa+on,  video  retrieval,…   Physiotherapy,  Human  mo+on,     Body  sensing  technologies,…   Constraint  Programming,   Ar+ficial  Intelligence,    …     Prof.  Pádraig   Cunningham   UCD   Prof.  of  Knowledge     and  Data  Engineering     Linked  data,  Data  integra+on…   Prof.  Stefan  Decker   NUI  Galway   Prof.  for  Digital   Enterprise     Prof.  Barry  O’Sullivan     UCC   Head  of  the   Department  of   Computer  Science       Social  Network  Analysis,   Classifica+on  &  Predic+on,  ML…   Dr.  Brian  Caulfield,   M MedSc, MISCP   UCD   School  of  Public  Health,   Physiotherapy  &  Popular   Science         
 June 2014 www.insight-centre.org
  11. 11. Regina Reulbach regina.reulbach@insight-centre.com Industry engagement Innovative research applied to market problems Projects with direct commercial and/or economic/societal impact Flexible funding opportunities (SFI, EI, Horizon 2020) Individual Agreements 9-24 months collaborations IP ownership with 3rd level institution Industry Funding Research June 2014 www.insight-centre.org
  12. 12. Regina Reulbach regina.reulbach@insight-centre.com Reach Why work with Insight? June 14 Regina Reulbach >Access to 250 researchers across 6 universities >International relationships >Leveraged funding >Experts in specialist domains >Established research networks >Experience with industry collaborations >New products and services >Licence opportunities >Spin-Outs 200+ RESEARCHERS! 8 INSTITUTIONS! 30+ INDUSTRY PARTNERS! €88M FUNDING! Creating a data-driven society ! Research Application domains ! New ways to capture and understand data from the world around us, ! ! Make better decisions for people, communities and industries,! ! Create a more informed society in a healthier, more productive world. ! www.insight-centre.org